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Licensed Victuallers Association in August 1830 part 1 of 250 subscribers

Licensed Victuallers Association, Asylum and School.

LVA 1830 - August 21, 1830 Morning Advertiser
Licensed Victuallers School, Kennington lane, Lambeth

Susbscriptions received sine the last advertisement are :
One guinea from :
part 2
Mrs Ardlie, No 6 Camden terrace, Peckham
Mr Budd, No 2 Camden place, High street, Peckham
Mr Hawkins, Britannia, Peckham
Mr Haydon, Adam and Eve, Peckham
Mr Topp, Surrey Canal House, Peckham Footpath
Mr Gibson, Artichoke, Camberwell
Mrs Heaps, Duke of Clarence, Camberwell
Mr Ingram, Fox, Camberwell
Mr Watts, Sun and Doves, Cold Harbour lane
Mr Young, Cock, Camberwell
Mr Mead, Lion and Lamb, Lewisham
Mr Miller, Plough, Lewisham
Mr Darling, Rose and Crown, Bromley, Kent
Mr Jewel, Castle, Eltham, Kent
Mr Harvey, Sun, Clapham
Mr Penman, Wheatsheaf, Upper Tooting
Mr Trery, Castle, Lower Tooting
Mr Bridges, Rising Sun, Lower Tooting
Mr Dowden, late Pied Bull, Streatham
Mr Keatley, Greyhound, Streatham
Mr Burridge, Princes Head, Battersea
Mr Porchmouth, Plough, Wandsworth road, Battersea
Mr Stewart, Falcon, Battersea rise
Mr Aviss sen, Eight Bells, Putney
Mr Felton, Bull and Star, Putney
Mr Widdrington, Waterloo Arms, George street, Camberwell
Mr Reynolds, White Hart, Battersea
Mr Lamb, Swan Tavern, Battersea
Mr Watts, Horse and Groom, Streatham
Mr Hawkins, Duke of York, Camberwell New road
Mr Greenstead, Two Brewers, George street, Dover street
Mr Carpenter, Roebuck, Great Dobver street
Mr Pack, City Arms, Hunter street, Dover road
Mr Sutton, Duke of Gloucester, Union row, Kent road
Mr Hitchcock, Rising Sun, Harper street, New Kent road
Mr Passmore, Rockingham Arms, Kent road
Mrs Hestar, Sir John Falstaff, Old Kent street, Southwark
Mr Mansfield, Kentish Waggoner, Kent street
Mr Timberlake, Crown, Kent street
Mr Pink, White Horse and Half Moon, Borough
Mr Whitehead, Bricklayers Arms, Chapel court, Borough
Mr Waymark, Horse shoe, Stones end, Borough
Mr Callow, Dun Horse, High street, Borough
Mr Dickisonn, Trinity Arms, Trinity street, Borough
Mr and Mrs Gillham, Fox, Castle street, Southwark bridge road
Mr Begent, Crown, Montague close, St Saviours
Mr Palmer, Grapes, Borough market
Mrs Smith, Paviors Arms, Fishmongers alley, Borough
Mr Milner, Dog and Stile, Earl street, St Georges market
Mr Cole, Lion and Lamb, Charles street, Horselydown
Mr James, Black Bull, Borough
Mr Blackler, Cider merchant, Tooley street
Mr Field, Auctioneer, No 7 Union street, Borough
Mr Schofield, George Inn, Borough
Mr Thodore, Grapes, St Thomas's street, Borough
Mr Geo Carlton, Green Man, Hoxton Old Town
Mr Grew, Coachmaster, Woolwich
Mrs Munton, at Mr Taylers, Red Lion, Suffolk street, Borough
Mrs Buckle, Goat in Boots, Little Chelsea
Mr Allen, Wheatsheaf, Kensington
Mr Brown, Flask Tavern, Ebury square, Chelsea
Mr Ball, Old George, Fulham road
Mrs Baker, George the Fourth, Hounslow
Mr Curtis, Goat, High street, Kensington
Mr Carnelly, Hoop and Toy, Old Brompton
Mr Corston, Star and Garter, Kensington
Mrs Carr, No 2 Manor terrace, Kings road, Chelsea
Mr Cook, Rose, Lanes end, Fulham
Mrs Davis, Pack horse, Turnham green
Mr Dixon, Golden Lion, Fulham
Mr Douglass, Swan, Kensington Gravel pits
Mr Dale, Cannon, Old Brentford
Mrs Dodgson, Old Swan, Paradise row, Chelsea
Mr Drew, Kings Arms, Old Brentford
Mr Edwards, Somerset Arms, Little Chelsea
Mr Elder, Builders Arms, Charles street, Kensington
