Hotels, Inns, Taverns, and Coffee Houses Robsons 1829

A historical site about early London coffee houses and taverns and will also link to my current pub history site and also the London street directory

Hotels, Inns, Taverns, and Coffee Houses according to Robsons directory in 1829

Merritt Fras, Allsop coffee house, 44 Allsops terrace, New road, Marylebone
E Wall, Anchor Tavern, 25 St Mary at Hill
A Worley, Andertons coffee house, 164 Fleet Street
S Williams, Angel Inn, 36 Wych street, Strand
J Hinchcliffe, Angel & Crown tavern, 112 Wood street, Cheapside
John Humphryes, Auction Mart Coffee House, Bartholomew lane, Bank
Hartley, Axe Inn coffee house, 20 Aldermanbury
William Gibson, Bakers coffee house, 1 Change alley
Jos Hawkins, Bakers coffee house, 14 Old Quebec street, Portman square
W Milton, Baltic Coffee House, 58 Threadneedle street
William Grubb, Bank Coffee House, Bank buildings
William Kingsford, Baptists Head Coffee House, 2 Aldermanbury
Mary Collier, Barnards Inn Coffee House, 20 Holborn hill
Sarah Bland, Bath Hotel, 157 Piccadilly
J Lidiard, Batsons coffee house & tavern, 17 Cornhill
W Cooper, Batts Hotel, 43 Dover street, Piccadilly
John Philpot, Bay Tree Tavern, 33 St Swithins lane
G Young, Bazaar tavern, 10 King street, Portman square
John Cambell, Bedford Hotel, 42 Southampton row, Russell square
W Givens, Bedford tavern, 40 Maiden lane, Covent garden
J Rickards, Bell tavern, 87 Wood street, Cheapside
Edw Sabin, Bell Inn, Newgate market
C Tinson, Bell Inn, Holborn
Mary Cooper, Bell & Crown hotel, Holborn
Robert Nelson, Belle Sauvage Inn, Ludgate hill
M Cook, Belvidere Tavern, 18 Kings row, Pentonville
Robert Sugden, Bengal Arms tavern, 3 Whitelion court, Birchin lane
Thomas Ashton, Berners Hotel, 7 Berners street, Oxford street
John Clarke, Blenheim hotel, 1 & 2 Blenheim street, Bond street
M Blizard, Blizards hotel, 167 Great Surrey street
F Knowles, Blossoms inn tavern, Lawrence lane
W Sanderson, Boar & Castle inn & Oxford hotel, 6 Oxford street
R Sambrook, Bricklayers Arms inn, Kent road
J Brown, British Hotel, 82 & 83 Jermyn street
J Clement, British Coffee House, 27 Cockspur street
William Braithwaite, Browns tavern & coffee house, 7 Mitre court, Temple
B Blake, Brunswick hotel, 13 Princes street, Regent street
W Payne, Brunswick Hotel, 52 Jermyn street
T Robinson, Brunswick Hotel, 20 Bow street, Covent garden
Thomas Gardiner, Bull inn hotel, Holborn
Joseph Phillips, Bull inn & tavern, Bishopsgate street
Ann Nelson, Bull Inn, 25 Aldgate High street
Jos Taylor, Bull inn, 151 Leadenhall street
R Greenwood, Bull & Mouth hotel, 24 Bull & Mouth street, Aldersgate street
Atkinson Morley, Burlington Hotel, 29 Old Burlington street
Stone & Son, Burton Coffee house, 23 Panton street, Haymarket
Richard Vaughan, Burton Coffee house & tavern, Freemans court, Cheapside
J Stevens, Cadogan hotel, 75 Sloane street
W T Phillips, Cafe De L'Europe, 9 Haymarket
Charles Fores, Cambridge Coffee house & hotel, 48 Newman street, Oxford street
J Alder, Castle Tavern, 31 Mark lane, Fenchurch street
G Burry, Castle Tavern, 26 King street, Cheapside
William Pledger, Castle Tavern, Moorgate
Thomas Springer, Castle Tavern, 25 High Holborn
