London 1746 Rocques map
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London Streets in 1938 - SE16 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Abbeyfield Road SE16
Ablett Street SE16
Ainsty Street SE16
Albion Street SE16
Alexis Street SE16
Almond Road SE16
Alpine Road SE16
Ambrose Street SE16
Anchor Street SE16
Aspinden Road SE16
Aylton Street SE16
Banyard Road SE16
Barkworth Road SE16
Beatson Street SE16
Bellamy's Wharf SE16
Bermondsey Wall SE16
Bevington Street SE16
Blue Anchor Lane SE16
Bolina Road SE16
Bombay Street SE16
Bracton Road SE16
Braddon Street SE16
Bramcote Road SE16
Brunel Road SE16
Bryan Road SE16
Cadbury Road SE16
Camilla Road SE16
Canon Beck Road SE16
Canute Street SE16
Cathay Street SE16
Catlin Street SE16
Channel Row SE16
Cherry Garden Street SE16
Clack Street SE16
Clare Hall Place SE16
Clark's Orchard SE16
Claydon's Wharf SE16
Clement's Road SE16
Collett Road SE16
Commercial Dock Passage SE16
Cope Street SE16
Cornbury Road SE16
Cornick Street SE16
Cranham Road SE16
Cranswick Road SE16
Credon Road SE16
Culling Road SE16
Debnam's Road SE16
Delaford Road SE16
Derrick Street SE16
Dilston Grove SE16
Dockley Road SE16
Drappers Road SE16
Drummond Road SE16
Dunlop Place SE16
East Lane SE16
Edale Road SE16
Egan Street SE16
Eldridge Road SE16
Elgar Street SE16
Emba Street SE16
Enid Street SE16
Erlam Road SE16
Eugenia Road SE16
Farncombe Street SE16
Fawcett Road SE16
Fenner Road SE16
Flockton Street SE16
Frean Street SE16
Freda Street SE16
Fulford Street SE16
Galleywall Road SE16
Gataker Street SE16
George Row SE16
Glebe Street SE16
Gomm Road SE16
Gulliver Street SE16
Hadland Street SE16
Hatteraick Street SE16
Hawkstone Road SE16
Haydock Road SE16
Henwood Road SE16
Hickling Street SE16
Hodnet Grove SE16
Hyson Road SE16
Ilderton Road: 1 to 187 and 2 to 132 SE16
Jamaica Road SE16
Janeway Place SE16
Janeway Street SE16
Jarrow Road SE16
Keeton's Road SE16
Kenning Street SE16
Kinburn Street SE16
Lady Gomm Cottage Hospital, Hawkestone Road SE16
Layard Road SE16
Linsey Grove SE16
Linsey Street SE16
Litlington Street SE16
Llewellyn Grove SE16
Llewellyn Street SE16
Lockwood Road SE16
Loftie Street SE16
Lower Road: 1 to 245 and 118 to 196 SE16
Lucey Road SE16
Luxford Street SE16
Mack's Road SE16
Major Road SE16
Marden Road SE16
Marigold Street SE16
Marine Street SE16
Martin Crescent SE16
Matson Street SE16
Mayflower Street SE16
Maynard Road SE16
Milledge Street SE16
Moodkee Street SE16
Mossington Road SE16
Myddleton Place SE16
Nelldale Road SE16
Neptune Street SE16
Ness Street SE16
Neston Street SE16
Odessa Street SE16
Old Manor Lane SE16
Oldfield Grove SE16
Oran Place SE16
Osprey Street SE16
Paradise Street SE16
Parfitt Road SE16
Pedworth Road SE16
Peter Hills Walk SE16
Plough Way SE16
Pottery Street SE16
Priter Road SE16
Priter Way SE16
Raymouth Road SE16
Reculver Road SE16
Redriff Lane SE16
Redriff Road SE16
Reed Street SE16
Renforth Street SE16
Ridge Street SE16
Risdon Street SE16
Roseberry Street SE16
Rotherhithe New Road SE16
Rotherhithe Old Road SE16
Rotherhithe Street SE16
Rouel Road SE16
Rudford Road SE16
Rupack Street SE16
St. Helena Road SE16
St. James's Road: 1 to 167 and 2 to 144 SE16
St. Marychurch Street SE16
St. Olave's Hospital, Lower Road SE16
St. Paul's Avenue SE16
Senegal Road SE16
Seth Street SE16
Silver Walk SE16
Silverlock Street SE16
Silwood Street SE16
Slipper's Place SE16
Southwark Park Road SE16
Spa Road SE16
Stalham Street SE16
Stockholm Road SE16
Stork's Road SE16
Suffolk Grove SE16
Sun Passage SE16
Surrey Commercial Docks SE16
Sutton Model Dwellings: Blocks A and B SE16
Swan Road SE16
Temeraire Street SE16
Thurland Road SE16
Tissington Street SE16
Tranton Road SE16
Trident Street SE16
Truman Square SE16
Truman Street SE16
Tulip Place SE16
Tunnel Road SE16
Varcoe Road SE16
Vauban Street SE16
Verney Road SE16
Verney Way SE16
Warndon Street SE16
Webster Road SE16
West Lane SE16
Westlake Road SE16
Wilson Grove SE16
Wolseley Buildings: 121 to 144 SE16
Yalding Road SE16
Zampa Road SE16