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London Street Directory in 1843 - M2

This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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Madagan John, bootmaker, 11 George street, Minories
Maddams William, cabinet maker, Coach & Horses yard, Charles street, Drury lane
Madden James & Co. oriental bookseller & publisher, 8 Leadenhall street
Madden Henry, wine merchant, York chambers, 13 George street, Adelphi
Madden John, clothes salesman, 17 Wells street, Oxford street
Madden William, last maker & turner, 50 Long lane, West Smithfield
Maddin Hannah & Son, smith & toolmakers, 29 Goswell street
Maddin Henry, horsehair manufacturer, 108 York street, Whitechapel
Maddison & King, grocers, 6 Sidney place, King's road, Chelsea
Maddison James, engineer,3 1/2 York street York road, Lambeth
Maddison Thomas, baker, 189 Shoreditch
Maddock Alfred B. M.D. surgeon &c. 80 Judd street, Brunswick square
Maddocks & Cutler, livery stables, 36 Castle street, Leicester square
Maddox George, architect, 18 Bedford street, Bedford row
Maddox John, grocer, 22 Bermondsey wall
Maddox John, tobacconist,10 Upper Albany street, Regent's park
Maddox John Wedd, printer & stationer, 3 Dockhead, Bermondsey
Maddox John William, linendraper, 23 Tavistock street, Covent garden
Maddox Ralph Henry, upholder & house agent, 25 Wellbeck street, Cavendish square
Maddox Susannah (Mrs.), fruiterer, l Wellington street north, Strand
Maddy William, grocer & cheesemonger, 23 Sloane square
Madeley Edward G. lithographic printer, 3 Wellington street, Strand
Madeley Fred. oil leather dresser, see Dalton & Madeley
Madely Thos. & Co. tape manufacturers, 7 Falcon square, Aldersgate street
Madgin Rd. carpenter & builder, Fox & Knot court, King street, Snowhill
Madgwick Edward, japanner, see Cooper & Madgwicks'
Madgwick James, japanner, see Cooper & Madgwicks'
Madgwick Thomas, upholsterer, see Smith & Madgwick
Madle Edward, archery warehouse, 29 Frith street, Soho
Madle Edward, bonnet manufacturer, 4 William street, Manchester square
Madlin Joseph, carver, 4 Church lane, Whitechapel
Madot Adolphus, professor of languages, 31 Upper Baker street, Regents park
Madox & Wyatt, solicitors, 30 Clement's lane, Lombard street
Madox James Fuller, solicitor, see Madox & Wyatt
Madras Military Fund (Messrs. Arbuthnot & Latham, agents  (Captain William Campbell, secretary.), 2 Great St. Helen's
Maffey & Walker, veterinary surgeons, 18 Bruton place north. Berkeley square
Magdalen Hospital, 115 Blackfriars road
Magee Edward P. potato salesman, 3 & 4 Red lion street, Borough market
Magee James, hatter, 6 Parker's row, Dockhead
Magenis John, furniture broker, 11 Barrett's court, Oxford street
Magenis Joseph, baker, 3 Bridge street, Vauxhall
Maggioni Manfred S. professor of italian, 201 Regent street
Maggs Ann Miss, dining rooms, 156 Ratcliff highway
Maggs Felix, tailor, 35 Charles street, Middlesex hospital
Magnasson Maurice & Co. professor of languages, 63 Frith street, Soho
Magnay Bros, wholesale stationers, College hill, & 181 Upper Thames street
Magness James, tobacconist, 108 London wall
Magnet, Agricultural & Farmers' Weekly Newspaper (Monday), 30 Holywell street, & 299 Strand
Magniac, Jardine & Co. merchants, 3 Lombard street
Magnin Jane (Madame), milliner, 21 Davies street, Berkeley square
Magnus Nathan & Son, wholesale boot & shoemaker, 2 Peter street, Bishopsgate
Magnus Martin L. fur & skinner. 2 Barge yard, Bucklersbury
Magnus Moses, merchant, 20 Great Prescot street, Goodman's fields
Magnus Nathaniel, fur & shoe manufacturer, 20 tteen st. Frish. market ###
Magnus Rosetta (Mrs.), wholesale shoe warehouse, 54 Houndsditch
MagnusSaml. stationer & account bookmaker, 127 Fenchurch street
Magnus Simon, merchant, see Melhado & Magnus
Magrath Henry Jesson, bill broker, see Mathewes & Magrath
Magrath John, ginger beer maker, 5 Maze pond, Tooley street
