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London Streets in 1938 - SE5 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Ada Road SE5
Addington Square SE5
Albany Road SE5
Allendale Road SE5
Badsworth Road SE5
Baily Street SE5
Baldwin Crescent SE5
Bantry Street SE5
Bavent Road SE5
Belham Street SE5
Belmont Square SE5
Bengeworth Road SE5
Benhill Road SE5
Bessemer Road SE5
Bethwin Cottages SE5
Bethwin Road SE5
Bicknell Road SE5
Blackbridge Street SE5
Blucher Road SE5
Bolton Street SE5
Bonsor Street SE5
Bowyer Street SE5
Bredon Road SE5
Brief Street SE5
Brisbane Street SE5
Bromar Road SE5
Brunswick Park SE5
Brunswick Villas SE5
Brymer Road SE5
Buff Place SE5
Bushey Hill Road SE5
Calais Street SE5
Caldecot Road SE5
Caldew Street SE5
Calmington Road SE5
Camberwell Green SE5
Camberwell Grove SE5
Camberwell New Road SE5
Camberwell Road SE5
Camberwell Station Road SE5
Cambria Road SE5
Canal Bank SE5
Canal Place SE5
Canal Street SE5
Canning Place SE5
Carew Street SE5
Caspian Street SE5
Champion Grove SE5
Champion Hill SE5
Champion Park SE5
Cheam Place SE5
Chumleigh Street SE5
Church Street SE5
Churchyard Passage SE5
Clarendon Avenue SE5
Cobourg Road SE5
Coldharbour Lane: 1 to 199 and 2 to 200 SE5
Coldharbour Place SE5
Coleman Road SE5
Comber Grove SE5
Conderton Road SE5
Cormont Road SE5
Cottage Green SE5
Councillor Street SE5
County Grove SE5
Cowan Street SE5
Crawford Road SE5
Crofton Road SE5
Crown Street SE5
Cunard Street SE5
Cutcombe Road SE5
Cuthill Road SE5
Dagmar Road SE5
Dalbiac Street SE5
Dalwood Place SE5
Dalwood Street SE5
Danes Road SE5
Daneville Road SE5
Dartnell Road SE5
Datchelor Place SE5
De Crespigny Park SE5
Deepdene Road SE5
Denmark Hill SE5
Denmark Road SE5
Depot Street SE5
D'Eynsford Road SE5
Domville Grove SE5
Dowlas Street SE5
Dugdale Street SE5
Eastlake Road SE5
Edgecumbe Road SE5
Edmund Street SE5
Elam Street SE5
Elfin Road SE5
Elmington Road SE5
Farmer's Road SE5
Fearnley Road SE5
Finsen Road SE5
Flaxman Road SE5
Flodden Road SE5
Foreign Street SE5
Fowler Street SE5
Gairloch Road SE5
Gange Street SE5
Glebe, The SE5
Goldie Street SE5
Gordon Grove SE5
Goschen Street SE5
Grace's Mews SE5
Grace's Road SE5
Green Lane: part SE5
Grosvenor Park SE5
Grosvenor Terrace SE5
Grove Hill Road SE5
Grove Lane SE5
Grove Lane Terrace SE5
Grove Park SE5
Gurney Terrace SE5
Halsmere Road SE5
Hampton's Avenue SE5
Harbour Road SE5
Harling Street SE5
Harris Street SE5
Harvey Road SE5
Havil Street SE5
Herring Street SE5
Hillingdon Street: remainder SE5
Hollington Street SE5
Holmby Street SE5
Hopewell Street SE5
Horsman Street SE5
Inglis Street SE5
Ivanhoe Road SE5
Jardin Street SE5
Jephson Street SE5
John Ruskin Street SE5
Kemerton Road SE5
Kempshead Road SE5
Kenbury Street SE5
Kerfield Crescent SE5
Kerfield Place SE5
Kimpton Road SE5
King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill SE5
Kitson Road SE5
Knatchbull Road SE5
Laurel Terrace SE5
Lettsom Street SE5
Lewis Road SE5
Lewis Road East SE5
Lewis Trust Buildings SE5
Lilford Road SE5
Linnell Road SE5
Lomond Grove SE5
Loncroft Road SE5
Love Walk SE5
Lowth Road SE5
Lucas Road: remainder SE5
Luxor Street SE5
McDowall Road SE5
McNeil Road SE5
Malfort Road SE5
Mansion Street SE5
Maude Road SE5
Maudsley Hospital, Denmark Hill SE5
Maydwell Street SE5
Medlar Street SE5
Milkwell Yard, Denmark Hill SE5
Millais Street SE5
Morna Road SE5
Mosedale Street SE5
Neate Street SE5
New Church Road SE5
Northlands Street SE5
Northway Road SE5
Notley Street SE5
Odell Street SE5
Orpheus Street SE5
Oswyth Road SE5
Palmerston Street SE5
Parkhouse Street SE5
Paulet Road SE5
Peckham Road: 1 to 93 and 2 to 84 SE5
Penford Street SE5
Picton Street SE5
Pitman Street SE5
Pomfret Road SE5
Rainbow Street SE5
Redcar Street SE5
Riddell Street SE5
Rignold Road SE5
Rill Street SE5
Roslyn Avenue SE5
Rust Square SE5
St. Giles' Hospital, St. Giles Road SE5
St. Giles Road SE5
Sadie Street SE5
Sandover Road SE5
Sansom Street SE5
Scarsdale Grove SE5
Scarsdale Road SE5
Sears Street SE5
Secretan Road SE5
Sedgmoor Place SE5
Selborne Road SE5
Shenley Road SE5
Silcote Road SE5
Southampton Way SE5
Stories Road SE5
Sugden Street SE5
Sultan Street SE5
Sultan Terrace SE5
Sunset Road SE5
Surrey Place SE5
Tamerton Street SE5
Teather Street SE5
Templar Street SE5
Toulon Street SE5
Ulric Street SE5
Upstall Street SE5
Urlwin Street SE5
Valmar Road SE5
Vaughan Road SE5
Venetian Road SE5
Vestry Road SE5
Vicarage Grove SE5
Victory Square SE5
Warham Street SE5
Warner Road SE5
Warrior Road SE5
Waterloo Square SE5
Welby Street SE5
Wells Crescent SE5
Wells Place SE5
Wells Way SE5
Wesson Square SE5
Westhall Road SE5
Westmacott Gardens SE5
Westmacott Street SE5
Wickwood Street SE5
Wilson Road SE5
Windsor Walk SE5
Wren Road SE5
Wyndham Road SE5