London Evening Standard 28 October 1908 - Compensation authority

Licensing Act 1904 Notice of principal meeting to discuss by the Compensation authority on the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th July 1908

Lads of the Village, New King street, Deptford, Full, Walter Barnes Penney
Cape of Good Hope, New King street, Deptford, Full, Clara Berry
Victory, Park road, Greenwich, Full, Ernest Charles Smith
Fortune of War, East street, Greenwich, Beer on, Geoffrey Wharton
Good Intent, 103 Royal hill, Greenwich, Beer and wine on, Jesse Harman
Three Brewers, Willow walk, Sydenham, Beer on, Henry William Simmons
Ship and Half Moon, Nelson street, Woolwich, Full, Ambrose Caley
Earl of Warwick, Warwick street, Woolwich, Full, Monatgue James Miller

Crown, 101 Rosoman street, Clerkenwell, Beer on, Robert Jackson
Crown, 26 Popham road, Islington, Beer on, Thomas Neal
Beehive, 22 Cynthia street, Clerkenwell, Beer on, Frank Rab
Berkeley Arms, 22 St Johns lane, Clerkenwell, Beer and wine on, Robert Alexander Tillcock
Alsen Arms, Alsen road, Islington, Beer on, Ernest Howard Parsons
Hope and anchor, 22 Lloyds row, Clerkenwell, Beer on, Stephen James Stone
Chamberlains Arms, 12 Bastwick street, St Lukes, Full, William smith Toll
Queen Victoria, 45 Skinner street, Clerkenwell, Full, Arthur Taylor
Warwick Arms, 147 Whitecross street, St Lukes, Beer and wine on, Josiah Blackbourn

Hanover square
Haunch of Venison, 26 Brook street W, Full, Alfred Aylett Moore and James William Ansell

Rising Sun, 27 Back hill, Clerkenwell road, Beer on, Alphonsus Cozzi

Albion, 34 South row, Kensal New Town, Full, Henry Patten Hodgkinson
Great Western, 30 East row, Kensal New Town, Beer and wine on, Henry Ewer
Lord Clyde, 39 Worlds End passage, Chelsea, Beer on, Thomas Lippard
Queens Arms, 113 Cheyne walk, Chelsea, Beer and wine on, Raymond William Foot
Hope, 63 Arthur street, Chelsea, Full, John Harwood Reeve
Norfolk Arms, 108 King street, Hammersmith, Beer and wine on, Thomas Vaughan
Grotto, 13 Aspen place, The Mall, Hammersmith, Beer on, Joseph Henry Surridge
Albert Victor, 2 Upper Mall, Hammersmith, Beer on, Jesse Maria Fletcher
Butchers Arms, 19 Vanstone place, Fulham, Beer on, Esther Copplestone

Crown, 31 Lant street, St George, Full, Ezerener Sims
Black Bull, Borough High street, St George, Full, Arthur Thomas Atkins
White Hart Inn, White Hart Inn yard, St Saviour, Full (6 days), Frank Doddrell
Two Brewers, Stoney lane, St Olave and St Thomas, Full, Ernest William Thomas Easty
Metropole, 37 Denmark hill, Camberwell, Full, Edward Cecil Webb
Duke of Wellington, 9 Wyndham road, Camberwell
Walnut Tree, 40 St Albans street, Lambeth, Full, Hubert Hammond
Globe, 53 Ethelred street, Lambeth, Full, John Turner Rome
Dukes Head , 33 Lower Kennington lane, Lambeth, Full, Frederick Joseph Searle
York and Albany, 36 Vicary street, Brixton, Beer on (ante 1869), William Johnson
Hat and Feathers, 2 Sumner street, St Saviour Clink, Full, Penelope Irwin
Smiths Arms, 95 Park street, St Saviour Clink, Full, Ernest George Fisher
Flying Dutchman, 77 Pomeroy street, Hatcham, Beer on (ante 1869), Cecil Court
Old Foresters Arms, 122 Kender street, Hatcham, Beer on (ante 1869), George Jesse Bishop

St James
Bloemfontein, 22 Great Chapel street, Soho, Full, Samuel Barrett
Grapes, 12 Gerrard street, Soho, Full, Harry Durban

St Margarets
Coach and Horses, 58 York street, Full, George Dallard

St Marylebone
Carpenters Arms, 18 Gray street, Manchester square, Full, Charles Henry Allen
Sawyers Arms, 3 Salisbury street, Lisson grove, Beer on, Joseph Stacey

St Pancras
Hen and Chickens, 15 Stanhope street, Euston road, Beer on, William George Embleton
Cyprus, 52 Little George street, Hampstead road, Beer on, Edmund Dare
Gladstone, 39 Tottenham street, Tottenham Court road, Beer on, Mary Elizabeth Alleyn
Elephant and Castle, 1 Kings road, St Pancras, Full, Arthur Burgess

European, 36 Cambridge road, Borough of Stepney, Beer on, William Holmes
Princess, 237 Cambridge road, Borough of Stepney, Beer on, William Melville
Alma, 333 Cambridge road, Borough of Stepney, Beer and wine on, John Ward
Prince Imperial, 481 Cambridge road, Borough of Stepney, Beer and wine on, Charles Joseph Birch

St Leonard, Shoreditch
Old Californian ArmsOld Californian Arms, 46 Dorchester street, Beer on, Emmily Eliza Gardiner
Bee hive, 9 Rushton street, Beer on, George Douglas

St Mary Stratford, Bow
Star, 116 Lefevre road, Beer on, John Pitcher

Bromley St Leonard
Windsor Castle, 6 Bowen street, Beer on, James George Veriod
King John, 74 Bromley High street, Beer on, Henry Joseph Hill

Mile End New Town
Lord Collingwood, Chicksand street, Full, Anne Lyons, wife of Henry Lyons
Three Crowns, Dunk street, Full, Frederick Charles Carter
Jacobs Well, Hanbury street, Full, Abraham Cohen
Queen Adelaide, 18 King Edward street, Beer on, Robert Stokes Rhompson

Mile End Old Town
Turners Arms, 30 Devonshire street, Beer onm Robert Miller
Old House at Home, 1 Railway place, Beer on, Alfred Edward Long
Britannia, 106 St Anns road, Beer and wine on, Albert Edward Stokes

St Anne Limehouse
Lord Exmouth, Maroon street, Full, Henry George William Anderson
Jolly Sailor, 3 Beccles street, Beer on, William frederick Stiles
Brewers ArmsBrewers Arms, 100 Maroon street, Beer on, Frederick Arthur Howden
Red, White and Blue, 75 Northey street, Beer on, Thomas Garrett
West India Dock House, 69 West India Dock road, Beer on, Mary Ann Bauer
Perseverance, 20 York road, Beer on, William Henry Foster

Melbourne Arms, 25 Well street, Beer and wine on, Susan Craven

Bricklayers Arms, 93 Battersea Park road, Beer and wine on, Henry George Foden
Britannia, 36 Plough road, Beer and wine on, Harry Northwood
Horse Shoe, 27 Field place, Plough road, Beer on, Joseph Mills
Sir Jeffery Dunstan, 47 Summerstown, Beer on, James Charles Monk

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