London Robsons Street Directory in 1832 - index B.

This is the earliest street directory I have found so far which also includes publican detail.

London Street Listings in 1832.

Baalzephon street, Bermondsey

Bachelor row, see Battlebridge

Baches row, City road

Back hill, Hatton garden

Back lane, St Georges east

Back street, Horselydown

Backchurch lane, Whitechapel

Bacon street, Spitalfields

Bagnigge Wells road

Bagnio court, Newgate street, see Bath street

Bakers row, Clerkenwell

Baker street, Bagnigge Wells

Baker street, Commercial road

Baker street, Portman square

Upper Baker street, Upper New road Marylebone

Bakers row, see Walworth road

Bakers row, Whitechapel road

Baldwins court, Cloak lane

Baldwins Gardens, Grays Inn

Baldwins place, Grays Inn lane

Baldwin street, City road

Ball alley, Lombard street

Ball court, Cornhill

Ball court, Giltspur street

Baltic street, Golden lane

Banbury court, Long acre

Bank buildings, Cornhill

New Bank buildings, Lothbury

Bank chambers, see Lothbury

Bank street, Cornhill

Bankside, Southwark

Banner street, St Lukes

Barbican, Cripplegate

Barge yard, Bucklersbury

Barking Church yard, Tower street

Barley mow passage, Cloth fair

Barlow mews, Burton street, Bond street

Barlow street, Great Marylebone street

Barnards Inn, Holborn

Barnsbury place, see Islington

Barnes place, see Mile end road

Barrett court, Oxford street

Barrett street, Vauxhall

Barron street, Pentonville

Barrons place, Great Waterloo street

Bartholomew close, Little Britain

Little Bartholomew close

Bartholomew place

Bartholomew lane, Bank

Bartholomew square, St Lukes

Bartholomew terrace, St Lukes

Bartletts buildings, Holborn

Bartletts passage, Holborn

Barton street, Westminster

Basing lane, Bread street

Basinghall street, Guildhall

New Basinghall street

Batemans buildings, Soho square

Batemans row, Shoreditch

Bath place, see New road, Marylebone

Bath street, City road

Great Bath street, Clerkenwell

Little Bath street, Clerkenwell

Bath street, Newgate street


Battersea Fields

Battle bridge, see Kings cross

Batty street, Commercial road

Baynes row, Coldbath fields

Bazing place, see Waterloo road

Beak street, Regent street

Bear garden, Southwark

Bear lane, Great Surrey street

Bear street, Leicester square

Bear yard, Lincolns inn fields

Beauchamp street, Leather lane

Beaufort buildings, Strand

Beaufort place, Chelsea

Beaumont street, Marylebone

Beaumont terrace, see Kings road, Chelsea

Beauvoir place, see Kingsland road

Beckford row, see Walworth road

Bedford court, Covent garden

Bedford place, Borough road

Bedford place, see Commercial road

Bedford place, Russel square

Upper Bedford place, Russel square

Bedford row, Russel square

Bedford square

Bedford square, Commercial road

Bedford street, Bedford row

Bedford street, Bedford square

Bedford street, Commercial road

Bedford street, Covent garden

Bedfordbury, Covent garden

Beehive passage, see Leadenhall market

Beech street, Barbican

Beer lane, Tower street

Belgrave mews, Pimlico

Belgrave place, see Pimlico road

Belgrave square

Lower Belgrave street, Pimlico

Belgrave street South

Belinda street, Canonbury square, Islington

Great Bell alley, Coleman street

Little Bell alley, Coleman street

Bell court, Grays Inn lane

Bell court, Fenchurch street

Bell court, Mincing lane

Bell lane, Spitalfields

Bell street, Edgware road

Bell Sauvage Yard, Ludgate hill

Bell yard, Doctors commons

Bell yard, Gracechurch street

Bell Yard, Temple Bar

Bells buildings, Salisbury square

Belton street, Long acre

Belvedere buildings, Southwark

Belvedere place, Borough road

Belvedere road, Lambeth

Benjamin street, Cow cross

Bennett street, Great Surrey street

Bennett street, Rathbone place

Bennett street, St James's

Bennetts hill, Doctors commons

Bentinck street, Manchester square

Bentinck street, Soho

Beresford street, Walworth

Berkeley mews, Upper Berkeley street

Berkeley square

Berkeley street, Clerkenwell

Berkeley street, Piccadilly

Upper Berkeley street

Berkeley street West, Edgware road

Bermondsey New Road

Bermondsey square

Bermondsey street

Bermondsey wall

Bernard street, Brunswick square

Berners street, Commercial road

Berners street, Oxford street

Berry street, Clerkenwell

Berwick street, Soho

Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green road

Betts street, Ratcliff

Bevendon street, Hoxton New town

Bevis Marks

Bidborough street, Burton crescent

Billingsgate, Lower Thames street

Billiter court, Fenchurch street

Billiter square, Fenchurch street

Billiter street, Fenchurch street

Birchin lane, Cornhill

Bird street, London Docks

Bird street, Manchester square

Bishops court, Chancery lane

Bishops court, Old Bailey

Bishops terrace, Lambeth

Bishops walk, Lambeth

Bishops yard, Charles street, Grosvenor square

Bishopgate Church yard

Bishopsgate street within

Bishopsgate street without

Blackfriars road west side

Blackfriars road East side

Blackhorse court, Fleet street

Blackhorse yard, Holborn

Black Lion yard

Black Prince row, see Walworth road

Black Raven alley, Upper Thames street

Black Raven court, Seething lane

Black Swan alley, London wall

Blacklands lane, Chelsea

Black Lion yard, Whitechapel

Blackman street, Borough

Blackmore street, Clare market


Blandford place, Pall Mall

Blandford place. see Regents Park road

