London 1746 Rocques map
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London Streets in 1938 - W12 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Abdale Road W12
Adelaide Grove W12
Aldbourne Road W12
Aldine Street W12
Arminger Road W12
Ashchurch Grove W12
Ashchurch Park Villas W12
Ashchurch Terrace W12
Askew Crescent W12
Askew Mansions W12
Askew Road W12
Askham Road W12
Aycliff Road W12
Aylmer Road W12
Bamborough Gardens W12
Bannister's Cottages W12
Bassein Park Road W12
Batson Street W12
Becklow Place W12
Becklow Road W12
Begonia Walk W12
Bentworth Road W12
Binden Road W12
Bloemfontein Avenue W12
Bloemfontein Road W12
Boscombe Road W12
Bramble Gardens W12
Braybrook Street W12
Bryony Road W12
Bulwer Street W12
Cactus Walk W12
Cathnor Road W12
Caverswall Street W12
Caxton Road W12
Clematis Street W12
Cleverley Estate W12
Clifton Avenue W12
Coal Wharf Road W12
Cobbold Road W12
Collingbourne Road W12
Coningham Mews W12
Coningham Road W12
Coverdale Road W12
Crocus Walk W12
Curve, The W12
Curwen Road W12
Daffodil Street W12
Davisville Road W12
Devonport Road W12
Du Cane Road W12
Dunraven Road W12
Ellerslie Road W12
Ellingham Road W12
Emlyn Gardens W12
Emlyn Road W12
Erconwald Street W12
Erica Street W12
Ethelden Road W12
Eynham Road W12
Findon Road W12
Fitz Neal Street W12
Flanchford Road W12
Foliot Street W12
Foxglove Street W12
Frithville Gardens W12
Galloway Road W12
Gayford Road W12
Glenroy Street W12
Godolphin Road W12
Goldhawk Mews W12
Goldhawk Road: 1 to 309 and 2 to 310 W12
Goodwin Road W12
Gordon Court, Du Cane Road W12
Gransden Road W12
Granville Gardens W12
Gravesend Road W12
Greenside Road W12
Hadyn Park Road W12
Hammersmith Hospital, Du Cane Road W12
Hartswood Road W12
Heathstan Road W12
Hemlock Road W12
Henchman Street W12
Hetley Road W12
Hilary Road W12
Hopgood Street W12
Ingersoll Road W12
Jeddo Road W12
Keith Grove W12
King's Parade W12
Kinnear Road W12
Landor Walk W12
Leffern Road W12
Lefroy Road W12
Leysfield Road W12
Lilac Street W12
Lime Grove W12
Loftus Road W12
Lycett Place W12
Macfarlane Place W12
Macfarlane Road W12
Mardale Street W12
Maurice Street W12
Melina Road W12
Mellitus Street W12
Milfoil Street W12
Nascot Street W12
Nightingale House, Du Cane Road W12
Norbroke Street W12
Oaklands Grove W12
Orchid Street W12
Ormiston Grove W12
Osmund Street W12
Palgrave Road W12
Pansy Gardens W12
Pavilion Parade, Wood Lane W12
Pavilion Terrace W12
Pennard Road W12
Peony Gardens W12
Percy Road W12
Poplar Mews W12
Primula Street W12
Quadrangle, The, Du Cane Road W12
Railway Approach W12
Railway Arches W12
Richmond Gardens W12
Richmond Way: 1 to 15 and 2 to 52 W12
Roseford Gardens W12
Roseford Terrace W12
Roxwell Road W12
Rylett Crescent W12
Rylett Road W12
St. Elmo Road W12
St. John's Hospital for Diseases of The Skin, Uxbridge Road W12
St. Stephen's Avenue W12
Sawley Road W12
Scott's Road W12
Sedgeford Road W12
Shepherd's Bush Green W12
Shepherd's Bush Market W12
Shepherd's Bush Place W12
Shepherd's Gardens W12
Shinfield Street W12
Sinclair Mansions W12
Southbrook Street W12
Stanlake Mews W12
Stanlake Road W12
Stanlake Villas W12
Starfield Road W12
Sterne Street W12
Steventon Road W12
Stokesley Street W12
Stowe Road W12
Stronsa Road W12
Sundew Avenue W12
Swindon Street W12
Tadmor Street W12
Tamarisk Square W12
Terrick Street W12
Thornfield Road W12
Thorpebank Road W12
Tunis Road W12
Uxbridge Road: 1 to 289 and 2 to 492 W12
Vespan Road W12
Viola Square W12
Wallflower Street W12
Warbeck Road W12
Wells Road W12
Wendell Road W12
Westville Mews W12
Westville Road W12
Westway W12
White City Road W12
Willow Vale W12
Wood Lane W12
Woodger Road W12
Woodstock Grove W12
Wormholt Road W12
Wulfstan Street W12
Yew Tree Road W12