London 1746 Rocques map
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London Streets in 1938 - SW7 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Albert Court SW7
Albert Gate Mansions SW7
Albert Hall, Royal SW7
Albert Hall Mansions SW7
Alexander Place SW7
Alfred Place SW7
Arcade, The SW7
Ashburn Gardens SW7
Ashburn Mews, Gloucester Road SW7
Ashburn Place SW7
Astwood Mews SW7
Beehive Place SW7
Brechin Place SW7
Bremner Road SW7
Bute Street SW7
Cheval Place SW7
Clareville Grove SW7
Clareville Street SW7
Colbeck Mews, Harrington Gardens SW7
Cornwall Gardens SW7
Courtfield Road SW7
Cranley Gardens SW7
Cranley Mews SW7
Cranley Place SW7
Cromwell Gardens SW7
Cromwell Mews SW7
Cromwell Place SW7
Cromwell Road: 1 to 147 and 2 to 156 SW7
Douglas Mansions, Cromwell Road SW7
Egerton Court SW7
Elm Place SW7
Elvaston Place SW7
Emperor's Gate SW7
Ennismore Gardens SW7
Ennismore Street SW7
Evelyn Gardens SW7
Exhibition Road SW7
Fairholt Street SW7
Foulis Terrace SW7
Glendower Place SW7
Gloucester Road SW7
Gore Street SW7
Grenville Place SW7
Harrington Gardens SW7
Harrington Road SW7
Hereford Square SW7
Hyde Park Barracks SW7
Hyde Park Gate: part SW7
Imperial Institute Road SW7
Imperial Mansions SW7
Kendrick Place SW7
Kensington Gore SW7
Kensington Road: part SW7
Knightsbridge: remainder SW7
Knightsbridge Barracks SW7
Kynance Place SW7
Lancelot Place SW7
Lenthall Place SW7
Lowther Gardens SW7
McLeod's Mews SW7
Malvern Court SW7
Manson Place SW7
Montpelier Mews, Montpelier Square SW7
Montpelier Place SW7
Montpelier Row SW7
Montpelier Square SW7
Montpelier Street SW7
Montpelier Terrace SW7
Neville Street SW7
Neville Terrace SW7
Old Brompton Road: 1 to 125 and to 146 SW7
Onslow Gardens SW7
Onslow Mews SW7
Onslow Square SW7
Pelham Crescent SW7
Pelham Place SW7
Pelham Street SW7
Petersham Mews, Queen's Gate Place SW7
Prince Consort Road SW7
Prince's Gardens SW7
Prince's Gate SW7
Queen's Gate SW7
Queen's Gate Gardens SW7
Queen's Gate Mews SW7
Queen's Gate Place SW7
Queen's Gate Terrace SW7
Queen's Terrace Mews SW7
Queensberry Mews East SW7
Queensberry Mews West SW7
Queensberry Place SW7
Queensberry Way SW7
Raphael Street SW7
Reston Place SW7
Roland Gardens SW7
Rosary Gardens SW7
Rutland Court SW7
Rutland Gardens SW7
Rutland Gate SW7
Rutland Street SW7
Selwood Place SW7
Selwood Terrace SW7
South Street SW7
Southwell Gardens SW7
Stanhope Gardens SW7
Stanhope Mews East SW7
Stanhope Mews South SW7
Stanhope Mews West SW7
Sterling Street SW7
Sumner Place SW7
Sydney Place SW7
Thurloe Place SW7
Thurloe Square SW7
Trevor Place SW7
Trevor Square SW7
Trevor Street SW7
Wetherby Place SW7