London 1746 Rocques map
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London Street Directory in 1940 - index a.

London Street Listings in 1940 - index.

Abbeville road, Clapham common (SW4) (Wandsworth), Cavendish road to Clapham Park road

Abbey court (NW8), see Abbey road

Abbey garden (SW1), see Great college street

Abbey gardens, St Johns wood (NW6) (St Marylebone), 17 Abbey road to 11 Violet hill

Abbey grove, Abbey wood (SE2) (Woolwich), Abbey terrace

Abbey House (SW1), see 2 to 8 Victoria street & (W1) see Baker street

Abbey lane, 250 Belsize road, Kilburn (NW6) (Hampstead)

Abbey lane, Stratford (E15) (West Ham), High street

Abbey mews, Kilburn (NW6) (Hampstead), 192 Belsize road

Abbey road, St Johns road - ###

Abbey road, Stratford (E15) (West Ham), Church street

Abbey road, Willesden (NW10) ###

Abbey road Mansions (NW8), see Abbey road

Abbey street, Bermondsey (SE1) (Bermondsey), 197 Bermondsey street to East lane

Abbey street, Plaistow (E13) (West Ham), 7 Whitwell road to Kelland road

Abbey terrace, Abbey wood (SE2) (Woolwich), Abbey Wood road

Abbey Gardens mews, St Johns Wood (NW8) (St Marylebone), 56 Abbey gardens

Abbey Wood road, Abbey wood (SE2) (Woolwich), Bushill lane to Knee hill

Abbeyfield road, Rotherhithe New road (SE16) (Bermondsey)

Abbot street, Kingsland (E8) (Hackney), 34 Kingsland High street

Abbots place, Kilburn (NW6) (Hampstead), 239 Priory road to West End lane

Abbotts road, Kilburn (NW6), renamed Abbots place

Abbotts court (W8), see Thackray street

Abbots lane, 135 Tooley street to Pickle Herring street (SE1) (Bermondsey)

Abbotsbury road, Kensington (W14) (Kensington), 3 Melbury road to Holland park

Abbotsford Avenue, West Green (N15) (Tottenham), West Green road to Black Boy lane

Abbotshall road, Catford (SE6) (Lewisham), 83 Dowanhill road to Ardoch road

Abbotsleigh road, Streatham (SW16) (Wandsworth), 3 Fayland avenue to Ullathorne road

Abbotstone road, Putney (SW15) (Wandsworth), 225 Felsham road to 78 Hotham road

Abbotswell road, Brockley (SE4) (Lewisham), 134 Brockley grove to Elsiemaud road

Abbotswood road, Streatham (SW16) (Wandsworth), 99 Drewstead road to Woodfield avenue ###

Abbott road, 481 East India Dock road to Brunswick road, Bromley (E14) (Poplar)

Abchurch lane, 15 Lombard street to 135 Cannon street (EC4) (City)

Abchurch yard, 17 Abchurch lane, (EC4) (City)

Abdale road, Shepherds Bush (W12) (Hammersmith), 1 Tunis road to 86 Stanlake road

Abels buildings, Chamber street (E1) (Stepney)

Aberavon road (E3) (Stepney), 399 Mile end road to Morgan street

Abercairn road, Streatham (SW16) (Wandsworth), 47 Aberfoyle road to 194 Streatham vale

Abercorn mansions (NW8), see 17 Abercorn place

Abercorn mews South, St Johns Wood (NW8) (St Marylebone), Abercorn place

Abercorn place, St Johns Wood (NW8) (St Marylebone), 56 Maida vale to 9 Abbey road ###

Abercrombie street, Battersea (SW11) (Battersea), 565 Battersea Park road to Latchmere road

Aberdare gardens, Kilburn (NW6) (Hampstead), 198 Goldhurst terrace to Fairhazel gardens ###

Aberdeen chambers (W1), see Great Marlborough street

Aberdeen court : (N5), see Aberdeen park & (W9), see Maida vale (west side)

Aberdeen lane, Highbury grove (N5) (Islington)

Aberdeen park, 32 Highbury grove (N5) (Islington)

Aberdeen place, Maida vale (NW8) (St Marylebobe), 510 Edgware road

Aberdeen road, Highbury (N5) (Islington), 41 Aberdeen park to 56 Sotheby road

Aberdeen road, Willesden (NW10) (Willesden), 14 Burnley road to Lancaster road

Aberdeen terrace, Blackheath (SE3) (Lewisham), Granville park to Eliot vale

Aberdour street, 16 Tower Bridge road to 561 Old Kent road (SE1) (Bermondsey & southwark)

