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Rebuilt in 1870, allegedly following a fire which destroyed the original. The New Mill is at the junction of London Road with Waterloo Road / Queen Street - formerly known as Barrack Ground. It is finally demolished about 1970 and would have been where the current Ford car showroom is, and / or under the roundabout of the Romford ring road built at this time.

Residents at this address.

1823-4/James Hunsdon/../../../Pigot's

1826/Louisa Hunsdon/../../../Pigot's

1828-9/Louisa Hunsdon/../../../Pigot's

1832-3/Louisa Hunsdon/../../../Pigot's

1839/Louisa Humsden/../../../Pigot's

1841/Louisa Hunsdon/Inn keeper/60/Essex/Census
1841/Eliza Hunsdon/../25/Essex/Census
1841/Louisa Hunsdon/../24/Essex/Census
1841/Sophia Hunsdon/../22/Essex/Census
1841/John Wood/Lodger, Carpenter/25/../Census
1841/Charles Smith/Lodger, Independant/45/Essex/Census
1841/James Briggs/Lodger, Carpenter/22/../Census
1841/William James/Lodger,Hostler/50/Essex/Census

1845/Miss Eliza Hunsdon/../../../Post Office
1845/Miss Louisa Hunsdon/../../../Post Office

1848/Eliza Hunsdon/../../../White's
1848/Louisa Hunsdon/../../../White's

1851/Miss Louisa Hunsdon/../../../Post Office

1851/James Curran/Licensed Victualler/43/Brighton, Sussex/Census**
1851/Mary Curran/Wife/48/Marylebone, Middlesex/Census**
1851/Alice T. Savage/Niece/18/Woolwich, Kent/Census**
1851/Sarah Savage/Niece/7/Woolwich, Kent/Census**
1851/Sarah Barton/House Servant/25/Ongar, Essex/Census**

1855/J. Curran/../../../Kelly's*

John Rich is at the Liberty Arms prior to being a victualler at the New Mill.

1861/John Rich/Licensed Victualler/66/Romford, Essex/Census
1861/Elizabeth Rich/Wife/66/Romford, Essex/Census
1861/Sarah A Noble/GrandDaughter/10/Romford, Essex/Census
1861/Elizabeth Noble/GrandDaughter/6/Romford, Essex/Census
1861/Ann Gladwell/Servant, Widow/40/Romford, Essex/Census
1861/James Listerfield/Lodger, Agr Labourer/83/Romford, Essex/Census
1861/James Courtney/Lodger,Drover/36/Bristol, Somerset/Census
1861/William James/Lodger, Brewery Labourer/25/Romford, Essex/Census

1862/John Rich/../../../Kelly's

1863/John Rich/../../../White's

1867/John Rich/../../../Post Office

1870/John Rich/../../../Kelly's

1871/John Rich/../../../Post Office

I am interested in the New Mill, as my great-great-grandfather, John Rich was licensee  until his death in 1872, when his wife Eliza took over the licence until 1874. The Essex Pubs website states that the Pub was rebuilt in 1870 following a fire, and naturally I was very interested in that fact as John Rich was licensee in 1870. However, after much searching of the newspaper archives I have finally found a report of the incident, which took place on Thursday 30 May 1878 (by which time the pub had been taken over by Mrs Emma Halden). One man died in the fire. *

1871/John Rich/Cattle Dealer & Inn Keeper/55/Romford, Essex/Census
1871/Eliza Rich/Wife/55/Romford, Essex/Census
1871/Charles Rich/Son, Drover/24/Romford, Essex/Census
1871/Eliza Rich/Daughter, Assistant/19/Romford, Essex/Census
1871/Albert Rich/Son/15/Romford, Essex/Census
1871/Mary Ann Rich/Daughter/13/Romford, Essex/Census
1871/William Rouse/Nephew/4/Mile End, Middlesex/Census
1871/Annie Young/Domestic Servant/15/Romford, Essex/Census
1871/Thomas Laver/Lodger, Sawyer, Widow/56/Billericay, Essex/Census
1871/George Bun/Lodger, Millwright/30/../Census
1871/George James/Lodger, Carpenter/27/Romford, Essex/Census
1871/George Smith/Lodger, Drover/63/Romford, Essex/Census
1871/William Sayers/Lodger, Carpenter/59/Romford, Essex/Census
1871/Harriet Sayers/Lodger Wife/61/Romford, Essex/Census

30/08/1872/Eliz Rich/../../../Petty Sessions Victuallers Records

1874/Mrs. Eliza Rich/../../../Kelly's

30/08/1874/Emma Halden/../../../Petty Sessions Victuallers Records

24/08/1876/William Norman/../../../Petty Sessions Victuallers Records

1878/Mrs. Emma Norman/../../../Kelly's

21/10/1880/JGeorge Allen/../../../Petty Sessions Victuallers Records

1881/George Allen/Licensed Victualler/49/Harpenden, Hertford/Census
1881/Sarah A. Allen/Wife/45/Dagenham, Essex/Census
1881/Alice Bennett/Niece/13/Barking, Essex/Census
1881/Jane Twitchet/General Servant/16/Southwold, Essex/Census
1881/Benjamin Archer/Boarder, Agricultural Labourer/50/Dagenham, Essex/Census
1881/John Newman/Boarder, Shoe Maker/62/Suffolk/Census
1881/Middleton Newman/Boarder, Agricultural Labourer/16/Suffolk/Census
1881/William Burrel/Boarder, Agricultural Labourer/21/Hornchurch, Essex/Census
1881/Thomas Harrill/Boarder, Sawyer/40/Romford, Essex/Census
1881/William Richardson/Boarder, Agricultural Labourer/49/Prittlewell, Essex/Census
1881/Henry Smith/Boarder, Agricultural Labourer/55/Fatley St., Essex/Census
1881/Samuel Shepherd/Boarder, Agricultural Labourer/75/Romford, Essex/Census
1881/William Basley/Boarder, Agricultural Labourer/65/Stanford Rivers, Essex/Census
1881/Shadrack Fisher/Boarder, Agricultural Labourer/59/Colchester, Essex/Census
1881/James Fisher/Boarder, Agricultural Labourer/17/Colchester, Essex/Census
1881/John McDonald/Boarder, Tailor/47/Ayr, Scotland/Census
1881/Mark Anderman/Boarder, Tailor/67/Romford, Essex/Census