R Cripps, Castle & Falcon Hotel, 5 Aldersgate street
Martha Beloe, Catherine Wheel Inn, High street, Borough
William Sykes, Catherine Wheel (Old), 40 Bishopsgate street without
J Ellis, Chapter coffee house, 50 Paternoster row
Thomas Gilson, City of London Coffee house, 5 Bucklersbury
Peacock & Co, City of London Tavern, Bishopsgate within
H R Cook, Clarence hotel, Catherine street, Strand
L D Jaquier, Clarendon Hotel, 169 New Bond street
H Prince, Cliffords Inn Coffee house, Cliffords Inn passage, Fleet street
W J Rhodes, Coal Hole tavern, Fountain court, Strand
Francis Grillon, Coburg Hotel, 12 Charles street, Grosvenor square
William Colnett, Cock tavern, 201 Fleet street
E Lockett & Son, Cock tavern, 64 Threadneedle street
William Collins, Collins hotel, 19 Conduit street
James Grace, Coliseum tavern, 1 Carburton street
G R Feuillade, Colonnade hotel, Charles street, St James's square
C F Burridge, Commercial Coffee house, 18 Commercial Sale rooms, Mincing lane
James Sadd, Commercial Coffee house, Poplar
Robert Coulson, Coulsons coffee house, Robert Coulson, 45 Lower Brook street, Grosvenor square
Stephen Tapster, Craven hotel, 45 & 46 Craven street
S W Barringer, Cross Keys hotel, 108 St John street
N Hartley, Cross Keys tavern & hotel, 128 Wood street
Mary Chitter, Crown Tavern, Vinegar yard, Drury lane
W Harding, Crown Tavern, 57 Rupert street
J Humphreys, Crown Coffee house, 41 High Holborn
J Martin, Crown Tavern, 7 Stationers court, Ludgate hill
E Roberts, Crown Tavern, Regent circus, Piccadilly
W Sheppard, Crown Tavern, Clerkenwell green
Stephen Symonds, Crown Tavern, 7 Bow lane
George Baxter, Crown & Anchor tavern, Strand
Dennis & Co, Dennis's hotel, 29 Mount street, Berkeley square
William Woods, Dicks hotel & tavern, 8 Fleet street
Ann Thompson, Dr Butlers Head tavern, 5 White Rose court, Coleman street
M Bush, Dr Johnsons coffee house, 2 Bolt court, Fleet street
James Sandwell, Dog tavern, 21 Holywell street, Strand
James Waldie, Don Saltero tavern, 18 Cheyne walk, Chelsea
John Dubourg, Dubourgs Hotel and Cafe Francais, 63 Haymarket
Thomas Rouse, Eagle tavern, City road
Ann Eastey, Easteys Hotel, 27 Southampton street, Strand
Thomas Ellis, Ellis's Hotel, 59 St James's street
F Fendall, Exchequer Coffee House & hotel, 14 Bridge street, Westminster, 32 Parliament street
William Cooper, Excise Coffee House, 56 Old Broad street
Francis & Cockerell, European hotel, 5 Mansion house street
James Hart, Feathers tavern, Hand court, Holborn
W F Fenton, Fentons Hotel, 63 St James's street
J Short, Fitzroy hotel, 6 Charlotte street, Fitzroy square
James Willis, Fladongs Hotel, 144 Oxford street
H Pearce, Four Swans inn & tavern, 83 Bishopsgate street within
Cuff & Son, Freemasons tavern, 59 Great Queen street
Jane Chatham, Furnivals Inn hotel, 139 Holborn bars
Charles Harrison, Furnivals Inn hotel, 9 Furnivals inn, Holborn
Benson Widow and Co, Garraways Coffee house, 3 Change alley
M A Parker, Garricks Hotel & Tavern, 27 Bow street, Covent garden
Thomas Fowler, George Inn tavern, Snowhill
J Sayer, George Inn tavern, 22 Aldermanbury
Westerman Scholefield, George Inn, High street, Borough
C Robottom, George & Blue Boar, 270 High Holborn
