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Wakefields Directory 1794 - brewers, wine & brandy merchants - SY.

The Wakefields Directory in 1794 - just the brewers, wine & brandy merchants, and the odd coffee house etc

Wakefields Directory 1794 AD , EK , LR, SY

Salmon and Hare, brewers, Fore street, Limehouse
J Sambrook, wine and brandy merchant, Peters street, Bloomsbury
G Sanderson, wine and brandy merchant, Butcher row, Temple bar
John Sanderson, brewer, 5 London road, St Georges fields
Edward Scales, brewer, Queen street, Hammersmith
Francis Scotland, wine and brandy merchant, High street, St Giles
Thomas Scotland, brandy merchant, 163 Oxford street
Scott, Idle & Co, wine and brandy merchants, 381 Strand
Scott, White and Ritchie, brewers, Maid lane, southwark
John Scott, wine merchant, 23 Mark lane
Thomas Scrivens, Hotel and tavern, King street, Covent garden
William Sealy, wine merchant, 1 Savah=ge gardens, Tower hill
A M Sewell, wine and brandy merchant, 12 Clare street, Clare market
William Shefford, brewer, Bentick street, Warwick street
Sheppard & Co, brewers, 36 Shoreditch
Sheppard, William and Co, brewers, Stanhope street, Clare market
William Shone, wine and beer merchants, 37 Mincing lane
Sich and Co, brewers, Chiswick, Middlesex
J Simpson, brandy merchant and tea dealer, Prince street, Rotherhithe
John Sirman, wine and brandy merchant, Whitechapel road
James Skinner, distiller and brandy merchant, 34 Aldgate
Stephen Slade, brewer, Ealing common
Slater and Amhurst, brewers, Market street, Westminster
Slater, Harvey and Co, brewers, China walk, Chelsea
John Slee, wine merchant, 96 Borough High street
William Sloman, wine merchant, 56 paternoster row
Smith and Cherrington, wine merchants, 21 Queen street, Cheapside
Smith and Davis, brandy merchants, 5 Bow street, Covent garden
Smith, Fennins and Smith wine merchants, 3 St Pauls church yard
Smith and Howes, distillers and brandy merchants, 5 Little Distaff lane, Old Fish street
Smith and Knowles, distillers, 121 Whitecross street
Smith, Benjamin and Co, brewers, 11 Oxford street
Reuben Smith, wine merchant, 13 Northumberland street, Strand
Thomas Smith, wine and brandy merchant, Bridge street, Blackfriars
Samuel Sorrell, brewer, Rising Sun Brewhouse, Battersea
Thomas South, Red Lion Inn, Staines
William Spencer, wine merchant, 5 Baldwins court, Cloak lane
John Spiller, wine and brandy merchant, 37 Great Surrey street
Godfrey Springall, wine merchant, 133 Upper Thames street
B Spurrier, wine and brandy merchant, 32 Shoemaker row, Blackfriars
R Spyers, brandy merchant, 32 St Thomas street, Southwark
Stainforth, Giborne and Stainforth, wine merchants, 21 Old South Sea House, Broad street
William Staney, wine and brandy merchant, Jewin street, Cripplegate
Starkey and Jennings, brwers, Pultney street, Golden square
Steeles and Tuffin, brandy merchants, 33 Lower Thames street
Thomas Stennet, wine and brandy merchant, 61 Blackman street
W Stephens, wine and brandy merchant, 118 Borough High street
Stert and Plasker, wine merchants, 16 Clifford street, New Bond street
John Stevens and Co,, brewers, Wells yard, St Giles
Stevenson and Homewood, wine merchants, Coal Harbour, Thames street
J Stevenson, wine and brandy merchant, Houghton street, Clare market
Thomas Stewart, wine merchant, 84 New Bond street
John Stirling, brandy merchant, 26 High street, St Giles
Thomas Stockdale, wine merchant, 11 Suffolk street, Charing cross
Seymour Stocker, brewer, Limehouse bridge
Stoke and Co, brewers, Walham green
Henry Stoll, wine and brandy merchant, 57 Frith street, Soho
William Stone, wine and brandy merchant, Panton street, Haymarket
John Stracy and son, distillers, 6 Smithfield bars
Richard Straut, wine merchant, Virginia Coffee house
Henry Streek, wine and brandy merchant, Kensington
