London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

London Streets in 1938 - SW9 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Akerman Road SW9
Andalus Road SW9
Angell Park Gardens SW9
Angell Road SW9
Arlesford Road SW9
Arthur Road SW9
Astoria Walk SW9
Atherfold Road SW9
Atlantic Road SW9
Aytoun Road SW9
Barrington Road SW9
Belgrave Hospital, Clapham Road SW9
Belgrave Mansions SW9
Belgrave Terrace SW9
Belinda Road SW9
Belle Vue Gardens SW9
Bellefields Road SW9
Bernay's Grove SW9
Blackwell Street SW9
Bramah Road SW9
Brighton Terrace SW9
Brixton Road SW9
Brixton Station Road SW9
Broomsgrove Road SW9
Burgoyne Road SW9
Burnley Road SW9
Burton Road SW9
Bythorn Street SW9
Caldwell Street SW9
Cancell Road SW9
Canterbury Mews SW9
Canterbury Road SW9
Carlton Mansions SW9
Chantrey Road SW9
Chryssell Road SW9
Clapham Road SW9
Claribel Road SW9
Clark's Row SW9
Clitheroe Road SW9
Coldharbour Lane: remainder SW9
Combermere Road SW9
Connaught Mansions SW9
Cottage Grove SW9
Cowley Road SW9
Cranmer Road SW9
Cranworth Gardens SW9
Crawshay Road SW9
Crewdson Road SW9
Crossford Street SW9
Crowhurst Road SW9
Dalyell Road SW9
Dorrell Place SW9
Durand Gardens SW9
Durand Villas SW9
Eastcote Street SW9
Eaton Road SW9
Edithna Street SW9
Electric Avenue SW9
Electric Lane SW9
Elliott Road SW9
Evandale Road SW9
Eythorne Road SW9
Farrar Street SW9
Fenwick Court SW9
Fenwick Place SW9
Ferndale Road: remainder SW9
Foxley Road SW9
Frederick Crescent SW9
Fyfield Road SW9
Garden Close SW9
Gateley Road SW9
Geneva Road SW9
Geneva Terrace SW9
Glendall Street SW9
Goodwood Mansions, Stockwell Road SW9
Gosling Way SW9
Grantham Road SW9
Granville Arcade SW9
Gresham Road SW9
Grosvenor Mansions SW9
Grove Road SW9
Hackford Road SW9
Halstead Street SW9
Handforth Road SW9
Hargwyne Street SW9
Hemberton Road SW9
Herbert Road SW9
Hilda Road SW9
Hillyard Street SW9
Holland Grove SW9
Hubert Grove SW9
Industry Terrace SW9
Ingleborough Place SW9
Ingleborough Street SW9
Ingleton Street SW9
Irving Grove SW9
Isabel Street SW9
Kay Road SW9
Kimberley Road SW9
Knowle Road SW9
Landor Road SW9
Langton Road SW9
Liberty Street SW9
Lingharn Street SW9
Listowel Street SW9
Lorn Road SW9
Lothian Mews, Lothian Road SW9
Lothian Road SW9
Loughborough Park SW9
Loughborough Road SW9
Market Row SW9
Mayflower Road SW9
Melbourne Square SW9
Millbrook Road SW9
Minet Road SW9
Moat Place SW9
Morat Street SW9
Mordaunt Street SW9
Mostyn Road SW9
Mowll Street SW9
Myatt Road SW9
Nealdon Street SW9
Normandy Road SW9
Northall Street SW9
Nursery Road SW9
Offley Road SW9
Overton Road SW9
Patmos Road SW9
Peckford Place SW9
Pope's Road SW9
Prideaux Road SW9
Prima Road SW9
Prince's Mansions SW9
Princess Mansions SW9
Providence Place SW9
Pulross Road SW9
Railway Arcade SW9
Rathgar Road SW9
Rhodesia Road SW9
Ridgway Road SW9
Robsart Place SW9
Robsart Street SW9
Rumsey Road SW9
Russell Grove SW9
St. James's Crescent SW9
St. John's Crescent SW9
St. Lawrence Road SW9
St. Martin's Road SW9
St. Michael's Road SW9
Shannon Grove SW9
Sidney Road SW9
Somerleyton Road SW9
South Island Place SW9
South Western Fever Hospital, Landor Road SW9
Southesk Street SW9
Southey Road SW9
Speenham Road SW9
Stansfield Road SW9
Station Avenue SW9
Stirling Road SW9
Stockwell Avenue SW9
Stockwell Gardens SW9
Stockwell Green SW9
Stockwell Grove SW9
Stockwell Lane SW9
Stockwell Park Crescent SW9
Stockwell Park Road SW9
Stockwell Park Walk SW9
Stockwell Road SW9
Stockwell Terrace SW9
Sussex Grove SW9
Sussex Road SW9
Tandridge Place SW9
Tasman Road SW9
Thornton Street SW9
Tindal Street SW9
Tregothnan Road SW9
Treherne Road SW9
Trinity Gardens SW9
Tunstall Road SW9
Valentia Road SW9
Vassall Road SW9
Villa Road SW9
Vining Street SW9
Western Road SW9
Willington Road SW9
Wiltshire Road SW9
Wyke Gardens SW9
Wynne Road SW9
Wynne Terrace SW9

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