London 1746 Rocques map
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London Streets in 1938 - WC2 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Adam Street WC2
Adelaide Place WC2
Adelaide Street WC2
Adelphi Terrace WC2
Africa House, Kingsway WC2
Agar Street WC2
Aldwych WC2
Arne Street WC2
Arundel Street WC2
Australia House WC2
Bank Chambers, High Holborn WC2
Bear Street WC2
Bedford Street WC2
Bedfordbury WC2
Bell Yard WC2
Betterton Street WC2
Bishop's Court WC2
Bow Street WC2
Brettenham House, Lancaster Place WC2
Broad Court WC2
Brydges Place WC2
Buckingham Street WC2
Bucknall Street WC2
Bull Inn Court WC2
Burleigh Street WC2
Bush House WC2
Cambridge Circus WC2
Cambridge Circus Chambers, Shaftesbury Avenue WC2
Carey Street WC2
Carlton Mansions, Shaftesbury Avenue WC2
Carrier Street WC2
Carting Lane WC2
Catherine Street WC2
Cecil Court WC2
Chancery Lane WC2
Chandos Place WC2
Charing Cross Hospital, Agar Street WC2
Charing Cross Mansions, St. Martin's Lane WC2
Charing Cross Road WC2
Charing Cross Station WC2
Chichester Rents WC2
Clare Market WC2
Clark's Buildings WC2
Clement's Inn WC2
Clement's Inn Passage WC2
Conduit Court WC2
Covent Garden Market WC2
Cranbourn Alley WC2
Cranbourn Street WC2
Craven Passage WC2
Craven Street WC2
Crown Court, Chancery Lane WC2
Crown Court, Drury Lane WC2
Cubitt's Yard, James Street WC2
Denmark Place WC2
Denmark Street WC2
Devereux Court WC2
Drury Lane WC2
Dryden Street WC2
Duke Street WC2
Duncannon Street WC2
Durham Hill WC2
Durham House Street WC2
Dyott Mews WC2
Earlham Street WC2
Earnshaw Street WC2
Embankment Place WC2
Endell Street WC2
Essex Street WC2
Excel Court, Whitcombe Street WC2
Exchange Court WC2
Exeter Street WC2
Flitcroft Street WC2
Floral Street WC2
French Hospital, Shaftesbury Avenue WC2
Garrick Street WC2
Gate Street WC2
George Court WC2
Golden Cross House, Duncannon Street WC2
Goodwin's Court WC2
Grand Arcade, Strand WC2
Grand Buildings, Strand WC2
Grange Court WC2
Grape Street WC2
Great Newport Street WC2
Great Queen Street WC2
Green Street WC2
Greyhound Court WC2
Hanover Place WC2
Heathcock Court, Strand WC2
Henrietta Street WC2
Hop Gardens WC2
Houghton Street WC2
Howard Street WC2
Hungerford Lane WC2
India House WC2
Inigo Place WC2
Institute of Electrical Engineers, Victoria Embankment WC2
James Street WC2
John Street WC2
Kean Street WC2
Keeley Street WC2
Kemble Street WC2
King Edward's Mansions, Shaftesbury Avenue WC2
King Street WC2
King's College WC2
Kingsway WC2
Lancaster Place WC2
Langley Court WC2
Langley Street WC2
Law Courts, The WC2
Lawrence Place WC2
Lazenby Court WC2
Leicester Court WC2
Leicester Place WC2
Leicester Square WC2
Leicester Street WC2
Lincoln's Inn WC2
Lincoln's Inn Fields WC2
Lindsay House WC2
Lisle Street WC2
Litchfield Street WC2
Little Essex Street WC2
Little Newport Street WC2
Long Acre WC2
Long's Court, St. Martin's Street WC2
Lower Adam Street WC2
Lower Roadway WC2
Lower Robert Street WC2
Lumley Court WC2
Macklin Street WC2
Maiden Lane WC2
Mart Street WC2
Martlett Court WC2
Mathews Yard, Short's Gardens WC2
May's Buildings WC2
Melbourne Place WC2
Mercer Avenue WC2
Mercer Street WC2
Milford Lane WC2
Monmouth Street WC2
Montreal Place WC2
National Gallery, The WC2
Neal Street WC2
Neal's Yard WC2
New Compton Street WC2
New Court, Carey Street WC2
New Square WC2
New Street WC2
Newman's Row WC2
Newport Court WC2
Newton Street WC2
Norfolk Street WC2
North Row WC2
Northumberland Avenue WC2
Northumberland Street WC2
Nottingham Court WC2
Old Square WC2
Orange Street WC2
Outer Temple WC2
Pacific Court WC2
- cannot find Parker Street WC2
Penley Court, Strand WC2
Phoenix Street WC2
Portsmouth Street WC2
Portugal Street WC2
Quality Court, Chancery Lane WC2
Queen Alexandra Mansions, Shaftesbury Avenue WC2
Railway Approach WC2
Remnant Street WC2
Robert Street WC2
Rose Street WC2
Royal Courts of Justice WC2
Royal Dental Hospital, Leicester Square WC2
Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital, Broad Street WC2
Russell Chambers, Covent Garden Market WC2
Russell Street WC2
St. Clement's Lane WC2
St. Giles High Street WC2
St. Giles Passage WC2
St. John's Hospital for Diseases of The Skin, Incorporated, Leicester Square WC2
St. Martin's Court WC2
St. Martin's Lane WC2
St. Martin's Place WC2
St. Martin's Street WC2
St. Paul's Hospital, Endell Street WC2
St. Peter's Hospital, Henrietta Street WC2
Sardinia Street WC2
Savoy Hill WC2
Savoy Place WC2
Savoy Row WC2
Savoy Street WC2
Savoy Way WC2
Seaton Mansions, Shaftesbury Avenue WC2
Serle Street WC2
Shaftesbury Avenue: remainder WC2
Shaldon Mansions, Charing Cross Road WC2
Sheffield Street WC2
Sheffield Street Hospital, Sheffield Street WC2
Shell Mex House, Strand WC2
Shelton Street WC2
Short's Gardens WC2
Slingsby Place WC2
Smart's Place WC2
Somerset House WC2
Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane WC2
Southampton Street, Strand WC2
Stacey Street WC2
Star Yard WC2
Stone Buildings WC2
Strand WC2
Strand Lane WC2
Stukeley Street WC2
Surrey House, Approach Road WC2
Surrey Steps WC2
Surrey Street WC2
Tavistock Street WC2
Temple Place WC2
Tower Court WC2
Tower Street WC2
Trafalgar Square: remainder WC2
Tweezer's Alley WC2
Upper St. Martin's Lane WC2
Victoria Embankment: part WC2
Villiers Street WC2
Water Street WC2
Watergate Walk WC2
Wellington Street WC2
West Street WC2
Westminster City Hall WC2
Westminster County Court WC2
Whetstone Park WC2
Whitcomb Court, Whitcomb Street WC2
Whitcomb Street WC2
Wild Court WC2
Wild Street WC2
William IV Street WC2
York Buildings WC2
York Street WC2