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London Streets in 1938 - W11 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Addison Avenue W11
Addison Place W11
Alba Place W11
Aldridge Road Villas W11
All Saints' Road W11
Archer Mews W11
Archer Villas W11
Arundel Gardens W11
Avondale Park Gardens W11
Avondale Park Road W11
Barandon Street W11
Basing Road W11
Becher Street W11
Blechynden Mews W11
Blechynden Street: 1 to 21 and 2 to 30 W11
Blenheim Crescent W11
Bomore Road W11
Boxmoor Street W11
Boyne Terrace Mews W11
Buckingham Terrace W11
Bulmer Mews W11
Bulmer Place W11
Camelford Road W11
Campden Hill Place W11
Chapel Road W11
Chepstow Crescent W11
Chepstow Villas W11
Clarendon Place W11
Clarendon Road W11
Clydesdale Mews W11
Clydesdale Road W11
Codrington Mews W11
Colville Gardens W11
Colville Houses, Talbot Road W11
Colville Mews W11
Colville Road W11
Colville Square W11
Colville Square Mews W11
Colville Terrace W11
Convent Gardens W11
Cornwall Road W11
Crescent Street W11
Darnley Road W11
Denbigh Close W11
Denbigh Road W11
Denbigh Terrace W11
Dulford Street W11
Dunworth Mews, Portobello Road W11
Elgin Crescent W11
Elgin Mews W11
Evesham Street W11
Fowell Street W11
Golden Mews W11
Gorham Place W11
Great Western Road: remainder W11
Grenfell Road W11
Hayden Place, Portobello Road W11
Heathfield Street W11
Hesketh Place W11
Hippodrome Place W11
Holland Park W11
Holland Park Avenue W11
Holland Park Mews W11
Horbury Crescent W11
Horbury Mews W11
Hume Road W11
Hunt Street W11
Hurstway Street W11
Kenilworth Street W11
Kenley Street W11
Kensington Park Gardens W11
Kensington Park Mews W11
Kensington Park Road W11
Ladbroke Crescent W11
Ladbroke Gardens W11
Ladbroke Grove: 1 to 137 and 2 to 108 W11
Ladbroke Mews W11
Ladbroke Road W11
Ladbroke Square W11
Ladbroke Terrace W11
Ladbroke Terrace Mews W11
Lambton Place W11
Lancaster Mews W11
Lancaster Road W11
Lansdowne Crescent W11
Lansdowne Mews W11
Lansdowne Rise W11
Lansdowne Road W11
Lansdowne Walk W11
Latimer Road: 1 to 123 and 2 to 120 W11
Leamington Road Villas W11
Ledbury Mews North W11
Ledbury Mews West W11
Ledbury Road W11
Lonsdale Mews W11
Lonsdale Road W11
Lorne Gardens W11
Mary Place W11
Mortimer Square W11
Needham Road W11
Norland Gardens W11
Norland Place W11
Norland Road W11
Norland Square W11
Notting Hill Gate W11
Olaf Street W11
Pelham Mews, Portobello Road W11
Pembridge Crescent W11
Pembridge Mews W11
Pembridge Road W11
Pembridge Villas W11
Penzance Place W11
Portland Road W11
Portobello Mews W11
Portobello Place W11
Portobello Road: 1 to 275 and 2 to 262 W11
Portobello Street W11
Pottery Lane W11
Powis Gardens W11
Powis Mews W11
Powis Square W11
Powis Terrace W11
Poynter Street W11
Prince's Place W11
Prince's Road W11
Queen's Place W11
Queensdale Place W11
Queensdale Road W11
Rillington Place W11
Roseland Place, Portobello Road W11
Rosmead Road W11
Royal Crescent W11
Royal Crescent Mews W11
Runcorn Place W11
Ruston Mews W11
St. Ann's Road W11
St. Ann's Villas W11
St. James's Place W11
St. James's Square W11
St. James's Terrace W11
St. John's Gardens W11
St. John's Mews W11
St. Luke's Mews W11
St. Luke's Road W11
St. Mark's Road: 1 to 53 and 2 to 22 W11
St. Mary's Road W11
Saunder's Grove W11
Sirdar Road W11
Stanley Crescent W11
Stanley Gardens W11
Stanley Gardens Mews W11
Stebbing Street W11
Stoneleigh Place W11
Stoneleigh Street W11
Swanscombe Road W11
Talbot Grove W11
Talbot Road: remainder W11
Tavistock Crescent W11
Tavistock Mews W11
Tavistock Road W11
Testerton Street W11
Threshers Place W11
Treadgold Street W11
Vernon Yard, Archer Street W11
Victoria Gardens W11
Walmer Road: remainder W11
Wellington Close W11
Westbourne Grove: remainder W11
Westbourne Grove Mews W11
Western Terrace W11
Wilby Mews W11
Wilsham Street W11