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General Advertiser 1835, London, Western District

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

General Advertiser 1835 All Districts

General Advertiser 1835, London

Western District
Hughes Cook shop, 242
Baxter, Crown and Anchor
Boakes Coach office
Coles Coffee house and Divan
Saunders Somerset hotel , 162
Edinburgh Castle, 322
Eprhart, Pastry cook
Goats Ham shop
Strand Coffee house
Georges Tavern, &c
Norfolk Coffee house , 183 Strand
Somerset Dining rooms
Gosling, Confectioner, 122
Grand Cigar Divan
Salisbury Dining rooms
Exeter Coffee house
Shorts Tavern, 333
Partington, Confectioner
Law, Pastry cook
Angel Inn, St Clements
Newcastle Dining rooms , 16 Newcastle street
Herald Coffee house, Catherine street
Green Dragon , Villiers street
Hope Coffee house
Essex Coffee house, Essex street
Eastys Hotel , Southampton street
Northampton larder
Dining rooms, King William street
Clapham Dining rooms
Grecian Tavern
Bellamys Coffee rooms
Dolphin Wine vaults , Hungerford market
Martins Wine vaults, Hungerford market
Craven Hotel , Craven street
Wrights hotel, Adam street, Adelphi
Thompsons Coffee house, Wych street
Reids Coffee rooms, St Martins lane
Hincks hotel
Chapter Coffee house

Charing Cross
Hills Hotel and Coffee house
Salopian Coffee house
Wrights Coffee and Chop house
Jarvis's Wine vaults
Knights Oyster rooms
Morleys Hotel
Golden Cross Hotel
University Club, Suffolk street
Trafalgar Hotel , Spring gardens
University Club house, King street
Whitfields Eating house, 65
Heaths Eating house
Treasury Coffee house
Britannia Coffee house
Army and Navy Dining rooms
House of Commons Dining rooms
George the Fourth Coffee rooms
Gingers Hotel , Bridge street, Westminster
Nicholls Westminster Hotel
Olivers Hotel
Browns Hotel
Robin Hood Wine vaults, Abingdon street
Rayboulds Coffee house, 41 Tothill street
Keslakes Coffee house
Worralls Soup house
Dyers Eating house
Thorns Eating house
Holloways Soup house, Broadway
Caledonian Coffee house
Dyers Eating house, York street
Hores Eating house, Strutton ground
Chandlers Wine vaults, Millbank
Malyons Wine vaults

Lincolns Inn
Lamb Wine vaults, Turnstile
Lee Coffee house, Little Queen street
Running Horse
Albion Coffee house
Prossers dining rooms, Newmans row
Wells Coffee house, Portugal street
Greens Hotel
Fords Wine vaults
Old Ship Tavern , Chichester rents
Joyces Dining rooms, Chancery lane
Law Institution
Leechs Dining rooms
Hole in the Wall
Chancery lane Dining rooms
Symonds inn Tavern
Serjeants inn Coffee house
Ellis's Coffee house
London Coffee house
Chapter Coffee house, Great Queen street
Good Intent, Great Queen street
Crown Coffee house, Duke street
Metheunghams Coffee house, Sheffield street
Woods Tavern , Gilberts passage

Drury lane
Harlequin Wine vaults
Salters Coffee house, 113
Museum Dining rooms
Homers Dining rooms
Barrys Ham shop
Northumberland Coffee house, Drury court
Johnsons Hotel, Blackmooor street
Coopers Coffee house
York Coffee house, Little Russell street
Franks Coffee rooms, Long acre
European Coffee rooms
Wrekin Tavern , Broad court
Castle Coffee house, Great Newport street
Garricks Head Tavern , Bow street
Union Tavern
Jacksons Tavern
Harrisons Wine vaults
Round Table Coffee house, Dukes court
Simpsons Hotel, Great Russell street
York Coffee house
Milners Public house, Bridges street
Cambrian Coffee house
Simpsons Oyster rooms
Gingers Coffee rooms
Pearks Oyster rooms
Clotter, Crown Tavern
Skearsleys Wine vaults
Bowdens Oyster rooms, Russell street
Russels Coffee house
Albion Tavern
Lincolnshire Coffee rooms, Houghton street

