London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

Artists Rifles :1917 October 30th (Passchendaele), Killed in Action, Died of wounds, etc.

Chronological Roll of Honour.

Oct. 30. Officers, N.C.Os. and Men, 1 /Artists, killed in action or died of wounds received in attack on Passchendaele.

BARE, Capt. Arnold Edwin, M. V.O.
CHETWOOD, Capt. Ernest Stanley
DICKINSON, Capt. Rev. Harry, C.F. (R.A.C.D. attached)
HASLAM, Lieut. James
HOWE, 2/Lieutenant Arnold Ewart
WILLIAMS, Capt. Gordon, R. V.M.

ABURN, Pte. Edward Mark AMOS, Pte. Alfred Reginald
ADAMS, Cpl. Leslie Robert ANDERSON, Pte. Henry Campbell
ALDOUS, Pte. Harold Edward ANTILL, L/Cpl. Thomas Tabrah
ALEXANDER, Pte. Thomas Henry ARMES, Pte. Frederick William
ALLUM, Pte. John ASHBY, Pte. William Ewart
AMOS, Pte, Alfred Reginald
ANDERSON, Pte, Henry Campbell
ANTILL L/Cpl. Thomas TabrahASHFORD, Pte. Reginald Edwin
ARMES Pte, Frederick William
ASHBY Pte William Ewart
ASHFORD, Pte Reginald Edwin
BAILEY, L/Cpl. John Arthur
BAKER, Pte. Frank Farmer
BARCLAY, L/Cpl. Robert Herman
BARKER, Pte. Ernest
BARNACLE, Pte. Herbert Frederick
BAUGH, Pte. Arthur William
BEARNE, L/Cpl. Aubrey Duncan
BELL, L/Cpl. Samuel Frederick
BENBOW, Pte. John Henry
BOWEN-ROWLANDS, Pte. Cyril Francis Wogan
BROWN, L/Cpl. Harold Burgess
BROWN, Pte. Walter Ralfe
BRUNT, Pte. Edgar
BUTLER, Pte. Ottiwell Hastings Stanhope
BRYNE, L/Cpl. Paul Stanislaus
CALDER, Pte. Gilbert James
CHAPMAN, L/Cpl. Robert Leonard
CHISHOLM, Pte. Douglas Wilson
CHITTY, Pte. Alfred Charles
COLBORNE, Pte. Reginald
COMMON, L/Cpl. Thomas
CONINGSBY, Pte. Herbert Arthur
Cox, Pte. George Percy Linford
CRAWFORD, Pte. Ernest George
CROWDER, Pte. Robert Ashley
CUMMINGS, Pte, Alexander Gordon
DALZIEL, Sgt. Thomas
DAVIS, Pte, Jeffery Osborn
DAWES, Pte. Harold Henry
DAWS, Sgt. Arthur
DIXON, Pte. Clement Arthur
EDWARDS, Pte. Harry
EGERTON, Pte. John Howard
EVERETT, Pte. Stanley
FARR, Pte. Frederick James
FENNER, Pte. Percy Geddes
FISK, Pte. Herbert Hemming
FLINDERS, Pte. John James
FORDE, Pte. James Herbert
FREAKER, Sgt. Allan Lionel
GERRARD, L/Cpl. Frederick William
GETHING, Pte. Stanley
GODSON, Pte. Stanley Frederick Thomas
GOODING, Pte. Richard John
GRACE, Cpl. William Henry
GREEN, Pte. Arthur Bowden
HAMMOND, Pte. Lionel Goodesham
HARTLEY, L/Cpl. William Cecil
HAY, Pte. Robert McDonald
HAYPON, Pte. Frederick William
HENDERSON, Pte. Ernest Spring
HENLEY, Pte. Frank James
HERON, Pte. Victor Hampden
HEWITT, Pte. Alexander Horn
HILL, Pte. Joseph Alfred
HORROCKS, Pte. James George
HOUSDEN, L/Cpl. Arthur Thomas
HUMPLEBY, Pte. Ernest Stuart
HUTT, Pte. Hugh Richard
JACKSON, Sgt. Kenneth Stuart
JOHNSON, L/Cpl. Charles Eric
JOHNSTON, Pte. Duncan Charles Bain
JOHNSTON, Pte. William
KEILY, Pte. Robert Edward
KELLY, Pte. Cecil Urban Fleetwood
KENNETT, L/Cpl. Percy William
KERRIDGE, Pte. Charles Duncan
KING, Pte. James William
LAFFORD, Sgt. Wilfred John
LLEWELLYN, Pte. Thomas George
MALSOM, Pte. Frederick George
MANBY, Cpl. Cyril John
MASKREY, Pte. Harold
MAUDSLEY, Cpl. Harry Dean
MCLAREN, Pte. Andrew Charles
MERTENS, Pte. Edgar Herbert
MESSERVY, L/Sgt. Edmund Sydney
MILLER, Pte. William Erin
MILLS, Pte. Leonard George Edwin
MILNE, L/Cpl. Norman
MOORE, Pte. Joseph Arthur
MOORE, Ptp. Reginald Frank
MORRIS, L/Cpl. James Outram
Moss, Pte. Montague Alfred
MOUNTCASTLE, Pte. Herbert William
MURPHY, Pte. George Maurice
MURRAY, Pte. Edward Frank
NOEL, Pte. Henry William Edgar
O'DONOGHUE, L/Cpl. Dennis Alfred
O'DONOGHUE, L/Cpl. Reginald Charles SPRINGTHORPE, Pte. William Francis
ONGLEY, Pte. Reginald Douglas STAINES, Pte. William James
PALMER, L/Cpl. Edward Durcarel STURGES, Pte. Montague Edgar
PARADISE, Pte. John TAYLOR, Cpl. Philip Herbert
PEERLESS, Pte. Charles Leonard TRENBATH, Pte. Frederick Taylor
PERKINS, Pte. William Edward TULLY, Cpl. Patrick Joseph
PHILLIPS, Sgt. Norman WALKER, Pte. Thomas Foskett
PHILLIPS, L/Cpl. William Henry WEAVILL, Pte. Edward Kilner
PRIESTLY, L/Cpl. Donald Lacey WHICHELOW, Pte. Thomas
PURNELL, Pte. Stanley WILDSMITH, Pte. George Frederick
REAM, Pte. Norman Scholes WILKINS, Pte. Sidney Ernest
REDMAN, Pte. Claude Stansfield WILLCOX, Pte. Alfred Octavius
RENSHAW, Pte. Eric Glyn WILLIAMS, Pte. Harry Percy Garrons
SHARMAN, Pte. Bertie Thomas WILLIAMS, Sgt. Henry Bancroft
SHEA, Pte. William Devereux WILLIAMS, Pte. Thomas Howard
SORRELL, Pte. Clarence Edward WRIGHT, Cpl. Ernest William*
SPENCER, Pte. Edwin Dowsing
SPRINGTHORPE, Pte William Francis
STAINES, Pte William James
STURGES, Pte Montague Edgar
TAYLOR, Cpl Philip Herbert
TRENBATH, Pte Frederick Taylor
TULLY, Cpl Patrick Joseph
WALKER, Pte Thomas Foskett
WEAVILL, Pte Edward Kilner
WILDSMITH, Pte George Frederick
WILKINS, Pte Sidney Ernest
WILLCOX Pte Alfred Octavius
WILLIAMS Pte, Harry Percy Garrons
WILLIAMS Sgt Henry Bancroft
WILLIAMS Pte Thomas Howard
WRIGHT, Cpl Ernest William *

* Died of wounds

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