Magrath William, warehouseman, see Oldroyd & Magrath
Magrini Romualdo F. professor of italian, 43 Warren street, Fitzroy square
Maguire George, barrister, 18 Clement's inn
Maguire HenryC. lithographer, 49 Great Queen street, Lincolns inn fields
Maguire James, builder, 134 Blackfriars road
Magwood Robt. & Co. coal merchants, 19 Chadwell street, St. John street road ##
Mafier Maria (Miss), stay maker, 10 Fisher street, Red Lion square
Mahomed Sake Deen, shampooing surgeon, inventor of the indian medicated vapour & shampooing baths, &c. 7 Little Ryder street, St. James's ; & at Brighton
Mahon & Bennett, stationers, 104 London road, Southwark
Mahon Anthony, tobacconist, 29 Stamford street, Blackfriars
Mahon Joseph James, stationer & bookseller, 106 Blackman
Mahon Thomas, stationer, 3 Great waterloo street, Lambeth
Mahoney Michael John, metal broker, see Short & Mahoney
Maides William, hay salesman, see Tarling & Maides
Maidlow John, house painter, &c. 110 Fetter lane, Holborn
Maidwell Charles, corn dealer, 8 Mount terrace, New road, Whitechapel
Maidwell Mary (Mrs.), cheesemonger, 46 Hoxton Old town
Maile Richard, statuary & mason, 4 & 5 Keppel row, New road
Maile William, upholsterer, 3 New Millman street, Foundling
Maillard David, greengrocer, 32 Bryanstone street
Maillet Amelia (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 Little Ryder street, St.James's
Main, Reed & Co. patent floor cloth & canvas makers, 158 Leadenhall street, & Great Dover road, Borough
Main Augustus, chemist & druggist, 41 Blackman street, Borough
Main Frederick, hairdresser & perfumer, 7 Oxford street, & 3 Hanway street, Oxford street
Main George, Red Lion P.H. 46 Coppice row, Clerkenwell
Main John, baker, 24 Grafton street, Fitzroy square
Main John, butcher, 9 Queen's buildings, Knightsbridge
Main John, hosier & shirtmaker, 22 Cockspur street, Charing cross
Main William, hairdresser, 69 Great Titchfield street, Oxford street
Main William, plumber & glazier, 4 Eccleston street south
Main William, Henry, plumber & painter, 34 Water lane, Blackfriars
Maine Samuel & Co. curriers, 147 St. John street, West Smithfield
Maine Charles, furniture broker, 64 Drury lane
Mainon Charles Lewis, basket maker, 33 Brooke street, Holborn
Mair John, Son & Andrews, muslin maker, 60 Friday street, Cheapside
Mair William & Co. surveyor & estate agents, 20 Old Cavendish street
Mair George, architect, 18 Charlotte street, Bedford square
Mair George, builder & bricklayer, 250 Bethnal green road
Mair James, Globe P.H. Ellen street, St. Georges east
Mair John, warehouseman, see Load & Mair
Maire Peter F. merchant, 78 Mark lane
Maire Thomas, tailor & draper, 5 Fountain court, Strand
Maisey Joseph, grocer & tobacconist, 88 Great Peter street, Westminster
Maishman William, furniture broker, 15 Pleasant row, Pentonville
Maitland & Mitchell, colonial brokers, 37 Mincing lane
Maitland Alexander, Lamb & Flag P.H. 23 Clerkenwell green
Maitland David Alex. colonial broker, see Gordon & Maitland
Maitland Henry, surgeon dentist, 3 Abchurch yard, Cannon street
Maitland James, hairdresser, 49 Bridge house place, Newington causeway
Maitland John, chemist, 5 Little Sussex place, Hyde park gardens
Maitland Rt. Forsyth, canada com. & timber merchant, 50 Lombard street
Maitland Thomas, tailor, 25 Conduit street, Regent street
Maize John, surgeon, 274 Kent street, Borough
Major Ann & Co. bottle merchants, 8 Allhallows lane, Upper Thames street
Majors. Wallace, merchants, 3 Laurence Pountney hill
Major Charles James, commercial & custom house agent, 9 Billiter street
Major Daniel Bushnel, stockbroker, Stock Exchange
Major Eleanor (Miss), umbrella maker, 2 Commerce row, Islington
Major Harward, secret springer, 9 Waterloo street, St. Luke's
Major Henry, furniture ironmonger, 23 St. John street, Clerkenwell
Major John, lamp manufacturer & gasfitter, 71 Snowhill
Major Rigden, mariner, 24 Great George street, Bermondsey
