London 1746 Rocques map
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London Streets in 1938 - SW3 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Alexander Square SW3
Alexandra Mansions, King's Road SW3
Alpha Place SW3
Anderson Street SW3
Arthur Street SW3
Astell Street SW3
Basil Street SW3
Beauchamp Place SW3
Beaufort Gardens SW3
Beaufort Street SW3
Blackland's Terrace SW3
Bramerton Street SW3
Bray Place SW3
Britten Street SW3
Brompton Place SW3
Brompton Road: remainder SW3
Brompton Square SW3
Burnsall Street SW3
Burton Court SW3
Bury Walk SW3
Bywater Street SW3
Cadogan Avenue SW3
Cadogan Court SW3
Cadogan Gardens SW3
Cadogan Street SW3
Cale Street SW3
Callow Street SW3
Cancer Hospital, Fulham Road SW3
Carlyle Mansions SW3
Carlyle Square SW3
Caversham Flats SW3
Caversham Street SW3
Chelsea Court SW3
Chelsea Embankment SW3
Chelsea Hospital for Women, Arthur Street SW3
Chelsea Manor Gardens SW3
Chelsea Manor Street SW3
Chelsea Park Dwellings SW3
Chelsea Park Gardens SW3
Chelsea Square SW3
Cheltenham Terrace SW3
Cheyne Court SW3
Cheyne Gardens SW3
Cheyne Hospital, Cheyne Walk SW3
Cheyne Place SW3
Cheyne Row SW3
Cheyne Walk: 1 to 90 SW3
Christchurch Street SW3
Christchurch Terrace SW3
Clanronald Street SW3
Collingwood Street SW3
Cottage Place SW3
Coulson Street SW3
Crescent Mansions, Fulham Road SW3
Crescent Place SW3
Culford Gardens SW3
Danube Street SW3
Danvers Street SW3
Denyer Street SW3
Dilke Street SW3
Donne Place SW3
Draycott Avenue SW3
Draycott Place SW3
Dudmaston Mews SW3
Durham Place SW3
Egerton Crescent SW3
Egerton Gardens SW3
Egerton Mansions SW3
Egerton Place SW3
Egerton Terrace SW3
Elm Park Gardens Mews SW3
Elm Park Road SW3
Elystan Place SW3
Elystan Street SW3
Embankment Gardens SW3
First Street SW3
Flood Street SW3
Flood Walk SW3
Franklin's Row SW3
Freemasons' Hospital and Nursing Home, Fulham Road SW3
Fulham Road: 77 to 267 and 44 to 132 SW3
Glebe Place SW3
Godfrey Street SW3
Grove Cottages SW3
Guthrie Street SW3
Halsey Street SW3
Hans Court SW3
Hans Mansions SW3
Hans Road SW3
Hasker Street SW3
Hemus Place SW3
Hoadly Cottages SW3
Hospital for Consumption and Disease of The Chest, Fulham Road SW3
Ives Street SW3
Ixworth Place SW3
Jubilee Place SW3
Justice Walk SW3
King's Road: 1 to 363 and 2 to 392 SW3
Knightsbridge Mansions, Brompton Road SW3
Lawrence Street SW3
Lecky Street SW3
Leverett Street SW3
Lincoln Street SW3
Lordship Place SW3
Lucan Place SW3
Makins Street SW3
Mallord Street SW3
Manresa Road SW3
Margaretta Terrace SW3
Markham Place SW3
Markham Square SW3
Markham Street SW3
Marlborough Street SW3
Milner Street SW3
Moore Street SW3
More's Garden, Cheyne Walk SW3
Mossop Street SW3
Mulberry Walk SW3
North Terrace SW3
Oakham Street SW3
Oakley Gardens SW3
Oakley Street SW3
Old Church Street SW3
Orford Street SW3
Ormonde Gate SW3
Ovington Court SW3
Ovington Gardens SW3
Ovington Mews SW3
Ovington Square SW3
Ovington Street SW3
Paradise Walk SW3
Paulton's Square SW3
Paulton's Street SW3
Petyt Place SW3
Petyward SW3
Phene Street SW3
Pond Place SW3
Queen's Elm Parade SW3
Queen's Elm Square SW3
Radnor Walk SW3
Ralston Street SW3
Rawling's Street SW3
Redburn Street SW3
Redesdale Street SW3
Richard's Place SW3
Robinson Street SW3
Rosemoor Street SW3
Rossetti Garden Mansions SW3
Royal Avenue SW3
Royal Hospital, Royal Hospital Road SW3
Royal Hospital Road SW3
Rysbrack Street SW3
St. Leonard's Terrace SW3
St. Loo Avenue SW3
St. Luke's Hospital, Cale Street SW3
St. Luke's Street SW3
Shawfield Street SW3
Sloane Avenue SW3
Sloane Court East SW3
Sloane Court West SW3
Smith Street SW3
Smith Terrace SW3
Smollett Street SW3
South Parade SW3
Sprimont Place SW3
Stackhouse Street SW3
Stewart's Grove SW3
Stratham Place SW3
Swan Court, Manor Street SW3
Swan Walk SW3
Sydney Close SW3
Sydney Mews, Fulham Road SW3
Sydney Street SW3
Symon's Street SW3
Tedworth Gardens SW3
Tedworth Square SW3
Thurloe Court, Fulham Road SW3
Tite Street SW3
Tryon Street SW3
Tullet Place SW3
Turk's Row SW3
Upper Cheyne Row SW3
Vale, The SW3
Vale Court, Mallord Street SW3
Victoria Hospital, Tite Street SW3
Walpole Street SW3
Walton Place SW3
Walton Street SW3
Wellington Square SW3
Whitehead's Grove SW3
Woodfall Street SW3
Yeoman's Row SW3