Aberfeldy street, 355 East India Dock road to 152 Abbott road (E14) (Poplar)

Aberfoyle road, Streatham (SW16) (Wandsworth), 8 Streatham vale to 2 Abercairn road

Abergeldie road, Lee (SE12) (Woolwich), 68 sidcup road to Horn Park lane

Abernethy road, Lewisham (SE13) (Lewisham), 224 Lee High road to Manor lane terrace

Abersham road, Hackney (E8) (Hackney), 16 Downs Park road to 97 Sandringham road

Abery street, Plumstead (SE18) (Woolwich), 97 Plumstead High street to 7 Garibaldi street

Abingdon court (W8), see Abingdon villas & Allen street (east side)

Abingdon mansions (W8), see Abingdon road & Peter street

Abingdon road, 223 Kensington High street (W8) (Kensington)

Abingdon street, 7 Old Palace yard, Westminster (SW1) (Westminster)

Abingdon villas, Kensington ###

Abinger grove, Deptford (SE8) (Deptford), 280 Evelyn street

Abinger road, Bedford Park, Chiswick (W4) (Brentford & Chiswick), 39 Bath road to 39 Woodstock road ###

Abinger road, Deptford (SE8), renamed Abinger grove

Ablett street, Ilderton road (SE16) (Camberwell)

Abney gardens, Stoke Newington (N16) (Hackney), 206 Stoke Newington High street

Abney Park terrace (N16), see Cazenove road

Aboukir street, Peckham (SE15) (Camberwell), 7 Waite street, Trafalgar avenue

Abourne street, 27 Amberley road (W9) (Paddington)

Aboyne road, Tooting (SW17) (Wandsworth), 855 Garratt lane to Burntwood lane

Aboyne road, Willesden (NW10) (Willesden), 436 Neasden lane to 517 North Circular road

Abyssinia road, Battersea (SW11) (Battersea), 18 auckland road to 10 Northcote road

Acacia avenue, Tottenham (N17) (Tottenham), Cambridge road to Devonshire Hill lane

Acacia grove, Dulwich (SE21) (Camberwell), 20 Croxted road to 121 Park Hall road

Acacia place, 53 Acacia road, St Johns wood (NW8) (St Marylebone)

Acacia road, Acton (W3) (Acton(, 124 Horn lane to Cumberland park ###

Acacia road, Lower Sydenham (SE26), renamed Hazel grove

Acacia road, St Johns wood (NW8) (St Marylebone), 64 Wellington road to 49 Avenue road ###

Academy buildings (N1), see Fanshaw street

Academy place, Shooters Hill (SE18) (Greenwich), Academy road

Academy road, Woolwich (SE18) (Woolwich & Greenwich), Woolwich common to Shooters hill

Acanthus road, Battersea (SW11) (Battersea), 80 Lavender hill to Gideon road

Acfold road, Fulham (SW6) (Fulham), Cresford road to Bovingdon road

Achilles road, Kilburn (NW6) (Hampstead), 35 Fortune green to Agamemnon road

Achilles street, Clifton rise, New Cross road (SE14) (Deptford)

Acklam road, 272 Portobello road, Notting hill (W10) (Kensington)

Ackmar road, Fulham (SW6) (Fulham), 1 Parsons green to 42 Irene road

Ackroyd road, Brockley Rise (SE23) (Lewisham), 117 Brockley rise to 11 Gawthorne road

Acland crescent, denmark Hill (SE5) (Lambeth), Denmark hill to Deepdene road

Acland road, Cricklewood (NW2) (Willesden), 9 Linacre road to 14 Park avenue

Acland street, Burdett road, Limehouse (E14) (Stepney), 23 Thomas road to 72 St Pauls way

Acol road, Kilburn (NW6) (Hampstead), 65 Priory road to 38 West End lane

Acorn buildings, Peckham (SE15) (Camberwell), 51 Acorn place

Acorn gardens, Acton (W3) (Acton), 96 Wales Farm road

Acorn place, Peckham (SE15) (Camberwell), 39 Shard road to 128 Meeting House lane

Acorn walk, Rotherhithe street (SE16) (Bermondsey)

Acre lane, Brixton (SW2) (Lambeth), Brixton hill to Clapham Park road

Acre square, Clapham (SW4) (Wandsworth), 28 Clapham Park road

Acre street, South Lambeth (SW8) (Battersea), 25 Thessaly road

Acris street, Wandsworth (SW18) (Wandsworth), Huguenot place to Trefoil road