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London Street Directory in 1843 - R1

This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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RABACHE Charles, agent for J. Lausseure's french wines, 62 King William street, City
Rabbeth John, cheesemonger, 18 Red Lion street, Holborn
Rabbits Henry Edw. bootmaker, 15 Westbourne street, Pimlico
Raby Lewis, baker, 1 Church lane, Whitechapel
Raby Robert William, tailor, 12 Devonshire buildings, Great Dover street
Raby Thomas Victor, blond & lace cleaner & dyer, 40 Wigmore street
Rackett Sarah (Mrs.), deed & fire proof box manufacturer to the Hon. Society of Lincoln's Inn, & smith, 18 Bell yard, Temple bar
Rackett William, locksmith, &c. 10 Bell yard, Temple bar
Rackham Joseph, boot maker, 3 Emanuel place, Camberwell road
Rackham Peter, merchant, 10 Sise lane, Bucklersbury
Rackham Samuel, grocer & cheesemonger, 8 Darkhouse lane
Rackham Willoughby B.S. solicitor, see Raymond & Rackham
Rackstraw & Atkinson, fishmongers, 25 Victoria road, Pimlico
Rackstraw Samuel & Sons, fishmongers, 41 Lamb's Conduit street
Rackstraw James, fishmonger, 37 George street, Portman square
Rackstraw William, baker, 4 Arabella row, Pimlico
Rackstraw William, Gun Tavern, 12 Stafford row, Pimlico
Rackwitz Charles, confectioner, 58 Bridge road, Lambeth
Racster Martin, stockbroker, 1 Birchin lane, Cornhill
Radburn Stephen, bricklayer & builder, 46 South Audley street
Radcliffe Augustus, patent glaziers' & artists' diamond manufacturer, wholesale & for exportation, 61 Hermitage place, St. John street road
Radcliffe Charles, engraver & printer, 38 Maiden lane, Covent garden
Radcliffe Derwent water, surgeon, see Jones & Radcliffe
Radcliffe James, tailor, 4 Brown street, Bryanstone square
Radcliffe John, corn dealer, 18 Tysoe street, Exmouth street
Radclyffe Edw. carver & gilder & picture dealer, liner, restorer & importer, 237 High Holborn
Radclyffe Henry, silver plater, 12 White Hart court, Leicester square
Radclyffe John N. coach plater & founder, 9 Queen street, Grosvenor square
Radclyffe Leopold H. manufacturing goldsmith, 46 Gerrard street, Soho
Radden James J. locksmith & bellhanger, 32 St. Swithin's lane
Radenhurst Charles B. merchant, see Turnbull & Radenhurst
Radenhurst Edw. brushmaker, 3 Manor place south, King's road, Chelsea
Radford Francis, carpenter, &c. 1 Old Chapel row, Kentish town
Radford Francis, teadealer, &c. 134 High street, Poplar
Radford John, tobacconist, 140 Fleet street
Radley George, Radley's Hotel, 10 New Bridge street
Radley Jeremiah, potato dealer, 24 Bermondsey street
Radmall John, wholesale provision merchant, see Green & Radmall
Radmall William, wholesale bonnet shape maker, 55 Brick lane, Spitalfields
Rae Priscilla (Mrs.), tobacconist, 18 Judd street, Brunswick square
Raffam George, fruiterer, North row, Covent garden market
Raffles Thomas Stamford, barrister, 3 Hare court, Temple
Ragen John, fruiterer, 5 Brick lane, Spitalfields
Ragg George, butcher, 2 William street, Manchester square
Ragg Robert, paper agent, 43 Watling street
Raggett George, wine merchant, 37 & 38 St. James's street & 59 Jermyn street
Raggett Robert, cheesemonger, 1 Upper King street, Bloomsbury
Raggett William, Raggett's Hotel, 45 Dover street, Piccadilly
Ragland Henry M. foreign agent, 20 Fish street hill
Ragsdale & Elks, shirt makers, hosiers & glovers, 34 Strand
Rahles John, cloth cap maker, 13 Charles street, Soho square
Rahn George, sworn broker, 4 Crescent, Minories
Raikes & Newbery, wine merchants, 3 Mincing lane
