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Licensed Victuallers Association in 1827 - part 2 of 4

Licensed Victuallers Asylum and School.

This is a listing of about 1000 Licensed Victualler Asylum and School subscribers. It is not organised, and no subscriptions are listed.

Licensed Victuallers Association 1827 Part one, part two, part three and part four

LVA 1827 - April 1827 Morning Advertiser subscriptions listings

Subscribers (excluding amounts)

Thomas Hoskins, Tiger, Camberwell
Mary Heap, Duke of Clarence, Camberwell
Francis Langley, Lord Wellington, Old Kent road
John Monkhouse, Grove House, Camberwell
Robert Shand, Rose, Camberwell
Robert Tagg, Rye House, Peckham
John Watkins, Lord Nelson, Old Kent road
John Webb, Half Moon, Dulwich
William Young, Cock, Camberwell
S Braithwaite, Grapes, Mount street, Berkeley square
E Burbidge, Kings Arms, Duke street, Berkeley square
Thomas Brewer, Coach and Horses, Welbeck street
James Baker, Queens Head, Albemarle street
Samuel Bridges, Black Jack, Portsmouth street, Lincolns Inn
Daniel Bedborough, Olivers Mount, Mount street, Berkeley square
Josh Crosby, Sun and Falcon, Down street
John Chamberlain, Running Horse, Duke street, Grosvenor square
John Clarke, Blenheim Hotel, Bond street
William Edwards, Two Chairmen, Davey street, Berkeley square
John Faithful, Olive Branch, Thomas street, Grosvenor square
William Guyatt, Blue Posts, Bennett street, St James's
William Game, Two Chairmen, South Bruton Mews
William Hannington, Grosvenor Arms, George street, Grosvenor square
J Heath, Bunch of Grapes, Sun court, Shepherd market
J Hooper, Kings Arms, Sheppards market
John Husted, Three Kings, Davey street, Berkeley square
W Hiddon, Hole in the Wall, Grosvenor square
Mrs Hewlett, Albemarle Arms, Stafford street, Dover street
Philip Husted, Two Brewers, Knightsbridge
John Kirby, Marquis of Granby, South Audley street
John Keat, Swan, Park street, Grosvenor square
Thomas Murray, White Lion, Curzon street
James Mantle, Berkeley Arms, John street, Berkeley square
James Miller, Duke of York, Union street, Bond street
William Pickett, Red Lion, Clarges street
David Rogers, Royal Exchange, Adams Mews
William Rickett, Running Footman, Charles street, Berkeley square
Lawrence Roche, Delaware Arms, Oxford street
Benj Renshaw, Three Compasses, Orchard street, Portman square
Slark, Old White Horse Cellar, Piccadilly
William Seabourn, White Bear, Park street, Grosvenor square
James Shorter, Castle, Sheppards court, Upper Brook street
William Scull, Bricklayers Arms, Park street, Grosvenor square
William Screwing, Horse and Groom, Oxford street
S Taylor, York Arms, Curzon street
Henry Thompson, Old Barley Mow, Duke street, Grosvenor square
John Wells, Bricklayers Arms, Grosvenor mews
James Walters, City of Norwich, Norfolk street, Park lane
Edward Alexander, Grapes, Mills street, Hanover square
Charles Banks, White Horse, Carnaby Market
Belsham, Bulls Head, Carnaby street
George Brown, Bull, Windmill street
Clark, Devonshire Arms, Queen street
Thomas Cockerell, Blue Posts, King street
Daniel Croft, Fox, Brewers street
Delany, Red lion, Windmill street
Foster, Princess of Wales, Queens Elms, Chelsea
Rd Forman, George, Bury street
Mrs Furbank, Craven Arms, Craven street
John Goodfellow, Britannia, Berwick street
E Gough, Star and Garter, Pall Mall
Mrs Houldroyd, Green Dragon, Maddox street
Hare, Red Lion, Silver street
George Hitchcock, Bricklayers Arms, Edward street
James Hyde, Wheatsheaf, Oxford street
Edward Hewson, Bulls Head, Little Windmill street
Jenkins, Catherine Wheel, Little St James's street
McKean, Black Horse, Coventry street
Henry Murray, Kings Arms, Little St James's street
Menchenten, Coach and Horses, Carnaby street
Thomas Marshall, George, Wardour street
Okins, Fountain, New street, Carnaby Market
John Oliver, Black Horse, Titchbourne street
Daniel Parkhouse, Crown and Anchor, Brewer street
William Pilon, Duke of Wellington, Princess street
Peter Robertson, Queens Head, Queen street
