London Evening Standard 27 October 1909 - Compensation authority

Licensing Act 1904 Notice of principal meeting to discuss by the Compensation authority on the 1st, 2nd, 14th and 15th July 1909

A listing of public houses and beer houses recommended for closure by compensation paid yto the owners and lessees.

Fishing Smack, Watergate street, St Nicholas, Deptford, Full, Walter Thomas Mercer
Queen Charlotte, Church street, St Paul, Deptford, Full, Alfred Santer
Two Brewers, Giffin street, St Paul, Deptford, Full, Alfred Henry King
Steam Ferry, Wood Wharf, Greenwich, Full, Edward Condon
Loyal Britons, Horseferry road, Greenwich, Beer on, James Winter
Hit or Miss, Roan street, Greenwich, Beer on, James Newport
Little Wonder, Roan street, Greenwich, Beer on, Harry Richard Glover
Ship on Shore, Claremont street, Greenwich, Beer on, Alfred Elston
Black Eagle, Church street, Woolwich, Full, Edward Wheeler
Rose of Denmark, Chapel street, Woolwich, Beer on, William Andrew Goodwin
Mariners Arms, North Woolwich, Beer on, John Alexander Hart

Ship, 15 Berkeley street, Clerkenwell, Full, Robert Hobson
Norfolk Hero, 81 Cottenham road, Islington, Beer on, Wakter William James Bunn
Lord Clyde, 116 Copenhagen street, Islington, Beer on, Albert James Rooke
Earl of Warwick, 203 Copenhagen street, Islington, Beer on, James Evans
Two Brewers, 26 Aylesbury street, Clerkenwell, Full, William Hercules Waldron
Albion, 39 Red Lion street, Clerkenwell, Beer on, Horace Charles Duffell
Welsh Bull, 120 Pentonville road, Clerkenwell, Beer and wine on, Charles Aylett
Masons Arms, 22 Campbell road, Islington, Beer on, Edward D'Arcy
Rose and Thistle, 231 Balls Pond road, Islington, Beer and wine on, Tom Thorogood
Carlton, 22 Orchard street, Islington, Beer on, Arthur William Ellett
Lord John Russell, 15 Queenbury street, Islington, Beer on, Frederick Loney

Hanover square
Coach and Horses, 1 and 2 Chester Mews, Chester street SW, Full, Arthur Frederick Barker
Yorkshire Grey, 24 Woodstock street, Oxford street W, Full, Arthur Ernest Williams

Horse and Groom, 36 Neal street, St Giles, Full, Robert James Mathew
Old Kings Arms, 41 Shorts gardens, St Giles, Full, John Edwin Biss
Eagle, 21 Endell street, St Giles, Beer on, Edwin Peter Trew

Hampshire Ale Stores, 45 St Anns road, Notting Hill, Beer on, John Robert Preston
Montpelier, 72 Clarendon road, Notting Hill, Beer and wine on, Robert Desborough Cooper
Reform, 179 Portland road, Notting Hill, Beer and wine on, William Robert Ekins
Stingo Ale Stores, 38 Princes road, Beer on, James William Lewis
Crown and Anchor, 21 Church street, Chelsea, Beer and wine on, Charles James Hildreth
Prince of Wales, 12 Lawrence street, Chelsea, Beer on, William John Lloyd
Old Rose, 7 Sands End lane, Fulham, Beer and wine on, Susan Culliford
British Queen, 1 and 2 George street, Hammersmith, Full, Frank Cloud
Anchor Brewery, 22 Queen street, Hammersmith, Beer on, John Cronin

City Arms, 9 Old Kent road, St George, Beer and wine on (ante 1869), Walter Raleigh Joel
Vine, Vine street, Tooley street, St Olave and St Thomas, Full, Charles Webb
George, 1 George street, Blackfriars, Full, Amelia Sarah Mary Ayling
Glasshouse, 180 Stamford street, Lambeth, Beer and wine on (ante 1869), William Barker
Britannia, 9 and 10 Blazon street, Lambeth, Beer on (ante 1869), George Frederick Hopley
Roebuck, 14 Doon street, Lambeth, Beer on (ante 1869), Albert Edward Sheppard
Rose of Denmark, 119 Lambeth walk, Lambeth, Beer on (ante 1869), Charles Wright
British Queen, 7 Gundulf street, Lambeth, Beer on (ante 1869), Robert James Skidmore
Globe, 26 Vauxhall walk, Lambeth, Beer on (ante 1869), Edwin Stead
Crown, 111 Tyer street, Lambeth, Beer on (ante 1869), John Bolsover
Duke of Cornwall, 13 Tyer street, Lambeth, Beer on (ante 1869), Alfred Aylett Moore (receiver)
Eclipse, 38 Vauxhall street, Lambeth, Beer and wine on (ante 1869), Joseph James Brandon
Palmerston, 58 Upper Kennington lane, Lambeth, Beer and wine on (ante 1869), Thomas Brownson
Chester Arms, 17 Chezter street, Lambeth, Beer on (ante 1869), Ambrose Bloss
Rose of Denmark, 84 St Marks road, Lambeth, Beer on (ante 1869), Donald Sinclair
Waggon and HorsesWaggon and Horses, 186 Warham street, Lambeth, Beer on (ante 1869), Thomas |George Siddons Riley
Prince Alfred, 88 Cornwall road, Brixton, Lambeth, Beer and wine on (ante 1869), Henry Thomas Goody
Joiners Arms, 232 Lyham road, Clapham, Beer on (ante 1869), Edward William Charlton
Ironmongers Arms, 353 Lyham road, Lambeth, Full, Louis Charles Palmer
Rose and Thistle, 44 Lingham street, Lambeth, Beer on (ante 1869), Henry Russell
Crown and Anchor, 644 Wandsworth road, Clapham, Beer on (ante 1869), Annie Maria Higgins
Black Bull, 12 Rotherhithe street, Rotherhithe, Full, Alfred Henry Catherwood
Foresters Arms, 294 Borough High street, St George, Full, John Thomas Loder

