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London Street Directory in 1843 - M1

This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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MABER John & Thomas, wine merchant, 1 Stockbridge terrace, Pimlico
Maher John Charles, hairdresser, 3 Church lane, Whitechapel
Maber Tim. wine, &c. merchant, 12 Clark's place, High street, Islington
Maber Timothy, Crown P.H. 27 Chalcroft terrace, New cut, Lambeth
Maberly George, coachmaker, 70 Welbeck street, Cavendish square
Maberly Joseph, solicitor to Christ hospital, 17 Kings road, Bedford row
Mabin Henry, stationer & bookbinder, 13 Grosvenor row, Pimlico
Mable Thomas, fruit salesman, Borough market
Mabley John, stationer, &c., 9 Wellington street north, Strand
Mabson George Moulton, potato salesman, 49 High street, St. Giles's; 43 Whitechapel High street; 4 Whitechapel road; & Mill lane, Tooley street
Mabyn & Grant, wholesale drapers, 90 Cheapside
McAdam Alexander, coal & potato dealer, 49 King street, Seven dials
McAlister Alex. west india merchant, see Corrie, McAlister, & Co
McAlpin & Nephew, furniture printer & wool warehouse, 63 Bread street
McAlpine Charles & Co. hairdressers, 17 High row, Knightsbridge
McAndrew William & Sons, merchants, 3 Philpot lane
McArthur John, surgeon, 17 Mount street, Berkeley square
McArthur Peter, nurseryman &c, 2 Clarendon place, Maida hill
McArthur Robert, shawl manufacturer, 9 Great Distaff lane
McBain Alex. Lachlan, umbrella maker, 12 Great Smith street, Westminster
McBean Thomas Alexander, teadealer, 37 Devonshire street, Portland place
McBeath William John, solicitor, 322A, Regent street
McBlain George, Black Boy P.H. 88 Lower East Smithfield
McBrain James, plumber & glazier, 76 Park street, Camden town
MccBride James, tailor, 38 Fleet lane, Farringdon street
McBride Jane (Mr.) black borderer, see Barclay & McBride
McBride John, goldsmith & jeweller, 41 London street, Fitzroy's
McCabe & Co. chronometer, watch & clockmakers, 32 Cornhill
McCabe Gilbert, skinner & furrier, 58 Union street, Borough
McCabe James E. surveyor, draughtsman &c. 29 Castle street, Holborn
McCabe John, coffee rooms, 12 Park lane, Piccadilly
McCallan Robert & John, tailors, 40 King street, Covent garden
McCalmont brothers & Co. merchants, 3 Crown court, Philpot lane
MCams Thomas & James, shoe warehouse, 3 Well street, Wellclose square
McCann Nicholas, surgeon, 50 Parliament street, Westminster
McCardie Philip, baker, 52 Great Windmill street, Haymarket
McCarthy & Burghes, merchants, 4 Billiter square
McCarthy Charles, skinner, &c. 3 Worcester street, Union street, Borough
McCarthy Charles, Whitby Town P.H. 57 Wapping wall
McCarthy Daniel, Angel P.H. 36 City road, Finsbury
McCarthy Justin, woollen draper, 52 Poland street, Oxford street
McChristie Thomas Young, barrister, 4 Old square, Lincoln's inn
McClary Henry James, bookseller & stationer, 32 St. James's street
McClellan & Rayson, milliners, &c. 71 Margaret street, Cavendish square
McCloskey Joseph, cabinet maker, 26 Newton street, High Holborn
McCloud Henry, cabinet maker, 18 Warren street, Fitzroy square
McCombie George John, bookbinder, 32 Duke street, Smithfield
McConnell James Luke, tailor, 17 Old Burlington street
McCormack James, fruiterer & orange merchant, North row, Covent garden
McCormack William, grocer, 18 Hosier lane, West Smithfield
McCormick Edward, tailor, 8A Carlton street, Regent street
McCormick George, merchant, 19 Pinners' hall, Great Winchester street
McCormick John, printseller, 45 Ludgate hill
McCoy Alexander, wine cooper, 74 Warren street, Fitzroy square
McCracken James & Robert, general & commercial agents, & agents to S. Stock & Co. wine merchants, of Place Vendome, Paris, also agents to the Royal Academy, 7 Old Jew
