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London Streets in 1938 - W3 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Acacia Road W3
Acorn Gardens, Wales Farm Road W3
Acton Isolation Hospital, Wales Farm Road W3
Acton Lane: remainder W3
Acton War Memorial Hospital, Gunnersbury Lane W3
Agnes Road W3
Albert Grove, Park Road North W3
Albert Villas Road W3
Alfred Road W3
All Saints' Road W3
Allan Way W3
Allison Road W3
Approach, The W3
Armstrong Road W3
Ashfield Road W3
Avenue Crescent W3
Avenue Gardens W3
Avenue Road W3
Back Street W3
Baldwyn Gardens W3
Balfour Road W3
Barlow Road W3
Berrymead Gardens W3
Birch Grove W3
Birkbeck Avenue W3
Birkbeck Grove W3
Birkbeck Road W3
Blue Gliss Arcade, Old Oak Common Lane W3
Bollo Bridge Road W3
Bollo Lane: remainder W3
Bowes Road W3
Bradford Road W3
Braemar Road W3
Braid Avenue W3
Brassie Avenue W3
Broadway, The W3
Bromyard Avenue W3
Brougham Road W3
Brouncker Road W3
Brunel Road W3
Burlington Gardens W3
Burlington Mews W3
Buxton Gardens W3
Bye, The W3
Canada Road W3
Canham Road W3
Carbery Avenue W3
Carlisle Avenue W3
Cecil Road W3
Centre Avenue W3
Charles Place W3
Chase Road: part W3
Chatsworth Gardens W3
Chaucer Road W3
Cheltenham Place W3
Chester Court W3
Church Path W3
Church Road W3
Churchfield Road East W3
Churchfield Road West W3
Churchill Gardens W3
Clevedon Villas W3
Cloister Road W3
Colville Road W3
Conway Grove W3
Court Way W3
Cowley Road W3
Cowper Road W3
Crane Avenue W3
Creffield Road: remainder W3
Crescent, The W3
Creswick Road W3
Crown Lane W3
Crown Street W3
Cumberland Park W3
Cumberland Road W3
Curricle Street W3
Davis Road W3
Denehurst Gardens W3
Derwentwater Road W3
Dordrecht Road W3
Drive, The W3
Du Cros Road W3
Duke's Road W3
Duncan Grove W3
East Acton Lane W3
East Row W3
Eastbourne Avenue W3
Eastfields Road W3
Elm Green W3
Emanuel Avenue W3
Enfield Road W3
Essex Park Mews W3
Essex Road W3
Fairway, The W3
Faraday Road W3
First Avenue W3
Foster Road W3
Friars Gardens W3
Friars Place Lane W3
Friars Way W3
Friary Road W3
Gibbon Road W3
Glendun Road W3
Gloucester Road W3
Goldsmith Avenue W3
Goldsmith Road W3
Grafton Road W3
Grasmere Avenue W3
Green, The W3
Grosvenor Court W3
Grove Place W3
Grove Road W3
Gunnersbury Avenue: 127 to 137 and 144 to 248 W3
Gunnersbury Crescent W3
Gunnersbury Gardens W3
Gunnersbury Lane W3
Gunnersbury Park: remainder W3
Hale Gardens W3
Hanbury Road W3
Heathfield Road W3
Hereford Road W3
High Street W3
Highfield Road W3
Highlands Avenue W3
Hillcrest Road W3
Holland Terrace W3
Hooper's Mews W3
Horn Lane W3
Howard Close, The Link W3
Hoylake Road W3
Julian Avenue W3
Junction Road W3
Kathleen Avenue W3
Kendal Avenue W3
King Edward's Gardens W3
King Street W3
Kingsbridge Avenue W3
Kingsdown Avenue W3
Larden Road W3
Layer Gardens W3
Leamington Court, Western Avenue W3
Leamington Park W3
Leamington Park Villas W3
Lexden Road W3
Leythe Road W3
Lillian Avenue W3
Link, The W3
Links Road W3
Locarno Road W3
Long Drive W3
Lowfield Road W3
Lucy Crescent W3
Lynton Court W3
Lynton Road W3
Maldon Road W3
Manor Gardens W3
Mansell Road W3
Mansfield Road W3
Market Place W3
Mashie Road W3
Mayfield Road W3
Melrose Road W3
Melville Villas Road W3
Meon Road W3
Messaline Avenue W3
Mill Hill Grove W3
Mill Hill Road W3
Mill Hill Terrace W3
Milton Road W3
Moat Place W3
Monks Drive W3
Montague Gardens W3
Muirfield W3
Myrtle Road W3
Narrow Street W3
Nelson Place, Steyne Road W3
Nemoure Road W3
Newburgh Road W3
Newton Avenue W3
Noel Road W3
Norman Way W3
Northfields Road W3
Old Oak Common Lane: 51 to 187 and 82 to 240 W3
Old Oak Road W3
Oldfield Road W3
Oldham's Terrace W3
Osborne Road W3
Packington Road W3
Palmerston Road W3
Park Drive W3
Park Parade, Gunnersbury Avenue W3
Park Place W3
Park Road East W3
Park Road North W3
Park Royal Road: part W3
Park View W3
Perryn Road W3
Petersfield Road W3
Pierrepoint Road W3
Prince's Avenue W3
Prince's Gardens W3
Prince's Terrace W3
Queen's Drive W3
Ramsay Road W3
Rectory Road W3
Richard's Cottages W3
Ridgeway, The W3
Rosebank Way W3
Rosemont Road W3
Roslin Road W3
Roslin Terrace W3
St. Andrew's Road W3
St. Dunstan's Avenue W3
St. Dunstan's Gardens W3
St. Margaret's Terrace W3
Salisbury Street W3
Saxon Drive W3
Second Avenue W3
Shaa Road W3
Shaftesbury Road W3
Shakespeare Road W3
Shalimar Gardens W3
Shalimar Road W3
Spencer Road W3
Stanley Gardens W3
Stanley Road W3
Stanway Gardens W3
Steyne Road W3
Stirling Road W3
Stratford Road W3
Strelly Way W3
Stuart Road W3
Summerlands Avenue W3
Sunningdale Avenue W3
Swainson Road W3
Taylor's Green W3
Tee, The W3
Telford Way W3
Third Avenue W3
Tudor Court: 17 to 24 W3
Tudor Gardens W3
Tudor Way W3
Twyford Avenue W3
Twyford Crescent W3
Uxbridge Road: 305 to 387 and 310 to 370 W3
Vale, The W3
Vale Grove W3
Valetta Road W3
Victoria Road: part W3
Vyner Road W3
Wales Farm Road W3
Walton Gardens W3
Walton Way W3
Warple Way W3
West Avenue W3
West Lodge Avenue W3
Westbourne Avenue W3
Western Avenue: part W3
Westfields Road W3
Whitehall Gardens W3
Wilfrid Gardens W3
Willcott Road W3
Winchester Place W3
Winchester Street W3
Woodhurst Road W3
Woodlands Avenue W3
Wynton Place W3
York Road W3