London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

Accessible Train stations in London - Heathrow Terminal 4

All the London railway stations :

Important !! If travelling in towards London from Heathrow, there are raised ramps for certain carriages only at Green Park. This is where you should change onto the Jubilee line. I have been informed these are the one carriage from the back of the train if travelling westbound; or one carriage from front if travelling eastbound. Please check with TFL to confirm that you enter the correct carriage.

Underground lines : Piccadilly

AccessAble Access Guide :

Accessibility friendly : Yes. (A step 50mm/ gap 75mm). Open Mondays to Saturdays until 2345 and Sundays until 2315 only.

There is flat access between street and platform.

General description : See wiki

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