McCraight Charles, engraver, 53 Perceval street, Clerkenwell
McCraight Richard, scale maker, 94 Goswell street
McCraw James, baker, 2 Castle street, Leicester square
McCrea & Goldsmith, surgeons, 30 Cloudesley terrace, Islington
McCrea Joseph, surgeon, 37 Compton terrace, Upper street, Islington
McCreath William, Scotch barley, &c. dealer, 11 Burr street, East Smithfield
McCrindell Eliza (Miss), dress maker, 9 Gough square
McCulloch John, bookbinder, 30 St. John's square, Clerkenwell
McCurrey James, builder, 28 St. George's row, Pimlico
McCutcheon Ive, warehouseman, see McDowall & McCutcheon
McCutcheon John & William, merchants, 13 1/2 Rood lane, Fenchurch street
McCutcheon John, merchant & shipowner, 13 1/2 Rood lane
McDanell James, bookseller & newsagent, 1 Charterhouse
McDermott Bryen, draper, 32 Henrietta street, Covent Garden
McDermott Charles, surgeon, 4 Princes square, Kennington cross
McDermott Edward, potato warehouse, 5 Church row, Upper street, Islington
McDermott George, potato salesman, 1 Counter street, Borough
McDona William, tailor, 20 Henrietta street & 14 Tavistock street, Covent garden
McDonald & Leslie, aberdeen granite depot, 1 Quickset row
McDiarmid Hugh, Belvedere tavern, 1 Penton street, Pentonville
McDonald Alexander & Co, saltpetre works, Grove, Great Guildford street, Borough & 3 St Mildreds court, Poultry
McDonald Anthony James, tailor, 20 rathbone place, Oxford street
McDonald Caleb, teadealer & grocer, 50 Kingsland road
McDonald Donald, carpenter &c, 122 Aldersgate street
McDonald Donald, house agent, 1 Upper Montague street, Montagie square
McDonald George, hairdresser, 22 Queen street, Seven dials
McDonald James, fancy shawl warehouse, 130 Regent street
McDonald John, bookseller, 22 Russell court, Drury lane
McDonald Martha (Miss), milliner, 37 Tottenham court road
McDonald Peter, Ship & Shears P.H., 16 Lower Shadwell
McDonald Roderick, Cock & Magpie P.H. 88 Drury lane
McDonald William, surgeon, 23 Princes street, Cavendish square
McDonnell Archibald, surgeon, 9 Acton street & 13 Regent square
McDonnell George, wine & spirit broker, see Dillon & McDonnell
McDonough John, Royal Oak P.H., 154 Wappimg High street
McDonough Sarah (Mrs), tobacconist, 11 Baking churchyard
McDougal Sambourne & Bell, manufacturers & warehousemen, 50 Old Change & 30 St Pauls churchyard
McDougal & Upton, solicitors & parliamentary agents, 44 Parliament street
McDougall Archibald, saddler, see Wills & McDougall
McDougall John, baker, 26 Upper Marylebone street, Portland place
McDougall Lewis, tobacconist, 30 Great Titchfield street, Oxford street
McDowall Ann & C (Misses), ladies school, 1 Old Dorset place, Commercial road
McDowall & McCutcheon, warehousemen, 27 Friday street, Cheapside
McDowall John & Arthur, bootmakers, 14 Regent street, Waterloo place
McDowall Samuel, printer, 95 Leadenhall street
McDowall Walter, printer, 4 Pemberton row, Gough square
McDowell John, tailor &c, 70 King street, Golden square
McDuff Charles, solicitor, 37 Castle street, Holborn
McEaun John, tailor, 29 East street, Red Lion square
McEvily John, saddler &c, 26 Great Portland street, Oxford street
McEvoy Thomas, coach herald painter, 30 Silver street, Golden square
McEwen Peter, biscuit baker, 24 Marchmont street, Brunswick square
McEwin John, baker, 111 Great Portland street, Oxford street
McFarlan Alexander, (Mrs), boarding house, 40 Craven street, Strand
McFarlane Andrew & Sons, bookbinders, 10 Old Bailey
McFarlane Thomas, glove cleaner, 15 Exeter street, Strand
McFarline Patrick, boarding house, 111 Ratcliff highway
McFarquhar John L & Co, insurance brokers, 16 George street, Mansion house
McGauge Francis, Marquis of Westminster P.H. 1 Warwick street, Blg road
