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London Street Directory in 1843 - R2

This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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Rapley & Welchman, manufacturing. jewellers, 72 Dean street, Soho
Rapley James William, jeweller, 41 Skinner street, Clerkenwell
Rapley William, cabinetmaker, I Prujean square, Old Bailey
Rapley William, goldsmith &c. 33 Northampton street, Clerkenwell
Rapp John Lewis, Rapp's Family Hotel, 23 Golden square
Rapson Jacob, veterinary surgeon, see Elridge & Rapson.
Rapson John, appraiser & undrtaker, 36 Grosvenor row, Pimlico
Rapson William, grocer, 6 Peel place, Kensington Gravel pits
Rasch Arthur A. insurance broker & underwriter, Lloyds
Rasch Frederick Carne, barrister, 4 Old square, Lincoln's inn
Rasch John Peter, underwriter, Lloyd's
Rastall Thomas, stationer, &c. 24 Ebury street, Pimlico
Rastrick John U. civil engineer, 454 Strand, & 46 Eaton square
Ratcliff Gas Light & Coke Company (John Gill, secretary), 189 Wapping High street
Ratcliff George, fishmonger, 8 Billingsgate
Ratcliff Thomas, jun, baker, 6 Little Newport street, Long acre
Ratcliff Thomas, baker, 34 Brook street, Ratcliff
Ratcliffe James Thomas & Henry, stationers & farmers' rag merchants, Harrow street, Lant street, Borough
Ratcliffe James, chinaman, 2 Heath place, Commercial road east
Ratcliffe Maria (Mrs.), baker, 9 South Molton street, Bond street
Ratcliffe Robert, corndealer, 130 Hoxton Old Town
Ratcliffe Robert, tailor, 24 Lower soame street, Chelsea
Ratcliffe Thomas, Swan P.H. Bayswater road
Ratcliffe William, bookseller, 15 Green street, Leicester square
Ratcliffe William, White Horse Tavern, 169 Regent street
Rate Lachlan M.Texas-consular agent, 15 Bishopsgate within
Rateau (Latour), & Co. glove cleaners, 130 New Bond street
Ratford Isaac, market gardener, Bromley
Rathbone Bernard, corn merchant, 2 New Corn Exchange, Mark lane
Rathbone Edward, corn merchant, 2 Newington causeway
Rathbone George, comb & brush maker, 33 Berners street, Oxford street
Rathbone George, hairdresser, 32 Red Lion street, Holborn
Rathbone George W. outfitter, see Christian & Rathbone
Rathbone John, surgeon &c. 1 Webb's County terrace, New Kent road
Rathbone Richard, pastrycook, 2 Hayes court, Soho
Rathbone William, barrister, 4 King's Bench walk, Temple
Rathbone William, carpenter & builder, 12 Clifton street, Finsbury
Rathbone William, corn merchant, Trig wharf, Upper Thames street
Ratherham Chas. silver plater, 20 Bartlett's buildings, Holborn
Rathie Walter, baker, 73 Cornwall road, Lambeth
Ratliff John & Cleophas, ribbon manufacturers, 78 Wood street, Cheapside
Ratliffs & Co. silk manufacturers, 78 Wood street, Cheapside
Ratray William, actuary & secretary of Victoria Life Assurance & Loan Company, 18 ### William street, City
Rattenbury Henry Charles, hatter, 21 South Molton street, Bond street
Ratton Joseph, stockbroker, 1 Crown court, Threadneedle street
Ratton Lewis, attorney, 2 Pinner's court, Old Broad street
Rattray Alexander, baker, 3 Panyer alley, Newgate street
Rattray Alexander, ironmonger, 7 Portland place, Commercial road east
Rattray Charles, baker, 27 Bell street, Edgware road
Rattray John, tin plate worker, 23 Butcher row, Ratcliff
Rausch & Corpe, tailors, 15 King street, St. James's
Rausch William Engleherd, merchant, 23 Cullum street
Raven & Bradley, solicitors, 2 Harcourt buildings, Temple
Raven Ebenezer, wax & tallow chandler, 20 Sun street, Bishopsgate
Raven Henry Taylor, solicitor, see Derby & Raven
Raven James, Crown & Cushion P.H. 73 London wall
Raven John, sealing wax & wafer manufacturer, stationer, &c. 46 Fish street hill & 3 Nag's Head court, Gracechurch street
Raven Richard, solicitor, see Oliver & Raven
Raven William, tobacconist & library, 16 Eyre street hill
Ravenhill Newell Pat. tailor, 30 Great Windmill street, Haymarket
Ravenhill Richard, engineer, see Miller, Ravenhill & Co
Ravenhill William, linen & carpet warehouse, 34 & 35 Beech street, Barbican
Ravenor George, pawnbroker, 19 Tothill street, Westminster