Stretton and Preston, pale beer brewers, 395 Oxford street
Samuel Strong, wine and brandy merchant, 12 Carnaby street and 287 Oxford street
Clement Samuel Strong, drug and wine merchant, 4 Pancras lane
Benj Stroud, wine and brandy merchant, 18 Counter street, Southwark
Thomas Stump, brewer, Old Brentford
Strutfield and Son, wine and brandy merchant, 154 Rastcliffe highway
William Sully, brandy merchant, 43 Lime street
M Sumfield, rum and wine brandy merchant, 17 Round court, St Martins le grand
John Surby, brandy merchant, 67 Piccadily
Samuel Swinerton, brandy merchant, 12 Monkwell street, Wood street - Rose
Swinton and Son, wine merchants, 20 Sloane street, Knightsbridge
Humphrey Sydenham, wine merchant, 49 Frith street, Soho
Syms and Merriman, wine merchants, 239 Borough High street
George William Syms, wine merchant, Lawrence lane, Poultney hill
J R Syms, wine merchant, 25 Lawrence lane, Poultney hill
John Tasker, brewer, Dartford, kent
Samuel Taylor, brandy merchant, 92 Holborn
Thomas Taylor, brewer, 42 St Johns street, Smithfield
Christopher Temple, wine and brandy merchant, Bow lane
John Terry, wine merchant, 14 Dowgate hill
Thackery and Lloyd, wine merchants, 65 St James's street
T Theobald, wine and brandy merchant, 11 Great Windmill street
John Thomas, wine merchant, 55 Mark lane
William Thomas, wine merchant, 12 Borough
John Thompson, brewer, Chiswick, Middlesex
John Thompson, wine and brandy merchant, Clare market
Joseph Thompson, wine and brandy merchant, 101 Fetter lane
D Thomson, wine and brandy merchant, Sherrard street, Golden square
John Thorne, wine merchant, 165 Fleet street
Thornton and Co, wine and brandy merchants, 20 Crutched friars
Samuel Thorp, wine merchant, Old Burlington street
Thurbin and Packer, brewers, Harmsworth, Middlesex
A Thwaites, brandy and rum merchant, 14 Cannon street
Joseph Thwaites, wine and brandy merchant, 364 Strand
Timson, Tuffen and Co, brandy merchants, 6 Little Tower street
James Toldervy, brandy merchant, 12 St Michaels alley, Cornhill
Took and Lewis, distillers, 22 Holywell lane, Shoreditch
Mark Tool and Co, wine and brandy merchants, Wapping
Benjamion Topham, wine and brandy merchant, Castle, Richmond
Francis Town, wine and brandy merchant, 24 Holywell street, Shoreditch
William Townsend, and Co, wine merchants, 47 Lime street
Trewennard and Wood, brewers, Salisbury street, Bermondsey
James Trimnell, brewer, Whites grounds, Southwark
Trueman, Read and Co, brewers, Brick lane, Spitalfields
J Tugman, wine and brandy merchant, Cleveland street, Fitzroy square
Tulk and Parker, wine merchants, 35 Crooked lane
John Tulloh, wine merchant, Great castle street, Oxford market
Richard Tunks, brandy merchant, 19 Rood lane, Fenchurch street
J Tuach, wine and brandy merchant, Wandsworth, Surrey
F Tunstall, wine and brandy merchant, Pentonville, near Islington
Unwin, Stonard and Unwin, brewers, Mile end
James Urquhart, wine and brandy merchant, 11 Tottenham court road
A Valangen, wine and brandy merchant, 45 Holborn hill
Gasper Valle, wine merchant, Haymarket
Cornelius Vanmildert, distiller, 21 Blackman street, Southwark
John Varty, brewer, Davies street, Oxford street
John Vaston, brandy merchant, 1 Star court, Bread street
I Venes, wine and brandy merchant, 44 Clipstrone street, Marylebone
William Vevers, wine and brandy merchant, 225 Kent street
Thomas Vickers, wine merchant, Haymarket
Vidal and Tutet, wine merchants, 3 Burrows buildings, Blackfriars road
Manuel Viera, wine merchant, Charles street, Berkley square
Rob Waghorn, rum and brandy merchant, 51 Long lane, Borough
Walden and Shuter, brewers, 23 Old street
Richard Walford, brewer, Goswell street
Walker, Joseph and Benjamin, brewers, Mile end
E Walker, wine and brandy merchant, 41 Piercy street, Rathbone place
Joseph Walker, wine merchant, 72 Blackman street
Robert Walker, wine and brandy merchant, 18 Piccadilly