Mr Freake, St Andrew, Baker street, Marylebone
Mrs Tozer, Crown and Sceptre, Brompton row
Mr Faulkner, White Hart, Knightsbridge
Mr Goodyer, Talbot Inn, Little Chester street, Grosvenor place, Pimlico
Mr Goff, Crown and Anchor, Ebury street, Pimlico
Mr Gill, Fountain, Lower Sloane street
Mrs Griffiths, George, Church lane, Kensington
Mr Gowing, Hoop, Kensington Gravel Pits
Mrs Goodale, Monster Tea gardens, Chelsea
Mr Hainge, Marquis of Granby, Kensington
Mr Hawkins, Duke of Sussex, Kensington
Mr Haines, late Grapes, Kensington
Mr Hersey, Old Pack horse, Turnham green
Mr Husted, Two Brewers, Knightsbridge
Mr Holland, Kings Arms, Ebury street, Pimlico
Mrs Hancock, White Hart, Kings road, Chelsea
Mr Jones, Kensington Arms, Newland street, Kensington
Mr Leech, King of Prussia, Kensington
Mr Loadman, Grapes, Brompton
Mr Lawrence, Marlborough Arms, Great College street, Chelsea common
Mr Moore, Admiral Keppel. Fulham road
Mr Mountain juun, City Arms, near the Bridge, Hammersmith
Mr J Mountain juun, City Arms, near the Bridge, Hammersmith
Mr Moese, Kings Head, Knightsbridge
Mrs Noke, Hope terrace, Uxbridge road
Mr Oliver, Greyhound, Young street, Kensington square
Mr Prentice, Duke of Cumberland, Kensington
Mr Patisson, Wellesley Arms, Robert street, Chelsea
Mr Perriam, Ship, Fulham
Mr Peck, Swan, Old Brompton
Mr Quin, near the Hoop and Toy, Brompton
Mr Roberts, Fox and Bull, Knightsbridge
Mr Renninson, Castle, Notting hill, Kensington
Mr Salmon, Duke of Cumberland, Queen street, Kings road, Chelsea
Mr Williams, D'Oyley Arms, Blacklands lane, Chelsea
Mrs Seaton, One Tun, Brenford
Mr Tindley, Kings Arms, Riley street, Chelsea
Mr Taylor, Red House, College street, Chelsea
Mr Taylor, Feathers, Grosvenor place, Chelsea
Mr Wood, Bag of Nails, Pimlico
Mr Wedd, Goat, Pimlico
Mr Wood, Star and Garter, Sloane square
Mr Wing, Churchill Arms, Peel place, Kensington
Mr Watson, White Horse, Buckingham Gate
Mr Green, Cannon Ale Brewery, Knightsbridge
Mr Farquharson, No 7 Holland street, Kensington
Mr Hill, No 8 Cadogan street
Mr James, Red Lion, Brompton
Mr W Hill, Grosvenor Arms, Belgrave place, Pmlico
Mr Fox, Carpenters Arms, Catherine street, Pimlico
Mr Homan, Waggon and Horses, Kew Bridge
Mr Batterbee, Prince of Wales, Turnham green
Mr Slancomb, Kings Arms, Little Chelsea
Mr Noble, George the Fourth, Queens row, Pimlico
Mr Allen, Adam and Eve, Bowling street, Westminster
Mr Aggleton, Artillery Arms, Rochester row, Westminster
Mr Bone, Horseshoe, George street, Westminster
Mrs Beecher, next the Engine house, Page street, Westminster
Mr Bath, Regents Arms, Regent street, Westminster
Mrs Barber, Ship, Horseferry road, Westminster
Mrs Britt, Bull, College street, Westminster
Mr Blandford, Rose and Crown, Dartmouth street, Westminster
MR Barlow, Kings Arms, College street, Westminster
Mr Beavan, Jolly Miller, Millbank street, Westminster
Mr Bland, Star and Garter, Old Palace yard
Mr Castell, Hampshire Hog, Charles street, Westminster
Mr Davenport, Pewterer, Smith street, Westminster
Mr Davis, Grosvenor Arms, Holywell street, Westminster
Mr Edmonds, Two Brewers, Strutton ground, Westminster
Mr Gilpin, Mitre and Dove, King street, Westminster
Mrs Gilpin, Mitre and Dove, King street, Westminster
Mr Glanville, Salutation, Barton street, Westminster
Mrs Garner, Feathers, Dean street, Westminster
Mr Gallon, Kings Head, Orchard street, Westminster
Mr Ginger, Swan Hotel, Bridge street, Westminster
Mr Homan, Pewterer, No 22 Struton ground, Westminster
