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London Robsons Street Directory in 1832 - Kings road, Chelsea

Robsons 1832 directory index

This is the earliest street directory I have found so far which also includes pub history detail.

Kings road, Chelsea
North side
1 Goddard Alfred W
1 Crake M J
2 Burford Thomas
4 Arundale John
5 Thisselton John
8 Sebby Ann
9 Sellors John
10 Perkins R T
11 Clark Joseph
12 Howell Elizabeth
13 Maddeford Charles
14 Fulker George
Allen J & Co

Asylum terrace
15 Comyns Henry
16 Grant John
17 Rayment Charles
18 Toby William
19 Smith John
19 Burrows Edward
20 Bennett Thomas
21 Andrews Charles
22 Squires William
23 Brooks John
Phillips Nathaniel
Lewis Lewis
24 Hollis Charles
Cowell Mrs
Butler F
Colvill James
Davey Thomas
Downing Thomas & Sons
Moore Mary

Pulham terrace
3 Ollive John Henry
3 Cheslea Saving Bank
2 Douball William
1 Thomas Frederick

Markham place
Dalziell James
Whitaker John
Smith C
11 Cripps james

Manor place
Rawbone George
Harrison Anthony
9 Rain Charles

Kings road
Pye Thomas

Parham place
4 Coleman E

Kings road
York hospital
McDonald Thomas
Bast Thomas
Adams John
Weeks Edward

Park terrace
9 Huckstett Stephen
Millis Thomas
13 Layton William
14 Stratton
Fazan Daniel
Watts E
Man in the Moon, Steed Thomas

South side
Lewis Thomas
1 Thomas R K & Co
3 Harrison Arthur P

America terrace
2 Spence Jos
3 Davies Thomas
5 Saunders John
6 Wayt Charles
York hospital
Royal Military Asylum
Wise James

Upper Gloucester place
Hancock Josh
16 Brooker Thomas
15 Goer James
14 Braithwaite Charles
13 Bessell C & Co
12 Bliss George
10 Lawrence R
Shepheard William
Basey George

Gloucester place
1 Hedley P
2 Webb John
3 Dixcee Thomas
5 Barnes A
6 Law David
Jacobs A
5 Dickens & Sons
Little T & H

Taylor H & Co
Taylor & Sons

White Stile
Mitchell henry
Siggers & Co

Sydney place
Bourn William
Bland John
8 Norris George
1 Steer Richard
2 Seymour Mary
3 Davis John
3 Alder James
5 Rowed William
6 Madderson & Son
Houlston A & Son

Manor place
1 Gewey William
2 Winchester John
3 Cranbrook William
10 Loreland T

Adams place
13 Leaver John
Woolmer Joseph
Bray John
Finch William

Young & Mums
3 Toby Henry
Miller Thomas

Globe place
1 Crow John
Turner Mary
Jarvis P
4 Salmon robert

Finch & Mullens
Plym William
Leigh James

Beaufort terrace
7 Betts John
6 Braid John
5 Downham Robert
4 Bosworth James
3 Flinn Isaac
2 Walters Charles
Basely Edward
Featherstone John

Bretton terrace
1 Barley John
2 Chiswick Charles
Smith John
Hall Edward

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