Raikes R.M. sec. of General Maritime Assurance C. 30 Cornhill
Railton James, sworn broker, 56 Threadneedle street
Railton John, ship & insurance agent, 7 Fen court, Fenchurch street
Railton John, wine merchant, 7 Fen court, Fenchurch street
Railton Joseph, linendraper, 22 Paradise row, Chelsea
Railton William, architect, Carlton chambers, 12 Regent street
Railway Clearing House, 111 Drummond street, Euston square
Railway Magazine & Commercial Journal & Scientific Review (weekly), 3 Red Lion court, Fleet street
Railway Times newspaper office, 122 Fleet street
Raimbach Mary E. (Mrs.), oilwarehouse, 1 Bloomsbury market, Holborn
Raimondi & Gooday, solicitors, 14 South square, Grays inn
Raimondi John Francis, attorney, 36 Lincoln's inn fields
Raine John, Ship P.H. 4 Ratcliff cross
Raine John, tailor, 4 Belgrave street south
Raine Thomas, cheesemonger, 28 Houndsditch, & at Clapham
Raines James, bootmaker, 28c, Marylebone lane, Oxford street
Raines Thomas, baker, 11 Pickett street, or 256 Strand
Raines Thomas, bookbinder, 11 Pickett street or 256 Strand
Rainey, Bruce & Co. west india merchant, 1 Bell court, Mincing lane
Rainford Edward, bookseller & publisher, 86 High Holborn
Rainger Charles, tobacconist, 83 Old street road
Rainger Eliza (Mrs.), milliner, 4 Lower Chester terrace, Chester square
Rains John, fruiterer, Centre row, Covent garden
Rains Rupert, solicitor & notary, 25 Bucklersbury
Rains William, fruit salesman, Covent garden fruit market
Rainsford Henry, butcher, 54 Great James street, Lisson grove
Rainsford John, butcher, 83 Park street, Grosvenor square
Rainsford Octavius, bookseller, &c. 17 Camden street south
Rainy Alexander, land & estate agent, 14 Regent street
Raistrick Alfred G. dyer & scourer, 6 Park terrace, Regent's park road
Rait David, baker, 16 Mount place, New road, Whitechapel road
Rait George, tailor & draper, 25 Moorgate street, Bank
Raitt Alex. baker, 12 Southampton terrace, Pentonville
Rake Richard, teadealer, &c. 25 Great Suffolk street, Borough
Rakes George, professor of music, 25 Pudding lane, Lower Thames street
Rakes James, grocer, &c. Camberwell green, west side
Ralfs James & Co. furniture printers, 163 Piccadilly
Ralli Antonio & Co. merchants, 42 Albion place, London wall
Ralli Brothers, merchants, 25 Finsbury circus
Ralli, Carati & Co. merchants, 8 Blomfield street, Finsbury
Ralli & Mavrojani, merchants, 1 Jeffrey's square, St. Mary axe
Ralli Pandia, Greek consul, 25 Finsbury circus
Ralli Pandia Theodore, merchant, 30 Finsbury circus
Ralph Charles & Co. general furniture ironmongers, 54 Cheapside
Ralph James & Son, woollendrapers & tailors, 150 Strand
Ralph James, shipping butcher, 18 Wapping wall
Ralph John, staymaker, 21 Crown street, Finsbury
Ralph John, mast, oar & scull maker, 50 Little Fore street, Lambeth
Ralph Peter, carpenter, 24 Vale place, Hammersmith road
Ralph Thomas Sharman, surgeon &c. 8 Charlotte street, Fitzroy square
Ralph William, bootmaker, 14 Warren street, Tottenham court road
Ralph William, dairy, 3 Milton street, Cripplegate
Ralph William, tailor, &c. 1 Surrey street, Strand
Ralps William, silversmith, 69 Little Queen street, Lincoln's inn fields
Ralston A. & G. & Co. merchants, 7 Tokenhouse yard
Ralston J. C. haircloth manufacturer (William Thomas, agent), 7 Goldsmith street, Wood street
Ram Caroline (Mrs), milliner, 14 Margaret street, Cavendish square
Ram John, cabinetmaker, &c 5 Middle Queens buildings, Knightsbridge
Ramadge Francis, physician, 24 Ely place, Holborn
Ramage George, Two Brewers P.H. 26 Fore street, Limehouse
