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Gallantry awards & Casualties from WWI 1914 - 1918


Medals & Casualties index

I am selecting random people to add research detail.

Here are  the few selected so far, this will grow.

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BACON, Capt. Douglas Charles, M.C.

Bagley, Capt. George Norman M.C.

Bailey, Lieut. Alan John M.C.

BAILEY, 2/Lieutenant Herbert Packer, M.C.

Baker, Capt, Geoffrey Thomas M.C.

Baker, Capt. Reginald James M.C.

Baker, Maj. William George M.C.

BALL, Capt. Arthur Hugh, M.C.

BALL, Maj. Charles James Prior D.S.O. M.C.

Ball, Capt. Charles William Robert M.C.

BALL, Capt. Frank Leslie M.C.

BALL, 2/Lieutenant Gerald Harman M.C.

Ball, Capt. James Arthur Ernest M.C.

BALL, Capt. Sidney Charles M.C.

BALL, Capt. Thomas Harold M.C.

BALL, 2/Lieutenant William Arthur M.C.

Bambridge, Maj. (A/Lt. Col.) Hugh Gordon M.C.

Bancroft, Lieut. Edward Nathaniel M.C.

Bansall, Maj. John Wilson M.C.

BANTING, Capt. Arthur Digby M.C.

BARDSLEY, Lieut. Albert M.C.

BARE, Capt. Alfred Raymond, D.S.O. , M.C

BARKAS, 2/Lieutenant Geoffrey de Gruchy M.C.

BARKER, Capt. Rowland Francis M.C.

Barkworth, Captain S J, M.M. M.C.

BARNES, 2/Lieutenant Alfred Douglas M.C.

BARNES, Lieut. Reginald Charles M.C.

Barnett, Capt. George M.C.

BARNETT, Lieut. Raimond Austin M.C.

BARON, 2/Lieutenant Frank Oseland M.C.

Barratt, Capt. Sidney Frederick M.C.

BARRETT, Capt. Wilfrid Morris M.C.

BARROW, Lieut. Thomas Henry M.C.

Barrowcliff, Capt. Arnold Montague M.C.

BARTON, 2/Lieutenant Guy Stanley M.C.

Barton, Capt. Maurice Holdsworth M.C.

Baswitz, Capt. Albert M.C.

Batchelor, Capt. Stanley M.C.

Bate, Capt. Edwyn Ernest Hope M.C.

BATE, Lieut. Herbert Roland M.C.

BATE, Capt. Robert Edmund de Breteuil M.C.

Bates, Maj. John Vincent M.C.

BATES, 2/Lieutenant Frederick Percy M.C.

Batho, Capt. Edgar Richard M.C.

BATZER, 2/Lieutenant Robert John M.C.

Baxter, Capt. Claude Wells Woolloton M.C.

Bayley, Maj. (A/Lt. Col.) Joseph Herbert M.C.

BAYLIS, 2/Lieutenant Roland Harry M.C.

BAYZAND, 2/Lieutenant Geoffrey M.C.

BEAL, Capt. Leonard Frank M.C.

BEATON, 2/Lieutenant Grover Cleveland M.C.

Beckly, Lieut. William Edwin M.C. 

Beech, Capt. Ernest Bolitho M.C.

BEENEY, Lieut. James Alexander M.C.

BEESLEY, Lieut. Herbert M.C.

BEETHAM, Lieut. George Clarence M.C.

Beith, Capt. (A/Maj.) Albert Victor M.C.

BELCHER, Lieut. Arthur Edward Irving M.C.

BELL, Capt. David Cockburn M.C.

BELL, 2/Lieutenant Henry Leonard M.C.

Bell, Lieut. Henry Spencer M.C.

Belsham, Capt. Sydney James M.C.

BENNETT, Lieut. Eugene Paul, Victoria Cross, Military Cross

Bennett, Capt. Roland M.C.

BENSON, 2/Lieutenant Thomas Norman M.C.

Bensted, Capt. Harold John M.C.

BENTLEY, 2/Lieutenant Alfred M.C.

BERLINER, Capt. Philip Barnett M.C.

BERNAYS, Capt. John Stewart Noall M.C.

Berridge, Lieut. Jesse Dell M.C.

BERTIE, Capt. Alberic Willoughby M.C.