McGeoch James & Peter, linendrapers, 91 1/2 Greenfield street, Whitechapel
McGetrick Theodosia (Mrs), baby linen warehouse, 117 Tottenham court road
McGhie, Page & Smith, ship & insurance brokers, 1A Bishopsgate within
McGhie Willoughby, attorney, 2 New inn, Wych street, Strand
McGill James, Fellmongers Arms, Willow walk, Bermondsey
McGill John, baker, 9 Portland place south, Clapham road
McGill Thomas, dyer, 85 Connaught terrace, Edgware road
McGill Thomas, silk dyer, 2 Windmill street, Tottenham court road
McGill William M.D. surgeon, 2 Bentinck terrace, Regents park
McGillivray William, hosier & outfitter, 99 Borough High street
McGlew & Oldham, wool brokers, 77 Basinghall street
McGowan John & Co, printers, 16 Great Windmill street, Haymarket
McGowan James, button maker, 32 Gerrard street, Soho
McGregor Fergus, baker, 38 Brpad street, Bloomsbury
McGregor John, tailor, 17 Charles street, Middlesex hospital
McGregor Mary (Miss), milliner, 237 Welbeck street, Cavendish square
McGregor Sarah (Mrs), White Horse P.H. 70 Princes street
McGregor Thomas, woollen warehouse, see Robson & McGregor
McGrigor Charles Roderick, army agent, see Stoddart & McGrigor
McGuffe Archibald, merchant, Breezers hill, Ratcliff highway
McGuire & Nugent, inventors and manufacturers of the washable beaver hut, 4 King William street, Strand
McGuire William E, surgeon & druggist, 29 Cannon street
McHugh Michael, coal merchant, 1 Gloucester terrace, Old Brompton
McIlraith John, upholsterer & undertaker, 77 High street, Marylebone
McInnes Robert, artist, 1 Blomsbury place
McIntosh Alexander, meat salesman, see Hammant & McIntosh
McIntosh David, contractor, 39 Bloomsbury square
McIntosh Mareia L (Miss) milliner, 6 Upper Grafton street, Fitzroy square
McIntyre William, physician, 84 Harley street
McKardy George, tailor, 17 Warwick street, Golden square
McKay Duncan Forbes, publishers agent, 12 King square, Goswell road
McKean Hugh, agent, Scottish (Widows Fund) Life Assurance, 7 Pall mall
McKean, Titley & Titley, snuff merchants, see Titley,McKean & Titley
McKean James, Lord Belgrave P.H. 8 Spur street, leicester square & White Dog P.H., 32 Widegate street, Bishopsgate
McKellar & Christie, tailors &c, 11 Old Burlington street
McKellar William G, coal merchant, White Lion wharf, 18 Upper Thames street
McKenna Richard Butler & Co, Wine merchants, 49 Mark lane
McKenny George, watchmaker, 7 Lower Ashby street, Northampton square
McKenny William, chemist & druggist, 3 Union place, Clapham rise
McKenzie Alex, boot maker, 11 Southampton row, Russell square
McKenzie Alex, East India Arms P.H. 110 Cock hill, Ratcliff
McKenzie Angus, american merchant, see Durrant & McKenzie
McKenzie Angus, merchant, 37 Milk street, Cheapside
McKenzie George, whalebone cutter &c, 156 Houndsditch
McKenzie John, merchant, 24 Tokenhouse yard
McKenzie Philip, tailor, 48 Warwick street, Golden square
McKenzie Phoebe (Mrs), china & glass warehouse, 8 Crown row, Mile end road
McKewan George, printer & stationer, 9 Great Winchester street
McKie James, merchant, 25 Bucklersbury
McKinnah Ann (Mrs), grocer, 15 Harper street, New Kent road
McKinnell Charles, wine merchant, see Lopez & McKinell
McKinnell John, wine merchant & agemt for Crowley & Arumburn (Cadiz), 18 Mark lane
McKnight James, grocer, 31 Crosby row, Walworth
McLachlan Hugh, watch & clock maker, 17 Upper East Smithfield
McLachlan John, bookseller, 19 Ship yard, Temple bar
McLachlan William, tailor, 40 Great Pulteney street, Golden square
McLacklan John, printers auctioneer & valuer, 42 Chiswell street
McLaren John W & Co, colonial & shipping agents & general commission merchants, 12 Mark lane
McLaren John, baker, 13 Elizabeth street south, Pimlico
