London 1746 Rocques map
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London Streets in 1938 - SW1 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Abbey Garden SW1
Abingdon Street SW1
Admiralty SW1
Albert Gate SW1
Alderney Street SW1
All Saints' Hospital, Vauxhall Bridge Road SW1
Allington Street SW1
Ambrosden Avenue SW1
Ann's Close SW1
Antrobus Street SW1
Apple Tree Yard SW1
Arlington Street SW1
Arneway Street SW1
Artillery Row SW1
Ashley Gardens SW1
Ashley Place SW1
Atterbury Street SW1
Aylesford Street SW1
Babmaes Street SW1
Barton Street SW1
Belgrave Mews West SW1
Belgrave Place SW1
Belgrave Road SW1
Belgrave Square SW1
Bennet Street SW1
Bessborough Gardens SW1
Bessborough Place SW1
Bessborough Street SW1
Birdcage Walk SW1
Bloomburg Street SW1
Bloomfield Terrace SW1
Boscobel Place SW1
Bourne Street SW1
Brewer's Green SW1
Bridge Place SW1
Bridge Street SW1
Broad Sanctuary SW1
Broadway SW1
Brompton Road: 2 to 36 and 87 to 135 SW1
Buckingham Gate SW1
Buckingham Mews SW1
Buckingham Palace SW1
Buckingham Palace Gardens SW1
Buckingham Palace Mansions SW1
Buckingham Palace Road SW1
Buckingham Place SW1
Bulinga Street SW1
Bury Street SW1
Cadogan Court Gardens SW1
Cadogan Gate SW1
Cadogan Lane SW1
Cadogan Mansions SW1
Cadogan Place SW1
Cadogan Square SW1
Caledonia Place SW1
Cambridge Street SW1
Canada House, 5, Trafalgar Square SW1
Cannon Row SW1
Carey Place SW1
Carlisle Mansions, Carlisle Place SW1
Carlisle Place SW1
Carlton Chambers, Regent Street SW1
Carlton Court SW1
Carlton Gardens SW1
Carlton House SW1
Carlton House Terrace SW1
Carlton Street SW1
Caroline Terrace SW1
Carpenter Street SW1
Carteret Street SW1
Castle Lane SW1
Catherine Place SW1
Causton Street SW1
Caxton House SW1
Caxton Street SW1
Central Buildings SW1
Chadwick Street SW1
Chandos Court SW1
Chapel Street SW1
Chapter Street SW1
Charing Cross SW1
Charles Street SW1
Charlwood Place SW1
Charlwood Street SW1
Chelsea Barracks SW1
Chelsea Bridge Road SW1
Chelsea Gardens SW1
Chesham Place SW1
Chesham Street SW1
Chester Mews SW1
Chester Square SW1
Chester Square Mews SW1
Chester Street SW1
Chester Terrace SW1
Chichester Street SW1
Church Place SW1
Churton Place SW1
Churton Street SW1
Clarence House SW1
Clarendon Street SW1
Claverton Street SW1
Cleveland Row SW1
Clifford's Row SW1
Cliveden Place SW1
Cloisters, The SW1
Cockspur Court SW1
Cockspur Street SW1
Colchester Street SW1
College Place SW1
Commercial Place SW1
Cornwall Street SW1
Cottage Walk SW1
Cowley Street SW1
Craig's Court SW1
Crown Court, Pall Mall SW1
Cumberland Street SW1
Cundy Street SW1
Cureton Street SW1
Dacre Street SW1
Dartmouth Street SW1
Dean Bradley Street SW1
Dean Farrar Street SW1
Dean Ryle Street SW1
Dean Stanley Street SW1
Dean Trench Street SW1
Dean's Yard SW1
Denbigh Place SW1
Denbigh Street SW1
Derby Gate SW1
Dolphin Square SW1
Dorset Mews, Wilton Street SW1
Douglas Place SW1
Douglas Street SW1
Downing Street SW1
D'Oyley Street SW1
Duke of York Street SW1
Duke Street SW1
Dundonald Street SW1
Eagle Place SW1
Eaton Close SW1
Eaton Gate SW1
Eaton Place SW1
Eaton Row SW1
Eaton Square SW1
Eaton Terrace SW1
Ebury Bridge Road SW1
Ebury Mews SW1
Ebury Mews East SW1
Ebury Square SW1
Ebury Street SW1
Eccleston Place SW1
Eccleston Square SW1
Eccleston Street SW1
Effingham Street SW1
Elizabeth Street SW1
Ellis Street SW1
Elverton Street SW1
Emery Hill Street SW1
Empire Nursing Home, Vincent Square SW1
Erasmus Street SW1
Esher Street SW1