Andrew Read, Reads Hotel, Lower Grosvenor street
Smith, Coffee house, King street
William Smith, Royal Standard, Piccadilly
Richard Sandwell, Red Lion, Crown court
Mrs Tappin, Crown and Thistle, Haymarket
Sampson Waters, Unicorn, Jermyn street
Wallington, Crown, Marylebone street
R Lovekin, Horse Shoe and Magpie, Coldbath square
William Mattison, Skinners Arms, Coburg street, Clerkenwell
Mottrams, Old Gun, St John street
John Mould, Green Man and Still, Coppice row
Thomas Reed, Globe, Shoe lane
John Shackle, Shakspeare, Percival street, Clerkenwell
Peter Thompson, Blackamores Head, Jermyn street
J Underwood, Britannia, Britannia row, Islington
William Ashley, Ship, Croydon, Surrey
Josh Baldree, Red Lion, Princes street, Drury lane
Thomas Courtney, St Thomas Apostle, City
Charles Coultas, Blue Anchor, Clare street
Josh Hicks, Plough, Carey street
William Kerrod, Swan
Benjamin Kelsey, Cheshire Cheese, Surrey Street, Strand
William Martin, Cock and Magpie, Drury lane
Noah Nicholls, Savoy place, Strand
Hy Saunders, Lamb, Vere street, Clare Market
Mrs Smart, White Hart, Strand
John Todd, Three Horse Shoes, Milford lane
Moore, Sun, Blackfriars road
Tyler, Jacobs Well, Upper Ground street
J Boorman, Shipwrights Arms, Bermondsey street
Thomas Cropp, Ship, Long lane, Bermondsey
George Degie, Drum, Snows fields, Bermondsey
William Farquharson, Kings Head, Webb street, Bermondsey street
Huddle, London Bridge, Maze Pond
Lovelock, Ship and Whale, Commercial Docks, Rotherhithe
Richard Leftwich, Red Lion, Lower road, Rotherhithe
Henry Mockett, White Horse, Queen street, Rotherhithe
William Martin, Adam and Eve, Bermondsey street
John Postance, Chequers, Hays Wharf, Tooley street
Shirley Pittman, Noahs Ark, Rotherhithe
Thomas Rounce, Ship, Hanover Stairs, Rotherhithe
William Seaward, Jolly Sailor, Lower Road, Rotherhithe
Richard Vince, Royal George, George street, Bermondsey
Henry Watts, Albion, Albion street, Rotherhithe
George Atkin, Fox and French Horn, Clerkenwell green
Richard Bevan, Guy Earl of Warwick, St John street
William Colnett, Butchers Arms, Pear Tree court, Clerkenwell
G Coley, Fox, Islington green
Thomas Fincher, Pickled Egg, Crawford passage, Ray street
Henry Hodson, Northampton Arms, Goswell street road
Robert Heathcote, Three Hats, Islington
St Marshall, White Hart, Aylesbury street, Clerkenwell
John Williams, Blue Post, Cowcross street
John Watson, President street, Goswell street road
Felix Wells, George, North place, St John Street road
William Wells, Blue Coat Boy, City road
Joseph Bennett, Bay Malton
William Best, George, Queen Ann street
Thomas Childs, Fitzroy Arms
Dillamore, Green Man, Union street
Charles Dent, Red Lion, Old Cavendish street
William Davis, South street, Manchester square
James Francis, Portland Arms, Great Marylebone street
John Farley, Cross Keys, Marylebone lane
James Gorely, George street, Foley place
James Glare, Turks Head, Harley street
George Goodwin, Duke of York, Great Marylebone street
Edward Hughes, Lord Nelson Head
John Harris, Union street, Oxford street
Luke Keep, Stags Head
John Kennedy, City of Hereford, Portman square
Thomas King, Fortune of War, Manchester square
James Lowder, Buffalo's Head
James Martin, King and Queen, Foley street
William Morton, Lord Clives Head, Duke street, Manchester square
John Pope, Yorkshire Grey, Foley place
William Pain, Princess Amelia, Oxford street
Mrs Rogers, Coachmakers Arms, Bryanstone square
Charles Sibley, Bell, Little Titchfield street
Charles Sharp, Three Tuns, Portman Mews
William Siex, Bricklayers Arms, New Quebec street
Joseph Tomsey, Three Compasses, Little Marylebone street
Thomas Abbott, Pewter Platter, Gracechurch street
John Currall, White Lion, Bishopsgate street
Robert Britton, Marlboro Head, Bishopsgate street
Joseph Holdham, Vine Inn, Bishopsgate street
Mrs Barratt, Rising Sun, Harper street, New Kent road
George Castle, Castle, Kent street
Mrs Fisher, Elephant and Castle, Newington
James Edward Mansfield, Kentish Waggoners, Kent street