McLaren Robert, custom house agent, 11 Water lane, Lower Thames street
McLatchie Robert, millwright & engineer, 3 Cottage lane, Commercial road east
McLauchlan David James, carver & gilder, 3 Printing house square
McLaughlin Andrew, tea urn maker, 42 Gee street, Goswell road
McLaughlin Edw, horn, hair & glue merchant, 105 Long lane, Bermondsey
McLaurin Andrew Scott & Co, stuff manufacturer, 31 Gutter lane
McLean Charles, carver, gilder & looking glass maker, 78 Fleet street
McLean Charles, upholsterer, 25 Poland street, Oxford street
McLean Donald, yeast merchant, 80 Chalton street, Somers town
McLean Edward, auctioneer & picture dealer, 169 Strand
McLean John, marble merchant, 26 Sun street, Bishopsgate
McLean Norman, Turks Head P.H., 2 Butchers row, Ratcliff
McLean Thomas, lithographer, 70 St Martins lane
McLean Thomas, printseller & publisher, 26 Haymarket
McLean William, Crown P.H. 22 West Smithfield
McLean William, fruiterer, 5 Hastings street, Burton crescent
McLeish Sarah (Mrs), baker, 6 Essex court,Strand
McLellan Elizabeth (Miss), milliner, see Roberts & McLellan
McLellan Robert, upholsterer, 107 Great Russell street, Bloomsbury
McLeod & Stenning, solicitors, 16 1/2 Billiter street
McLeod Donald, tailor, see Thomason & McLeod
McLerie Thomas, coffee rooms, 26 New Chuch court, Strand
McLintock James, working jeweller, 9 Beech street, Barbican
McMahon James, barrister, 11 Paper buildings, Temple
McMahon John, file and tool manufacturer, 167 Fenchurch street
McManus David, physician, 28 Baker street, Portman square
McManus Felix, cheesemonger, 7 Motcomb street, Belgrave square
McMichaels & Grierson, carpet manufacturers, 37 Cateaton street
McMillan Brothers, bootmakers, 105 Jermyn street, St James's
McMillan James, ladies shoemaker, 104 Jermyn street, St James's
McMillan Theodosius, stationer, 17 Wells row, Upper street, Islington
McMullen John Charles, stockbroker, 13 Change alley
McMullen William, coffee rooms, 15 Charles street, Middlesex hospital
McMurdo Lisle Charles, plumber &c, 32 Great Windmill street, Haymarket
McMurray George & Co, cambric handkerchief manufacturers, 17 King street, Cheapside & Waringstown, Banbridge, Ireland
McNair James, Crown P.H. Mayfield place, Kensington High street
McNally Richard, wine merchant, 60 Mark lane
McNamara Edward, wine merchant, 10 Ruffords row, Upper street, Islington
McNaughtan Charles, wine merchant, 20 Beaumont street & 7 Westmoreland street, Marylebone
McNeir James, tailor &c, 7 South street, South Audley street
McNicoll Isabella, milliner, see Ross & McNicoll
McNiel David, stockbroker, 2 Angel court, Throgmorton street
McNish Mary Ann (Mrs), straw bonnet maker, 14 Clemets inn passage
McPhail Charles, jeweller &c, 14 Regent street, Waterloo place
McPhail George A, solicitor & superintendant registrar of births, 17 Wilmington square
McPherson Jane (Mrs), Rose & Crown P.H., 85 Dean street, Soho
McPherson Thomas, tailor, 72 Edgware road
McQueen William Benjamin, copper plate printer, 184 Tottenham court road
McRae & Evans, milliners & lace dealers, 27 Ludgate street
McRae John & James, cigar box makers, 17 Ave Maria lane
McRae John, ribbon manufacturer, 130 Wood street, City
McRoy John, tobaccopipe maker, 36 Easton street, Exmouth street
McShane Manasses, upholsterer, &c. 32 Foley place, Portland place
McShee John, bookseller & news agent, 27 Bean street, Friar street, Blackfriars
McSparran John, plumber, &c. 1 King Edward street, Wapping
McSwiney Eugene, merchant, 150 Fenchurch street
McSwyny Mary Ann (Miss), lodging house,15 Howard street, Strand
McWhinnie Andrew Melville, surgeon, 5 Crescent, Blackfriars
McWilliam Mary Ann (Mrs.), White Horse P.H. Liverpool road
Mabbs Robert, dairyman, 139 Upper street, Islington
