London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

Accessible Train stations in London - Stratford


All the London railway stations :

Underground lines : Jubilee, Central, DLR, London Overground, National Rail Greater Anglia

Underground lines : Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is a fully accessible railway for people using wheelchairs. All DLR stations have a lift or ramp access to the platforms, with level access onto the trains. All lifts have alarms enabled, which allow you to talk directly with a member of DLR staff should you experience any problems. The gap between the platform edge and the train is 7.5cm wide and the step up or down from the platform to the train is 5cm high. Most wheelchair users find getting on and off smoothest with the largest wheel first.


Lift access between street and platform, including London Overground and National Rail services.

Overground Lines : Liverpool Street - Shenfield, Richmond etc

AccessAble Access Guide :

Accessibility friendly : DLR both directions (A step 50mm/gap 75mm). Jubilee line (A step 50mm/gap 78-85mm). Central line eastbound towards Epping (C step 173mm/gap 120mm), westbound towards Ealing Broadway (C step 133mm/gap 140mm) or platform 3a B step 25mm/gap 110mm).
You need to make a journey of up to 100m including lifts and ramps to change between some lines.

General description : Stratford is the main stop for the Olympic Park, and a lot of effort has gone into making this a very accessible station. This includes the DLR and Jubilee lines which are virtually step free onto the train. A different prospect appears for a number of National Rail, and Overground lines which appear to be step free from entrance to platform, but the trains themselves are probably a nightmare for a wheelchair to enter and exit.

For a number of years significant new rail infrastructure has been built at Stratford station with new lines, platforms and lifts. The streets around Stratford station are level and continuous with appropriately dropped kerbs.
Many of the services are step-free from street to train by volunteers except for the Central line and National Rail services where there is a step between the platform and the train. The National Rail operators routinely use manual boarding ramps to assist wheelchair users. London Underground will be using manual boarding ramps on the Central line at Stratford, making all Stratford rail station services step-free.
There may well be queuing for the lifts at Stratford station during busy times. This issue is recognised by TfL who plan to manage lift queues with dedicated, trained staff.  See wiki

More comment :  National Rail Map & Guide .

Inclusive Britain Station Guide - I do not know how up to date this guide is. DLR guide

A random shot inside Stratford Station - June 2012

A random shot inside Stratford Station - June 2012

This is a shot of the gap and step on one of the Overland trains heading for Richmond - pretty shocking

This is a shot of the gap and step on one of the Overland trains heading for Richmond - pretty shocking

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