William Warriner, George & Vulture inn, George yard, Lombard street
J Norman, Georges Coffee House, 213 Strand
T Younghusband, Gerrards Hall tavern, 3 Basing lane
Clement Selles, Giraudiers Hotel, 48 Haymarket
Richard Lacy, Globe tavern, Moorgate
A M Sandeman, Globe tavern & hotel, 133 Fleet street
T Dale, Gloucester Coffee house and Hotel, 77 Piccadilly
J Orgill, Gloucester Coffee house, 248 Oxford street
Alice Stratton, Golden Cross hotel, Charing Cross
J Mayne, Golden Lion, 92 West Smithfield
G Wildbore, Golden Lion hotel, 112 St John street
D Crisp, Gordon Hotel, 3 Little Piazza, Covent garden
M Gordon, Gordons Hotel, 1 Albemarle street, Piccadilly
A Gould, Goulds hotel, 54 Jermyn street, St James's
Robert Joy, Grand Hotel, Great Piazza, Covent garden
A M Johnson, Grapes tavern, 63 West Smithfield
W Hilton, Grays Inn Coffee house, 19 High Holborn
William How, Grecian Coffee House, Devereux court, Strand
C Pottinger, Green Dragon tavern, Spring garden place, Stepney
W Woods, Green Dragon tavern, 84 Bishopsgate within
G Gregory, Gregorys hotel, 60 Rupert street
Henry Allcock, Grigsbys coffee house, 12 Threadneedle street
P Grillion, Grillons Hotel, 7 Albemarle street, Piccadilly
C James Ivatts, Guildhall Coffee house, King street, Cheapside
David Wall, Gun Tavern, Stafford row, Pimlico
J Hakes, Hakes Hotel, 26 Duke street, Manchester square
William Cope, Half Moon Inn, High street, Borough
C Wilson, Half Moon Tavern, 88 Gracechurch street
George Ingram, Hambro Coffee House, 6 Sweetings rents, Cornhill
Jesse Pitman, Hambro Coffee House, 6 Water lane, Tower street
H Holding, Hanover Hotel, 3 Hanover square and 8 Hanover street
John & Beare Hatchett, Hatchetts Hotel, 67 Piccadilly
Hawkins, Hawkins hotel, 29 Albemarle street, Piccadilly
Hooper & Poole, Hercules Tavern & Stock Exchange coffee house, Hercules court, Threadneedle street
Charles Cottrell, Hero of Waterloo inn, Waterloo road
J Hill, Hills Family hotel, 22 Spring gardens
Williamson, Hollands coffee house, 54 Lower Thames street
Jane Holmes, Holmes hotel, 19 Parliament street
Robert Wilson, Holylands hotel, 10 Norfolk street, Strand
H William Lawton, Hope & Mitre tavern, Mitre court, Fleet street
Leeds Paine, Horn Tavern, 10 Godliman street
William Briant, Horns Tavern, Kennington
Fr Jos Humbert, Hyde Park Hotel, 242 Oxford street
Harrison and Busby, Hummums (New), Great Russell street, Covent garden
James Hewitt, Hummums (Old), Tavistock row, Covent garden
Tart, Hungerford coffee house, 470 Strand
F C Chedron, Huntley hotel, 17 Leicester square
John Ibbotson, Ibbotsons hotel, 3 Vere street, Cevendish square
Jonas White, Imperial hotel, 2 Tavistock row, Covent garden
John Davis, Jamaica Coffee house, St Michaels alley, Cornhill
Francis Jaunay, Jaunays hotel, 25 Leicester square
Harper & Bell, Jerusalem Coffee house, Cowpers court, Cornhill
Thomas T Terry, Johns Coffee house, 87 Cornhill
Thomas Fancy, Kent Arms tavern, 1 & 2 Brownlow street, Holborn
James Brown, Kings Arms hotel & coffee house, 47 Bridge street & 2 & 3 New Palace yard, Westminster
Eleanor Cormack, Kings Arms inn, 263 Oxford street
Thomas Holsworth, Kings Arms inn, 122 Leadenhall street