Ravens Thomas, bedstead maker, 135 Goswell street
Ravenscroft & Son, patent forensic wig makers, 3 Serle street
Ravenscroft Charles Thomas, carpenter, &c. 12 Maiden lane, Covent garden
Ravenscroft Henry William, attorney, 21 Guildford street, Russell square
Ravenscroft Thomas, confectioner, 15 High street, Bow
Ravenscroft Thomas, tailor, 1 & 2 Warwick street, Charing cross
Ravenshear John, cheesemonger, 2 Berwick street, Soho
Raverstock George, Five Bells P.H. New Cross
Ravey Charles, brazier, see Johnson & Ravey
Raw Joseph & Son, wholesale grocers, 4 Eastcheap
Raw Joseph, solicitor, 248 High Holborn
Rawbone George, surgeon, 17 Manor place, King's road, Chelsea
Rawbone Thomas, Northumberland Arms P.H. 110 Tottenham court road
Rawcliffe Robert, tailor, &c. see Stuart & Rawcliffe
Rawbone William, grocer, 23 Devonshire street, Lisson grove
Rawle Ann (Mrs.), Three Pigeons & Star P.H. 16 Hatfield street, Gower street
Rawley John, working jeweller, 3 Upper Ashby street, Northampton square
Rawley Joseph, plumber & painter, 10 Rosamon street, Clkenwell
Rawlings James & Co. general merchants. 7 Suffolk lane, Upper Thames street
Rawlings James & Co. packers, &c. 18 Basinghall street
Rawlings John & Co. coach builders, 38 Foley place, Portland place
Rawlings & Seddens, corset maker, 14 Gilbert street, Oxford street
Rawlings & Summers, working goldsmiths, 10 Great Marlboro' street
Rawlings Dan. manufacturer of fine cloth. 3 Lothbury
Rawlings James, blackwell hall factor, 26 Basinghall street
Rawlings John, butcher, 102 High street, Camden town
Rawlings John, dealer in building materials, 123 Curtain road
Rawlings John, ginger beer maker, 2 Nassau street, Middlesex hosp
Rawlings John Edw. bookseller & tobacconist, 170 Tottenham court road
Rawlings Joseph, barrister, l Inner Temple lane
Rawlings William, goldsmith & jeweller, see Lambert & Rawlings
Rawlins & May, linendrapers, 133 Oxford street
Rawlins Thomas & William, pawnbrokers, 15 Peter's lane, St. John street
Rawlins Alexander, dealer in building materials, 39 Curtain road
Rawlins Edward Withers, fishmonger, 31 King street, Portman square
Rawlins George, registrar of births, &c. 15 Salisbury street, Strand
Rawlins Henry Armstrong, surgeon, see Hickman & Armstrong
Rawlins Henry Armstrong, surgeon, l Willow walk, Kentish town
Rawlins John, smith & bellhanger, 16 Ebury square
Rawlins Nicholas, hair dresser, 75 Leather lane, Holborn
Rawlins Thomas Griffin, stationer, 13 Gerrard street, Soho
Rawlinson & Coatsworth, staymakers, 7 John street, Oxford street
Rawlinson George & Co. silk & lace manufacturers, 34 King street, City
Rawlinson Christopher, barrister, 1 Essex court, Temple
Rawlinson John, city carman, 9 Bread street hill
Rawlinson Mark, van proprietor, 66 Shoe lane, Fleet street
Rawlinson Thomas, livery stables, 2 Little Distaff lane, Friday street
Rawlinson Thomas, wholesale teadealer & grocer, 16 Skinner street, Snow hill
Rawlinson William, butcher, 61 Lisson grove north, Marylebone
Rawlinson William, linendraper, 153 Minories
Rawlinson William, wine merchant, 4 Little George street, Minories
Rawll George, tailor, &c. 56 St. Mary axe
Rawson, Barker & Co. white lead manufacturers at Sheffield (agent, Thomas Dunnage), 3 Laurence Pountney place
Rawson Ed. & Co. wholesale hosiers & flannel factors, 2 Aldermanbury, & Fountain court
Rawson, Norton & Co. east india merchants, 61 Moorgate street
Rawson George, coffee rooms, Halfmoon passage, Leadenhall market
Ray E. & S. (Misses), seminary, 39 Hart street, Bloomsbury
Ray George & Co. manufacturers of silk hosiery, 41 Gutter lane
Ray & Glaister, sydney merchants, 8 Old Jewry
Ray Charles, surgeon, 7 Elizabeth street, Eaton square
Ray Charles, surgeon, 28 Wilton place, Belgrave square
Ray David, Admiral Keppel P.H. 100 Hoxton Old town
Ray David, cheesemonger, 8 King street, Portman square
Ray George, coal dealer, 18 High street, Kensington
Ray George, soda water & ginger beer manufacturer, 23 Artillery row, Brewer's green, Westminster