Major Robert, bootmaker, 4 Sutton street, Soho
Major Thomas, Royal Standard P.H. 32 Great Prescot street, Goodmans fields
Major William, surgeon, 12 Mount place, Whitechapel road
Makepeace & Walford, goldsmiths, jewellers, silversmiths, & platers, 5 Serle street, Lincoln's inn fields
Makeham John, tuscan plaitmaker, 5 St.Vincent place, City road
Makeham John P. superintendant registrar, Council office, Downing street
Maker George, baker, 60 Cow Cross street
Makinson & Sanders, attorneys, 3 Elm court, Temple
Malby Thomas & Co. globe manufacturers to the Society for the diffusion of useful Knowledge, 3 ## Houghton street, Newcastle street, Strand
Malby William, Blacksmiths Arms P.H. 120 Rotherhithe
Malchar John, North Briton P. H. Bedford square east
Malcolm Frederick, bookseller & publisher see Duncan & Malcolm
Malcolm George, surgeon, 1 Globe street, Wapping
Malcolm John George, special pleader, 2 Paper buildings, Temple
Malcolm Rt. Two Chairmen P.H. 20 Warwick street, Charing cross
Malden & Sweet, corndealers, 18 Leather lane
Malden Isaac, plaster works, 45 Baldwin's place, Gray's inn lane
Male Samuel, law stationer, 12 Gray's inn square
Male William, watch case gilder, 75 Rahere street, Goswell road
Maley Henry, stone & marble mason, 9 Seymour place, Camden town
Maley William, oilman, 71 Brewer street, Somers town
Malim George, attorney, 11 South square, Gray's inn
Malins Richard, barrister, 6 Stone buildings, Lincoln's inn
Malkin George, White Swan P. H. 19 Rufford's buildings, Islington
Malkin Samuel, artist, 20 Canonbury square, Islington
Mallalieu William & Co. merchants & general agents, 97 Hatton garden
Mallalieu Alfred, merchant, North & South American Coffee house
Mallalieu Henry Martin, underwriter, Lloyd's & 97 Hatton garden
Mallalue George, job master, 25 1/2 Wigmore street, Cavendish square
Mallam Henry, furniture dealer, 14 Queen's buildings, Brompton
Mallandain Peter, ebony inkstand maker, 5 James street, St. Luke's
Mallan Walek & Son, surgeon dentists, 25 Great Russell street, Bloomsbury
Mallan John, surgeon dentist, 9 Halfmoon street & 199 Piccadilly
Mallard Francis & Co. lace manufacturer, 30 Great Dover street, Borough
Mallars Edward, general salesman, 126 Drury lane
Mallcott John, statuary & mason, 12 Newgate street
Mallen Charles, oil & colorman, 6 Cannon street road, St. George's east
Malleson John, conveyancer,34A, Charles street, Berkeley square
Mallett John S. & Co. linendrapers, 21 & 22 Shoreditch
Mallett Henry, bricklayer, &c. 2 Baker street, Lloyd square
Mallett George, tobacconist, 29 High street, Newington butts
Mallett John, plumber, 13 Back street, Horselydown
Mallett Joseph, printer, 59 Wardour street, Soho
Mallett Rd. herbalist & seedsman, 25 Great Charlotte street, Blackfriars
Mallett Thomas, baker, &c. 172 Borough High street
Mallett Thomas, poulterer, Portman market
Mallett William James, lighterman 6 College street, Belvedere road, Lambeth
Mallinson John, wholesale & retail slopseller, 112 Minories
Mallock Andrew, tarpauling manufacturers, 60 Millbank street, Westminster
Mallock James, attorney, 8 Southampton street, Bloomsbury square
Mallory Henry, copperfounder, see Pontifex & Mallory
Malone Jonathan Hill, east & west india produce agent, 20 Little Tower street
Malone Thomas, bootmaker, 79 Long lane, Borough
Malpas Edw. milliner & widows' milliner, 31 Finsbury place north
Maltby & Beachcroft, solicitors, 34 Old Broad street
Maltby Thomas, Son & Co. lead merchants, 34 Old Broad street
Maltby William, & Co. manufacturing chemists, Assembly place, Mile end
Maltby Charles Frederick, architect & surveyor, 19 Took's court, Chancery lane
Maltby Edward Harvey, magistrate, Marlbro' street Police court
Maltby Hugh, grocer & teadealer, 10 Tabernacle square, Finsbury
Maltby James, tailor & draper, 8 Hanover place, Regent's park
Maltby Thomas, grocer & teadealer, 17 Flower street, Islington