Francis Street SW1
Frederick Street SW1
Fynes Street SW1
Gainsborough Buildings, Erasmus Street SW1
Garden Terrace SW1
Gatliff Buildings, Ebury Bridge Road SW1
Gatliff Road SW1
Gayfere Street SW1
Gerald Road SW1
Gillingham Row SW1
Gillingham Street SW1
Glamorgan Street SW1
Glasgow Terrace SW1
Gloucester Street SW1
Gordon Hospital, Vauxhall Bridge Road SW1
Graham Street SW1
Great College Street SW1
Great George Street SW1
Great Peter Street SW1
Great Scotland Yard SW1
Great Smith Street SW1
Great Westminster House, Horseferry Road SW1
Green Coat Place SW1
Green Coat Row SW1
Greycoat Gardens SW1
Greycoat Place SW1
Greycoat Street SW1
Groom Place SW1
Grosvenor Crescent SW1
Grosvenor Gardens SW1
Grosvenor Hospital, Vincent Square SW1
Grosvenor Place SW1
Grosvenor Road SW1
Guildhouse Street SW1
Halkin Mews SW1
Halkin Place SW1
Halkin Street SW1
Hans Crescent SW1
Hans Crescent Mansions SW1
Hans Place SW1
Hans Street SW1
Harriet Street SW1
Hatherley Street SW1
Haymarket SW1
Headfort Place SW1
Herbert Crescent SW1
Herrick Street SW1
Hide Place SW1
Hinchliffe Street SW1
Hindon Place SW1
Hobart Place SW1
Hogarth Buildings SW1
Holbein Place SW1
Horse Guards Avenue SW1
Horse Shoe Alley SW1
Horseferry Road SW1
Howick Place SW1
Hudson's Place SW1
Hugh Place SW1
Hugh Street SW1
Infants Hospital, Vincent Square SW1
Jermyn Street SW1
Johnson Street SW1
Johnson's Place SW1
King Charles Street SW1
King Edward VII Hospital, Grosvenor Crescent SW1
King Street SW1
Kinnerton Street SW1
Knightsbridge: 1 to 161 and 2 to 124 SW1
Knightsbridge Court SW1
Knightsbridge Green SW1
Landon Place SW1
Landseer Buildings, Herrick Street SW1
Laundry Yard SW1
Lawrence Buildings SW1
Leighton Buildings, Dundonald Street SW1
Lennox Gardens SW1
Lewisham Street SW1
Lillington Street SW1
Lister Institute, Chelsea Bridge Road SW1
Little Chester Street SW1
Little Cloisters SW1
Little College Street SW1
Little Dean's Yard SW1
Little Dorchester Court, Pavilion Road SW1
Little George Street SW1
Little St. James's Street SW1
Little Smith Street SW1
Longmoore Street SW1
Lord North Street SW1
Lower Belgrave Street SW1
Lower Grosvenor Place SW1
Lower Sloane Street SW1
Lowndes Place SW1
Lowndes Square SW1
Lowndes Street SW1
Lupus Street SW1
Lyall Street SW1
Lygon Place SW1
Maclise Buildings SW1
Marlborough House SW1
Marsham Street SW1
Mason's Yard SW1
Matthew Parker Street SW1
Medway Street SW1
Millais Buildings, Dundonald Street SW1
Millbank SW1
Mill's Buildings SW1
Monck Street SW1
Montrose Place SW1
Moreton Place SW1
Moreton Street SW1
Moreton Terrace SW1
Morpeth Mansions SW1
Morpeth Terrace SW1
Motcomb Street SW1
Mulready Buildings, Dundonald Street SW1
New Palace Yard SW1
New Scotland Yard SW1
New Street SW1
Norris Street SW1
North Court, Wood Street SW1
Old Barrack Yard, Knights Bridge SW1
Old Palace Yard SW1
Old Pye Street SW1
Old Queen Street SW1
Oranmore Mews SW1
Orchard Street SW1
Ormond Yard SW1
Osbert Street SW1
Osier Place SW1
Oxendon Street SW1
Page Street SW1
Palace Chambers, Bridge Street SW1
Palace Place SW1
Palace Street SW1
Pall Mall SW1
Pall Mall East SW1
Pall Mall Place SW1
Palmer Street SW1
Panton Street SW1
Park Close SW1
Park Mansions, Knightsbridge SW1
Park Place, St. James's Street SW1
Park Row, Knightsbridge SW1
Parkside, Knightsbridge SW1
Parliament Street SW1
Passmore Street SW1
Pavilion Road SW1
Pembroke Close SW1
Petty France SW1
Piccadilly Arcade SW1
Pickering Place SW1
Pimlico Road SW1
