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Public Houses, Inns & Taverns of Islington

Historical London public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels.

1911 pub history census summaries - Barnsbury , HighburyIslington South East , Lower Holloway , Tollington , Tufnell , Upper Holloway .

Premises Pic? Text?
Adam & Eve, 475 Liverpool Road, IslingtonYesYes
Adelaide Arms, 385 Liverpool Road, IslingtonYesYes
Alfred Tavern, 47 Roman Road, Islington N7NoYes
Albion, 33 Caledonian Road, IslingtonYesYes
Albion Arms, 102 Blundell Street, Islington N7 YesYes
Albion, 412 Liverpool Road, Islington N7 NoYes
Albion, 22 Nelson Terrace, City Road, IslingtonNo Yes
Albion, 10 Thornhill Road, Islington N1 1HW Yes Yes
30 Albion Street, IslingtonNoYes
Alma, 1 Norfolk Place,  IslingtonNoYes
Alma Tavern, 59 Newington Green Road, Islington N1YesYes
3 Alpha Place East, Caledonian Road, IslingtonNoYes
Alwyne Castle, 83 St Pauls Road, IslingtonYesYes
Ambassador, 60 York Road, IslingtonYesYes
Anchor, 39 Balls Pond road, Islington N1YesYes
Angel & Crown, 235 Upper Street, IslingtonYesYes
Archway Tavern, 1 Archway Road, Islington N19YesYes
31 Archway Road, Islington N19 NoYes
Army & Navy, 1 Mathias Road, Islington N16YesYes
Arundel Arms, 14 Westbourne Road, Islington N7YesYes
136a Balls Pond Road, IslingtonNoYes
Balls Pond Brewery, 166 Balls Pond Road, IslingtonNoYes
Balmoral Castle, 427 Caledonian Road, Islington N7YesYes
Bank of Friendship, 226 Blackstock Road, IslingtonYesYes
Barley Mow, 22 Hornsey Road, Islington N7NoYes
Barley Mow, 31 Popham Road, Islington N1YesYes
Barnsbury Arms, 24 Lofting Road, Islington N1YesYes
Barnsbury Castle, 22 St Clements Street, Islington N7NoYes
Baxter Arms, 30 Baxter Road, Islington N1YesYes
Bedford Arms, 93 Andover Road, Holloway N7YesYes
Bedford Arms, 47 Copenhagen Street, IslingtonNoYes
Bedford Arms, 238 Holloway Road, Islington N7NoYes
Bedford Tavern, 154 Seven Sisters Road, Islington N7YesYes
Bee Hive, Eden Grove, Holloway Road, Islington N7NoYes
Belinda Castle, 107 Halton Road, Islington N1YesYes
Belmont, 88 York  Road, IslingtonNoYes
Birkbeck Tavern, 119 Elthorne Road, Islington N19YesYes
Black Bull, Metropolitan Cattle Market, Islington N7NoYes
Black Horse, 37 Wedmore Street, Upper Holloway N19YesYes
Blackstock Hotel, 284 Seven Sisters Road, IslingtonYesYes
Blakeneys Head, High Street, IslingtonNoYes
Blenheim Arms, 1 Smiths terrace, Hornsey road, Islington N19 NoYes
Blue Coat Boy, 415 City Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Blue Lion, 15 Wynford Road, IslingtonNoYes
Boston Hotel, 178 Junction Road, Islington N19Yes Yes
Brandon Arms, 2 Brandon road, Islington N7NoYes
Bricklayers Arms, 1 Anns Place, Hornsey Road, Islington N19 NoYes
Bricklayers Arms, 94 Victor Road, Islington N7NoYes
7 Britannia Row, IslingtonNoYes
Britannia, 74 Britannia Row, IslingtonNoYes
British Queen, 62 Basire street / 62 South street, Islington N1NoYes
British Queen, 47 Halton Road, IslingtonNoYes
4 Brooksby Street, IslingtonNoYes
Brunswick Arms, 44 & 46 Brunswick Road, Islington N19YesYes
Builders Arms, 10 Dame Street, IslingtonNoYes
Builders Arms, 140 St Pauls Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Bull Inn, Cattle Market, IslingtonNoYes
Butchers Arms, 256 York Road, Islington N7Yes Yes
Caledonian Arms, 419 Caledonian Road, Islington N7Yes Yes
32 Caledonia Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Camden Head, 2 Camden Street, IslingtonYesYes