Blandford street, Manchester square

Bleeding Heart yard, Holborn hill

Blenheim street, Bond street

Blenheim street, Oxford street

Blomfield street, Finsbury circus

Bloomsbury High street

Bloomsbury Market

Bloomsbury place, Bloomsbury square

Bloomsbury square

Blossom street, Norton Falgate

Blue Anchor road, Bermondsey

Blue Ball yard, St James's

Blue Boar court, Friday street, Cheapside

Bolt court, Fleet street

Bolton row, Piccadilly

Bolton street, Piccadilly

Bond court, Walbrook

New Bond street

Old Bond street

Boot street, Hoxton

Booth street, Spitalfields

Borough High street, Southwark

Borough Market

Borough road

Boston street, Dorset square

Boswell court, Queen square

New Boswell court, Carey street

Old Boswell court, Carey street

Botolph alley, Thames street

Botolph lane, Thames street

Boundary row, Great Surrey street

Bourdon street, Berkeley square

Bouverie street, Fleet street


Bow Churchyard, Cheapside

Bow lane, Cheapside

Bow lane, East India road

Bow street, Covent garden

Bowl yard, St Giles

Bowling alley, Cripplegate

Bowling green lane, Clerkenwell

Bowling street, Clerkenwell

Bowling street, Marylebone

Bowling street, Westminster

Bowyer place, see Camberwell road

Boyle street, Burlington gardens

Boziers court, Tottenham court road

Brabant court, Philpot lane

Branch alley, Rosemary lane

Brandon row, Newington causeway

Bread street, Cheapside

Bread street hill, Doctors commons

Breams buildings, Chancery lane

Breezers hill, Ratcliff

Bretts buildings, Finsbury market

Brewer street, Bloomsbury

Brewer street, Golden square

Brewer street, Pimlico

Brewer street, Somers town

Brewers hill, Ratcliff

Brewhouse lane, Wapping

Brick court, Temple

Brick lane, St Lukes

Brick lane, Spitalfields

Brick hill lane, Upper Thames street

Brick street, Mayfair

Bride court, Fleet street

Bride lane, Fleet street

Brides passage, Fleet street

Bridewell hospital, New Bridge street

Bridge court, Westminster

Bridge road, Lambeth

Bridge road, Southwark

Bridge street, Lambeth

Bridge street, Southwark

Bridge street, Westminster

New Bridge street, Vauxhall

Little Bridge street, Blackfriars

Little Bridge street, Westminster

New Bridge street, Blackfriars

Bridge house place, Newington causeway

Bridgewater gardens, Barbican

Bridgewater square, Barbican

Bridport place, New North road

Britannia place, see Commercial road, Limehouse

Britannia row, see Islington

Britannia row, Hoxton new town

Britannia street, City road

Britannia street, Grays inn road

Brixton road

Broad court, Long acre

Broad place, Austin street, Shoreditch

Broad street, Bloomsbury

Broad street, Golden square

Broad street, Horselydown

Broad street, Lambeth butts

Broad street, Ratcliff

Broad street, London docks

New Broad street, Bishopsgate

Old Broad street, Royal Exchange

Broad street buildings, Finsbury circus

New Broad street mews

New Broad street court

Broadwall, Blackfriars

Broadway, Blackfriars

Broadway, St Thomas's Southwark

Broadway, see Stratford

Broadway, Westminster

Brokers row, Red Cross street, Southwark

Brokers alley, Drury lane

Bromley, Middlesex

Brompton grove, Knightsbridge

Brompton park

Brompton place

Brompton road

Brompton row

Brompton terrace

Brook hill, Clerkenwell

Brook street, Holborn

Brook street, New road, Marylebone

Brook street, Ratcliff

Little Brook street, Hanover square

Lower Brook street, Grosvenor square

Upper Brook street, Grosvenor square

Brooks court, Grays inn

Brooks market, Holborn

Brooks mews, Berkeley square

Brooks row, Bagnigge wells road

Broughton place, Hackney road

Brown street, Bryanstone square

Brownlow street, Holborn

Brownlow street, Long acre

Browns buildings, St Mary Axe

Browns lane, Spitalfields

Brunswick parade, Pentonville

Brunswick place, see City road

Brunswick place, Brompton square

Brunswick place, see Old Kent road

Brunswick square

Brunswick street, Blackwall

Brunswick street, Great Surrey street

Brunswick terrace, White conduit place

Bruton mews, Bond street

Bruton place, Berkeley square

Bruton street, Bond street

Little Bruton street

Bryanstone street, Portman square

Upper Bryanstone street, Portman square

Brydges street, Covent garden

Buckingham place, Fitzroy square

New Buckingham place, see Old Kent road

Buckingham street, Fitzroy square

Buckingham street, Strand

Bucklersbury, Cheapside

Bucks row, Whitechapel

Budge row, Watling street

Bull court, Tooley street

Bulls Head court, Newgate street

Bull and Mouth street, St Martins le Grand

Bulls Head passage, see Leadenhall market

Bulls Head passage, Wood street, Cheapside

Bulstrode street, Manchester square

Bunhill row, Chiswell street

Burleigh street, Strand

Burlington arcade, Piccadilly

Burlington gardens

New Burlington mews, Regent street

Burlington place, see Old Kent road

New Burlington street, Regent street

Old Burlington street, Bond street

Buross street, Commercial road

Burr street, East Smithfield

Burton crescent, Brunswick square

Burton street, Burton crescent

Bury court, St Mary Axe

Bury place, Bloomsbury

Bury street, Bloomsbury

Bury street, St James's

Bury street, St Mary Axe

Bush lane, Cannon street

Little Bush lane

Butcher row, Ratcliff

Butcherhall lane, Newgate street

Buttesland street, Hoxton town

Bydes place, Shoreditch

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