London 1746 Rocques map
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London Streets in 1938 - W2 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Adpar Street W2
Albert Terrace W2
Albion Mews East W2
Albion Mews North W2
Albion Mews West W2
Albion Street W2
Alexander Mews W2
Alexander Street W2
Alfred Road W2
Archery Close W2
Artesian Road W2
Bark Place W2
Bathurst Mews W2
Bathurst Street W2
Bayswater Road W2
Berkeley Mews W2
Bishop's Bridge Road W2
Blomfield Crescent W2
Blomfield Mews W2
Blomfield Place W2
Blomfield Villas W2
Bott's Mews W2
Bourne Terrace W2
Bouverie Place W2
Braithwaite Place W2
Bridstow Place W2
Brindley Street W2
Brook Mews North W2
Burlington Mews East W2
Burlington Mews West W2
Burnham Court, Moscow Road W2
Burwood Mews W2
Burwood Place W2
Cambridge Square W2
Cambridge Terrace W2
Campbell Street W2
Caroline Place W2
Caroline Place Mews W2
Celbridge Mews W2
Cerney Mews W2
Chapel Side, Moscow Road W2
Chepstow Mansions W2
Chepstow Mews W2
Chepstow Place W2
Chepstow Road W2
Chester Place W2
Chichester Mews W2
Chichester Place W2
Chichester Road W2
Chilworth Mews W2
Chilworth Street W2
Church Street: remainder W2
Cirencester Mews W2
Cirencester Street W2
Clanricarde Gardens W2
Clarendon Close W2
Clarendon Crescent W2
Clarendon Mews W2
Clarendon Place W2
Cleveland Gardens W2
Cleveland Square W2
Cleveland Terrace W2
Clifton Place W2
Conduit Mews W2
Conduit Place W2
Connaught Place W2
Connaught Road W2
Connaught Square W2
Consort Street W2
Courtnell Street W2
Craven Hill W2
Craven Hill Gardens W2
Craven Hill Mews W2
Craven Road W2
Craven Terrace W2
Crompton Street W2
Cuthbert Street W2
Dartington Terrace W2
Dawson Place W2
Delamere Crescent W2
Delamere Street W2
Delamere Terrace W2
Desborough Street W2
Devonshire Terrace W2
Dudley Place W2
Dudley Street W2
Durham Terrace W2
Eastbourne Mews W2
Eastbourne Terrace W2
Edgware Place W2
Edgware Road W2
Elms Mews, Marlborough Gate W2
Fosbury Mews W2
Francis Street W2
Frederick Close W2
Fulham Place W2
Fulton Mews W2
Garway Road W2
Gloucester Gardens W2
Gloucester Mews W2
Gloucester Mews West W2
Gloucester Square W2
Gloucester Terrace W2
Grosvenor Court Mansions W2
Hall Place W2
Hall Place West W2
Hampden Crescent W2
Harrow Road: 1 to 281 and 2 to 322 W2
Hasborough Street W2
Hatherley Grove W2
Hereford Mews North W2
Hereford Road W2
Hermitage Street W2
Hethpool Street W2
Howell Street W2
Howley Place W2
Hyde Park Crescent W2
Hyde Park Gardens W2
Hyde Park Gardens Mews W2
Hyde Park Place W2
Hyde Park Square W2
Hyde Park Square Mews W2
Hyde Park Street W2
Hyde Park Terrace W2
Ilchester Gardens W2
Inverness Mews W2
Inverness Place W2
Inverness Terrace W2
Irongate Wharf Road W2
Jonson Mews, Waverley Road W2
Junction Mews W2
Junction Place W2
Kendal Street W2
Kensington Gardens: part W2
Kensington Gardens Square W2
Kildare Gardens W2
Kildare Terrace W2
Kinnaird Street W2
Lancaster Gate W2
Lancaster Gate Terrace W2
Lancaster Mews W2
Lancaster Street W2
Leinster Gardens W2
Leinster Place W2
Leinster Mews W2
Leinster Square W2
Leinster Street W2
Leinster Terrace W2