Covent Garden
Richardsons Hotel
Gordon Hotel
Evans Hotel
Piazza Hotel
Hummums Tavern
New Hummums
Whites Tavern
Carrols Coffee house
Tavistock Hotel
Bedford Hotel
Morgans Cook shop, James street
Whittakers Coffee house
Morgans Coffee house
Bedford Coffee house
Lords Tavern, New street
Gliddons Divan, King street
Rainbow Hotel
Garricks Club
Leggs Coffee house
Coffee house, Charles street
York Hotel
Bedford Tavern, Maiden lane
Mundays Hotel
Offleys Wine vaults, Henrietta street
Doubledays Dining roooms, Bedford street
Chess Club Dining roooms
Divan Dining roooms
Russell Coffee house
British Coffee house, 6 Agar street
Union Coffee house, Chandos street
Russells Wine vaults, St Martins
Wards Wine vaults
Kemps Eating house, West street
Grafton street Coffee house, Grafton street
Cozens Coffee house, West street
Richards Eating house, Gerrard street
York Minster Wine vaults, Dean street
Mocha Coffee house
Walkers Tavern &c
The Hampshire House
Farrows Coffee house, 32 Frith street
Keyes Wine vaults
Patriot Coffee house, Compton street
Crown Coffee house
Boveys Coffee house
Devonshire Dining rooms
Bazaar Coffee house, Carlisle street
Cutmores Eating house, Chapel street
Hampshire Coffee house, Wardour street
Yorkshire Chop house
Diggins Coffee house
Woodstock Dining rooms, Princes street
Morgans Dining rooms
Star Coffee house, Whitcomb street
Sewell, Confectioner, Titchbourne street
Chapter Coffee house
Sceptre Coffee and Chop house, Warwick street
Worcester Coffee house, Beak street
Malcolm, Green Man, Berwick street
Pantheon Coffee house, Poland street
Devonshire Coffee house, Carnaby street
Bedford Dining rooms, King street

Pall Mall
Travellers Club house
Athenaeum Club house
Senior United Services Club house
The Guards Club house, St James's street
Whites Club house
Symons Hotel
Ellis's Hotel
Fullers Club house
Brooks Club house
Wayte, Confectioner, 29
Fentons Hotel
Albion Club house
Oxford and Cambridge, St James's square
Windhams Club house
Kent and Sussex Hotel, Jermyn street
York Hotel
Waterloo Hotel
St James's Hotel
Brunswick Hotel
Royal Hotel

Hope Coffee House
Cafe de l'europe, 9
Hotel Ciraudier
Hotel de Paris
Cafe Francias Restaurant
Anglesea Hotel
Banks Coffee House
Colonnade Hotel, Charles street
Mr Lanes Boarding house, St Albans place
St Albans Coffee House
British Coffee House, Cockspur street
Gawthorns Library, Cockspur street
Albion Hotel
Union Hotel , 2
Farrance, Confectioner
Russels Coffee House, Great Windmill street
Reeves Coffee House, Coventry street
Frasers Coffee House, Rupert street
Hancock Dining rooms
Hardins tavern &c
Gregorys Coffee House &c
Literary Institution, Leicester square
Jeaunays Hotel
Taglioi Hotel
Hornes Hotel
Sabloinere Hotel
Gladwin, Confectioner
Dendes Coffee rooms
Francis's Oyster rooms