Macaire Gideon Paul, watch case maker, see Ball & Macaire
Macaranas Joseph, professor of language, 49 Holywell street, Millbank
Macarthur D. & Co. wine merchants, 159 Fenchurch street
Macarthur & Gregory, stay & corset makers, 7 Essex place, Mile end road
Macartney Henry, hairdresser, 43 Maiden lane, Covent garden
Macaulay James, barrister, 28 Chancery lane
Macaulay Kenneth, barrister, 3 King's Bench walk, Temple
Macauley James, barrister, 2 Brick court, Temple
Macbryde & Crohan, importers of wines &spirits, 45 Watling street
Maccaughey Hugh Wade, tea broker, see Ewart & Co
Mac Connel Thomas, bookseller, &c. 4 New street, Covent garden
Macdaniel Charles, razor maker & cutler, 343 Oxford street
Macdonald Alexander, merchant, 3 St. Mildred's court, Poultry
Macdonald George, tailor, 22 Dorset street, Portman square
Macdonald James, barrister, 4 Garden court, Temple
Macdonald John, russia broker, 3 Adams court, Old Broad street
Macdonald John, tailor & clothier, 166 Union street, Borough
Macdonald Peter, oil & colorman, 91 Shoe lane, Fleet street
Macdonald Robert, printer & publisher, 30 Great Sutton street, Clerkenwell
Macdonald William, boarding house, 12 Chapel place, Cavendish square
Macdonald William, brass founder & coach plater, 9 Great Wild street
Macdowell Patrick, sculptor, 75A, Margaret street, Cavendish square
Mlace Edward, wheelwright, 30 Lisson grove north, Marylebone
Mace Hen. musical instrument dealer, 104 Old Gravel lane, Wapping
Mace William, floor cloth manufacturer, 222 Whitechapel road & Old Ford
Mace William Rudd, White Horse P.H. 50 Baldwins gardens
Macefield Joseph, book edge gilder &c. 22 Kirby street, Hatton Garden
Macey Robert & Son, builders, 91 Drury lane
Macey George, meat salesman, 13 Rose street, Newgate market
Macey John, meat salesman, 13 Rose street, Newgate market
Macey Robert, bricklayer & builder, 6 Denzell street, Clare market
Macey Samuel, Gate House P.H. 31 Frederick place, Hampstead road
Macey Uriah, linendraper, 27, corner of Great Titchfield street & Foley place
Macfarlane Dugald, wine merchant, 16 Berners street, Oxford street
Macfarlane John, tailor, 35 London street, Fitzroy square
Macfarlane James, west india merchant, 3 New East India chambers
Macglashan Alexander, coppersmith & brazier, 16 Long acre
MacGregor & Gabriel, solicitors, 2 Figtree court, Temple
Macgregor Alexander, Bird in Hand P.H. Stratford
Macgregor John, manufacturing goldsmith & jeweller, 50 Charterhouse square
MacGregor John James, surgeon, &c. 11 Dowgate hill
Machell George, chemist & druggist, & department for Machell's patent portable shower bath, 2 Carlisle street, Soho
Machell P. William, brewer & porter merchant, 6 Fore street, Limehouse
Macher David, baker, 36 Exmouth street, Clerkenwell
Machin George, hairdresser, 37 Warren street, Fitzroy square
Machin Joseph, White Horse P.H. 3 Grove, Hackney
Machin Thomas, grocer, 3 Deptford High street
Machons Joseph, sheffield plate warehouse, see Allansons & Machons
Machu John Henry, fancy trimming fringe, braid & stay lace manufacturer, 13 Twister's alley, Bunhill row
Macilwain George, surgeon, 9 Argyle place, Regent street
Macilwilain Robert, carpenter & builder, Villa street, Camberwell
Macintosh Charles & Co. patent india rubber waterproof cloth manufacturers, 46 Cheapside, 58 Charing cross, & Goswell mews, Goswell road; & Brockedon's patent india rubber stoppers, 19 Walbrook
Macintosh Alexander, printer, 19 & 20 Great New street, Fetter lane
Macintosh Hugh, baker, 2A, Royal Hospital row, Chelsea
Macintyre Malcolm, tailor, 2 Foley street, Portland place
Macintyre Patrick, sec. United Kingdom Life Assurance Co. 8 Waterloo place
Macirone George, stock & exchange broker, Garraway's coffee house
Mack James, surgeon, &c. 26 John's row, St. Luke's
