London 1746 Rocques map
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London Streets in 1938 - W9 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Aberdeen Court W9
Abourne Street W9
Alexandra Court W9
Amberley Mews W9
Amberley Road W9
Ashmore Road W9
Ashworth Mansions W9
Ashworth Road W9
Barnsdale Road W9
Barnsdale Yard W9
Biddulph Mansions W9
Biddulph Road W9
Blomfield Court W9
Blomfield Road W9
Braden Street W9
Bradiston Road W9
Bravington Place W9
Bravington Road W9
Bristol Gardens W9
Bristol Mews W9
Castellain Road W9
Chippenham Mews W9
Chippenham Road W9
Claremont Road W9
Clarendon Court W9
Clarendon Gardens W9
Clarendon Terrace, Portsdown Road W9
Cleveland Mansions, Widley Road W9
Clifton Gardens W9
Clifton Road W9
Clifton Villas W9
Clive Court W9
Coomassie Road W9
Cropthorne Court W9
Croxley Road W9
Delaware Road W9
Denholme Road W9
Edbrooke Road W9
Edensor Gardens W9
Edensor Place W9
Elgin Avenue W9
Elgin Mews North W9
Elgin Mews South W9
Elnathan Mews W9
Errington Road W9
Essendine Road W9
Fermoy Road W9
Fernhead Road W9
Fordingley Road W9
Formosa Street W9
Foscote Mews W9
Goldney Road W9
Grantully Road W9
Great Western Road: 1 to 37 and 2 to 56 W9
Grittleton Road W9
Harrow Road: 283 to 421A and 324 to 570 W9
Hormead Road W9
Hospital for Epilepsy and Paralysis, Maida Vale W9
Kennet Road W9
Kilburn Lane: remainder W9
Lanark Mews W9
Lanark Place W9
Lanark Road W9
Lanhill Road W9
Lauderdale Road W9
London Lock Hospital, (Female), Harrow Road W9
Lydford Road W9
Macroom Road W9
Maida Vale W9
Marban Place W9
Marban Road W9
Marylands Road W9
Morshead Mansions W9
Morshead Road W9
Oakington Road W9
Paddington Hospital, Harrow Road W9
Pindock Mews W9
Portnall Road W9
Portsdown Road W9
Randolph Crescent W9
Randolph Mews W9
Randolph Road W9
Rodborough Mews W9
Rodney Court W9
Rundell Road W9
St. Luke's Yard, Bravington Road W9
Saltram Crescent W9
Sandringham Court W9
Sevington Street W9
Shirland Mews W9
Shirland Road W9
Southwold Mansions W9
Surrendale Place W9
Sutherland Avenue W9
Tamplin Mews W9
Thorngate Road W9
Vale Court W9
Walterton Road W9
Warlock Road W9
Warrington Crescent W9
Warrington Gardens W9
Warwick Avenue: remainder W9
Warwick Mews W9
Warwick Place W9
Western Mews W9
Widley Road W9
Windsor Gardens W9
Woodfield Crescent W9
Woodfield Gardens W9
Woodfield Place W9
Woodfield Road W9
Wymering Mansions W9
Wymering Road W9