John Marlet, Sir William of Walworth, Walworth
W B Richardson, Weymouth Arms, Weymouth street, New Kent road
Thomas Sanders, Gloster Arms, Mason street, Kent road
James Timberlake, Crown, Kent street
Joseph Taylor, Red Lion, Blackman street
Thomas Waterman, White Bear, Kent street
John Woodrough, Peacock, Newington
Bone, Horseshoe, Little George street, Westminster
Castell, Hampshire Hog, Charles street, Westminster
David, Hoop and Grapes, Broadway, Westminster
Litchfield, New Star and Crown, Broadway, Westminster
Peatree, Adam and Eve, York street, Westminster
Poole, Three Johns, Cartwright street, Westminster
Schofield, Bull, Chapel street, Westminster
Young, Greycoat Boy, Great Peter street, Westminster
Taylor, Wheatsheaf, South Lambeth
Mrs Snow, Crown and Thistle, Lambeth
James H Cunnew, Duke of Clarence, Penton place, Lambeth
Anderson, Olive Branch, New Cut
Bucklow, Red Lion, Westminster road
Beckington, Crown, College street, Pedlars Acre
Clark, Rose and Crown, Commercial road, Lambeth
Clark, Sun, Mason street, Lambeth
Chater, Crown, Westminster road
Draper, Cornwall road, lambeth
Davis, Spanish Patriot, New Cut, Lambeth
Flower, Bulls Head, Clapham Rise
Fielder, Pencutters Arms, New Cut, Lambeth
Hall, Bedford Arms, Clapham Rise
Harvey, Sun, Clapham Rise
Harden, White Hart, St Clements lane
Mason, Plough, Clapham Rise
Maugham, Regent, Brixton
Moody, Coburg Arms, New Cut, Lambeth
Noakes, Old Crown and Cushion, Marsh gate
Orchard, Bell, Church street, Lambeth
Pilcher, White Horse, Brixton Hill
Perkins, French Horn, Lambeth walk
Prentice, Artichoke, New Cut, Lambeth
Reeves, Cock, Clapham Rise
Sims, Watermans Arms, Narrow Wall
Spradbury, Hand in Hand, Brixton hill
Short, Crown, New Cut, Lambeth
Smith, Rodneys Head, Westminster road
Shaw, Tower, Westminster road
Thornton, Three Compasses, New Cut, Lambeth
Wood, Masons Arms, Canterbury place, Lambeth
White, White Hart, College street, Pedlars Acre
Thomas Ballance, Cross Keys, Broad street, Lambeth
Thomas Baylis, George and Dragon, Vauxhall
John Baily, George and Dragon, Barrett street, Lambeth
George Buck, Pilgrim, Kennington lane
Thomas Butt, Mansion House, Kensington road
James Baker, Elephant and Castle, Stockwell
Mrs Dew, Red Cow, Princes street, Lambeth
Samuel Dean, Hope and Anchor, Park street, Lambeth
John Dowling, Prince Regent, Regent street, Kennington
Walter Evans, Lion and Lamb, Princes street, Lambeth
Robert Elder, Black Horse, Stockwell
William Fisher, Archduke Charles, White Hart row, Kennington
James Hendry, Durham Arms, Lambeth
Peter Hind, Windmill, Kennington lane
William Harley, White Bear, Kennington road
Samuel Lovesey, Dukes Head, Fore street, Lambeth
Robert Miles, Holland Arms, Stockwell
Robert Nelson, Kings Arms, Kennington lane
Robert Norman, Larkhall, Stockwell
James Pugh, Bulls Head, Lambeth Butts
William Priest, Kings Arms, Vauxhall
Harkles Plowman, Red Lion, Kennington road
Joseph Perkins, Princess of Wales, Princes square, Kennington
Miles Powell, Sir Sidney Smith, Kennington
Mrs Smith, Kings Head, High street, Lambeth
William Sentence, Nags Head, Fore street, Lambeth
John Spratley, Lord Holland, Stockwell
George Teasdale, Old Queens Head, Stockwell
Thomas Tout, Dorset Arms, Stockwell
Mrs Tatchell, Nags Head, Stockwell
Wellington, Hope, Bird street, Lambeth
A Well-wisher, White Hart, Kennington cross
William Weller, Black Prince, Princes road, Lambeth
Flight, Bulls Head, Tottenham Court road
Drysdale, London Spa, Rosomon street
Foster, Penton Arms, Pentonville
Spicer, Peacock, Islington
Anstead, White Horse, North street, Fitzroy square
John Cheeseman, Sir Hans Sloane, New street, Brompton
James Ansted, Bedford Arms, Pond street, Cadogan place
Rear, Cock, North street, Sloane street
William Pratt, Fulham Bridge, Brompton
George Moore, Admiral Kepple, Fulham road
John Loadman, Bunch of Grapes, Brompton
Henry Briggs, Life Guardsman, Knightsbridge
John Hest, Hand and Flower, Knightsbridge

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