London 1746 Rocques map
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London Streets in 1938 - W8 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Abingdon Court W8
Abingdon Gardens W8
Abingdon Road W8
Abingdon Villas W8
Adam and Eve Mews W8
Airlie Gardens W8
Albert Mews W8
Albert Place, Victoria Road W8
Allen Street W8
Ansdell Street W8
Ansdell Terrace W8
Argyll Road W8
Aubrey Road W8
Aubrey Walk W8
Bedford Gardens W8
Berkeley Gardens W8
Blithfield Street W8
Brunswick Gardens W8
Callcott Street W8
Cambridge Place W8
Campden Grove W8
Campden Hill W8
Campden Hill Court W8
Campden Hill Gardens W8
Campden Hill Road W8
Campden Hill Square W8
Campden House Chambers W8
Campden House Court W8
Campden House Mews W8
Campden House Terrace W8
Campden Street W8
Canning Place W8
Canning Place Mews W8
Carmel Court, Holland Street W8
Cheniston Gardens W8
Church Close W8
Church Court W8
Church Walk W8
Cope Place W8
Cottesmore Gardens W8
Dartmoor Street W8
De Vere Cottages W8
De Vere Gardens W8
De Vere Mews W8
Derry Street W8
Douro Place W8
Drayson Mews W8
Duchess of Bedford's Walk W8
Duke's Lane W8
Duke's Lane Mansions W8
Earl's Court Road: 1 to 109 and 2 to 138 W8
Earl's Terrace W8
Earl's Walk W8
Edge Street W8
Edwardes Place W8
Edwardes Square W8
Edwardes Square Mews W8
Eldon Road W8
Essex Villas W8
Farm Place W8
Farmer Street W8
Gloucester Walk W8
Gordon Place W8
Gregory Place, Holland Street W8
Hillsleigh Road W8
Holland Place W8
Holland Street W8
Hornton Place W8
Hornton Street W8
Hyde Park Gate: part W8
Inkerman Terrace, Allen Street W8
Inverness Gardens W8
Iverna Court W8
Iverna Gardens W8
Jameson Street W8
Johnson Street W8
Kelso Place W8
Kensington Church Street W8
Kensington Court W8
Kensington Court Gardens W8
Kensington Court Place W8
Kensington Gardens: part W8
Kensington Gate W8
Kensington High Street: 1 to 353 and 2 to 280 W8
Kensington Palace W8
Kensington Palace Avenue W8
Kensington Palace Gardens W8
Kensington Place W8
Kensington Road: part W8
Kensington Square W8
Kingsley Mews W8
Launceston Place W8
Lexham Gardens W8
Lexham Gardens Mews W8
Lexham Mews W8
Logan Mews W8
Logan Place W8
Lucerne Mews, The Mall W8
Mall, The W8
Mall Cottages W8
Marloes Road W8
Melbury Court W8
Melon Place, Church Street W8
Newcombe Street W8
Newton Court, Church Street W8
Observatory Gardens W8
Old Court Place W8
Palace Avenue W8
Palace Gardens Mansions W8
Palace Gardens Mews W8
Palace Gardens Terrace W8
Palace Gate W8
Palace Green W8
Pater Street W8
Peel Passage W8
Peel Street W8
Pembroke Gardens W8
Pembroke Mews W8
Pembroke Place W8
Pembroke Road W8
Pembroke Square W8
Pembroke Villas W8
Pembroke Walk W8
Pennant Mews, Marloes Road W8
Phillimore Gardens W8
Phillimore Place W8
Phillimore Terrace, Allen Street W8
Phillimore Walk W8
Pitt Street W8
Prince of Wales Terrace W8
Rabbit Row W8
Radley Mews W8
Railway Arches W8 - cannot find
St. Alban's Grove W8
St. Mary Abbot's Hospital, Marloes Road W8
St. Mary Abbot's Place W8
Scarsdale Villas W8
Shaftesbury Mews W8
Shaftesbury Villas, Allen Street W8
Sheffield Terrace W8
South Edwardes Square W8
South End W8
South End Gardens W8
South End Row W8
Stafford Terrace W8
Stanford Road W8
Stratford Avenue W8
Stratford Road W8
Strathmore Gardens W8
Sunningdale Gardens W8
Thackeray Street W8
Thorney Court, Palace Gate W8
Tor Gardens W8
Upper Phillimore Gardens W8
Upper Phillimore Place W8
Uxbridge Street W8
Vicarage Gardens W8
Vicarage Gate W8
Victoria Grove W8
Victoria Road W8
Warwick Close W8
West Mall W8
Wright's Lane W8
Wynnstay Gardens W8
York House Place W8
Young Street W8