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London Streets in 1938 - W10 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Acklam Road W10
Adair Road W10
Adela Street W10
Admiral Mews, Barlby Road W10
Aldermaston Street W10
Alderson Street W10
Allington Road W10
Alperton Street W10
Appleford Road W10
Balliol Road W10
Banister Road W10
Bard Road W10
Barfett Street W10
Barlby Gardens W10
Barlby Road W10
Bassett Road W10
Beethoven Street W10
Bevington Road W10
Blagrove Road W10
Blechynden Street: remainder W10
Bonchurch Road W10
Bosworth Road W10
Bracewell Road W10
Bramley Road W10
Bramley Street W10
Branstone Street W10
Brewster Gardens W10
Caird Street W10
Calderon Place, North Pole Road W10
Calverley Street W10
Cambridge Gardens W10
Chesterton Road W10
Conlan Street W10
Dalgarno Gardens W10
Dalgarno Way W10
Dart Street W10
Droop Street W10
East Mews Road W10
East Row W10
Edenham Street W10
Elcom Street W10
Enbrook Street W10
Exmoor Street W10
Faraday Road W10
Farrant Street W10
Fifth Avenue W10
Finstock Road W10
First Avenue W10
Fourth Avenue W10
Galton Street W10
Golborne Gardens W10
Golborne Mews W10
Golborne Road W10
Great Western Terrace W10
Harrow Road: 421 to 625 and 572 to 742 W10
Hazlewood Crescent W10
Herries Street W10
Hewer Street W10
Highlever Road W10
Hill Farm Road W10
Huxley Street W10
Ilbert Street W10
Kelfield Gardens W10
Kensal Green Cemetery, Harrow Road W10
Kensal Road W10
Kilburn Lane: 1 to 271 and 2 to 300 W10
Kilravock Street W10
Kingsbridge Road W10
Ladbroke Grove: remainder W10
Lancefield Street W10
Latimer Mews W10
Latimer Place W10
Latimer Road: remainder W10
Lavie Mews W10
Lionel Mews, Portobello Road W10
Lockton Street W10
Lothrop Street W10
Manchester Mews W10
Manchester Road W10
Marne Street W10
Martin Street W10
Maxilla Gardens W10
Mersey Street W10
Methwold Road W10
Middle Row W10
Millwood Street W10
Modena Street W10
Mozart Street W10
Munro Mews W10
Murchison Road W10
Norburn Street W10
North Pole Road W10
Nutbourne Street W10
Oakworth Road W10
Oliphant Street W10
Oxford Gardens W10
Oxford Mews W10
Pamber Street W10
Pangbourne Avenue W10
Peach Street W10
Porlock Street W10
Portobello Road: remainder W10
Pressland Street W10
Pring Street W10
Quadrant, The, Kilburn Kane W10
Rackham Street W10
Raddington Road W10
Railway Mews, Ladbroke Grove W10
Raymede Street W10
Rendle Street W10
St. Charles' Hospital, Exmoor Street W10
St. Charles' Place W10
St. Charles' Square W10
St. Ervan's Road W10
St. Helen's Gardens W10
St. John's Terrace W10
St. Lawrence Terrace W10
St. Mark's Road: remainder W10
St. Michael's Gardens W10
St. Quintin Avenue W10
Scampston Mews W10
Scrubs Lane: remainder W10
Second Avenue W10
Silchester Mews W10
Silchester Road W10
Silchester Street W10
Silchester Terrace W10
Sixth Avenue W10
Snarsgate Street W10
South Row W10
Southam Street W10
Sutton Trust Dwellings, Dalgarno Gardens W10
Sutton Way W10
Swinbrook Road W10
Telford Road W10
Third Avenue W10
Thorpe Mews W10
Tottenham Street W10
Treverton Street W10
Triangle, The W10
Wallingford Avenue W10
Walmer Road: 1 to 143 and 2 to 132 W10
Wedlake Street W10
West Row W10
Wheatstone Road W10
Wilton Mews, Latimer Road W10
Wornington Road W10
Wrenfield Place W10