Ponsonby Place SW1
Ponsonby Terrace SW1
Pont Street SW1
Princes Arcade SW1
Princes Street SW1
Prince's Place SW1
Prince's Row SW1
Pulford Street SW1
Pulford Terrace SW1
Purbeck Place SW1
Queen Alexandra's Military Hospital, Bulinga Street SW1
Queen Anne's Gate SW1
Queen Anne's Mansions SW1
Rampayne Street SW1
Ranelagh Grove SW1
Ranelagh Road SW1
Regency Place SW1
Regency Street SW1
Regent Street: 1 to 37 and 2 to 36 SW1
Reynold's Buildings, Erasmus Street SW1
Richmond Terrace SW1
Rochester Row SW1
Rochester Street SW1
Roehampton Street SW1
Romney Buildings, St. Oswulf Street SW1
Romney Street SW1
Rose and Crown Yard SW1
Ross Street SW1
Rossetti Buildings SW1
Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace Road SW1
Royal Opera Arcade SW1
Ruskin Buildings, St. Oswulf Street SW1
Russell Place SW1
Rutherford Street SW1
Ryder Street SW1
St. Alban's Street SW1
St. Ann's Lane SW1
St. Ann's Street SW1
St. Barnabas Street SW1
St. George's Hospital, Hyde Park Corner SW1
St. George's Road SW1
St. George's Square SW1
St. James's Market SW1
St. James's Palace SW1
St. James's Place SW1
St. James's Square SW1
St. James's Street SW1
St. Matthew Street SW1
St. Oswulf Street SW1
St. Stephen's House, Victoria Embankment SW1
Sanctuary, The SW1
Scotland House, Victoria Embankment SW1
Seaforth Place SW1
Sedding Street SW1
Semley Place SW1
Seville Street SW1
Shaver's Place SW1
Skinner Place SW1
Sloane Gardens SW1
Sloane Gate House SW1
Sloane Gate Mansions, D'Oyley Street SW1
Sloane Square SW1
Sloane Street SW1
Sloane Terrace SW1
Smith Square SW1
South Eaton Place SW1
Spencer Place SW1
Spenser Street SW1
Spring Garden Place SW1
Spring Gardens SW1
Stafford Place SW1
Stanford Street SW1
Stanley Place SW1
Stillington Street SW1
Storey's Gate SW1
Strutton Ground SW1
Suffolk Place SW1
Suffolk Street SW1
Sussex Street SW1
Sutherland Place SW1
Sutherland Street SW1
Sutherland Terrace SW1
Tachbrook Estate, Pulford Street SW1
Tachbrook Street SW1
Terminus Place SW1
Thames House, Millbank SW1
Thirleby Road SW1
Thorndike Street SW1
Thorney Street SW1
Tothill Street SW1
Trafalgar Buildings SW1
Trafalgar Square: No. 5 only SW1
Treasury Passage SW1
Tufton Street SW1
Turner Buildings, St. Oswulf Street SW1
Udall Street SW1
Upper Belgrave Street SW1
Vandon Street SW1
Vane Street SW1
Vauxhall Bridge Road SW1
Victoria Arcade SW1
Victoria Buildings SW1
Victoria Embankment: part SW1
Victoria Square SW1
Victoria Station SW1
Victoria Street SW1
Vincent Square SW1
Vincent Street SW1
Waleott Street SW1
Warwick House Street SW1
Warwick Place SW1 - cannot find
Warwick Place North SW1
Warwick Row SW1
Warwick Square SW1
Warwick Way SW1
Waterloo Place SW1
Wellington Barracks SW1
Wellington Court, Knightsbridge SW1
West Eaton Place SW1
West Halkin Street SW1
West Mews SW1
West Warwick Place SW1
Westminster Gardens SW1
Westminster Hospital, Broad Sanctuary SW1
Westminster Hospital Medical, School, Horseferry Road SW1
Westminster Palace Gardens SW1
Westmoreland Place SW1
Westmoreland Terrace SW1
Whitehall SW1
Whitehall Court SW1
Whitehall Gardens SW1
Whitehall Place SW1
Whittaker Street SW1
Wilbraham Place SW1
Wilfred Street SW1
Wilkie Buildings SW1
William Street SW1
William's Mews, William Street SW1
Willow Place SW1
Wilton Crescent SW1
Wilton Mews SW1
Wilton Place SW1
Wilton Road SW1
Wilton Row SW1
Wilton Street SW1
Wilton Terrace SW1
Winchester Street SW1
Wood Street SW1
Worcester Street SW1
York House SW1