12 Camden Passage, Islington High Street, IslingtonNoYes
17 Camden Passage, Islington High Street, IslingtonNoYes
Canonbury Tavern, 35 St Marys Road / Canonbury Place, Islington N1YesYes
15 Canonbury Lane, IslingtonNoYes
Canterbury Arms, 6 Canterbury Terrace, Kingsbury Road, Islington N1YesYes
Cardinal Wolsey, 10 King Henry Street, Islington NoYes
Carlton, 22 Orchard Street, IslingtonNo Yes
Carved Red Lion, 2 Essex Road, IslingtonYesYes
Castle, 81 Holloway road, Islington N7Yes Yes
36 Charles Street, IslingtonNoYes
City of London Tavern, 338 City Road, IslingtonYes Yes
City of Norwich, 7 Maygood Street, IslingtonYesYes
City of Rome, 114 Roman Road, Islington N7Yes Yes
City of York Tavern, 126 York Way, IslingtonYes Yes
Clarence Tavern, 240 Seven Sisters Road, IslingtonYesYes
Clarendon, 92 Mildmay Park, IslingtonNo Yes
Clothworkers Arms, 52 Arlington Avenue, Islington N1Yes Yes
Cloudesley Arms, 34 Cloudesley Place, IslingtonYes Yes
42 Cloudesley Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Coach & Horses, 214 Holloway Road, Islington N7NoYes
Coach & Horses, 69 Mathias Road, IslingtonNoYes
Cock Tavern, 596 Holloway Road, Islington N7Yes Yes
Cock Tavern, 259 Upper Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Compton Arms, 4 Compton Avenue, Islington N1Yes Yes
Comus, 102 Bemerton Street, IslingtonNoYes
Copenhagen House, 374 York Road, Islington N7Yes Yes
Cordwainers Arms, 53 Elthorne Road, Upper Holloway, N19NoYes
Cottenham Arms, 30 Cottenham Road, Islington N19 No Yes
Crown, 103 Copenhagen Street, Islington N1YesYes
Crown, 72 Cottenham Road, Islington N19NoYes
Crown, 116 Cloudesly Road, IslingtonYesYes
Crown, 34 Lennox Road, Finsbury Park N4NoYes
Crown,26 Popham Road, IslingtonNoYes
Crown & Anchor, 43 & 45 Cross Street, IslingtonYesYes
Derby Arms, 182 Holloway Road, Islington N7NoYes
Devonshire Castle, 67 Devonshire Road / 67 Axminster Road, Islington N7YesYes
Dickinsons Arms, 1 Milton Grove, Islington N19 NoYes
Dorset Arms, 1 Dorinda Street, Islington N7NoYes
Downham Arms, 158 Downham Road, IslingtonYesYes
181 Downham Road, IslingtonNoYes
Drapers Arms, 44 Barnsbury Street, IslingtonYesYes
Drayton Park Hotel, 66 Drayton Park, IslingtonYesYes
Duchess of Kent, 40 Halfmoon Crescent, IslingtonYesYes
Duchess of Kent, 441 Liverpool Road, Islington N7YesYes
Duchess of Kent, 72 Prebend Street, IslingtonYesYes
Duchess of Sutherland, 66 Hazelville Road, Islington N19NoYes
Duke of Cambridge, 30 St Peters Street, IslingtonYesYes
Duke of Clarence, 140 & 142 Rotherfield Street, IslingtonYesYes
Duke of Edinburgh, 20 Fonthill, Finsbury park, IslingtonYes Yes
Duke of Richmond, 270 Caledonian Road, IslingtonYesYes
Duke of Sussex, 106 High Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Duke of Wellington, 119 Balls Pond Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Duke of Wellington, 74 Richmond Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Duke of Wellington, 82 Wellington Road, Islington N7YesYes
Duke of York, 24 York Road, IslingtonYesYes
Durham Castle, 165 Seven Sisters Road, IslingtonYesYes
52a Durham Road, Islington N7NoYes
Eaglet, 124 Seven Sisters Road, Islington N7YesYes
Earl of Durham, 39 Havelock Street, Copenhagen Street, Islington YesYes
Earl of Essex, 25 Danbury Street / 25 Essex Street, Islington N1YesYes
Earl Russel, 60 Isledon Road, Islington N7YesYes
Earl of Warwick, 203 Copenhagen Street, IslingtonNoYes
5 East Street, IslingtonNoYes
The Eclipse, 164 Barnsbury Road, IslingtonYesYes
Edinburgh Castle, 297 Caledonian Road, IslingtonNoYes