Ray Jeremiah James, ironmonger, &c. 42 Broad street, Golden square
Ray Joel, ship & insurance broker, 39 Botolph lane, Thames street
Ray John, coal merchant, Keepier wharf, Broad street, Ratcliff
Ray John, brewer, 24 Lisson grove north, Marylebone
Ray John, shoemaker, 9 Bray's buildings, Lower road, Islington
Ray Mary C. (Mrs.), teacher of piano, 52 Upper Marylebone street
Ray Samuel, jeweller, 35 Great Castle street, Regent street
Ray Stuart, bookbinder, 43 Duke street, St. James's
Ray Walter John, surveyor & land agent, 39 Great James street, Bedford row
Ray William, baker, 25 Aldenham terrace, Pancras road
Ray William, pianoforte tuner, 19 Gillingham street, Pimlico
Ray William, tea dealer, &c. 96 White Horse street, Stepney
Raybould Benjamin, coffee rooms, 41 Tothill street, Westminster
Raybould William, brassfounder, 20 St. James's walk, Clerknw
Rayden William Harris, merchant, 3 Sun court, Cornhill
Rayley John, stockbroker, 2 Hercules court, Threadneedle street
Rayley Richard, barrister, 8 Old square, Lincoln's inn
Rayment James & Son, wharfingers & coal merchants, Broken wharf, & Winckworth wharf, Upper Thames street
Rayment Jeremiah, carman, 5 Parnham place, Ratcliff
Rayment John, timber merchant, 14 Hanover street, Walworth road
Rayment Joseph, fishmonger, 162 Lambeth walk
Rayment William, commercial boarding house, see Hiley & Rayment
Raymint Thomas, coffee rooms, 11 Peerless place, City road
Raymond John & Son, lightermen, Horseshoe wharf, Clink street, Borough
Raymond (Mead) & Son, barge builders, wharfingers & lightermen, Raymond's wharf, adjoining Thames Tunnel, Rotherhithe
Raymond & Rackham, attorneys, 46 Lincoln's inn fields
Raymond Cuthbert, cheesemonger, 3 Finsbury place north
Raymond James, tobacconist, 125 Cheapside
Raymond John, lighterman &c. 15 St. Saviour's church yard, Borough
Raymond John, special pleader, 9 King's Bench walk, Temple
Raymond William, plumber, painter & glazier, 109 Minories
Rayner & Hodges, printers, 109 Fetter lane, Holborn
Rayner & Palmer, woolstaplers & seed merchants, l Market street, Bermondsey
Rayner Barnabas, printer, 1 Goldsmith street, Gough square
Rayner Charles S. stationer, 8 Newland terrace, Kensington
Rayner Edward P. Elephant & Castle P.H. 11 Oxford market
Rayner James, jun. russia & oil broker, 10 1/2 Old Broad street
Rayner Thomas James, butcher, 114 Great Suffolk street, Borough
Rayner William, builder, 17 Suffolk place, Hackney road
Rayner William, jun. builder, 2 Seabright placeeast, Hackney road
Rayner William sen. builder, &c. John street, Cambridge heath
Raynes Augustus, surgeon, 20 Church street, Shoreditch
Rayney John W. Rose & Crown P.H. 3 Ann terrace, Cambridge heath
Raynham Richard, bookseller & stationer, 1 Gray's inn passage
Rayson Thomas, accountant, 64 Basinghall street
Rea Robert & Co. provision merchants, 35 Upper Thames street, & bacon stores, Essex street, Whitechapel
Rea Edward, chemist, &c. 115 Wardour street, Soho
Read Benjamin & Co. tailors, 12 Hart street, Bloomsbury
Read Henry & Co. silk brokers, 27 Austinfriars
Read Septimus & Son, surgeons, 41 Jewin street; 10 Bunhill row, & 19 Artillery place west, Finsbury square
Read & Symmonds, Crown coffee rooms, 37 Carey street, Lincolns inn
Read William & Co. engravers, 37 King street & 16 Hart street. Covent garden
Read Alfred, carpenter, 70 Snowhill
Read Charles, grocer & oilman, 43 Lisson grove north
Read Edward, tailor, 24 Weymouth street, Portland place
Read Francis, builder, Upper Belgrave place, Pimlico
Read George, hosier, shirt & stock maker, 15 Pall mall
Read George, linendraper, Mare street, Hackney
Read George, tailor, 11 Northumberland place, Commercial road
Read Harriet (Mrs.), boarding house, 49 Gloucester place
Read James, paper hanger, 18 Cumberland row, King's cross
Read James, tobacconist, 8 Albion place, King's cross
Read John, carpenter, see Smith & Read
Read John, carpenter & builder, 20 Phillip lane, London wall
Read John, furniture broker & appraiser,71 London wall
Read John, grocer, 3 Artillery terrace, Westminster