C Monnett, Kings Arms tavern, 7 Old Compton street
James Pull, Kings Arms tavern, 86 1/2 Snowhill
Bleadon & Co, Kings Head Tavern, 25 Poultry
Thomas Croxall, Kings Head Tavern, 40 Newgate street
John Fletcher, Kings Head Tavern, Upper street, Islington
S W Freeman, Kings Head Tavern, 18 Old Change
Thomas Payne, Kings Head Tavern, 53 Fenchurch street
Pillett Kirkham, Kirkhams Hotel, 48 Lower Brook street, Grosvenor square
William Wallis, Langbourn coffee house, 164 Fenchurch street
M Lemm, Lemms hotel, 19 Park street, Grosvenor square
Limmers Hotel, Conduit street, Hanover square
William Davis, Lincoln hotel, 20 South street, Manchester square
Higginbottom, Lisbon Hotel, 45 Dover street, Piccadilly
Grey & Bolton, Lloyds Coffee House, Royal Exchange
Bleaden & Co, London Tavern, Bishopsgate within
E Davis, London Hotel, 7 Shepherd street, Oxford street
M Hitchcock, London Hotel, 44 Albemarle street, Piccadilly
Leech & Buttell, London Coffee House, Ludgate hill
John Long, Longs hotel, 16 New Bond street
James Meek, Lyceum Tavern, 349 Strand
R Yeo, Manchester Coffee house, 14 Manchester square
William Barwell, Marlborough inn, 3 Blenheim street, Oxford street
M Miller, Millers hotel, 81 Jermyn street, St James's
T Spurgin, Mills coffee house, 12 Gerrard street, Soho
Mivarts Hotel, 44 Lower Brook street, Grosvenor square
David Ross, Montpelier Tavern, Montpelier gardens, Walworth
Isaac Worley, Monument hotel, 48 Fish street hill
M Hastie, Morleys hotel, 25 Cockspur street, Charing cross
Henry Molloy, Molloys hotel, 128 New Bond street
T Birch, Mount Hotel, 78 & 79 Lower Grosvenor street
Needham, Needhams hotel, 1 Bridge street, Westminster
George Burnard, Nerots Hotel, 15 Clifford street, Bond street
John Howard, Newcastle Coffee House, 23 St Mary at Hill
James Davies, New England Coffee House, 60 Threadneedle street
T Browning, New Inn tavern, New Inn, Old Bailey
George Radley, New London Hotel, 11 New Bridge street
James Careless, New York Coffee House, 7 Sweetings rents
G A Bertolini, Newton Hotel, 34 St Martins street, Leicester squae
Adam Young, Norfolk Hotel, 30 Surry street, Strand
James Davies, North & South American Coffee House, 60 Threadneedle street
J J Irish, Northumberland coffee house & hotel, 4 Charing cross
James Bartlett, Old Drury coffee house, Vinegar yard, Drury lane
John Mansfield, Olivers hotel & coffee house, Bridge foot, Westminster
George Walter, One Tun hotel, 107 Jermyn street, St James's
J Carter, Orange tavern & coffee house, Queen street, Chelsea
William Chaplin, Osbornes Adelphi Hotel, 1 John street, Adelphi
W Chaplin, Osbornes Caledonian hotel, 3 Robert street, Adelphi
J B Pagliano, Pagliano hotel, 30 Leicester square
William Ward, Panorama coffee house, 30 Cranbourn street, Leicester square
Charles Rogers, Paris Hotel, 58 Haymarket
William Moore, Peele's Coffee House, 177 & 178 Fleet street
M F Penston, Penstones Hotel, 3 Cork street, Bond street
William Lovegrove, Percy hotel, 29 & 30 Rathbone place
George Cutriss, Piazza coffee house, Great Piazza, Covent garden
Betty Gray, Portland Hotel, 95 Great Portland street
Oakes & Co, Portugal Hotel, 154 Fleet street
William Lee, Princes coffee house, 53 Princes street, Leicester square