Ramage John, senior, India House Tavern, Blackwall stairs
Ramage John, junior, boat builder, Folly wall, Blackwall
Ranage William. builder, 11 Little Portland street, Regent street
Rampling John Richard, Lord Nelson P.H. Trafalgar street, Walworth
Ramsay & Greenwood, dressmakers, 37 Bruton street, Bond street
Ramsay Alexander, tailor, 17 Hanover street, Hanover square
Ramsay James, artist, 12 Newman street, Oxford street
Ramsay James, boot & shoemaker, 32 Brownlow street, Drury lane
Ramsay Robert, merchant, 13 Austinfriars
Ramsay Robert, Small, braid & trimming maker, 53 Wood street, Cheapside
Ramsay Thomas Goulding, wine merchant, 65 Mark lane
Ramsay William, baker, 93 Cannon street
Ramsay William, wine merchant, 169 Fenchurch street
Ramsbotham Charles Wheen, merchant & importer of foreign wines, 3 Dunster court, Mincing lane
Ramsbotham Francis Henry, physician, 14 New Broad street
Ramsbotham Joseph M. surgeon, 15 Amwell street, Pentonville
Ramsdale & Butler, fruit salesmen, Borough market
Ramsdale Joseph, fruit salesman, 6 Church street, Borough market
Ramsdale Mary Ann (Mrs.), staymaker, 15 Norton folgate
Ramsden & Bennett, engineers & founders, 100 Kingsland road
Rainsden George & Edward, color works, 96 Whitechapel road
Ramsden John & Co. merchants, 16 Hyde street, Bloomsbury
Ramsden Richard & Son, sugar refiners, capillaire makers, rum & brandy coloring manufacturers, 7 Brooke street, Holborn
Ramsden John George, barrister, 7 New square, Lincoln's inn
Ramsden Richard, general merchant, 33 Abchurch lane
Ramsey Isaac & Son, auctioneers & timber merchants, 61 Poplar High street
Ramsey Joshua & Son, builders, 36 Walbrook
Ramsey, Langley & Symons, dyers, 55 Flower & Dean street, Spitalfields
Ramsey Ann (Miss), lodging house, 3 Adam street, Adelphi
Ramsey Elizabeth.(Mrs.), straw hat maker, 84 Poplar High street
Ramsey John, jeweller, 51 Red Lion street, Clerkenwell
Ramsey William, drug & seed agent, 21 Great Winchester street, City, & 1 Salisbury lame, Bermondsey wall
Ramsey William, plumber, painter, &c. 28 Bermondsey wall
Ramshaw James, engraver & printer, 33 Fetter lane
Ramshay William, barrister, 2 Hare court, Temple
Ramuz Alexander, cabinetmaker, 17 Frith street, Soho
Ramuz Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 47 Jewin street, Cripplegate
Rance Henry, watch gilder, 6 Banner street, St. Luke's
Rance James, Bull & Anchor P.H. 92 High Holborn
Rance Thomas Francis, surgeon, 4 City road, Finsbury square
Rand John, artist, 37 Howland street, Fitzroy square
Rand John, cheesemonger, 113 Great Suffolk street, Borough
Rand Joseph, glass & china warehouse, 29 Bridge road, Lanbeth
Rand Richard John, boot & shoe maker, 184 Long lane, Bermondsey
Randall Alfred Mayor, surgeon, &c. 43 Finsbury square
Randall Benjamin, baker, 60 Chandos street, Covent garden
Randall Chadd Ragsdale, solicitor, 14 Tokenhouse yard
Randall Edmund George, solicitor, 56 Welbeck street, Cavendish square
Randall Fred. Gould, law stationer, 12 Warwick court, Holborn
Randall George Thomas, Old Bunch of Grapes P.H. 108 Bermondsey street
Randall James, commercial boarding house, 7 King street, Cheapside
Randall Job, leather seller, 15 Great St. Andrew street, Seven dials
Randall John, coach builder, 273 & 274 Whitechapel road
Randall John, french polisher, 15 Shoe lane, Fleet street
Randall John, solicitor, see Brundrett, Randall, Simmons & Brown
Randall John, tailor, &c. 15 Shepherd's court, Shepherd's market
Randall John William, builder, 16 Lower King street, Commercial road
Randall Richard, draper, see Maund, Jones, Randall & Morris