Hope, 1 Lower Porchester street, Full, william Thomas Allen
Red Lion, 12 South Wharf road, Beer on, Edward Thomas Ackland

St James
Kings Head, 72 Old Compton street, Soho, Full, John Alexander Hughes
Bulls Head, 44 Carnaby street, St James, Full, Emma Roiger

St Margarets
Thistle and Crown, 35 Great Peter street, Full, Albert Crocker

St Marylebone
Aberdeen Arms, 5 Lyons place, Edgware road, Beer on, Edward Morris
Hope, 2 Townsend cottages, St Johns Wood, Beer on, Harvey Harris Allcock
Salisbury Arms, 11 Salisbury street, Lisson grove, Beer on, Herbert Archibald Platten Weatherley

St Pancras
Prince Regent, 37 Sidmouth street, Full, Percy Fred Lyon
Woodman, 80 Highgate road, Beer on, Samuel Gall
Malt and Hops, 61 Holmes road, Beer on, Edmund Gay
Fitzroy Arms, 163 Arlington road, Full, William Turner Wayland
Lord Brougham, 1 Leeke street, Beer on, Thomas William Terrett
Norwich Castle, 204 Grays Inn road, Beer on, Severino B6

Ship, 14 Hanover court, Long acre, Full, Mark Cohen
Green Man, 19 New street, Full, Rosina Mann

Ship, Bacon street, Full, Alexander Thompson
Kings Arms, Sclater street, Full, Sidney Charles Robinson
Hop Pole, 82 Cleveland street, Beer on, Henry John Kimber
Three Crowns, 11 Granby street, Beer on, Ellen Elizabeth Bristow
Gipsy Queen, 28 Somerford street, Beer on, Frederick Henry Robinson

St Leonard Shoreditch
Black Horse, Kingsland road, Full, George Syrus Mickleburgh
Imperial, 2 Sturt street, Beer on, James Easton

St John at Hackney
Duke of Cornwall, 42 Homerton High street, Beer on, Arthur George Atkinson
Royal Standard, 2 Wetherell road, Beer on, Harry Arnold

St Mary, Stratford, Bow
Prince Leopold, 39 Ford street, Beer on, James William Coates

St Mary Whitechapel
Three Compasses, Brick lane, Full, Thomas Beach
Black Bull, Old Montague street, Full, Max Lederman
Man in Compass, 21 Chicksand street, Beer on, William Fletcher

St George in the East
Bee Hive, 28 Sutton street, Beer on, Jsmes Kirby
North Pole, 46 Sutton street, Beer on, James Wood
Hop Pole, 68 Sutton street, Beer on, George Atkin

Hamlet of Mile End Old Town
Telegraph, Hawkins street, Full, Pyzer Segansky
Crown, Mile End road, Full, Solomon Israel
Two Brewers, 123 Burdett road, Frederick William Flack
Prince Arthur, 25 Calverley street, Beer and wine on, Emily Janes
Honest Lawyer, 19 Coutts road, Beer on, George Frederick Figg
King John, 110 Mile End road, Beer and wine on, Ellen Upton
King of Sardinia, 391 Mile End road, Beer and wine on, John Whelan
Middleton Arms, 114 St Anns road, Beer on, Henry George Cossons
Admiral Denham, 47 St Thomas road, Beer on, Edwin James Wood
Two Brewers, 7 skidmore street, Beer on, Thomas Muirhead Lamb

St Ann Limehouse
Bridge House, 15 Parnham street, Beer on, Abraham Cohen
Albion, 101 Salmon lane, Beer on, George William Baillie
Prince of Wales, 96 West India Dock road, Beer on, Thomas Henderson Wood

Wellclose precinct
Black Horse, Well street, Full, Myer Marks
Tower of London, 14 Cable street, Beer and wine on, Samuel Single
American Stores, 10 Graces alley, Beer and wine on, Edwin Edward Hedges
Royal Albert, 47 Well street, Beer on, Annie Kofood (wife of Didrik Timan Kofood)

Old House at Home, Point Pleasant, Wandsworth, Beer and wine on, James Young
British Flag, 34 Warple road, Wandsworth, Beer on, George Phillips
Western Arms, 15 Weston street, Battersea, Beer on, Alice ellen Goose
Royal George, 67 Hibbert street, Battersea, Beer on, Mary Dawson
Foresters Arms, 47 High street, Battersea, Beer on, Charles Smith

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