Edinboro Tavern, 125 Newington Green Road, IslingtonYesYes
Edward VII, 64 Barnsbury Road, IslingtonYesYes
63 Elthorne Road, Islington N19 NoYes
Enfield Arms, 39 Georges Road, Islington N7NoYes
Enkel Arms, 36 Seven Sisters Road, Islington N7YesYes
Enterprise, 6 Blenheim Road, Upper Holloway, IslingtonYesYes
17 Essex Road, IslingtonNoYes
104 Essex Road, IslingtonNoYes
110 Essex Road, IslingtonNoYes
432 Essex Road, IslingtonNoYes
105 Fairbridge road, Islington N19NoYes
Favourite, 23 Hornsey Rise, Islington N19YesYes
Favourite, 5 Queensland Road, Islington N7YesYes
Florence Tavern, 50 Florence Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Fonthill Tavern, 127 Fonthill Road, Finsbury Park N4YesYes
Foresters Arms, 389 Hornsey Road, Islington N19 NoYes
Foresters Arms, 8 South Place, Islington N1NoYes
Fortune of War, 184 York Road, Islington N7YesYes
Four Sisters, 25 Canonbury Lane, Islington N1 2ASYesYes
Fox, 56 Ashbrook Road, Upper Holloway N19NoYes
Fox, 81 Boleyn Road, IslingtonYesYes
Fox, 1 Islington Green, IslingtonYesYes
Fox & Hounds, 492 Hornsey Road, IslingtonYesYes
Franchise, 90 Andover Road, Holloway N7YesYes
General Havelock, 292 Hornsey Road, IslingtonYesYes
General Picton, 2 Wharfedale Road, IslingtonYes Yes
14 Georges Terrace, Copenhagen Street, IslingtonNoYes
90 Georges Road, Islington N7NoYes
George, 9 Eden Grove, Islington N7Yes Yes
George Hotel, 111 Fonthill Road, Finsbury Park N4Yes Yes
George, 57 Liverpool Road, IslingtonYes Yes
George IV, 60 Copenhagen Street, IslingtonYes Yes
George Fourth, 319 New North Road, IslingtonYesYes
Gerrard Arms, 41 Gerrard Road, Islington N1Yes Yes
98 Gifford Street, Caledonian Road, IslingtonNoYes
Gladstone, 398 Hornsey Road, Islington N19NoYes
Glass House, 314 Essex Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Globe tavern / Gunners, 204 Blackstock Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Globe, 103 St James Road, Islington N7NoYes
Globe, 107 Tollington road, Islington N7 YesYes
Golden Cross, 95 Essex Road, IslingtonYesYes
Golden Fleece, 216 Essex Road, IslingtonYesYes
Golden Lion, 57 Charlotte Street, IslingtonNoYes
Golden Lion, 221 Copenhagen Street, IslingtonNoYes
Goldsmiths Arms, 34 Wynford Road, Islington YesYes
Good Intent, 52 Wedmore Street, Upper Holloway N19 YesYes
Grafton Arms, Grafton Road, Islington N7Yes Yes
Graham Arms, 103 Graham Street, Islington N1NoYes
Great Northern Stores, 256 Holloway Road, Islington N7NoYes
36 Green Man Street, IslingtonNoYes
Green Man, Prospect Row / 32 Haliday Walk, Islington N1Yes Yes
Greyhound, 72 Balls Pond Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Grosvenor Arms, 75 Grosvenor Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Grove Tavern, 19 Wall Street, Islington N1NoYes
Half Moon, 84 Essex Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Half Moon, 471 Holloway Road, Islington N7Yes Yes
Hanbury Arms, 33 Linton Street, Islington N1Yes Yes
Hanley Arms, 440 Hornsey Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Hare and Hounds, 2 Francis place, Holloway road, Islington N7Yes Yes
Hare & Hounds, 181 Upper Street, IslingtonYes Yes
14 Hazellville Road, Islington N19 No Yes
Hemingford Arms, 158 Hemingford Road, IslingtonYes Yes
104 Hemingford Road, IslingtonNo Yes
Hen & Chicken, 109 St Pauls Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Henry VIII, 35 King Henry Street, Stoke NewingtonNoYes
Hercules, 504 Holloway Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Highbury Barn Tavern, 26 Highbury Park, IslingtonYes Yes