Saloon Tavern and Chop House
White Bear Tavern
Webbs Hotel
Black Bear Chop house
Brocks Coffee rooms, 53
Ridgway, Bookseller
Grange, Confectioner
Nicholls, Confectioner
Bath and Oxford Hotel
Gloucester Hotel
Hatchetts Hotel
Tattersalls, Hyde park corner
Bryants Hotel, Conduit street
Summers Hotel
Hanover Hotel, Hanover square
Oriental Club
Princess Charlotte, Princes street
Brunswick Hotel
Blenheim Hotel, Bond street
Waud, Confectioner
Stevens Hotel
Longs Hotel
Clarendon Hotel
Army and Navy
Hookhams Library
Ebers Library
Grillons Hotel, Albemarle street
Jones's Wine vaults
London Hotel
Crawleys Hotel
St Georges Hotel
Maynards Hotel
Alfred Club, Albemarle street
Institution, Albemarle street
Batts Hotel, Dover street
Camp, Confectioner, South Audley street
Library, Holles street
Mivarts Hotel, Brook street
Coulsons Hotel
Pattersons Hotel
Scaifs Hotel
Woodstock Dining rooms, Woodstock street
Hampsons Coffee rooms, Gilbert street
Pattersons Coffee House, Robert street
Kings Wine vaults, Duke street
Vernons Head, North Audley street
Penhalls Wine vaults, Down street
Jenkins, Catherine Wheel, Little James street
Blue Posts Tavern, Cork street
Burlington Hotel
Nerots Hotel, Clifford street

Oxford street
Black Horse Public house
North Pole Public house
Perry, Confectioner
Pantheon Bazaar
Roberts Public house
Noahs Ark Public house
Haggar Coffee house
West End Dining rooms
West End Coffee rooms
Harrisons Oyster rooms
Spread Eagle Public house
Horse and Groom Public house
Goodhughs Eating house
Kings Arms Public house
Valiant Trooper Public house
Gloster Coffee house
Hyde Park Coffee house
Hyde Park Hotel
General Townsend Hotel
Pearson, Confectioner, Knightsbridge
Coffee house, 248 Sloane street
Michels, Confectioner
Swan Tavern
Cadogan Hotel
Cadogan Library
Belgrave Institution
White Hart, Kings road, Chelsea
Man in the Moon
Library, Chapel street
Gun Tavern, Pimlico
Bag of Nails
Patterson, Confectioner
Princess Amelia Public house
Lawrence, Confectioner
Stratford club house
Fladongs Hotel
Oxford dining rooms
Queens Bazaar
Perry, Confectioner
White Lion Public house
Hewison, Confectioner
Boar and Castle Tavern
Breemes Eating house, Cleveland street
Coffee house, Upper Marylebone street
West Country Eating house, Upper Marylebone street
Frieome, Patissier Francais, Marylebone street
Lord Terawlyt Public house, Marylebone
Pincombs Coffee house, Marylenone lane
Marylebone Institution, George street
Withers, Confectioner, George street, Portman square
Baker street Bazaar
Coach Makers Arms, Bryanston street
Phillips, Confectioner, Upper Seymour street
Cleaveland Arms, Montague street
Clements Eating house, Paddington street
Wigrells Coffee house, Paddington street
James and Ward, Confectioners, Paddington street
Carter, Confectioner, Crawford street
Cossack Coffee house, Seymour place
Seymour Eating house, Seymour place
Globe Coffee house, Edgeware road
White Lion Public house, Edgeware road
Hop Pole Public house, Edgeware road
Wards Public house, Edgeware road
Pontefract Castle, Paddington
Yorkshire Stingo
Portland Hotel, Great Portland street
Sun and Horse Shoe, Mortimer street
Coffee house, Charles street
London Coffee house, Charles street
Middlesex Coffee house, Charles street
Union Eating house, Well street
Sir Isaac Newton, Union street
Blue Posts Public house, Charlotte street
Northumberland Arms, Charlotte street
Portland Coffee house, Portland street
Cock Public house, Portland street
Union Coffee house, John street
Albion Coffee house, John street
Whayletts Eating house, Oxford street market
Masons Arms
Sun Coffee house, Great Titchfield street
Berners Hotel, Berners street
Wheatsheaf Public house, Rathbone place
Perry Hotel, Rathbone place
Marquis of Granby, Percy street
Verrey, Confectioner, Regent street
Beard, Confectioner
Longs, Confectioner
White Horse Tavern
Downes Oyster rooms
Songi, Confectioner
Castle Tavern