Mack Sarah (Miss), milliner, 21 Bidborough street, Burton crescent
Mack William, bootmaker, 34 Bell yard, Temple bar
Mack Wm; potato salesman, 43 Warwick street, Golden square
Mackay Alex. solicitors army agent, 28 Charles street, Westminster
Mackay Benjamin, butcher, 189 Lambeth walk
Mackay Donald, jun. merchant, 32 Fenchurch street
Mackay, Fergus, cornchandler, 7 Charles street, Covent garden
Mackay George, ship & insurance & custom house agent, 25 Gracechurch street
Mackay John, whitesmith, 36 Leman street, Goodman's fields
Mackay Robert, nurseryman, High street, Stoke Newington
Mackeil James & Co. whitesmiths, 14 Park lane, Piccadilly
Macken Janes & Co. tailors, 42 Conduit street, Bond street
Mackenzie Hunter & Co. merchants, 15 Providence row, Finsbury
Mackenzie Alex, beer shop, 10 Acton street, Gray's inn road
Mackenzie (Neil) & Co. worsted, fringe & lace manufacturers, & importers of berlin wool, 77 Newgate street
Mackenzie Alexr. house agent Institution, Milton street, Cripplegt
Mackenzie Alex. wine merchant, 3 Ingram court, Fenchurch street
Mackenzie Benjamin, Regalia P.H. 11 Augustus square, Regent's park
Mackenzie Charles, pianofortemaker, 11 Alfred street, Bedford square
Mackenzie Daniel, Carpenters Arms P.H. 18 Gray street, Manchester square
Mackenzie Eliz. (Mrs.), staymaker, 14 South Molton street, Bond street
Mackenzie Fred. William, surgeon, 17 Porchester terrace, Bayswater
Mackenzie George, architect draughtsmn. 3 Claremont row, Islington
Mackenzie Hector, bookbinder,42 Kenton street, Brunswick street
Mackenzie Henry, tailor, 2 President street east, Goswell road
Mackenzie John, bookbinder, 4 LowerCrownst.Westminster
Mackenzie John, tobacco broker, 3 Ingram court, Fenchurch street
Mackenzie John, wine merchant & agent for Allsopp's pale ale, 17 New Ormond street, Queen square, Bloomsbury.
Mackenzie Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 11 George street, Adelphi
Mackenzie Rt. butchers' tailor, 10 Cloth fair, Smithfiel
Mackenzie George, solicitor, see Russell & Mackenzie
Mackenzie Rowland Hill, physician, 61 Berners street
Mackenzie Stephen, wine & spirit merchant, 3 Duke street, Adelphi
Mackenzie William, bookseller, 11 Brunswick place, Barnsby road
Mackeson Henry Scrope, surgeon, 10 Lower Southwick street
Mackeson Lumsden, barrister, 10 Old square, Lincoln's inn
Mackett George, house agent, 20 Sloane street, Knightsbridge
Mackey, Holt & Co. east india merchants, 20 St. Helen's place
Mackey Alexander, grocer, &c. 38 Gilbert street, Grosvenor square
Mackey Ann (Mrs.), grocer, &c. 5 Little Stanhope street, May fair
Mackey James, herbalist & seedsman,7 Crombie's row, Commercial road
Mackey William, hairdresser, 4 Church lane, Whitechapel
Mackie James & George, watch & clock maker, 31 City road, Finsbury square
Mackie John & Co., merchants, 110 Fenchurch street
Mackie Francis, tailor, 16 King street, Holborn
Mackie James, agent, Lloyd's
Mackie James, watch & clockmaker, 4 White Rose court, Coleman street, & 11 Castle street, City road
Mackie Robert, bookseller & binder, 30 Greek street, Soho
Mackie Thomas, carver & gilder, 13 Cumberland street, Curtain road
Mackie Thomas, Golden Lion P.H. 42 Wardour street, Soho
Mackie William, stockbroker, 4 Hercules court, Threadneedle street
Mackie Win. surveyor, 12 Little Charlotte street, Blackfriars road
Mackillop James, merchant, see Palmer, Mackillop, Dent & Co
Mackinder & Co. tallow chandlers, 4 Blandford street, Portman square
Mackinlay John, surgeon & druggist, 8 Store street, Bedford square
Mackinley George, chemist & druggist, 52 Edgware road
Mackintosh Alex. plumber, 28 Henrietta street, Cavendish square
Mackintosh Alphonso, Old Red Lion P.H. 13 Bridge street, Lambeth
