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London Street Directory in 1843 - L11

This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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Lowndes James & William, trunk makers, 18 Haymarket
Lowndes Thomas &Co. merchants & ship agents, 137 Fenchurch street
Lowndes William, & James & Co. scotch warehouse, 7 Watling street
Lowndes John James, Q.C. barrister, 5 Hare court, Temple
Lowndes Rd. William, insurance broker & foreign agent, 3 St. Michael's alley
Lowndes Thomas Mee, barrister, 2 Harcourt buildings, Temple
Lowndes William Loftus, Q.C. barrister, 7 Old square, Lincolns inn
Lownds Daniel Thomas, brushmaker, 14 High row, Knightsbridge
Lownds James, oil of vitriol maker, near the bridge, Battersea
Lownds John, watchmaker, 15 Upper Berkeley street west
Lowrey Thomas, warehouseman, 91 Watling street
Lowry John Philip, White Hart P.H. 70 Fore street, Limehouse
Lowry Joseph Wilson, engraver, 45 Mary street, Hampstead road
Lowson John, baker, 57 Fetter lane
Lowther Thomas & Son, clock casemaker, 58 Red Lion street, Clerkenwell
Lowther Charles, tailor, 68 Hermitage place, St.John street road
Lowther Elizabeth (Mrs.), Ship & Star P.H. 29 Wapping
Lowther Mary (Miss), ladies' school, 22 Thavies inn, Holborn
Lowther Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Thavies inn, Holbn
Lowther William, stationer & account book maker, 12 Blackfriars
Loxley John, solicitor, see Fry, Loxley & Fry
Loy William, working cutler, 24 King street, Westminster
Loynes William, builder, 89 Old street road
Lozano Manuel Perez, merchant, 36 Crutchedfriars
Lubbock Sir John William, & Co. merchants, 2 St. Mildred's court
Lubbock (Sir John William, bart.), Forrester & Co. bankers, 11 Mansion house street
Lubbock Thomas, White Hart P.H. 1 Butcherhall lane, Newgate street
Lubbock Webster, bricklayer, 72 Little Cadogan place
Luby Patrick J. Nag's Head P.H. 137 Houndsditch
Lucas Brothers, druggist & lozenge maker, 125 Aldersgate street
Lucas Brothers, merchants, 13 Earl street, Blackfriars
Lucas Daniel William, & Co. hemp and flax dealers, 47 Mark lane warehouse, 2 Seething lane
Lucas Daniel William, & Co. ship & insurance agents, 47 Mark lane
Lucas & Harrington, tea dealers & grocers, 19 Panton street, Haymarket, & 113 Borough High street
Lucas John & Co. chemists & mineral water makers, 63 Cheapside
Lucas & Leggett, upholsterers, 35 South Audley street
Lucas & Parkinson, attorneys, 9 Argyle street, Regent street
Lucas, Pope & Shaw, lightermen & custom house agents, 17 Harp lane, Tower street
Lucas Samuel Hayhurst & Son, corn factors, 10 Walbrook, & Old Corn Exchange
Lucas Charles, confectioner, Notting hill High street
Lucas Charles Rose, attorney, 5 Arlington street, Camden town
Lucas Christopher, furrier, &c. 59 Quadrant, Regent street
Lucas Edmund, coal merchant & flour factor, 18 Millbank street, Westminster
Lucas Edwd. Anchor & Hope P.H. Devonshire street, Kennington lane
Lucas Edward, Anchor & Hope P.H. 33 Great Park street, Lambeth
Lucas Edward, dairy, 1 Upper Cleveland street, Fitzroy square
Lucas Francis, cabinet maker, see Goodlad & Lucas
Lucas Francis, barrister, 10 New square, Lincoln's inn