Linden Gardens W2
Linden Gardens Mews W2
London Mews W2
London Street W2
Lords Hills Road W2
Maida Hill West W2
Manor Place W2
Market Street W2
Monmouth Place W2
Monmouth Road W2
Moscow Mansions W2
Moscow Place W2
Moscow Road W2
Newcastle Place, Edgware Road W2
Newton Road W2
Norfolk Crescent W2
Norfolk Mews W2
Norfolk Place W2
Norfolk Square W2
Norfolk Square Mews South W2
North Wharf Road W2
Northumberland Place W2
Oliver Mews W2
Orme Court W2
Orme Lane W2
Orme Square W2
Orsett Mews W2
Orsett Terrace W2
Ossington Street W2
Ossington Yard W2
Oxford Mews W2
Oxford Square W2
Oxford Terrace W2
Paddington Green W2
Paddington Green Children Hospital, Paddington Green W2
Paddington Station W2
Paignton Street W2
Palace Court W2
Park Place Gardens W2
Park Place Villas W2
Park West Place W2
Pembridge Gardens W2
Pembridge Place W2
Pembridge Square W2
Philip Terrace W2
Polygon Mews South W2
Poplar Place W2
Porchester Gardens W2
Porchester Gardens Mews W2
Porchester Gate W2
Porchester Mews W2
Porchester Place W2
Porchester Road W2
Porchester Square W2
Porchester Square Mews W2
Porchester Street W2
Porchester Terrace W2
Porteus Road W2
Portsea Mews W2
Portsea Place W2
Praed Mews W2
Praed Street W2
Prince's Mews W2
Prince's Square W2
Prince's Terrace W2
Queen's Gardens W2
Queen's Mews W2
Queensborough Mews W2
Queensborough Terrace W2
Queensway W2
Radnor Mews W2
Radnor Place W2
Rainsford Street W2
Redan Place W2
Richmond Mews West W2
St. Mary's Hospital, Praed Street W2
St. Mary's Mansions W2
St. Mary's Square W2
St. Mary's Terrace W2
St. Petersburgh Mews W2
St. Petersburgh Place W2
St. Stephen's Crescent W2
St. Stephen's Gardens W2
St. Stephen's Mews W2
Sale Place W2
Salem Road W2
Senior Street W2
Seymour Street: remainder W2
Sheldon Street W2
Shrewsbury Mews W2
Shrewsbury Road W2
Small Brook Mews, Craven Road W2
Somer's Crescent W2
Somer's Mews W2
South Wharf Road W2
Southwick Mews W2
Southwick Place W2
Southwick Street W2
Sovereign Street W2
Spring Street W2
Stanhope Place W2
Stanhope Terrace W2
Stanley Mews W2
Stanley Street W2
Star Street W2
Statham Street W2
Sunderland Terrace W2
Sussex Gardens W2
Sussex Mews East W2
Sussex Mews West W2
Sussex Place W2
Sussex Square W2
Sutherland Place W2
Talbot Road: 1 to 97 and 2 to 102 W2
Talbot Square W2
Titchborne Row W2
Titchborne Street W2
Torquay Street W2
Unwin Place W2
Upbrook Mews W2
Victoria Grove Mews, Ossington Street W2
Warwick Avenue: 1 to 5D and 2 to 16 W2
Warwick Crescent W2
Waverley Terrace W2
Waverley Walk W2
Welling's Place, Church Place W2
Wellington Terrace W2
Westbourne Court W2
Westbourne Crescent W2
Westbourne Crescent Mews W2
Westbourne Gardens W2
Westbourne Grove: 1 to 133 and 2 to 112 W2
Westbourne Grove Terrace W2
Westbourne Park Crescent W2
Westbourne Park Mews W2
Westbourne Park Road W2
Westbourne Park Villas W2
Westbourne Square W2
Westbourne Street W2
Westbourne Street Mews W2
Westbourne Terrace W2
Westbourne Terrace Mews W2
Westbourne Terrace Road W2
Westbury Road W2
Westbury Terrace W2
Westmoreland Mews W2
Westmoreland Road W2
Winsland Mews W2
Woodchester Street W2