Maltby Thomas, tailor, 13 Westmoreland street, Marylebone
Maltby Thomas, white lead manufacturer,34 Old Broad street
Maltby Thomas James, attorney, 10 Broad street buildings
Malton Charles James Abernethy, surgeon, see Smith & Malton
Malton William, solicitor, see Martinean & Malton
Maltwood Rd. Aust. barometer &c. maker & engravr, 19 Charles street, Hatton garden, & 3 Orange row, Kennington road
Maltwood Thomas, trunk & packing case maker, 29 Oxford street
Maltwood William, imperial trunk maker, 168 Strand
Malyn John, surgeon, 12 James street, Buckingham gate
Malyon Isaac, Crown & Queens Arms P.H. 32 Wapping
Malyon Joseph, Coopers Arms P.H. 12 Miles lane, Cannon street
Man Edward D. colonial broker, 7 Mincing lane
Man George, ironmonger, 36 Broad street, Golden square
Man Henry, wine & spirit broker, 7 Hart street, Crutchedfriars
Man Mary ┬žo dyer & scourer, 140 Salisbury court, Fleet street, & 118 Albany street, Regent's park
Man William, ship & insurance broker, 1 St. Michael's alley, Cornhill
Manassah William, & Co. cap manufacturers, 89 Fore street, Cripplegate
Manaton Francis Samson, engraver, see White & Manaton
Manbridge James, King & Queen P.H. Rotherhithe
Manby Brothers, civil engineers & mineral surveyors, 22 Parliament street, & Swansea, South Wales, & 10 Bis rue de Rivoli, Paris
Manby Chas, civil engineer, F.G.S. 25 Great George street, Westminster
Manby Charles W. music seller, 85 Fleet street
Manby Edward, oil & colorman, 230 Strand
Manby John, law stationer, 29 Castle street, Holborn
Manchee Peter, turner, 125 Curtain road, Shoreditch
Manchester & Birmingham Railway Company, (Agents in London, Ross & Ash), 6 Great Winchester street
Manchester & Liverpool Plate Glass Company, (J. L. Grundy,agent) 26 Soho square; manufactory, Sutton St. Helen's
Manchester Mark, pork butcher, 37 Strutton ground, Westminster
Mandby Edward, grocer, &c. 20 Ropemaker's fields, Limehouse
Mandelbaum David, importer of foreign toys & fancy goods wholesale & for exportation, 116 Bishopsgate street without
Mandeno William, tallowchandler & oilman, 162 Shoreditch
Mander George, fruiterer, 9 Walkers court, Golden square
Mander George, rule maker, 21 Great Crown court, Princes street, Soho
Mander John George, sydney merchant, 1 Fen court, Fenchurch street
Mander Henry Waterland, barrister, 7 New square, Lincoln's inn
Mander James, attorney, 9 New square, Lincoln's inn
Manderson William, bookbinder, 40 Gower place, Euston square
Mandeville Robert, hemp, flax & cane merchant, 101 Kent street, Borough
Mandy Henry, meat salesman, 21 Newgate market
Mandy Henry, Worcester Arms P.H. 42 George street, Portman square
Maney & Connor, tailors, 315 High Holborn
Manfield Hannah (Mrs.) wireworker, 6 Red Lion street, Holborn
Manfield William, merchant, 106 Fenchurch street
Mangan Sarah (Mrs.), hatters' furrier, 155 Union street, Borough
Manger Jane(Mrs.). straw hat manufacturer, 2 Down street, Piccadilly
Mangeon Augusta (Madame), tobacconist, 85 Quadrant
Manger Jacob, cheesemonger, 24 Down street, Piccadilly
Manger John, north london coffeehouse, 34 Grafton street east, Tottenham court road
Manger William, tobacconist & snuffmaker, 60 Union street, Borough
Mangles Frederick & Co. ship chandlers, 62 Wapping wal
Mangles James & Robert, King's flour mills, 292 Rotherhithe street
Mangles', Price & Co. east india agents & merchants, 8 New Broad street
Manicom Charles, baker, 30 South Molton street, Bond street
Maniglier John, geneva watch maker, 73 Oxford street
Manley James, wholesale druggist, 36 Paternoster row
Manley William & Son, coal & broom merchants, South street, Long lane, Bermondsey
Manley Elizabeth (Mrs.), bootmaker, 4 Great Chapel street, Westminster
Manley Robert, cooper & stave merchant, 4 Back street, Horsleydown
Manly Joseph, baker, 9 Commercial place, Old Kent road
Manly Thomas, baker, 194 Upper Thames street

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