Lucas Frederick, barrister, 6 Catherine street, Strand
Lucas Henry, confectioner, 176 Strand, & 20 Bridge street, Westminster
Lucas Henry, coach joiner, 119 Long acre
Lucas Henry, fruiterer, 21 Brewer street, Somers town
Lucas Henry Hubert, barrister, 4 Paper buildings, Temple
Lucas James, builder, 4 Greenland place, Cromer street, Brunswick square
Lucas John, confectioner, 41 Kensington High street
Lucas John, Gower Arms P.H. 1 Store street, Bedford square
Lucas John, linendraper, 42 Grosvenor row, Pimlico
Lucas John, straw hat maker, 11 Bridge road, Lambeth
Lucas John Edward S. organ builder, Canal road, Kingsland road
Lucas Jonathan, Three Nuns Inn, 11 Aldgate High street
Lucas Joseph, solicitor, 8 Gray's inn square
Lucas Mary (Mrs.), plumber, 9 Butcherhall lane, Newgatest
Lucas Orton, solicitor, l St. Martin's place, Charing cross
Lucas Philip Bennett, surgeon, 8 Manchester street, Manchester square
Lucas Richard, manufacturer of artificial flowers, 1 Bache's row, Charles square, City road
Lucas Richard; scagliola works, see Routledge & Lucas
Lucas Rd. Cockrell, sculptor, 29 Devonshire, Portland place
Lucas Robert, merchant, see Gonne, Lucas & Gribble
Lucas Robert, solicitor, 42 Bloomsbury square
Lucas St.John Welles, surgeon, 53 Brook street, Grosvenor square
Lucas Thomas, Phoenix P.H. 22 1/2 Smith street, King's road, Chelsea
Lucas Thomas, sugar refiner, see Craven & Lucas
Lucas William, brushmaker, 70 Princes road, Lambeth
Lucas William, carman & coal merchant, 78 Wells street & 6 Oxford market
Lucas William, livery stables, Berkeley mews, 74 Upper Berkeley street
Lucas William Owen, surgeon, 9 Taunton place, Regent's park
Lucas William Pierre, Mercers Arms P.H. 17 Mercer street, Long acre
Lucey Charles, lighterman & agent, Cox's quay, Lower Thames street
Lucena James Lancaster, barrister, 4 Garden court, Temple
Lucena Stephen Lancaster, solicitor, 15 Gray's inn square
Lucini Provino, picture frame maker, 91 Leather lane, Holborn
Luck, Bouch & Coath, warehousemen, 7 & 8 Bread street, Cheapside
Luck; Kent & Cumming, upholsterers & carpet warehouse, 68 London wall, & 4 Regent street
Luck Richard & Co. worsted, hosiery & carpet manufacturer, 40 Watling street
Luck Richard & Son, cap & silk hat makers, 50 Watling street
Luck Robert & Co. tobacconist, 85 1/2 London wall
Luck Frederick, merchant, see Engstrom, Luck & Co
Luck Frederick, warehouseman, see Cajie, Luck & Co
Luck George, timber merchant, 6 Seven houses, Trinity street, Rotherhithe
Luck John William, baker, 158 Rotherhithe street
Luckett Henry, coffee rooms, 95 Chancery lane
Luckett Michael, tailor, 8 Great Castle street, Regent street
Luckett William, coffee & dining rooms, 119 Holborn hill
Luckie Brothers & Co. ship & insurance brokers & merchants, 1 Fenchurch street
Luckie Wom. & Son, fishmongers, 27 Upper Marylebone street
Luckie Alexander, baker, 23 Queen street, Mayfair
Luckie Edward, fishmonger,23 Lamb's Conduit street, Foundling
Luckie Henry, poulterer, 84 Great Portland street, Oxford street
Luckie Joseph, pork butcher, 35 Upper Marylebone street
Luckin George, bootmaker, 112 Aldersgate street
Luckins George, millstone manufacturer, see Weeks & Luckins
Lucking John, butcher, 34 Walbrook