Highbury Park Tavern, 313 Highbury New Park, N5Yes Yes
Highbury Brewery Tap, 54 Holloway Road, Islington N7Yes Yes
Holloway Castle, 392 Camden Road, Islington N7Yes Yes
Holloway Station Hotel, 295 Holloway Road, IslingtonYes Yes
88 Holloway Road, Islington N7NoYes
121 Holloway Road, IslingtonNoYes
2 Hope Street, Islington N7NoYes
Hope & Anchor, 42 Barnsbury grove, Islington N7NoYes
Hope and Anchor, 207 Upper Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Hornsey Rise Tap, 498 Hornsey Road N19 NoYes
39 Hornsey Road, Islington N7NoYes
128 Hornsey Road, Islington N7NoYes
132 Hornsey Road, Islington N7NoYes
194 Hornsey Road, Islington N7NoYes
Horse and Groom, 14 Holloway Road, IslingtonNoYes
Horse & Groom, Holloway Road, IslingtonNoYes
Hungerford Arms, 145 Hungerford Road, Islington N7NoYes
32 Hungerford Road, IslingtonNoYes
Huntingdon Arms, 115 Hemingford Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Independent, 65 Bingfield Street, Islington N1No Yes
Ingleby Arms, 36 Grove Road, Islington N7No Yes
Island Queen, 34 Hanover Street, Islington N1Yes Yes
Jubilee Arms, 352 Upper Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Junction Arms, 86 Junction Road, Islington N19Yes Yes
Kenilworth Castle, 286 New North Road, IslingtonNoYes
King Charles I, 55-57 Northdown Street, Islington N1Yes Yes
King Edward V1, 25 King Edward Street, IslingtonYes Yes
King Henry VIII, 35 King Henry Street, Back Road, Kingsland Green, IslingtonNoYes
King of Denmark, 9 Cloudesley Road, Islington Yes Yes
Kings Arms, 64 Barnsbury Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Kings Arms, 71 Durham Road, Holloway N7NoYes
Kings Arms, 264 Liverpool Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Kings Head, 59 Essex Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Kings Head, 115 Upper Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Lady Mildmay, Wolsey Road, IslingtonNoYes
Lamb Tavern, 46 North Road, Islington N7Yes Yes
Lansdowne Arms, 10-11 Islington Green, Islington N1Yes Yes
Lincoln Arms, 52 York Way / 52 York Road, Islington N1Yes Yes
Lion Hotel, 98 North Road [Metropolitan Cattle Market], Islington N7Yes Yes
Lion, 1 Junction Road, Islington N19Yes Yes
11 Little Cross Street, IslingtonNoYes
289 Liverpool Road, IslingtonNoYes
Lord Clyde, 116 Copenhagen Street, IslingtonNoYes
Lord Clyde, 342 Essex Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Lord Hampden, Hampden Road, Islington N19NoYes
Lord John Russell, 15 Queensbury Street, IslingtonNoYes
Lord Nelson, 105 & 107 Copenhagen Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Lord Nelson, 100 Holloway Road, Islington N7Yes Yes
Lord Palmerston, Annette Road, IslingtonYesYes
6 Lower Street, IslingtonNoYes
17 Lower Street, IslingtonNoYes
48 Magdala Road, Upper Holloway N19NoYes
32 Maiden lane, Islington N7NoYes
Market Tavern, 144 York Road, IslingtonNoYes
Marlborough, 710 Holloway Road, Islington, N19 Yes Yes
Marlborough Head, 19 Upper Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Marquis of Salisbury, 54 Balls Pond Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Marquis of Salisbury, 64 Freeling Street, Caledonian Road, IslingtonNoYes
Marquis of Salisbury, Queensland road, Islington N7NoYes
Marquess Tavern, Marquess Road, [Cannonbury Street] IslingtonYes Yes
Medina Tavern, 172 Seven Sisters Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Middlesex Tavern, 79 Westbourne Road, Islington N7NoYes
