London 1746 Rocques map
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London Streets in 1938 - SW15 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Abbotstone Road SW15
Akehurst Street SW15
Alton Road SW15
Amersham Road SW15
Ashlone Road SW15
Atney Road SW15
Balmuir Gardens SW15
Bangalore Street SW15
Bective Place SW15
Bective Road SW15
Beech Close SW15
Bemish Road SW15
Bendemeer Road SW15
Bessborough Road SW15
Biggs Row SW15
Blackett Street SW15
Borneo Street SW15
Bowling Green Close SW15
Bramcote Road SW15
Brandlehow Road SW15
Brewhouse Street SW15
Briar Walk SW15
Bristol Gardens SW15
Burstock Road SW15
Burston Road SW15
Bye Pass Cottages SW15 - cannot find
Cambalt Road SW15
Campion Road SW15
Cardinal Place SW15
Carlton Road SW15
Carmalt Gardens SW15
Castello Avenue SW15
Charlwood Road SW15
Charlwood Terrace, Quill Lane SW15
Chartfield Avenue SW15
Chelverton Road SW15
Clarence Lane SW15
Clarendon Drive SW15
Coalecroft Road SW15
Colebrooke Close, West Hill SW15
Colinette Road SW15
Coppice Drive SW15
Crestway SW15
Danemere Street SW15
Darfur Street SW15
Daylesford Avenue SW15
Dealtry Road SW15
Deodar Road SW15
Derwent Avenue SW15
Disraeli Gardens SW15
Disraeli Road SW15
Dover House Road SW15
Dover Park Drive SW15
Dromore Road SW15
Dryad Street SW15
Dryburgh Road SW15
Dungarvan Avenue SW15
Dunster Avenue SW15
Dyer's Lane SW15
Earldom Road SW15
Egliston Road SW15
Elmshaw Road SW15
Embankment, The SW15
Enmore Road SW15
Erpingham Road SW15
Esmond Street SW15
Exeter House, Putney Heath SW15
Fairacres, Roehampton Lane SW15
Fanthorpe Street SW15
Farlow Road SW15
Fawe Park Road SW15
Felsham Road SW15
Fernbank Hospital, Portsmouth Road SW15
Festing Road SW15
Florian Road SW15
Floss Street SW15
Footpath, The SW15
Galveston Road SW15
Gamlen Road SW15
Gay Street SW15
Genoa Avenue SW15
Gibbon Walk SW15
Gipsy Lane SW15
Gladwyn Road SW15
Glegg Place, Lacy Road SW15
Glendarvon Street SW15
Granard Avenue SW15
Grasmere Avenue SW15
Greenstead Gardens SW15
Gwalior Road SW15
Gwendolen Avenue SW15
Hawkesbury Road SW15
Hazlewell Road SW15
Heathview Gardens SW15
Henry Walk SW15
Highdown Road SW15
Highlands Heath, Portsmouth Road SW15
Hobbes Walk SW15
Holmbush Road SW15
Holroyd Road SW15
Hotham Road SW15
Howard's Lane SW15
Huntingfield Road SW15
Hyacinth Road SW15
Kenilworth Court SW15
Kersfield Road SW15
Keswick Road SW15
Kingston Road SW15
Lacy Road SW15
Landford Road SW15
Laneway SW15
Langside Avenue SW15
Larpent Avenue SW15
Lifford Street SW15
Longwood Drive SW15
Lower Common SW15
Lower Common, South SW15
Lower Richmond Road SW15
Luttrell Avenue SW15
Lysons Walk SW15
Lytton Grove SW15
Malbrook Road SW15
Manfred Road SW15
Manor Fields, Putney Hill SW15
March's Place, Lower Richmond Road SW15
Mascotte Road SW15
Medfield Street SW15
Memel Place, Brewhouse Street SW15
Merivale Road SW15
Mexfield Road SW15
Millbrooke Court, Keswick Road SW15
Montolieu Gardens SW15
Montserrat Road SW15
Nepean Street SW15
Norroy Road SW15
Oakhill Place SW15
Oakhill Road SW15
Olivett Street SW15
Ormonde Court, Upper Richmond Road SW15
Oxford Road SW15
Parkfields SW15
Parkmead SW15
Parkstead Road SW15
Pentlow Street SW15
Platt, The SW15
Pleasance, The SW15
Pleasance Road SW15
Ponsonby Road SW15
Portinscale Road SW15
Portsmouth Road SW15
Premier Place, Putney High Street SW15
Priest's Bridge SW15
Priory Lane SW15
Putney Bridge Road: remainder SW15
Putney Heath SW15
Putney Heath Lane SW15
Putney High Street SW15
Putney Hill SW15
Putney Hospital (Chester Bequest), Lower Common SW15
Putney Park Avenue SW15
Putney Park Lane SW15
Queen Mary's Hospital, Roehampton House, Roehampton Lane SW15
Quill Lane SW15
Ravenna Road SW15
Rayner's Road SW15
Redgrave Road SW15
Robin Hood Lane SW15
Robin Hood Way: part SW15
Rockland Road SW15
Rodway Road SW15
Roedean Crescent SW15
Roehampton Close SW15
Roehampton Gate SW15
Roehampton High Street SW15
Roehampton Lane SW15
Roehampton Vale SW15
Roskell Road SW15
Ross Court, West Hill SW15
Rossdale Road SW15
Rotherwood Road SW15
Royal Hospital for Incurables, West Hill SW15
Rusholme Road SW15
Ruvigny Gardens SW15
Rydal Gardens SW15
St. John's Avenue SW15
St. Margaret's Close SW15
St. Simon's Avenue SW15
Salvin Road SW15
Schubert Road SW15
Sefton Street SW15
Skelgill Road SW15
Solna Avenue SW15
Spencer Road SW15
Spring Passage SW15
Stag Lane SW15
Stanbridge Road SW15
Stratford Grove SW15
Sunnymead Road SW15
Swinburne Road SW15
Telegraph Road SW15
Tideswell Road SW15
Tokenhouse Yard SW15
Torwood Road SW15
Treville Street SW15
Ullswater Close SW15
Ullswater Crescent SW15
Ulva Road SW15
Umbria Street SW15
Upper Richmond Road: 1 to 437 and 2 to 496 SW15
Vale Crescent SW15
Wadham Road SW15
Waterman Street SW15
Weimar Street SW15
Weiss Road SW15
Werter Road SW15
West Hill: remainder SW15
Westhorpe Street SW15
Westleigh Avenue SW15
Westmead SW15
Wildcroft Manor, Wildcroft Road SW15
Wildcroft Road SW15
Winthorpe Road SW15
Woodborough Road SW15
Woodlands Way SW15
Woodthorpe Road SW15
Wymond Street SW15