Lucquet John B. dancing master,34 York street, Portman square
Lucy Charles, barge builder, &c, 80 Bermondsey wall
Lucy Charles, fishmonger, 17 & 99 Lower Thames street
Lucy John Geo. fish salesman, 10 Darkhouse lane, Billingsgate
Lucy William, fishmonger, 17 & 18 Lower area, Hungerford market
Ludbrook Samuel, brush manufacturer, 79 Leadenhall street
Luden John, hosier, &c. 14 Upper East Smithfield
Luden Frederick, chemist & druggist, 1 City road, Finsbury
Luden Frederick, general outfitter, 167 Ratcliffe highway
Ludgate & Birt, linen drapers, 2 Carthusian street, Charterhouse square
Ludlam Anthony & Joseph B. hosiers, &c. 159 Oxford street
Ludlam Jeffery & Co. hosiers & glovers, 174 Piccadilly
Ludlam & Urquhart(Misses), milliners, 115 New Bond street
Ludlam John, working cutler, l Bowling street, Marylebone
Ludlon Humfrey Thomas, baker & corndealer, 8 York street, Borough market
Ludow David, hosiery manufactory, 164 Oxford street
Ludlow Ebenezer serjeant at law, 2 Serjeant's inn, Chancery lane
Ludlow Edward, hatter, 6 St. George's road, New Kent road
Ludlow Henry, mourning ring maker, & working goldsmith & jeweller, 6 Goswell road, opposite Spencer street
Ludlow William, grocer, &c. 24 Paradise row, Chelsea
Luer Charles, coal merchant, 41 Gower place, Euston square
Luff George & Co. pianoforte maker, 103 Great Russell street, Bloomsbury
Luff Charles, fruiterer, 23 Wells row, Upper street, Islington
Luff Elizabeth (Miss), ladies school, 35 Bethnal green road
Luff John, economical coffeehouse, 34 Brick lane, Spitalfields
Luff (Mrs. & Miss), milliners, 162 Regent street
Luff William, ham & tongue warehouse, 157 High Holborn
Luff William, pawnbroker, 9 Crown street, Finsbury
Luff William, Windmill P.H. 1 Upper Kennington lane
Luff William, Miller, dyer & scourer, 26 Warren street, Fitzroy square
Luffman Alfred, lodging house, 7 Bell's buildings, Salisbury square
Lufkins Charles, stationer & rag dealer, 1 Silver street, Golden square
Lugar Robert, architect, 13 Henrietta street, Brunswick square
Lugg William, dairyman, 28 King street, Soho
Luigi Signor G. professor of the guitar, 694 Charlotte street, Fitzroy square
Luisson George, umbrella manufacturer, 30 Leman street, Goodman's fields
Luke Ann (Mrs.) boarding house, 17 & 18 Thavies inn, Holborn
Luke James, surgeon, 39 Broad street buildings
Luke John, boot & shoe maker, 30 Hedge row, Islington
Luke Thomas, grocer, &c. 4 Holloway place, Holloway
Lukey Nicholas Veall, coal merchant, Milford wharf, Strand
Lukyn Edward, dentist, 85 Cheapside
Lukyn William, dentist, 9 South crescent, Bedford square
Lulham Thomas, tailor, 213 Whitechapel road
Lulham Jane (Mrs.) wine merchant, 8 Neptune street, Rotherhithe
Lum Aubrey, chemist & druggist, see Yeatman & Lum
Lumby Isaac, butcher, 3 Brook's market, Holborn
Lumby John, butcher, 1 Brook's market, Holborn
Lumley & Green, wine merchants, 5 1/2 Pall mall
Lumley Ben. solicitor & parliamentary agent, 46 Parliament street
Lumley Edward, bookseller & publisher, 56 Chancery lane
Lumley Isaac, White Horse P.H. 8 Cornwall road, Stamford street
Lumley John Thomas, cabinetmaker, 13 Lower Chapman street, St. Georges east
Lumley Martha (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 37 Northampton street, Clerkenwell