Fanny Probatt, Probatts Hotel, 35 King street, Covent garden
S Escudier, Pulteney Hotel, 13 Albemarle street
S C Ashford, Quadrant coffee house & hotel, 89 Quadrant, Regent street
Henry John Edwards, Queens Arms Tavern, 24 St James's street
Thomas Edwards, Queens Arms Tavern, 70 Newgate street
James Innes, Queens Arms Tavern, 76 Cheapside
Jesse Miller, Queens Arms Tavern, 10 Redlion passage, Holborn
James Deakins, Queens Head tavern & hotel, High Holborn
John Hughes, Queens Head inn, 84 High street, Borough
John stapler, Queens Head tavern, Queens Head passage, Newgate street
William Colls, Rainbow Coffee house & hotel, 15 Fleet street
William Jones, Rainbow Coffee House, 3 King street, Covent garden
Thomas Brough, Ram Inn, 78 West Smithfield
Andrew Read, Reads hotel, 75 Lower Grosvenor street
Thomas Pepper, Red Lion inn, 109 Aldersgate street
Richard Preston, Regency hotel, 82 Quadrant, Regent street
Richardson & Clunn, Richardsons hotel, 1 Little Piazza, Covent garden
Robert Robinson, Robinsons hotel, 30 Maiden lane, Covent garden
David Roderick, Round Table tavern, 23 St Martins court, St Martins lane
Dudding, Royal hotel, William Cox, 88 St James's street
M Salter, Russell hotel, Great Piazza, Covent garden
J Scott, Russell tavern, Great Piazza, Covent garden
W F Duncan, St Albans Coffee house, 12 Charles street, St James's
Charles Hitchcock, St Georges hotel, 34 Albemarle street
Stuart, St James's hotel, 76 Jermyn street
Leech & Butler, St Pauls Hotel, 5 & 6 St Pauls Churchyard
G Rounthwaite, Salisbury Tavern, 9 Bear street, Leicester square
Charles Proctor, Salisbury Arms chop house, Durham street, Strand
S Holland, Salopian Coffee house & hotel, 42 Charing Cross
J Prentice, Salutation & Cat tavern, Newgate street
I Joseph, Sams coffee house, King street, Dukes place
J Godfrey, Saracens Head, 5 Aldgate within
Thomas Mayo, Saracens Head tavern, Skinner street, Snowhill
Charles Smith, Saracens Head inn, 6 Friday street, Cheapside
W Lawrence, Searles Coffee house, 4 & 5 Carey street, Lincolns Inn fields
D Ells, Serjeants Inn Coffee house, 4 Chancery lane
Francis Scaife, Scaifes hotel, 7 Lower Brook street, Grosvenor square
H Adams, Ship tavern, 129 Leadenhall street
J Hill, Ship tavern & hotel, 45 & 46 Charing cross
William Rusby, Ship Tavern, 15 Water lane, Tower street
H Simpson, Simpsons Coffee house, Ball court, Cornhill
William Thinks, Slaughters Coffee house (New), 82 St Martins lane
Reid & Co, Slaughters Coffee house (Old), 75 St Martins lane
S R Saunders, Somerset Coffee house, 162 Strand
J End, Southampton Coffee house, 21 Southampton buildings, Holborn
Wilkinson, South Caroline coffee house, 25 Birchin lane
T Hind, Southwark Bridge tavern, 31 Queen street, Cheapside
J G Chaplin, Spread Eagle tavern, 84 Gracechurch street
J B Webb, Spread Eagle hotel, 220 Piccadilly
J Barnett, Spring Gardens Hotel, Spring Gardens, Charing cross
Thomas Phillips, Spur Inn, High street, Borough
Scott & Freeman, Stevens Hotel, 18 New Bond street
Joseph Workman, Storeys Gate Coffee house, Great George street, Westminster
A Warmoll, Strand Hotel, 323 Strand
J Bennett, Stratford hotel, 151 Oxford street