Mildmay Tavern, 130 Balls Pond Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Milford Haven Arms, 214 Caledonian Road,  IslingtonYes Yes
Mitre, 181 -183 Copenhagen Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Mitre, 130 Upper Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Monarch, 88 Hornsey Road, Islington N7YesYes
Montrose, 30 St James Road, Liverpool Road, IslingtonNoYes
Montague Arms, 40 Benwell Road, Islington N7Yes Yes
Moray Arms, 94 Durham Road, Seven Sisters Road, Islington N7Yes Yes
96 Moray Road, Tollington Park, Islington N4NoYes
3 Morgans Place, Liverpool Road, IslingtonNoYes
12 Morton Road, IslingtonNoYes
Mother Red Cap, 665 Holloway Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Mulberry Tree, 563 Holloway Road, Islington N19Yes Yes
Myddleton Arms, 52 Canonbury Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Myrtle, 186 Blackstock road, Islington N5 NoYes
Nags Head, 456 Holloway Road, Islington NoYes
Nags Head, 11 & 12 Upper Street, IslingtonYesYes
Napiers Cabin, 16 Archway Place, Highgate Hill, Islington N19 NoYes
New Blue Coat Boy, 18 Liverpool Road, IslingtonNoYes
New Copenhagen, 244 York Way / 246 York Road, IslingtonYes Yes
New Crown, 622 Holloway Road, IslingtonYes Yes
New Crown, 100 St Pauls Road, IslingtonYes Yes
302 New North Road, IslingtonNo Yes
New Queens Head, 95 Bride Street, Islington N7Yes Yes
Nightingale, Hornsey Road, Islington N19 NoYes
Norfolk Arms, 100 Georges road, Islington N7NoYes
Norfolk Arms, 382 Essex Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Norfolk Arms, 32 Half Moon crescent, Islington N1NoYes
Norfolk Arms, 557 Holloway Road, Islington N19Yes Yes
Norfolk Arms, 13 Norfolk Street / 13 Melville street, Islington N1YesYes
Norfolk Hero, 81 Cottenham Road, Islington N19NoYes
Northampton Arms, 279 Essex Road, IslingtonNoYes
North Pole, 190 New North Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Offord Arms, 388 Caledonian Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Old Crown, Highgate Hill, IslingtonYes Yes
Old Anglers, 2 Frog Lane, IslingtonNo Yes
Old Green Man, 144a Essex Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Old Kings Head, 382 Holloway Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Old Parrs Head, 86 Cross Street, Islington N1Yes Yes
Old Pied Bull, 188 Holloway Road, Islington N7NoYes
Old Pied Bull, 100 Upper Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Old Queens Head, 44 Essex Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Old Thatched House, 119 Essex Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Oxford Arms,21 Halliford Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Packington Arms, 125 Packington Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Park Tavern, 164 Tollington Park, IslingtonYes Yes
Pembroke Castle, 46 Bingfield Street, IslingtonNoYes
Perseverance, 44 Boleyn Road, Islington N16NoYes
Pickering Arms,17 Halton Place, Pickering Street, Essex RoadNoYes
Plough Tavern, 354 Hornsey Road, IslingtonYesYes
Pocock Arms, 468 Caledonian Road, IslingtonYesYes
Pooles Park Tavern, 45 Pooles Park, Islington N4YesYes
Porter's Store, 314 Essex Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Prince Albert, 16 Alfred Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Prince Albert, 29 Ellmore Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Prince Albert, 11 Hollingsworth Street, Liverpool Road, IslingtonNoYes
Prince Albert, 37 Wharfdale Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Prince Alfred, 139 Marlborough road, Islington N19Yes Yes
