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London Streets in 1938 - SW4 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Abbeville Road SW4 & 1940
Acre Square SW4
Allardyce Street SW4
Aristotle Road SW4
Ascot Court, Clapham Park Road SW4
Ascot Parade, Clapham Park Road SW4
Balzac Street SW4
Bedford Road SW4
Belmont Road SW4
Binfield Road SW4
Bonneville Gardens SW4
Bowland Road SW4
Brayburne Avenue SW4
Briarwood Road SW4
Broadhinton Road SW4
Bromell's Road SW4
Bromfelde Road SW4
CalderVale Road SW4
Carfax Square SW4
Carpenter's Place SW4
Cato Road SW4
Cautley Avenue SW4
Cavendish Gardens SW4
Cavendish Parade SW4
Cedars Road SW4
Charlotte Row SW4
Chase, The SW4
Chelsham Road SW4
Chip Street SW4
Clapham Common, North Side SW4
Clapham Common, South Side SW4
Clapham Common, West Side SW4
Clapham Court Terrace SW4
Clapham Crescent SW4
Clapham High Street SW4
Clapham Manor Street SW4
Clapham Mansions, Nightingale Lane SW4
Clapham Park Road SW4
Clarence Avenue SW4
Clarence Walk SW4
Crescent Grove SW4
Crescent Lane SW4
Cresset Street SW4
Dolman Street SW4
Ducie Street SW4
Edgeley Road SW4
Ellerslie Square SW4
Elmhurst Street SW4
Elms Crescent SW4
Elms Road SW4
Elwell Road SW4
Ferndale Road: 1 to 169 and 2 to 172 SW4
Fitzwilliam Road SW4
Franconia Road SW4
Gaskell Street SW4
Gauden Road SW4
Grafton Square SW4
Great Acre Court SW4
Hambalt Road SW4
Hannington Road SW4
Haselrigge Road SW4
Hetherington Road SW4
Holwood Place SW4
Iveley Road SW4
Jeffrey's Road SW4
Kendoa Road SW4
Kenwyn Road SW4
Kepler Road SW4
King's Avenue: 1 to 151A and 2 to 118A SW4
King's Head Passage SW4
Klea Avenue SW4
Lambourn Road SW4
Larkhall Lane SW4
Larkhall Rise SW4
Lendal Terrace SW4
Leppoc Road SW4
Lessar Avenue SW4
Lillieshall Road SW4
Linom Road SW4
Liston Road SW4
Little Pleasant Place SW4
Littlebury Road SW4
Lydon Road SW4
Lynette Avenue SW4
Macaulay Road SW4
Macaulay Square SW4
Mackay Road SW4
Mandalay Road SW4
Manor Gardens SW4
Medwin Street SW4
Meredith Yard SW4
Narbonne Avenue SW4
Navy Street SW4
Nelson's Grove SW4
Nelson's Row SW4
Netherford Road SW4
Nightingale Lane: 1 to 25 SW4
North Street SW4
Northbourne Road SW4
Offerton Road SW4
Old Town SW4
Orlando Road SW4
Paradise Road SW4
Park Hill SW4
Pavement, The SW4
Polygon, The SW4
Poynder's Road SW4
Prescott Place SW4
Rectory Gardens SW4
Rectory Grove SW4
Rodenhurst Road SW4
Rozel Road SW4
St. Alphonsus Road SW4
St. Luke's Avenue SW4
Salcombe Gardens SW4
Sandmere Gardens SW4
Sandmere Road SW4
Santley Street SW4
Seneca Road SW4
Shamrock Street SW4
Shandon Road SW4
Sibella Road SW4
Solon New Road SW4
South London Hospital for Women, Clapham Common, South Side SW4
Stonhouse Street SW4
Studley Road SW4
Tintern Street SW4
Tremadoc Road SW4
Triangle Place SW4
Trouville Road SW4
Turret Grove SW4
Union Mews, Union Road SW4
Union Road: 1 to 93 and 2 to 102 SW4
Union Street SW4
Venn Street SW4
Victoria Rise SW4
Voltaire Road SW4
West Road SW4
White Square SW4
Windmill Drive SW4
Wix's Lane SW4