William Norbrook, Suffolk & Norfolk hotel, 11 Fish street hill
J Twallin, Sun Tavern, 31 Ludgate street, St Pauls
John Hammond, Sunderland Arms tavern, 7 Great Mays buildings, St Martins lane
F R Honeyman, Surrey Theatre Coffee house, Great Surrey street, Blackfriars road
J M Croom, Sussex hotel, Bouverie street, Fleet street
Thomas Forrest, Swan tavern, 4 Sloane street
J Lord, Swan tavern, 14 New street, Covent garden
T Wentworth, Swan tavern, 32 Arundel street, Strand
William Kingford, Swan with Two Necks tavern, 10 Lad lane, Wood street
Taylor & Smith, Symonds Inn Coffee house, 22 Chancery lane
Thomas Lott, Talbot Inn, High street, Borough
Thomas Harrison, Tavistock hotel, Great Piazza, Covent garden
G Tetsal, Tetsals hotel, 6 & 7 John street, Adelphi
J N W Willis, Thatched House tavern, 80 St James's street
Bailey & Thomas, Thomas's Hotel, 25 Berkeley square
J M Thompson, Thompsons hotel, 14 Holles street
William Smith, Three Cups tavern, 88 Aldersgate street
T F Harvey, Three Tuns Tavern, 87 High street, Borough
Charles Perry, Three Tuns Tavern, 2 Fetter lane
S P Adderley, Toms Coffee house & tavern, 31 Cornhill
Thomas Whitehead, Turks Head & Bath hotel, 142 Strand
James Barrack, Union hotel & tavern, 4 Cockspur street
D Dymes, Union Tavern, 25 Marylebone street, Golden square
J Harris, Union Tavern, 11 John street, Oxford road
W Seex, Union Tavern, 73 Jermyn street
J Holdom, Vine Inn & tavern, 70 Bishopsgate street within
Thomas Thorne, Virginia Coffee house & tavern, Newmans court, Cornhill
William Walker, Walkers hotel, 33 Dean street, Soho
Bryant, Warnes Hotel, 22 Conduit street, Hanover square
W J Warren, Warrens Hotel, 1 Regent street
J Hawkins & Co, Waterloo Coffee house & hotel, 69 Haymarket
M Rowe, Waterloo hotel, 85 Jermyn street, St James's
Thomas Scrivener, Westminster hotel & coffee house, Bridge foot, Westminster bridge
William Payne, Wheatsheaf tavern, Hand court, Holborn
J Hildyard, White Bear tavern, 32 Basinghall street
Thomas French, White Hart Inn, High street, Borough
H C Hargan, White Hart hotel, 120 St John street, Smithfield
D Spice, White Hart tavern, 18 Abchurch lane
John Wingfield, White Hart tavern & hotel, 39 High Holborn
Jane Cross, White Horse tavern, Fetter lane
W Phillips, White Horse tavern & inn, 29 Friday street, Cheapside
James Radcliffe, White Horse tavern, 169 Regent street
W Watson, White Horse tavern, 1 Stafford row, Pimlico
James Green, Wills hotel & Coffee house, 7 Serle street, Lincolns Inn fields
Samuel Tite, Windmill hotel, 115 St John street, West Smithfield
Thomas Wood, Woods hotel & Coffee House, 2 & 3 Arundell street, Coventry street
Thomas Wood, Woolpack tavern, T Gilby, 6 St Peters alley, Cornhill
C Wright, Wrights hotel, 12 Adam street, Adelphi
J Cook, York Hotel, 9 Albemarle street, Piccadilly
J Nodin, York Hotel, 39 New Bridge street, Blackfriars
York Hotel, William Stannard, 1 Charles street, Covent garden
S Bird, Yorkshire Stingo tavern, Homer place, New road, Paddington

References :  Lots of references are made to two sources on the internet archive :
Edward Callows, Old London Taverns &
John Timbs, Club life of London Volume 2

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