1882/George Allan/../../../Kelly's

15/06/1882/George Saggers/../../../Petty Sessions Victuallers Records

1886/George Saggers/../../../Kelly's

1890/George Saggers/../../../Kelly's

1891/George Saggers/Publican/38/Romford, Essex/Census
1891/Elizabeth Saggers/Wife/38/Dagenham, Essex/Census
1891/Sarah Saggers/Daughter, Barmaid/16/Romford, Essex/Census
1891/George Saggers/Son/10/Romford, Essex/Census
1891/Elizabeth Saggers/Daughter/9/Romford, Essex/Census
1891/Jack Saggers/Son/8/Romford, Essex/Census
1891/James Saggers/Son/5/Romford, Essex/Census
1891/Thomas Saggers/Son/2/Romford, Essex/Census
1891/Robert Muster/Boarder, Draper/37/Colchester, Essex/Census
1891/William Burrell/Boarder, Farm Labourer/35/Hornchurch, Essex/Census
1891/William Rayment/Boarder, Sawyer/56/Burnham, Essex/Census
1891/William Read/Boarder, Carpenter/57/Haverhill, Suffolk/Census
1891/James Sparks/Boarder, Farm Labourer/33/England/Census
1891/George Webb/Boarder, Gardeners Labourer/57/?, Hertfordshire/Census
1891/William Mandard/Boarder/10/Norfolk/Census
1891/William Richardson/Boarder, Farm Labourer/62/Radwell, Essex/Census
1891/William Dawes/Boarder, Farm Labourer/31/Ilford, Essex/Census

21/04/1892/Mary Wackrill, sole executor of Richard Cockrill, deceased April 21 1892/../../../Petty Sessions Victuallers Records

14/07/1892/George Allen/../../../Petty Sessions Victuallers Records

09/07/1896/Henry Bannister/../../../Petty Sessions Victuallers Records

29/10/1896/Mary Alice South/../../../Petty Sessions Victuallers Records

26/11/1896/Mary Alice South/../../../Petty Sessions Victuallers Records

15/04/1897/Edmund Smith/../../../Petty Sessions Victuallers Records

1898/Edmund Smith/../../../Kelly's

1899/Edmund Smith/../../../Kelly's

1901/Edmund Smith/Licensed Victualler/43/Woolwich, London/Census**
1901/Emily Smith/Wife/38/Cheshunt, Herts/Census**
1901/Henry E. Smith/Son/5/Romford, Essex/Census**
1901/Henry Smith Sen./Boarder, Retired Licensed Victualler/65/Layer Marney, Essex/Census**
1901/John Kentish/Boarder/13/Deptford, Essex/Census**
1901/Marianne Sammes/Barmaid/21/Ongar, Essex/Census**
1901/John Barber/Potman/18/Wethersfield, Essex/Census**
1901/Agnes Bird/Servant/19/Squirrels Heath, Essex/Census**
1901/John Game/Boarder, Cowman/45/Romford, Essex/Census**

09/01/1902/Edwin Light/../../../Petty Sessions Victuallers Records

1902/Edwin Light/../../../Kelly's

1906/Edwin Light/../../../Kelly's

1908/James Edward Yull/../../../Kelly's

1910/James Edward Yull/../../../Kelly's

1911/James Edward Yull/Licensed Victualler, Widow/58/Romford, Essex/Census
1911/Henrietta/Daughter, Housekeeper/32/Romford, Essex/Census
1911/Albert/Son, Potman/30/Romford, Essex/Census
1911/Alexander Westbrook/Barman/18/New Maldon, Surrey/Census

1912/James Edward Yull/../../../Kelly's

1914/James Edward Yull/../../../Kelly's

1917/James Edward Yull/../../../Kelly's

1922/James Edward Yull/../../../Kelly's

1925/James Edward Yull/../../../Kelly's

1929/Richard Chapple/../../../Kelly's

1933/Percy A. Humphrey/../../../Kelly's

1937/Arthur A. Rush/../../../Kelly's

My mother, Lilian Beatrice Ethel Gough (nee Rush), was born in 1919 at the Stack Rock, Allen Road, Stoke Newington. pub.
It was owned by my grandmother, Lilian Maud Rush (nee Sayers), who I recall well and fondly from my & her days at “The Old Ship”, Aveley Essex; during and after WW II. In 1928 my grandparents took the “Cowley Arms” pub, at 483 High Road, Leytonstone where I was born in 1934. Here my Dad, Peter Francis Gough got his first job after emigrating from Drogheda, Ireland. He was employed as barman by my grandparents, Lilian & Arthur Rush and met their daughter, Lilian Beatrice Rush, my Mother. They them moved on to the New Mill, Romford from about 1937; before taking on the Old Ship at Aveley at the beginning of the war. *

* Provided By Peter Gough

** Provided by CG

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