Thomas Walker, wine merchant, near the Chapel, Golden square
Robert Waller, wine merchant, 8 Idol lane, Tower street
William Walton, wine merchant, 78 London wall
Warburton, Son and Fawcett, distillers, Clare market
R Ward, wine and brandy merchant, 390 Platform, Rotherhithe w
Thomas Ward, distiller, Brick lane, Spitalfields
Edward Warren, wine merchant, Piccadilly
Samuel Watlington, brewer, Fleet market
Watson and Steele, distillers, Woodbridge street, Clerkenwell
John Watson, distiller, 146 St John street
John Watson, wine and brandy merchant, 16 Mincing lane
Jonathan Watson, brewer, Great garden street, Whitechapel
Watts and Fuller, brewers, Hampton town
Watts and Walley, wine and porter merchants, 152 Minories
Webb and Co, brewers, Bowkl yard, Broad street, Bloomsbury
Webb and Miln, brandy merchants and tea dealers, Castle stret, Windsor
Webb and Wilthew, wine merchants, 47 Little Eastcheap
John Webster, distiller, 13 Old Fish street
George Welch, wine and brandy merchant, 185 Drury lane
William West, brewer, Tottenham
James Westhead, brewer, Strand on the Green, Chiswick
M Westmoreland, brewer, Bell Brewhouse, near East lane, Rotherhithe
William Whaite, wine and brandy merchant, 26 Dowgate hill
Wharfe and Bowerbank, distillers, Sun street, Bishopsgate street
Crotchrade Whiffon, brewer, Queen street, Ratcliffe
Samuel Whitbread esq, brewer, 1 Chiswell street
Joseph White, Bush Inn, Staines
Felix Whitmore, Belvidere Brewhouse, Lambeth Marsh
George Whittingstall, brewer, Watford, Herts
William Whittingstall, brewer, Hoddesdon, Herts
Richard Wicks, wine and brandy merchant, 1 John street, Oxford street
Wigan and Theobald, distillers, 51 Charing cross
G Wightman, brandy merchant, Ashleys Punch house, Ludgate hill
Thomas Wigzell, wine merchant, 72
William Wild, wine and brandy merchant, Princes street, Leicester square
Wilde and Sturges, brewers, compton street, Clerkenwell
James Willes, brewer, Lambeth marsh, Surrey
James Willis, wine merchant, Thatched House tavern, James's street
Wilkinson and Brown, wine merchants, 8 Fenchurch street
Edward Wilksinon, wine and brandy merchant, 103 Jermyn street
T Willet, oilmanand brandy merchant, near Rathbone place, Oxford street
William Walsby, brewers, Battersea
J Williams, wine and brandy merchant, Whitcomb street, Leicester square
William Willis, wine merchant, corner of Church street, Soho
James Wilson, wine and brandy merchant, 61 Wapping
John Wilson, wine and brandy merchant, 1 Bull and Mouth street
Martin wilson, brewer, Woolpack alley, Houndsditch
J W Winstanley, wine and brandy merchant, 20 Clare street, Clare market
James Wood, wine and brandy merchant, Old compton street, Soho
R Wood, wine and brandy merchant, 79 Wapping wall
John Wooden, wine merchant, 22 Mount street, Grosvenor square
John Woodham and Co, distillers, 68 Shadwell dock
Simon Wooding, wine merchant, 112 Upper Thames street
Job Woodman, brewer, Watford
Edmund Woods, distiller, 39 Warwick lane
Mary Woods, wine merchant, 5 Ivy lane, Newgate street
J Woodward, wine and brandy merchant, James street, Covent garden
R Woodward, wine and brandy merchant, White Cross street
Francis Wright, brewer, Great Ealing
Thomas Wright, wine merchant, 11 Queen street, Cheapside
Thomas Wright, wine merchant, Hackney
William Wright, wine and brandy merchant, 105 Fleet street
Benjamin Yarnold, brewer, West street, Seven dials, Sohho
J Yates, wine and brandy merchant, 6 Cross lane, St Mary hill
W Yates, wine and brandy merchant, York buildings, Islington
Yeates and Brown, hop and brandy merchant, 2 St Mary hill
Thomas and Noah Young, brewers and brandy merchant, Hertford
Young and Whettall, hop and wine merchant, Cross lane, St Mary hill
Abraham Young, factor and brandy merchant, 11 Smithfield

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