Mr Hill, Ship Tavern, Charing cross
Mr Hill, Angel, Broadway, Westminster
Mr Hendreson, Star and Garter, Great Peter street, Westminster
Mr Harris, Princes Head, Princes street, Westminster
Mrs Homan, Half Moon, Strutton ground, Westminster
Mr James, Ship, Vine street, Westminster
George Litton Kerr Esq, Bridge street, Westminster
Mrs Lincoln, Britannia, Frederick street, Vauxhall road, Westminster
Mr Maynard, Stag Tap, Castle lane, Westminster
Mr Malyon, White Hart, Millbank row, Westminster
Mr Munnings, Blue Boars Head, King street, Westminster
Mr Mann, Builder, Vauxhall bridge road, Westminster
Mr Osborne, Pine Apple, William street, Westminster
Mr Papworth, No 14 Strutton ground, Westminster
Mr Pooley, Crown, Tufton street, Westminster
Mr Plummer, White Horse and Bower, Horseferry road, Westminster
Mr Richardson, Sun, Scotland yard
Mr Sizer, Robin Hood, Duke street, Westminster
Mr Scotts, No 10 Regent street, Westminster
Mr Smith, Bricklayers Arms, Strutton ground, Westminster
Mr Smith, Chequer, Old Tothill street, Westminster
Mr Skinner, Prince of Orange, Palmers Village, Westminster
Mrs Vickers, Red Lion, Princes street, Westminster
Mr Whitby, Queens Head, Marsham street, Westminster
Mr White, Red Lion, Parliament street, Westminster
Mr Wilson, Ship, Charles street, Westminster
Mr Young, Carpenter, Strutton ground, Westminster
Mr Cruickshanks, Kings Arms, Bridge court, Cannon row, Westminster
Mrs Fowler, Two Brewers, Tufton street, Westminster
Mr Henry Dale, Appraiser, No 264 High Holborn
Mr Leishmore, Windsor Castle, Vauxhall road, Westminster
Mr Dawson, Highlander, Dean street, Soho
Mr Codling, Globe and Three Pigeons, High street, Shadwell
Mr Deacon, Coal meters Arms, Heath street, Commercial road
Mrs Hodgson, Britania Tavern, Limehouse
Mr Hawse, King and Queen, Chapel street, St Georges East
Mr Keasley, Queens Head, Queen street, Ratcliffe Cross
Mrs Lammiman, Wheatsheaf, Star street, Shadwell
Mr Horn, Lord Liverpool, Dempsey street, Commercial road
Mr Watkins, Lord Nelson, Blackwall
Mr Harber, No 66 Earl street, Marylebone
Mr Hodson, Harp, New Church street, Paddington
Mr Alderman, Queens Head, Charlotte street, Whitechapel
Mr Adams, Ginger beer manufacturer, Charlotte street, Whitechapel
Mr Barton, Blue Boar, Sparrow corner, Minories
Mr Backman, Bulls Head, Whitechapel
Mr Cane, French Horn, Crutchedfriars
Mr Cross, Green Man, Mansell street, Goodmans fields
Mr Dixon, Horse and Groom, Church lane, Whitechapel
Mr Fryer, Coach and Horses, Whitechapel
Mr Gerkin, Bell, Petticoat lane
Mr Grimes, beer machine manufacturer, Osborne street, Whitechapel
Mrs Gower, Prince of Wales, Union street, Church lane, Whitechapel
Mr Godfrey, Saracens Head Inn and Tavern, Aldgate
Mr Hameyer, Golden Lion, Leman street, Whitechapel
Mr Helmeken, White Swan, Great Alie street, Goodmans fields
Mr Krosch, Castle, Little Ayliffe street, Whitechapel
Mr Keasley, Fir Tree, Church lane, Whitechapel
Mr Ling, Good Samaritan, Oxford street, Whitechapel
Mr Lake, Plumber, Painter etc, King Harrys Head, No 37 Red Lion street, Whitechapel
Mr Lucas, George, Somerset street, Aldgate
Mr Mott, Blakeneys Head, Cable street, Wellclose square
Mr Norris, Horse and Leaping bar, Whitechapel
Mr McKenzie, Rose and Crown, High street, Aldgate
Mr Nightingale, Gun and Star, Petticoat lane
Mr Newton, wine mechant, Aldgate
Mr Nicholson, Archers, Osborne street, Whitechapel
Mr Plunkett, Green Man, Newcastle street, Whitechapel