Mackintosh Andrew, merchant, 12 Langbourne chambers, Fenchurch street
Mackintosh Donald, tanner, 40 Russell street, Bermondsey
Mackintosh Thomas, architect, 106 Fenchurch street
Mackintosh John, wheelwright, Christian street, St.George's east
Mackley George & Son, wholesale grindery, shoe tip, thread & nail warehouse, heel ball & ink makers, & bees wax dealers, 6 & 7 New inn yard, Shoreditch
Macklin Robert, tailor, 14 Clifford street, Bond street
Mackmain Fred. ladies’ bootmaker, 28 Great Portland street, Oxford street
Mackmin John Joseph S. linendraper, 51 Tabernacle walk
Mackinurdo Gilbert W. surgeon, 7 New Broad street
Mackness Jackson, baker, 17 Drury lane
Mackness John, baker, Stratford
Mackness Robert, baker, 46 Milner place, Lower Marsh, Lambeth
Mackness Thomas, baker, 209 Shadwell High street, 349 Rotherhithe, & 45 Three Colt street, Limehouse
Macknight Edward, plumber, &c. 13 Sale street, Edgware road
Mackreth George Edward, wholesale teadealer, see Tyson & Mackreth
Maclachlan Peter, baker, 144 Holborn bars
Maclaran & Son, law stationers, 5 Cursitor street, Chancery lane
Maclaren James & Son, boot & shoe makers, 55 Cornhill
MacLaren Neil Campbell & Co. merchants, 5 Great Trinity lane
Maclaren James, barrister, 19 Old square, Lincoln's inn
Maclaren John, boot & shoe manufacturer, 275 Oxford street
Maclaurin Daniel, auditor, accountant, &c. 83 Lombard street
Maclean Donald & Co. blackwell hall factors, 7 Basinghall street
Maclean, Maris & Co. america colonial merchants, 3 Abchurch lane
Maclean Alexander, insurance broker, 30 Crosby hall chambers & Lloyd's
Maclean Donald, barrister, 3 Essex court, Temple
Maclean James, carpenter & builder, 3 Somerset street, Aldgate
Maclean John, drysalter, see Quiney & Maclean
Maclean John, M.D. surgeon, 29 Upper Montagu street, Montagu square
Maclean John, wine merchant, 37 Old Broad street
MacLeod Norman, ship & insurance broker & agent, see Lachlans & Maciej
Macleod Roderick, physician, 1 Lower Seymour street, Portman square
Maclise Daniel M. R.A. artist, 14 Russell place, Fitzroy square
Maclure Rev. Robert LLD, academy, 14 Bulstrode street, Manchester square
Macmin John, saddler, 58 King street, Soho
Mac Nab Alexander, surgeon, 16A, Foley place, Portland place
Macnaghten Stewart, barrister, 4 Old square, Lincoln's inn
Mac Nair John, ale brewer, Leith & St. Mary's Overy dock
Macnally George, carpenter, 63 Park street, Camden town
MacNally Richard, wine merchant, 34 Great Winchester street
Macnaughtan & Parry, india & colonial brokers, 134 Femchurch street
Macnaughtan Peter, bootmaker, 24 Mount street, Berkeley square
Macneill John, civil engineer, 9 Whitehall place
Macomie Alexr. bookbinder, 6 Percy street, Tottenham court road
Macord John, carpenter & shipjoiner, 7 Garford street, Limehouse
Macord Robert, wholesale & retail, chemist & druggist, 58 Minories
Macord Robert, Harmar, ironmonger, &c. 63 Lower Thames street
Macpherson Donald, bookseller, 54 Upper Ebury street, Pimlico
Macpherson Jane (Miss), dress maker, s: 20A, Albemarle street
Macpherson William, barrister, 3 Stone buildings, Lincolns inn
Macqueen Farquhar & Co. merchants, insurance brokers, ship owners, & east india agents, 102 Leadenhall street
Macqueen John, barrister, 35 Southampton buildings, Holborn
MacRae Charles & Ivie Hare, stockbrokers, 57 Moorgate street
MacRae Charles, agent of City of Glasgow Life Assurance Co. 57 Moorgate street
Macrae Edmund, oil & colorman, 119 Whitechapel High street
Macrae Henry, mathematical instrument maker, 34 Aldgate
Macro Jacob, tailor, 14 Great Percy street, Claremont square
Macro James, tobacconist, 10 Cumberland row, King's cross
Macy Charles, solicitor, 27 Bury street, St. James's

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