London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

London Streets in 1938 - SE24 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Alderton Road SE24
Ardbeg Road SE24
Beckwith Road SE24
Berwyn Road SE24
Brantwood Road SE24
Brockwell Park Gardens SE24
Burbage Road: 1 to 105 and 2 to 118 SE24
Carver Road SE24
Casino Avenue SE24
Chaucer Road SE24
Cosbycote Avenue SE24
Croxted Road: remainder SE24
Danecroft Road SE24
Deerbrook Road SE24
Deerdale Road SE24
Deronda Road SE24
Dexter Road SE24
Dorchester Drive SE24
Dulwich Road SE24
Elfindale Road SE24
Elmwood Road SE24
Fawnbrake Avenue SE24
Ferndene Road SE24
Frankfurt Road SE24
Gubyon Avenue SE24
Guernsey Grove SE24
Half Moon Lane SE24
Hardess Street SE24
Haredale Road SE24
Hawarden Grove SE24
Herne Hill SE24
Herne Hill Road SE24
Herne Place SE24
Heron Road SE24
Hinton Road SE24
Hollingbourne Road SE24
Holmdene Avenue SE24
Howlett's Road SE24
Hurst Street SE24
Jessop Road SE24
Kestrel Avenue SE24
Leeson Road SE24
Lowden Road SE24
Mayall Road SE24
Milkwood Road SE24
Milton Road SE24
Mumford Road SE24
Nairne Grove SE24
Norwood Road: 1 to 339 and 2 to 150 SE24
Oakbank Grove SE24
Padfield Street SE24
Peabody Buildings SE24
Peabody Cottages SE24
Poplar Walk SE24
Poplar Walk Road SE24
Railton Road SE24
Red Post Hill: remainder SE24
Regent Road SE24
Rollscourt Avenue SE24
Romola Road SE24
Rosendale Road: remainder SE24
Ruskin Walk SE24
Rymer Street SE24
Shakespeare Road SE24
Shard Croft Avenue SE24
Spenser Road SE24
Stradella Road SE24
Sunray Avenue SE24
Wanless Road SE24
Warmington Road SE24
Wingmore Road SE24
Winterbrook Road SE24
Woodquest Avenue SE24
Wyneham Road SE24

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