Tottenham Court road
Bedford Coffee house
Allens Eating house
Collegiate Coffee house
White Hart Public house
Apollo Public house
Leopard Coffee house
University Coffee house
Mortimers Arms
Bulls Head Inn
Fitzroy Coffee house
Hansford Coffee house, Windmill street
Fitzroy Coffee house, Windmill street
Community Coffee house, John street
Silver Lion Coffee house, Goodge street
Union Coffee house, Goodge street
Yorkshire Grey Public house, London street
Grafton Coffee house, Grafton street

New road
Old Kings Head
Rising Sun
Vaughans Coffee house
Crown Public house
Belvidere Tavern
Penton Arms
Hughes Coffee house
Crown Coffee house, Bath place
Goat and Compasses Public house, Bath place
Green Man, Bath place
Colosseum Hotel, Carburton street
Yorkshire Stingo Hotel, Carburton street
Russel Hotel, Great Coram street

Regents Park
Jews Harp Tavern
York and Albany
Munster Coffee rooms

Aldhous's Coffee house
Bull Inn
Old Bell Inn
City Alamode Beer house
Bell and Crown
Grays Inn Coffee house
Springs, Castle Tavern
White Hart
Crown Coffee house
Coach and Horses Public house, 81
York Arms
Howard, Confectioner
Adelaide Coffee house
White Horse Cellar
Kings Arms Tavern
Metropolitan Coffee house
Old Windsor Castle
Museum Dining rooms
Barnards Inn Coffee house
Blue Posts Public house
Halls Coffee house
Horse Shoe and Magpie
Richardsons Eating house
Robin Hood Tavern
George and Blue Boar
Weavers Dining rooms
Tullys Lounge
Toms Coffee house
Sun and Punch Bowl
Dyers Dining rooms
Phillips Coffee house, Liquorpond street
White Hart, Liquorpond street
Griffins Coffee house, Leather lane
King of Prussia, Leather lane
Lovetts Coffee house, Grevil street
George Public house, Brooke street
Globe Public house, Hatton garden
Missionary House, Hatton garden
Coach and Horses, Hatton wall
Hat and Tuns, Hatton wall
Hope Coffee house, Grays inn lane
Hames Dining rooms, Grays inn lane
Grays Inn Coffee house, Grays inn lane
Munns Eating house, Grays inn lane
Globe Coffee house, Grays inn lane
Budds Coffee house, Grays inn lane
Calthorpes Coffee house, Grays inn lane
Bazaar Coffee house, Grays inn lane
Exchange Coffee house, Grays inn lane
Chads Coffee house, Grays inn lane
Allens Coffee house, Cromer street, Grays inn road
Warwick Dining rooms, Warwick place, Holborn
Wheat Sheaf Tavern, Hand court
Feathers Tavern, Hand court
Betteridges Oyster rooms, Hand court
Kent Arms, Brownlow street
Verulam Dining rooms, Bedford street
Horse Shoe and Magpie, Bedford street
Albion Coffee house, Red Lion street
Rope, Confectioner, Lambs Conduit street
Bevan, Confectioner, Lambs Conduit street
Diamond Hotel, New Ormond street
Hope Coffee house, Theobalds road
Queens Arms, Red Lion passage
Pilgrim Coffee house, Kingsgate street
Albion Public house, Upper King street
Red Lion Public house, Upper King street
Wright, Confectioner, Upper King street
Matthews, Confectioner, Judd street
Skinners Arms, Judd street
New Brunswick Coffee house, Judd street
Brunswick Dining rooms, Compton street
Coffee house, Compton street
Bristol Coffee house, Compton street
Greyhound Public house, henrietta street
Hollyman, Confectioner, Great Russel street
Piddington, Confectioner, Store street, Bedford street
Public Press Coffee house, Broad street, St Giles
Star Coffee house, Broad street, St Giles
Devonshire Coffee house, High street
British Coffee house, High street

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