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Gallantry awards & Casualties from WWI 1914 - 1918


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KEEP, 2/Lieutenant Alan Ralph M.C.

KEEY, Lieut. Cecil Walter M.C.

KEKEWICH, 2/Lieutenant Stanley Buck M.C.

KELTY, Lieut. Stanley William M.C.

KENNEDY, Lieut Cyril Arthur Reginald M.C.

KERCKHOVE, 2/Lieutenant Herbert Vincent M.C.

KERR, 2/Lieutenant John Vass M.C.

KIDD, Lieut. Claude Bernard M.C.

KING, 2/Lieutenant Bernand Ellis M.C.

KING, 2/Lieutenant Harry Norman M.C.

KING, 2/Lieutenant Mark D.S.O.

KINGDON, 2/Lieutenant Frank Denys M.C.

KNIGHT, 2/Lieutenant Alfred Ovenden M.C.

Knowles Jonathan Edward, Captain

KNOWLES, 2/Lieutenant Roland Ernest M.C.

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