Lumley Mary (Mrs.) millwright, smith &c, 65 Lower Shadwell
Lumley Mary (Mrs.) potato dealer, Spitalfields market
Lumley Robert, coal merchant, Middle wharf, Great Scotland yard
Lumley Samuel L. engraver, 1 Nottingham place, Whitechapel
Lumley Rt. Wheatley, solicitor, see Oddie, Forster&Lumley
Lummis Ephraim, oil & colorman, 16 Old street, St. Luke's
Lumsden William, baker, 224 Piccadilly
Lunatic Office, Quality court. Chancery lane
Lunatics' Visitors’ Office, 19 Southampton buildings
Lund Christopher, teadealer & grocer, 51 Newgate street
Lund Henry, barrister, 6 Figtree court, Temple
Lund John Richard, watch, &c. maker, see Barrauds' & Lund
Lund Thomas, cutler & writing desk maker, 56 & 57 Cornhill
Lund William, (late Anderson), manufacturer of dressing cases, fine cutlery, & real drilled eyed needles, 24 Fleet street
Lundy Foot & Co. irish snuff manufacturers, 51 Skinner street, Snowhill
Lundy Julian, dyer & scourer, 105 Park street, Camden town
Lunham James & Co. wholesale cheesemongers, 61 & 62 Borough High street
Luming Wm.S. exchange broker, 12 Copthall court, Throgmorton street
Lunn Elizh.(Mrs.), Lillyput Hall P.H. Prospect row, Bermondsey
Lunn George, coffee rooms, 8 Grange road, Bermondsey
Lunn James, fruiterer, 42 Dean street, Soho
Lunn John, upholsterers warehouseman, 10 Marylebone street, Piccadilly
Lunn Joseph, sec. to Society for Relief of Debtors, 7 Craven street
Lunn Thomas, chemist & druggist, 159 Aldersgate street
Lunn William, wholesale slopseller, 16 St. Mary at hill
Lunness Cabel, hair dresser, 35 Somerset street, Aldgate
Lunnis Thomas, dairyman, 13 Little Carter lane, Doctors' commons
Lunniss Caleb, baker, 11 Mansell street, Goodman's fields
Lunson Mary (Mrs.), jeweller, 27 Aldgate High street
Lunt William, coffee rooms, 1 Garnault place, Clerkenwell
Luntley & Dick, printers, 3 New Broad street court, City
Luntley James Philip, druggist, 16 Bread street hill
Luntley Josiah John, jun. auctioneer & undertaker, 63 Shoreditch
Lupton Deacon, escapement maker, 7. Myddelton place, Sadler's wells
Lupton John, livery stables, 16 Alfred mews, Tottenham court road
Lupton John, woollen warehouse, 33 Basinghall street
Lupton Thomas, historical engraver, 4 Keppel street, Russell square
Lupton Thomas, insurance broker, Lloyd's
Lush & Merceron, solicitors, 36 Wellclose square
Lush Hen. grindery warehouse & bootmaker, 39 Carnaby street, Golden square
Lush John, umbrella maker, 44 Ratcliffe highway
Lush Mary (Miss), china & glass dealer, 1 Ball's Pond road
Lush Rt. barrister, 4 Inner Temple lane, & 32 Argyle street, King's crescent
Lush Samuel, china warehouse, 21 Pierpoint row, Islington green
Lush William, beer shop, 243 Borough High street
Lusher James, tailor & draper, see Stone & Lusher
Lushington Henry, barrister, 2 Mitre court buildings, Temple
Lushington Rt. Hon. Stephen, D.C.L. 8 College, Doctors’ commons
Lütge & Benham, wholesale furriers & skinners, 80 Newgate street
Luthbury Maria (Mrs.), Hampshire Hog P.H. 20 Rochester row
Luther Elias, Bolt in Tun tap. Boars head court, 65 Fleet street
Luttley William, White Hart P.H. 2 White Hart street, Drury lane
Luttly Beaumont Charles, attorney, Dyer's hall, 3 College street, Dowgate hill