Randall Richard [late Overton], tailor, 14 Conduit street, Bond street
Randall Richard John, jeweller, 9 Albemarle street, Clerkenwell
Randall Thomas, attorney, 8 Castle street, Holborn
Randall Thomas, butcher, 21 Silver street, Golden square
Randall Thomas, stuff melter, 15 Great Peter street, Westminster
Randall Thomas Henry, Kings Head P.H. 15 Broad street, Bloomsbury
Randall William, baker, 6 Gloucester place, King's road, Chelsea
Randall William, tailor, 6 Charlotte street, Pimlico
Randell & Co. carriers, White Horse, Cripplegate
Randell, Howell & Randell, malt factors, coal merchants, & lightermen, 12 Queenhithe
Randell Ebenezer Kemp, solicitor, 27 Bucklersbury
Randell George, brick & tile maker, Maiden lane, King's cross
Randell George, Smiths Arms P.H. New Park street, Borough
Randell Henry, barrister, 11 New square, Lincoln's inn
Randell John, silk broker, see Fellows & Randell
Randell Jim, Two Brewers P.H. 22 Brick street, Park lane
Randell Stephen, Nelsons Head P.H. 4 Little York mews, Baker street
Randfield Thomas, brushmaker, 5 Adam & Eve court, Oxford street
Randle John, cart & coach, wheelwright, spring maker and tire smith, 10 Great Chapel street, Westminster
Randoll & Shinn, army agents, 4 Northumberland street, Strand
Randoll Thomas, aquafortis & blue verditer maker, East road, City road
Randolph John, surgeon, 3 Bridge street, Westminster
Ranford Samuel H. Fleece P.H. Great George street, Bermondsey
Ranford William, measure & brushmaker, 8 Sumner street, Southwark
Rangecroft Benjamin, fishmonger, 176 Lambeth walk
Ranger William, builder & contractor, 117 Sloane street
Ranger William, civil engineer, 13 Queen square, Westminster
Ranken, Ford, Longbourne & Wickerman, solicitors, 4 South square, Gray's inn
Ranken John, merchant, see Beckford & Ranken
Ranking John & Henry & Co. merchants, 17 St. Helen's place
Ranking Joseph, merchant, 17 St. Helen's place
Rankley James, cheesemonger, 43 Union street, Middlesex hospital
Rannie John, baker, 35 Berners street, Oxford street
Ransdale George, cheesemonger, 43 Upper Lisson street, Lisson grove
Ransford Edwin, music seller, 13 Charlotte street, Soho
Ransom & Co. bankers, 1 Pall mall east
Ransom & Gardiner, silk mercers, 41 Hedge row, Islington
Ransom Dennis, working jeweller, 7 Gerrard street, Soho
Ransom John, Three Swedish Crowns P.H. 25 Old Gravel lane, Wapping
Ransom William, mast maker, Hanover stairs, 208 Rotherhithe street
Ranson Anthony C. horsehair merchant, 6 Crescent place, Blackfriars
Ranson Edward, dairyman, 34 George street, Grosvenor square
Ranson Sarah (Mrs.), milliner & florist, 12 Lamb's conduit street
Ranson Timothy, skinner & furrier, see Jackson & Ransom
Ranson William, cowkeeper & dairyman, 13 North street, Manchester square
Ranspach Charles & Co. merchants, 24 St. Swithin's lane
Ranyard William, attorney, 6 South square, Gray's inn
Raper George Wayt, leather cutter, 92 London wall
Raper John, tailor, 9 Bridge road, Lambeth
Raper's Waterproofing Co. Albany baths, York road, Lambeth
Raper William, porkman, 8 Tichborne street, Haymarket
Raphael Raphael & Sons, merchants, 5 Shorter's court, Throgmorton street
Raphael Barnett, slopseller, 3 Postern row, Tower hill
Raphael Paul, tobacconist, 2 Lower Queen's row, Pentonville
Raphael Raphael, merchant, 2 Crescent, Minories
Raphael Samuel, glass manufacturer, 20 Great Russell street, Bloomsbury
Rapkin Elizabeth (Mrs.), bootmaker, 6 Union place, Blackman street
Rapkin John, engraver, 3 Warwick lane, City

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