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London Streets in 1938 - W14 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Abbotsbury Road W14
Addison Bridge Place, Hammersmith Road W14
Addison Court Gardens W14
Addison Crescent W14
Addison Gardens W14
Addison Road W14
Alexandra Mews W14
Anley Road W14
Applegarth Road W14
Archel Road W14
Argyll Mansions, Hammersmith Road W14
Ashley Cottages, Warwick Road W14
Augustine Road W14
Auriol Road W14
Avonmore Gardens W14
Avonmore Place W14
Avonmore Road W14
Aynhoe Road W14
Baron's Court Road W14
Barton Road W14
Beaconsfield Terrace Road W14
Beaumont Avenue W14
Beaumont Crescent W14
Berghem Mews W14
Bishop King's Road W14
Blythe Road W14
Bolingbroke Road W14
Bramber Road W14
Brompton County Court W14
Caithness Road W14
Castletown Road W14
Ceylon Mews W14
Ceylon Road W14
Challoner Court W14
Challoner Crescent W14
Challoner Street W14
Charleville Road W14
Chesson Road W14
Colet Gardens W14
Comeragh Road W14
Conan Street W14
Cumberland Crescent W14
Dewhurst Road W14
Dieppe Street W14
Dunsany Road W14
Earsby Street W14
Edith Road W14
Edith Villas W14
Eli Mews W14
Eli Street W14
Elsham Road W14
Fairholme Road W14
Fane Place W14
Fane Street W14
Faroe Road W14
Fenelon Place W14
Fielding Road W14
Fitz George Avenue W14
Fitz James Avenue W14
Girdler's Road W14
Glazbury Road W14
Gledstanes Road W14
Gliddon Road W14
Glyn Mansions, Hammersmith Road W14
Gorleston Street W14
Gratton Road W14
Greyhound Road: remainder W14
Gunterstone Road W14
Gwendwr Road W14
Haarlem Road W14
Hammersmith Road: 1 to 155 and 2 to 92 W14
Hansard Mews W14
Hazlitt Mews W14
Hazlitt Road W14
Hilmer Street W14
Hofland Road W14
Holland Gardens W14
Holland Lane W14
Holland Mews W14
Holland Park Court W14
Holland Park Gardens W14
Holland Park Road W14
Holland Road W14
Holland Villas Road W14
Ilchester Place W14
Irving Road W14
Kelway Place W14
Kenneth Road W14
Kensington Hall Gardens W14
Kensington High Street: remainder W14
Lanfrey Place, North End Road W14
Lintaine Grove W14
Lisgar Terrace W14
Llewellyn Mansions, Hammersmith Road W14
Maclise Road W14
Masbrough Mews W14
Masbrough Road W14
Matheson Road W14
May Street W14
Melbury Road W14
Milson Road W14
Minford Gardens W14
Minford Gardens Mansions W14
Mooltan Street W14
Mornington Avenue W14
Mund Street W14
Munden Place W14
Munden Street W14
Napier Place W14
Napier Road W14
Netherwood Place W14
Netherwood Road W14
Normand Gardens W14
Normand Mews W14
Normand Road W14
North End Road: 1 to 311 and 2 to 234 W14
Oakwood Court W14
Olympia, The W14
Palace Mansions W14
Palliser Road W14
Perham Road W14
Porten Road W14
Queen's Club Gardens W14
Queen's Club Terrace W14
Rayleigh Road W14
Redan Street W14
Richmond Way: remainder W14
Rockley Road W14
Russell Gardens W14
Russell Gardens Mews W14
Russell Road W14
St. Andrew's Road W14
St. Mary Abbot's Court W14
St. Mary Abbot's Terrace W14
Savings Bank Department, Blythe Road, West Kensington W14
Shaftesbury Road W14
Silvio Mews W14
Silvio Street W14
Sinclair Gardens W14
Sinclair Mews W14
Sinclair Road W14
Souldern Road W14
Southcombe Street W14
Spring Vale Terrace W14
Stanwick Road W14
Star Road W14
Sterndale Road W14
Stonor Road W14
Talgarth Road W14
Trevanion Road W14
Turneville Road W14
Upper Addison Gardens W14
Vereker Road W14
Vernon Mews W14
Vernon Street W14
Warwick Gardens W14
Warwick Road: remainder W14
West Kensington Court W14
West Kensington Mansion W14
West London County Court, North End Road W14
Westwick Gardens W14