Prince Alfred, 38 Offord Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Prince Arthur, 379 Caledonian Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Prince Edward, 38 Parkhurst Road, Islington N7Yes Yes
Prince of Brunswick, 127 Barnsbury Road, Islington N1YesYes
Prince of Prussia, 13 Payne Street, IslingtonNoYes
Prince Regent, 201 & 203 Liverpool Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Princess Alexandra, 25 Copenhagen Street, IslingtonNoYes
Prince of Denmark, 151 Junction Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Prince of Wales, 71 Barnsbury Street, Islington N1YesYes
Prince of Wales, 342 Caledonian Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Prince of Wales, 274 Holloway Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Prince of Wales, 144 MacKenzie Road / 144 St James Road, Islington N7YesYes
Prince of Wales, 287 & 289 New North Road, IslingtonYesYes
Prince of Wales, 1a Sudely Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Prince of Wales, 55 Wall Street Balls Pond, IslingtonNoYes
(Little) Prince of Wales, 157 Caledonian Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Queens Arms, 19 Caledonian Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Queens Arms, 1 Queensland Road & Benwell road, Islington N7YesYes
Radnor Arms, 106 Mildmay Grove, IslingtonNoYes
Railway Tavern, 472 Hornsey Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Railway Tavern, 10 Roman Road / 10 Roman Way, Islington N7NoYes
Railway Tavern, 2 St. Jude Street, Islington N16Yes Yes
Railway, 26 York Road, Islington N1NoYes
Rainbow, 200 Liverpool Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Ram & Teasel, Queens Head Street, IslingtonYes Yes
10 Randells Road, Islington N1NoYes
Reform Tavern, 34a Alsen road, Islington N7NoYes
Richmond Arms, 51 Blundell Street, Caledonian Road, Islington N7YesYes
Rising Sun, 55 Brooksby Street, Liverpool Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Rising Sun, 12 Durham road, Islington N7NoYes
Rose, 15 Popham Road, IslingtonNoYes
Rose & Thistle, 231 Balls Pond Road, IslingtonNoYes
Rosemary Branch tavern, 2 Shepperton Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Rothbury Arms, 5 Matilda Street, IslingtonNoYes
Rotherfield Arms, 38 Shepperton Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Royal George, 412 Essex Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Royal Mail, 153 Upper Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Royal Oak, 1 Rochester Place, Highgate Hill, Islington N19 No Yes
Royal Oak, 140 Offord Road / 1 Belitha Terrace, Albany Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Royal Oak, 98 St Johns Way, Islington N19Yes Yes
Royal Oak, 61 Windsor Street, IslingtonNoYes
Royal Oak Tavern, 54 Hampden Road, Islington N19NoYes
Royal Victory, 83 - 91 Georges Road, Islington N7Yes Yes
Royal William, 434 Essex Road, IslingtonNoYes
11 Ruffords Buildings, Islington High Street, IslingtonNoYes
42 Ruffords Buildings, Islington High Street, IslingtonNoYes
Russell Arms, 193 Copenhagen Street, IslingtonNoYes
Rydon Arms, 225 New North Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Scottish Stores, 2 & 4 Caledonian Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Shaftesbury Tavern, 534 Hornsey Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Shakespeare, 579 Holloway Road, IslingtonNoYes
Shakespeare, 19 Wharfdale Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Shakespeare, 341 & 342 Upper Street, Islington N1Yes Yes