Lutwidge Robert Wilfred S. barrister, 10 Old square, Lincolns inn
Lutwyche & George, leather dressers, 5 Skinner street, Snowhill
Lutwyche Alfred James P. barrister, 6 Pump court, Temple
Lutwyche Harrold, tailor, 33 Newman street
Lutwyche William, grocer, 16 Dorset street, Portman square
Lutyens Samuel, exchange & e. i. bill broker, 22 Austinfriars
Luxford George & Co. printers & stationers, 65 Ratcliffe highway
Luxford Johm, china & glass dealer, 16 Lisson grove north
Luxmoore Coryndon H. Surgeon dentist, 55 Gordon square, Euston square
Luxmoore William, Edward, pawnbroker, 92 St. Martin's lane
Luxton Hugh, baker, 12 White hart street, Kennington
Luxton John, draper, 19 Munster street, Regent's park
Luxton Thomas, butcher, 122 Goswell street
Lyal & Holland, potato salesmen, see Holland & Lyal
Lyal William, potato salesman, 29 James street, Covent garden
Lyall Brothers & Co. merchants & east india agents, St. Helen's passage
Lyall John & James Baxter, brewers, Swan walk, Chelsea
Lyall George, Horseshoe & Magpie P.H. 25 Middle row, Holborn
Lyall George, merchant, Winchester house, Old Broad street
Lyall Martha (Mrs.), boarding house, 32 Craven street, Strand
Lyas Frederick, coffee rooms, 32 Old Compton street, Soho
Lyas Henry, tailor, 5 Charles street, Westminster road
Lycett & Davies, silk warehousemen, 39 Gutter lane
Lycett John, wholesale glover, 9 Goldsmith street, Cheapside
Lydall Robert, teadealer, 15 Skinner street, Somers' town
Lydall Thomas, wholesale coffee dealer, 10 Three king court, Lombard street
Lyddon William, solicitor, 24 Carey street, Lincoln's inn fields
Lyde James, surgeon apothecary, 31A, Park street, Grosvenor square
Lyde William, solicitor, 33 Bucklersbury
Lydekker Gerard Wolfe, barrister, 4 Hare court, Temple
Lye John, tailor, 28 Great Pulteney street, Golden square
Lye John Gaunt, land surveyor & auctioneer, 14 Clement's inn
Lyel James, cabinet maker, 12 Henrietta street, Manchester square
Lyell William, boot & shoemaker, 17 Little Britain
Lyford Richard, shell fishmonger, 63 Tottenham court road
Lygo John, tailor, 8 Thanet place, Strand
Lying-in Institution, 90 Newman street
Lyle James, purveyor of coffee to the royal family, 17 Old Bond street, Piccadilly
Lyle James, spirit merchant, 3 Upper Fountain place, City road
Lyle William George, solicitor, Warwick chambers, Warwick court, Holborn
Lymington Ann & S. dress makers, 2 Felix terrace, Liverpool road
Lymington Richard Thomas, grocer, 15 Curtain road, Shoreditch
Lynam Henry, merchant, 23 Threadneedle street
Lynch James Henry, portrait painter, 50 Upper Seymour street, Euston square
Lynch Jeremiah, tailor, 3 Terrace, Davies street, Berkeley square
Lynch Jordan Roche, surgeon, 9 King street, Snow hill
Lynch Martin H. physician, 7 Delahay street, Westminster
Lynch Robert, physician, 15 Somerset street, Portman square
Lyndall Oliver, arbitrator & agent, Jerusalem coffee house
Lynde Mary (Miss), linendraper, 16 Clarence place, Hackney road
Lyndon Charles, attorney (at Messrs. Derby & Raven), 2 Harcourt buildings, Temple
Lyndon George, wholesale jeweller, 19 Frith street, Soho
Lyme Francis, wine & general merchant, 12 Mark lane
Lyne George, silk dyer, &c. 90 Wimpole street, Cavendish square