Read John solicitor, 22 Stamford street
Read John, surgical instrument maker to the late king, and the Hon. East India Company and patentee of the stomach pump, 35 Regent circus, Piccadilly
Read John, tailor, 5 Little Argyle street, Regent street
Read John, tailor, 11 Upper Brook street, Grosvenor square
Read John, warehouseman, 96 Wood street, Cheapside
Read John W. Original Red Cow P.H. 22 Long lane, Smithfield
Read Joseph, whitesmith, 13 Shepherd street, Bond Street
Read Joseph Stephen, rope, net & mat maker, 14 St. Mary at hill
Read Samuel, account book manufacturer, 25 London wall
Read Sam, coopers' toolmaker 5 St. George's place, St. George's east
Read Stephen, engineer & machinist, 51 Paradise street, Rotherhithe
Read Thomas, coffee rooms, 71 Fetter lane
Read Thomas, grindery warehouse, 53 Carnaby street, Golden square
Read Thomas, hairdresser, 109 Crawford street, Portman sq
Read Thomas, linendraper, 9 & 10 Sidney place, Commercial road east
Read Thomas, working jeweller, 75 George street, Portman square
Read Thomas Peter, surgeon, 18 Hornton street, Kensington
Read William, butcher, 36 Greek street, Soho
Read William, coffee rooms, 1 Beak street, Regent street
Read William, cowkeeper, 103 Great Titchfield street, Oxford street
Read William, tailor, see Gibbons & Read
Read William, working jeweller, &c. 77 Jermyn street, St. James's
Read William Henry Rudston, barrister, 1 Elm court, Temple
Readdy James & Son, coopers, 10 Back Church lane, Whitechapel
Reade Compton, solicitor, see Annesley & Reade
Reade James, provision merchant, 2 Clement's lane, Lombard street
Reader Charles, law bookseller, 20 Bell yard, Temple bar
Reader Edward, hairdresser, 24 Cloth fair, West Smithfield
Reader John, Crown Tavern, 7 Bow lane, Cheapside
Reader Joseph, fruiterer, 6 Coburg street, Clerkenwell
Reader Russell (Miss), dressmaker, &c. 128 Oxford street
Reader Sarah (Miss), milliner, 29 Bell yard, Temple bar
Readford Joseph, chair & sofa maker, 86 Earl street east, Lisson grove
Reading Daniel, Brave Nelson P.H. 3 Old Gravel lane, Wapping
Reading Daniel, cooper, 96 Old Gravel lane, Wapping
Reading Henry, coach builder, 14 Ridinghouse lane, Langham place
Reading Moses, baker, 36 Freeschool street, Horselydown, & 8 Staverton row, Walworth road
Reading Richard, platers' agent, 21 Salisbury street, Strand
Reading William, coachmaker, 9 Mortimer street, Cavendish square
Readman Henry, cattle salesman, 17 West Smithfield
Ready Charles, wine cooper, 6 Mitre street, Aldgate
Ready Henry, oilman, 2 Weybridge place, Mile end road
Real del Monte Mineral Co . (Jno. Philips, sec.) 2 Duke street, Adelphi
Reave George, butcher, 8 High Holborn
Reaveley Ann (Mrs.), grocer, 42 Paddington street, Marylebone
Reaveley John, wholesale stationer & rag merchant, Hammond's wharf, Queenhithe
Reavely Elizabeth (Mrs.), bent timber maker, 2 Cleveland street
Reay John, jun. & Reay Henry, wine merchants, corner of Hart street, 64 Mark lane
Reay John, senr. & Co. wine merchants, 75 Mark lane
Reay William, wax, &c. chandler, Park street, Kennington cross
Rebbeck Arthur, Distillers Arms P.H. 11 Great Saffron hill
Rebbeck Catherine (Mrs.), Coopers Arms P.H. 121 Great Saffron hill, Hatton wall
Rebbeck William, Golden Anchor P.H. 50 Great Saffron hill, Hatton wall
Rebello Francis, merchant, 26 Mark lane
Rebello Francisco, portugal vice consul, 16 Upper Woburn place
Receipt Stamp office, Somerset house
Receiver of Corn Returns Office (George Joyce, receiver), 52 Parliament street
Receiver of Crown Rents for Middlesex, 80 Pall mall
Ireceiver General's Office for Stamps, Somerset
Reckless Elizabeth (Mrs.), milliner, 304 Regent's street
Reckless Joseph, lace thread & thread lace manufacturer, 14 Wood street
Reckless Mary Ann (Miss), milliner, 304 Regent street
Recknell Samuel, custom house agent, 10 Water lane, Tower street
Record newspaper Office, 54 Fleet street
Record Thomas, butcher, 28 Lower Queen street, Rotherhithe
Recruiting Office, 17 Duke street, Westminster

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