Mr Stenson, Founders Arms, Brick lane, Whitechapel
Mr Swain, Essex Coffee house, Aldgate High street
Mr Towers, Angel, John street, Minories
Mr Turner, Three Compasses, Osborne street, Whitechapel
Mr Winter, Horns, Petticoat lane
Mr West, Cross Keys, Wentworth street, Whitechapel
Mr Young, Swan Brewery, Osborne street, Whitechapel
Mr Anwell, Half Moon amd Punchbowl, Buckle street, Whitechapel
Mr Chidzey, Three Tuns, High street, Whitechapel
Mr Kerr, Leonards Arms, Wennington, Essex
Mr Benett, Stockbroker, Copthall court
MR Marler, Bricklayers Arms, Earl street, Blackfriars
Mr Proudman, Fountain, Castle court, Lawrence lane
Mr Stapler, Dollys Chop house, Newgate street
Mr Robert Wilson, Wine merchant, martins lane, Cannon street
Mr George Rowe, Globe Tavern, Shoe lane
Mr Lovegrove, Wine and Brandy merchant, No 26 Lambeth hill, Doctors commons
Mr Johnson, Black Dog, Mile end road
Mr Spenver, Halifax Arms, King Edward street, Mile end New Town
Mr Bennett, >Bakers Arms, North street, Cambridge heath, Hackney
Mr Berry, Kings Arms, Frederick street, Regent Park
Mr Burn, Bootmaker, Piccadilly
Mr Gregory, Hand and Flower, Kings road, Fulham
Mr Scull, Kings Arms, Kentish Town
Mrs Turner, Old Vine, Kentish Town
Mr Thomas, Masons Arms, Oxford street
Mr Chamberlain, Star, Duke street, St Georges East
Mr Bowden, Chalk Fam, St Pancras
Mr Wetherall, Lamb, Hertford street, Fitzroy market
Mr Croft, Bishop Blaize, New Inn yard, Shoreditch
Mr Cowing, Bricklayers Arms, Charles street, Hackney road
Mr Hitchins, No 165 Shoreditch
Mr Hoare, No 13 Ivy lane, Hoxton
Mr Lilly, Old King John, Holywell lane, Shoreditch
Mrs Pizzey, Pewterer, Church street, Shoreditch
Mr Symonds, White Horse, Hackney
Mr Wheeler, Duke of Wellington, Shoreditch
Mr John Gibbard, Ivy House, Hoxton
Mr Edward Thomas, Woolpack, Kingsland road
Mr Talbot, Three Jolly Butchers, Old street
Mr George Garrett, Ship, Stones end, Borough
Mrs Ann Thomas, Bakers Arms, Hackney
Mr Bishop, Blue Ball, Cock lane, Shoreditch
Mr Sames, Gentleman and Porter, Kingsland road
Mr John Harrison, No 92 Great Tower street
Mr William Double, Dukes Head, Priests court, Tower street
Mr Watts, Osborn Arms, Heritage street, Brick lane
Mr Hayden, No 7 Whitechapel
Mr and Mrs Barlow, Cock and Castle, Elizabeth street, Hackney road
Mr Davies, Ship, Hackney
Mr Eke, Coach and Horses, Grafton court, Marylebone
Mr Burgess, Prince of Mecklenburg, James street, Manchester square
Mr Cordeux, Masons Arms, Devonshire street, Portland place
Mr Chittenden, Prince of Wales, Charlotte street, Portland place
Mrs Cooper, Shepherd and Flock, High street, Marylebone
Mr Carpenter, Bricklayers Arms, North street, Manchester square
Mr Fletcher, Carpenters Arms, Adam street West
Mr Keep, Stags Head, Duke street, Portland place
Mr King, Fortune of War, East street, Manchester square
Mr Merritt, Apollo, Paddington street, Marylebone
Mr Moore, No 26 High street, Marylebone
Mr Shepard, Wheatsheaf, Upper Marylebone street, Marylebone
Mr Walter, Old Rising Sun, High street, Marylebone
Mr Jenner, Apollo, Paddington street, Marylebone
Mr Wright, Victory, Oxford street
Mr Wallis, Kings Arms, Woodstock street, Marylebone
Mr Eales, No 6 Frederick street, Hampstead road
Mr Bradley, Rose of Normandy, High street, Marylebone
Mrs Lowder, Buffalos Head, New road, Marylebone
Mr Otter, Lord Leith, York street, Baker street
Mr Seymour, Sovereign, Turnton place, Park road, Dorset square
{to be continued)

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