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London Streets in 1938 - W5 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Abbey Parade W5
Ainsdale Road W5
Airedale Road W5
Alacross Road W5
Albert Road W5
Almond Avenue W5
Ascott Avenue W5
Ash Grove W5
Ashbourne Close W5
Ashbourne Parade W5
Ashbourne Road W5
Aston Road W5
Audley Road W5
Baker's Lane W5
Barnfield Road W5
Baronsmede W5
Beaconsfield Road W5
Beaufort Close, Beaufort Road W5
Beaufort Road W5
Beech Gardens W5
Berry Way W5
Birkbeck Road W5
Birkdale Road W5
Blakesley Avenue W5
Blandford Road W5
Blondin Avenue W5
Boileau Road W5
Bond Street W5
Bramley Road W5
Brentham Halt Road W5
Brentham Way W5
Broadway W5
Brookfield Avenue W5
Brunner Road W5
Brunswick Gardens W5
Brunswick Road W5
Byron Road W5
Cairn Avenue W5
Carlton Gardens W5
Carlton Road W5
Carlyle Road W5
Castlebar Hill W5
Castlebar Mews W5
Castlebar Park W5
Castlebar Park Road W5
Castlebar Road W5
Cedar Grove W5
Chandos Avenue W5
Charlbury Grove W5
Charles Street W5
Chatsworth Road W5
Chestnut Grove W5
Chilton Avenue W5
Church Gardens W5
Church Lane W5
Church Place W5
Clarendon Road W5
Cleveley Crescent W5
Clovelly Road W5
Coningsby Road W5
Connaught Street W5
Connell Crescent W5
Convent Gardens W5
Corfton Road W5
Corringway W5
Craven Avenue W5
Craven Road W5
Creffield Road: 1 to 51 and 2 to 56 W5
Creighton Road W5
Crosslands Avenue W5
Curzon Road W5
Dallas Road W5
Darwin Road W5
Deepdene W5
Delamere Road W5
Denison Road W5
Derwent Road W5
Devonshire Road W5
Disraeli Gardens W5
Disraeli Road W5
Dorset Road W5
Durham Road W5
Ealing Common W5
Ealing Green W5
Ealing Isolation Hospital, Occupation Road W5
Ealing Park Gardens W5
Ealing Village W5
East Close W5
East Gardens W5 - cannot find
Eaton Rise W5
Elderberry Road W5
Elm Avenue W5
Elm Crescent W5
Elm Grove Road W5
Evelyn Grove W5
Fielding Terrace W5
Florence Road W5
Florence Terrace W5
Fordhook Avenue W5
Fowler's Walk W5
Freeland Road W5
Glencairn Drive W5
Gloucester Road W5
Golf Road W5
Gordon Road: 1 to 95 and 2 to 84 W5
Grange Park W5
Grange Road W5
Granville Gardens W5
Green, The W5
Greystoke Park Terrace W5
Grove, The W5
Grove Cottages, Western Road W5
Grove Place W5
Grove Road W5
Gumleigh Road W5
Gunnersbury Avenue: 1 to 119 and 2 to 114 W5
Gunnersbury Drive W5
Gunnersbury Park: 131 to 389 W5
Hamilton Road W5
Hanger Court W5
Hanger Green W5
Hanger Hill W5
Hanger Lane W5
Harrow View Road W5
Hart Grove W5
Haven Green W5
Haven Lane W5
Haven Parade W5
Haven Place W5
Haven Terrace W5
Hawthorn Gardens W5
Heathcroft W5
Helena Road W5
Hereford Road W5
High Street W5
Hillcrest Road W5
Hillcroft Crescent W5
Hillside Road W5
Hilltop W5
Hollies Road W5
Holyoake Walk W5
Inglis Road W5
Julien Road W5
Junction Road W5
Kenilworth Road W5
Kerrison Place W5
Kerrison Road W5
Kingfield Road W5
King's Avenue W5
King's Road W5
Knight's Avenue W5
Lammas Park Gardens W5
Lammas Park Road W5
Lancaster Road W5
Lawrence Road W5
Leopold Road W5
Lilac Gardens W5
Lime Walk W5
Lindfield Road W5
Little Ealing Lane W5
Liverpool Road W5
Longfield Avenue W5
Longfield Road W5
Lothair Road W5
Ludlow Road W5
Lynwood Road W5
Lytham Grove W5
Madeley Road W5
Mall, The W5
Maple Grove W5
Marchwood Crescent W5
Marlborough Road W5
Mattock Lane: remainder W5
Meadvale Road W5
Montpelier Avenue W5
Montpelier Road W5
Moorfield Avenue W5
Mount Avenue W5
Mount Park Crescent W5
Mount Park Road W5
Mount Pleasant Road W5
Mountfield Road W5
Mulgrove Road W5
Murray Road W5
Netherbury Road W5
Neville Road W5
New Broadway W5
Niagara Avenue W5
Nicholas Gardens W5
North Common Road W5
North Road W5
North View W5
Northcote Avenue W5
Northfield Avenue: remainder W5
Oak Street W5
Oakley Avenue W5
Olive Road W5
Overdale Road W5
Oxford Road W5
Palm Grove W5
Parade, The, Haven Green W5
Park, The W5
Park Hill W5
Park Hill Court, King's Road W5
Park Place W5
Park View Road W5
Pavement, The, Popes Lane W5
Pitshanger Lane W5
Pope's Lane W5
Prince's Gardens W5
Priory Gardens W5
Quadrant, The, South Ealing W5
Queen Anne's Gardens W5
Queen Anne's Grove W5
Queen's Gardens W5
Queen's Road W5
Queen's Walk W5
Radbourne Avenue W5
Ranelagh Mews W5
Ranelagh Road W5
Richmond Road W5
Ridings, The W5
Rose Gardens W5
Rotherwick Hill W5
Royal Parade W5
Ruskin Gardens W5
St. Augustine's Avenue W5
St. George's Avenue W5
St. Mark's Road W5
St. Mary's Parade W5
St. Mary's Place W5
St. Mary's Road W5
St. Mary's Square W5
St. Matthew's Road W5
Sandall Road W5
Sandringham Mews W5
Selby Road W5
South Ealing Road W5
South Road W5
Spring Bridge Mews W5
Spring Bridge Road W5
Station Parade W5
Station Road W5
Stuart Avenue W5
Summerfield Road W5
Sunderland Road W5
Sunnyside Road W5
Swyncombe Avenue W5
Sycamore Avenue W5
Temple Road W5
Trent Avenue W5
Tring Avenue W5
Tudor Court: 1 to 16 W5
Uxbridge Road: 45 to 113 and 14 to 58 W5
Venetia Road W5
Victoria Road W5
Waldegrave Road W5
Warwick Dene W5
Warwick Place W5
Webster Gardens W5
Wellington Road W5
Wells Place W5
West Road W5
Westbury Road W5
Western Avenue: part W5
Western Gardens W5
Western Road W5
Weymouth Avenue W5
Willow Road W5
Windermere Road W5
Windmill Road: 143A to 243 and 158 to 360 W5
Windsor Road W5
Winscombe Crescent W5
Wolverton Gardens W5
Woodfield Avenue W5
Woodfield Crescent W5
Woodfield Road W5
Woodgrange Avenue W5
Woodville Gardens W5
Woodville Road W5
York Road W5