149 Shepperton Road, IslingtonNoYes
Ship, 16 Camden street, IslingtonNoYes
Sir John Falstaff, 3 Cross Street, IslingtonNoYes
Stanley, 37 Landseer Road,IslingtonNoYes
Stapleton Hall Tavern / Stapleton Tavern, 2 Crouch Hill, Islington N4Yes Yes
The Star, 119 St Peters Street, IslingtonYes Yes
St Johns Tavern, 91 Junction Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Star & Garter, 44 & 45 Upper Street, IslingtonYes Yes
St Johns Distillery Tavern, 637 Holloway Road, Islington, N19NoYes
Strouds Vale, York Road, IslingtonNo Yes
Suffolk Arms, 10 Cloudesley Road, IslingtonNoYes
Sussex Arms, 119 Grove Road / 119 Tollington Way, Holloway, Islington N7Yes Yes
Sutton Arms, 92 Boleyn Road, IslingtonNoYes
Sutton Arms, 193 Caledonian Road, IslingtonNoYes
Swan Tavern, 125 Caledonian Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Talbot, 97 Caledonian Road, IslingtonYes Yes
39 Theberton Street, Islington N1No Yes
Three Wheat Sheaves, 45 Upper Street / 50 Hedgerow, Islington High Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Thornhill Arms, 148 Caledonian Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Three Brewers, 196 Essex Road / 1 Norfolk Terrace, Lower Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Tibberton Arms, 6-8 Greenman Street, Islington N1Yes Yes
Tollington Arms, 115 Hornsey Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Totnes Castle, 47 Chester Road, Islington N19Yes Yes
Trinity Arms, 20 Trinity Street, IslingtonYes Yes
Tufnell Park Hotel, 162 Tufnell Park Road, Islington N7Yes Yes
Two Brewers, 109 Roman Way, Islington N7Yes Yes
Twyford Arms, 26 Twyford Street, Caledonian Road, IslingtonNoYes
7 Upper Copenhagen Street, IslingtonNoYes
Victoria, 35 Chalfont road, IslingtonNoYes
Victoria Tavern, 203 Holloway Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Victoria, 301 & 302 Pentonville Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Victoria, 62 Wharfdale Road, IslingtonNoYes
Victory, 68 Andover Road, Holloway N7NoYes
Victory, 1 Newington Crescent, Balls Pond, IslingtonNoYes
Volunteer, 73 Frederick Street, Islington N7NoYes
Walmer Castle, 15 Seven Sisters Road, Islington N7NoYes
Waterloo, 20 Lough road / 20 Wellington Road, Liverpool Road, Islington N7YesYes
Watermans Arms, 44 Muriel Street, IslingtonNoYes
Weavers Arms, 98 Kennington Green Road, IslingtonYes Yes
44 Westbourne Road, Islington N7NoYes
White Conduit House, 14 Barnsbury Road, IslingtonYes Yes
White Hart, 8 Georges Road, Islington N7NoYes
White Horse Hotel, 36 Market Road, Islington N7Yes Yes
White Horse Hotel, 80 Liverpool Road, IslingtonYes Yes
White Swan, 18 Bride Street, Islington N7NoYes
White Swan tavern, 42 High Street, IslingtonNoYes
White Swan, 13 Holloway Road, IslingtonNoYes
Whittington & Cat, 89 Highgate Hill, IslingtonYes Yes
Whittington Stone, 53 Highgate Hill, IslingtonYes Yes
William the Fourth, 84 Thornhill Road, IslingtonNoYes
Willow Tree, 22 Balls Pond Road, IslingtonYes Yes
105 Winchester Street, Islington N1NoYes
Windsor Castle, 209 - 211 Liverpool Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Windsor Castle, 31 Windsor Street / 9 Windsor Street, IslingtonNoYes
1 Windsor Place, IslingtonNoYes
Woodbine, 215 Blackstock Road, Highbury N5Yes Yes
Woodville Arms, 86 Mildmay Road, IslingtonYes Yes
Wynford Arms, 75 Wynford Road, IslingtonNoYes
York Hotel, 82 High Street, IslingtonYes Yes
York Road, IslingtonNo Yes
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