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London Streets in 1938 - W13 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Adelaide Road W13
Albany Road W13
Alexandria Road W13
Alfred Road W13
Altenburg Avenue W13
Amherst Avenue W13
Amherst Road W13
Argyle Close, Avalon Road W13
Argyle Road W13
Arlington Road W13
Avalon Road W13
Avenue, The W13
Avenue Road W13
Balfour Road W13
Balmoral Gardens W13
Bayham Road W13
Bedford Road W13
Bellevue Road W13
Belsize Avenue W13
Bernard Avenue W13
Bonchurch Road W13
Bradley Gardens W13
Brentside Close W13
Briarbank Road W13
Brisbane Road W13
Broadway, The W13
Broomfield Cottages W13
Broomfield Place W13
Broomfield Road W13
Broughton Road W13
Brownlow Road W13
Bruton Way W13
Burnham Way W13
Camborne Avenue W13
Carew Road W13
Cavendish Avenue W13
Chalfont Way W13
Chamberlain Road W13
Chapel Road W13
Chesham Terrace W13
Chignell Place, Uxbridge W13
Churchfield Road W13
Claremont Road W13
Claygate Road W13
Cleveland Road W13
Coldershaw Road W13
Colebrooke Avenue W13
College Road W13
Connaught Road W13
Coombe Road W13
Courtfield Gardens W13
Cranmer Avenue W13
Crossway, The W13
Culmington Road W13
Dane Road W13
Denbigh Road W13
Denmark Road W13
Downside Crescent W13
Drayton Avenue W13
Drayton Bridge Road: remainder W13
Drayton Gardens W13
Drayton Green W13
Drayton Green Road W13
Drayton Grove W13
Drayton Road W13
Dudley Gardens W13
Ealing Smallpox Hospital, Greenford Road W13
Eccleston Road W13
Edgehill Road W13
Egerton Gardens W13
Elers Road W13
Endsleigh Road W13
Erlesmere Gardens W13
Felix Road W13
Fosse Way W13
Fulmer Way W13
Glenfield Road W13
Glenfield Terrace W13
Gordon Road: remainder W13
Grafton Close W13
Graham Avenue W13
Green Avenue W13
Green Man Gardens W13
Green Man Lane W13
Hartington Road W13
Haslemere Avenue: 1 to 69 and 2 to 84 W13
Hastings Road W13
Hatfield Road W13
Hathaway Gardens W13
Hessel Road W13
Highview Road W13
Hollingbourne Gardens W13
Hope Road W13
Kent Avenue W13
Kent Gardens W13
King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mattock Lane W13
Kingsdown Avenue W13
Kingsley Avenue W13
Kirchen Road W13
Kirn Road W13
Lancaster Gardens W13
Lancing Road W13
Lavington Road W13
Leeland Road W13
Leeland Terrace W13
Leighton Road W13
Leyborne Avenue W13
Loveday Road W13
Lyncroft Gardens W13
Lynton Avenue W13
Manor Road W13
Marder Road W13
Mattock Lane: 37 to 81 W13
Mayfield Avenue W13
Melbourne Avenue W13
Mervyn Road W13
Midhurst Road W13
Milford Road W13
Model Cottages, Northfield Avenue W13
Montague Road W13
Mortimer Road W13
Newlands Gardens W13
North Avenue W13
Northcroft Road W13
Northfield Avenue: 1 to 249 and 2 to 242 W13
Northfield Road W13
Perivale Gardens W13
Prince's Road W13
Rathgar Avenue W13
Ravensbourne Gardens W13
Raymond Avenue W13
Regina Road W13
Regina Terrace W13
Ridley Avenue W13
Roseberry Gardens W13
Rosemount Road W13
Royle Crescent W13
Ruislip Road: 1 to 31 W13
Rutland Gardens W13
St. Aidan's Road W13
St. Helen's Road W13
St. James's Avenue W13
St. John's Road W13
St. Kilda Road W13
St. Leonard's Road W13
St. Stephen's Avenue W13
St. Stephen's Road W13
Salisbury Road W13
Scotch Common W13
Seaford Road W13
Sherborne Gardens W13
Singapore Road W13
Somerset Road W13
Station Approach W13 - cannot find
Sutherland Avenue W13
Sutherland Road W13
Sydney Road W13
Talbot Road W13
Uxbridge Road: 115 to 217 and 60 to 162 W13
Vallis Way W13
Waldeck Road W13
Waldemar Avenue W13
Walmer Gardens W13
Westfield Road W13
William's Passage W13
William's Road W13
Wimborne Gardens W13
Woodbury Park Road W13
Woodstock Avenue W13
Wrotham Road W13
Wyndham Road W13

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