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London Streets in 1938 - W6 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Adeney Road W6
Adie Road W6
Agate Road W6
Albert Mews W6
Albert Terrace W6
Albion Gardens W6
Aldensley Road W6
Amor Road W6
Ancill Street W6
Angel Walk W6
Argyle Place, King Street W6
Aspen Place W6
Aspenlea Road W6
Astrop Mews, The Grove W6
Astrop Terrace, The Grove W6
Atwood Road W6
Averill Street W6
Banim Street W6
Barb Mews W6
Batoum Gardens W6
Bayonne Road W6
Beadon Road W6
Beauclerc Road W6
Beavor Grove W6
Beavor Lane W6
Benbow Road W6
Berestede Road W6
Beryl Road W6
Biscay Road W6
Black Lion Lane W6
Black's Road W6
Bothwell Street W6
Bowfell Road W6
Brackenbury Gardens W6
Brackenbury Road W6
Bradmore Grove W6
Bradmore Lane W6
Bradmore Park Road W6
Brecon Road W6
Bridge Avenue W6
Britannia Court, Fulham Palace Road W6
Broadway Arcade W6
Brook Green W6
Brook Green Place W6
Brook Green Road W6
Brunswick Terrace W6
Burfield Street W6
Bute Gardens W6
Butterswick Cottages, Great Church Lane W6
Cambridge Grove W6
Cannon Place W6
Cardross Street W6
Caroline Walk W6
Carthew Road W6
Carthew Villas W6
Chancellor's Road W6
Chancellor's Street W6
Chelmsford Street W6
Claxton Grove W6
Claybrook Road W6
College Court W6
Colvin Street W6
Colwith Road W6
Coulter Road W6
Crefeld Road W6
Crisp Road W6
Cromwell Avenue W6
Cromwell Grove W6
Dalling Road W6
Dawson Street W6
Delorme Street W6
Digby Mansions W6
Disbrowe Road W6
Distillery Lane W6
Dorville Crescent W6
Down Place W6
Eden Row W6
Edmund's Place W6
Ellaline Road W6
Elmdale Street W6
Elric Street W6
Everington Street W6
Eyot Gardens W6
Eyot Terrace W6
Felgate Mews, Studland Street W6
Field Road W6
Flora Gardens W6
Foreman Court W6
Francis Street W6
Fulham Hospital, St. Dunstan's Road W6
Fulham Palace Road: 1 to 211 and 2 to 224 W6
Furber Street W6
Galena Road W6
Garvan Road W6
Gastein Road W6
Glenthorne Road W6
Goldhawk Road: remainder W6
Great Church Lane W6
Greyhound Road: 1 to 183 and 2 to 136 W6
Grove Mews W6
Hamlet Gardens W6
Hammersmith Bridge Road W6
Hammersmith Broadway W6
Hammersmith Grove W6
Hammersmith Road: remainder W6
Hammersmith Terrace W6
Hampshire Hog Lane W6
Hatfield Street W6
Hauteville Court Gardens W6
Hawksmoor Street W6
Hebron Road W6
Hetton Street W6
Holcombe Street W6
Hughenden Road W6
Humbolt Road W6
Iffley Road W6
Kilmarsh Road W6
King Street W6
Kinnoul Road W6
Lamington Street W6
Larnach Road W6
Latymer Court W6
Laundry Road W6
Leamore Street W6
Lena Gardens W6
Lochaline Street W6
Loris Road W6
Lower Mall W6
Lundy Street W6
Lurgan Avenue W6
Lurgan Street W6
Luxemburg Gardens W6
Macbeth Street W6
Mall Road W6
Marco Road W6
Margravine Gardens W6
Margravine Road W6
Marryat Street W6
Melrose Gardens W6
Melrose Terrace W6
Melton Street W6
Montgomery Street W6
Montrose Villas, Hammersmith Terrace W6
Moylan Road W6
Mulberry Place, Hammersmith Terrace W6
Musard Road W6
Nasmyth Street W6
Nella Road W6
Norfolk Terrace, Field Road W6
Oil Mill Lane W6
Orris Mews, Beadon Road W6
Overstone Road W6
Paddenswick Road W6
Parfrey Street W6
Peabody Estate W6
Perrers Road W6
Petley Road W6
Playfair Street W6
Pleydell Avenue W6
Poplar Grove W6
Prebend Gardens: remainder W6
Queen Street W6
Rainville Road W6
Ranelagh Gardens W6
Rannoch Road W6
Ravenscourt Avenue W6
Ravenscourt Gardens W6
Ravenscourt Park W6
Ravenscourt Place W6
Ravenscourt Road W6
Ravenscourt Square W6
Raynham Road W6
Redmore Road W6
Rednall Terrace W6
Richford Street W6
River Terrace, Queen Street W6
Rivercourt Road W6
Riverside Gardens W6
Rose and Crown Lane, Great Church Lane W6
Rosedew Road W6
Rowan Road W6
Rowan Terrace W6
Royal Masonic Hospital, Ravenscourt Park W6
Rutland Grove W6
St. Alban's Terrace, Margravine Road W6
St. Dunstan's Road W6
St. James's Street W6
St. Peter's Grove W6
St. Peter's Square W6
Salem Place W6
School Street W6
Shepherd's Bush Road W6
Ship Lane W6
Shortlands Mews W6
Shotley Street W6
Silverton Road W6
Skelwith Road W6
Somerset Place W6
South Side W6
Southerton Road W6
Stamford Brook Avenue W6
Stamford Brook Mansions, Goldhawk Road W6
Stamford Brook Road W6
Standish Road W6
Studland Street W6
Sulgrave Road W6
Sussex Place W6
Sycamore Gardens W6
Tabor Road W6
Tasso Road W6
Theresa Road W6
Theresa Street W6
Trussley Road W6
Upper Mall W6
Vaughan Avenue W6
Verbena Gardens W6
Wellesley Avenue W6
Wellington Walk W6
Weltje Road W6
West London Hospital, Hammersmith Road W6
Westcroft Square W6
Western Terrace W6
William Morris House W6
Wilson's Road W6
Wingate Road W6
Wingrave Road W6
Winslow Road W6
Wolverton Gardens W6
Worlidge Street W6
Yeldham Road W6
Young's Corner W6