London 1746 Rocques map
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London Streets in 1938 - SW10 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Apollo Place SW10
Ashburnham Road SW10
Barker Street SW10
Bifron Street SW10
Blantyre Street SW10
Boltons, The SW10
Burnaby Street SW10
Camera Place SW10
Cathcart Road SW10
Cavaye Place SW10
Cheyne Walk: remainder SW10
Clyde Street SW10
Coleherne Mews, Redcliffe Square SW10
Coleherne Road SW10
Cremorne Road SW10
Cresswell Place SW10
Damer Terrace SW10
Dartrey Road SW10
Drayton Gardens SW10
Edith Grove SW10
Edith Terrace SW10
Elm Park Gardens SW10
Elm Park Mansions, Park Walk SW10
Fawcett Street SW10
Fernshaw Road SW10
Finborough Road SW10
Fulham Road: 273 to 459 and 134 to 366 SW10
Gertrude Street SW10
Gillray Square SW10
Gilston Road SW10
Grove, The SW10
Guinness Trust Buildings SW10
Gunter Grove SW10
Harcourt Terrace SW10
Harley Gardens SW10
Hereford House SW10
Hobury Street SW10
Hollywood Road SW10
Hortensia Road SW10
Ifield Road SW10
King's Road: 365 to 539 and 394 to 552 SW10
Lacland Place SW10
Lamont Road SW10
Langton Street SW10
Limerston Street SW10
Lots Road SW10
Luna Street SW10
Meek Street SW10
Mentone Mansions, Fulham Road SW10
Milborne Grove SW10
Milman's Street SW10
Moravian Place SW10
Netherton Grove SW10
North Street SW10
Oakfield Street SW10
Park Walk SW10
Priory Walk SW10
Raasay Street SW10
Redcliffe Gardens SW10
Redcliffe Road SW10
Redcliffe Square SW10
Redcliffe Street SW10
Riley Street SW10
St. Mark's Grove SW10
St. Mark's Road SW10
St. Stephen's Hospital, Fulham Road SW10
Seaton Street SW10
Seymour Place SW10
Shalcomb Street SW10
Slaidburn Street SW10
South Street SW10
Stadium Street SW10
Tadema Road SW10
Tetcott Road SW10
Thistle Grove SW10
Tregunter Road SW10
Upcerne Road SW10
Uverdale Road SW10
Vicat Street SW10
Westgate Terrace SW10
Wharfedale Street SW10
Winterton Place SW10
World's End Passage SW10