Lyne Henry, stockbroker, 3 Adam's court, Old Broad street
Lyne Lewis Stephens, stockbroker, 4 Old Broad street
Lyne Virgil Stephens, merchant, 4 Old Broad street
Lynes Joseph, tailor; 69 Sun street, Bishopsgate
Lynes William, warehouseman, 26 Milk street, Cheapside
Lynn Ann & Sons, fish factors, 108 & 113 Lower Thames street
Lynn Charles & Co. bootmakers, 297 Kent street, Borough
Lynn James & Son, Duke of Wellington P.H. 20 Coleshill street, Pimlico
Lynn John & James, shell fishmongers, 70 Fleet street
Lynn Charles, leatherseller, 28 Golden lane, Barbican
Lynn John, hatter & umbrella manufacturer, 4 Exmouth street, Clerkenwell
Lynn John, marine painter, 24 Polygon, Clarendon square
Lynn Matthew, tobacconist, 10 Hemming’s row, St. Martin's lane
Lynn William Bewicke, surgeon, 31 Sloane street, Knightsbridge
Lyon, Barnes & Ellis, solicitors, 7 Spring gardens
Lyon John & Thomas & Co. stockbrokers, 2 Birchin lane, Cornhill
Lyon & Sayer, cattle salesmen, see Sayer & Lyon
Lyon William & Joseph, boatbuilders, 21 Stangate,Lambeth
Lyon's Inn, 27 Newcastle street, Strand
Lyon Alexander, baker, 42 Museum street, Bloomsbury
Lyon David, White Lion P.H. 13 Hemming's row, St. Martin's lane
Lyon Frederick G. pianoforte maker 22 Nassau street, Middlesex hospital
Lyon George, butcher, 1 Munster street, Regent's park
Lyon George William, barrister, 1 Brick court, Temple
Lyon Hart, merchant, 1 Bury street, St. Mary axe
Lyon Isaac, italian warehouse, 26 Duke street, Aldgate
Lyon John, boot & shoemaker, 45 King William street, City
Lyon John, boot & shoe warehouse, see Maylim & Lyon
Lyon John, cattle salesman, 41 West Smithfield
Lyon Joseph, boarding house, 4 Falcon street, Aldersgate street
Lyon Lewis, watchmaker, 64 Gray's inn lane
Lyon Thomas, bootmaker, 2 Athol place, Pentonville
Lyon William, lighterman & wharfing. Lyon's wharf, Upper Thames street
Lyon William Alexr. oil & italian warehouse, 1 Upper Barnsbury street, Islingn
Lyon William Thomas, leatherseller, 25 Tavistock street, Covent garden
Lyons Abraham & Saul, merchants, Salvador house, Bishopsgate street
Lyons Frederick L. india rubber manufacturer, 12 Albemarle street, Clerkenwell
Lyons Henry Rt. paperstainer & decorator, 156 High Holborn
Lyons Isaac, umbrella maker, 254 Whitechapel road
Lyons Jacob, furrier, fur & cloth cap maker, hatter, macintosh waterproof clothing & carp.bagmfr. 10 & 11 Wilson street. Finsbury
Lyons Judah, clothes salesman, &c. 27 Crown street, Finsbury
Lyons Moss, floor cloth manufacturer & paperstainer, 6 Lower place, Old Kent road
Lyons Simeon, tailor & draper, 32 Commercial road east
Lyons Thomas, attorney, 9 Devonshire street, Queen square
Lyons Thomas, printing ink maker, see Shackeiss. Lyons ##
Lyre Newspaper, 4 Bridges street, Covent #.
Lys & Mullins, notaries, 1 Great James street, Bedford row
Lys Nicholas, tailor, 9 Cross street, Finsbury
Lys William, hatter, 30 Mile end road
Lysley William John, barrister, 3 Inner Temple lane
Lysnar George, jeweller, 34 Percy street, Tottenham court road
Lysons Richard, bootmaker, 18 Angel street, St. Martin's le grand
Lyus Mary Ann (Mrs.), furnishing undertaker, 10 Tabernacle walk

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