BESCH, 2/Lieutenant Roy Cressy Frederick M.C.

BESSANT, 2/Lieutenant John Archibald M.C.

Bevan, Lieut. Alexander Braithwaite Bevan M.C.

Bicknell, Capt. Claude Robert M.C.

Biddle, Maj. Eric M.C. with bar

Bilson, Lieut. Charles Frederick M.C.

Birch, Capt. William Somerset M.C.

Bird, Maj. Christopher St. John M.C.

Bishop, Maj. Cuthbert Bernard Joseph M.C. 

BLACK, Lieut. James M.C.

Blackburn, Lieut. Cyril Anderson M.C.

BLACKHURST, 2/Lieutenant Sydney M.C.

BLACKWOOD, Lt.-Col. Albemarle Price D.S.O.

BLAKE, Major Charles Edwin Norman M.C.

BLANCHARD, 2/Lieutenant Henry Claude Allan M.C.

Blomenstok, Capt. Leonard Mark M.C.

Blow, Maj. John Eastman M.C.

BLUNDELL, Lieut. Douglas Roper M.C.

Bodley, Capt. Alfred Lang M.C.

BOND, 2/Lieutenant Gerald Aubrey M.C.

BONE, Capt. Frederick Howard M.C.

BOON, 2/Lieutenant Ernest George Fred M.C.

Boorman, Lieut, D. S. M.C.

Booth, Lieut. Alfred M.C.

Boraston, Lieut. Charles Albert M.C.

BORET, 2/Lieutenant John Auguste M.C.

Boulter, Capt. Frederick Charles M.C.

BOURDILLON, Lieut. Tom Lewis M.C.

Boutall, Lieutenant W. J. M.C.

Bowen, Capt. John M.C.

Bowen, Lieut. Joseph Jones M.C.

Bowen, Capt. Leslie Arthur George M.C.

Box, 2/Lieutenant Kenneth James M.C.

BOYTON, 2/Lieutenant Jack Lyons M.C.

BRACHI, Lieut. Maurice M.C.

Brand, Lieut. Harold Frank M.C.

BREALY, 2/Lieutenant Samuel George M.C.

BRENCHLEY, 2/Lieutenant John M.C.

Brennan, Capt. Charles Michael M.C. Croix de Guerre

BREWER, Capt. Charles Herbert M.C.

BROADBRIDGE, Capt. Myles O'Brien M.C.

BROATCH, 2/Lieutenant Percy M.C.

BROCKLEHURST, Capt. Thomas Pownall

BROMFIELD, 2/Lieutenant Frank Larden M.C.

BROOKE, 2/Lieutenant Cecil Bernard M.C.

BROOKE, 2/Lieutenant Leonard M.C.

BROOKS, Capt. Douglas Cecil Jack M.C.

BROWN, Capt. Alfred John M.C.

BROWN, 2/Lieutenant Andrew Terras M.C.

Brown, Capt. Charles Roydon M.C.

BROWN, 2/Lieutenant Ernest Bertram M.C.

BROWN, Capt. Harold Gladstone M.C.

BROWN, Lieut Sydney M.C.

BROWN, 2/Lieutenant Walter James M.C.

Brown, Rev. Wilfred Roland Alexis M.C.

Brown, Lieut. William Eric M.C.

BROWNE, Lieut. Aubrey George M.C.

Browne, Lt. Col. George Edward Allenby D.S.O. with bar M.C.

BRYSON, 2/Lieutenant George M.C.

BRYSON, Capt. Robert Edwards M.C.

Buckell, Lieut. (A/Capt.) John Humphrys Way M.C.

Buckley, Lieut. Thomas M.C.

Bull, Captain Francis George M.C.

BULLPITT, 2/Lieutenant James M.C.

Bunker, Lieut. Col. Sidney Waterfield D.S.O. M.C.


BURBURY, 2/Lieutenant Arthur Vivian M.C.

BURDER, 2/Lieutenant Claud Vernon M.C.

BURMANN, Capt. Robert Moyle M.C. & D.S.O.

BURROUGHS, Capt. Percy William M.C.

BURTON, Lieut. Ralph Withers M.C.

Busby, Capt. William Walter M.C.

BUTTFIELD, 2/Lieutenant Leonard Frank M.C.

Bygrave, Capt. George M.C.