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London Streets in 1938 - SE14 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Achilles Street SE14
Alexandra Street SE14
Alpha Road SE14
Amersham Grove SE14
Amersham Road SE14
Amersham Vale SE14
Angus Street SE14
Arbuthnot Road SE14
Arklow Road SE14
Atkinson Street SE14
Avonley Road SE14
Barlborough Street SE14
Barriedale SE14
Batavia Road SE14
Bawtree Road SE14
Besson Cottages, Besson Street SE14
Besson Street SE14
Billington Road SE14
Bousfield Road SE14
Briant Street SE14
Brighton Grove SE14
Brindley Street SE14
Brocklehurst Street SE14
Camplin Street SE14
Casella Road SE14
Childeric Road SE14
Chipley Street SE14
Chubworthy Street SE14
Clifton Rise SE14
Cold Blow Lane SE14
Cottesbrook Street SE14
Dennett's Grove SE14
Dennett's Road SE14
Desmond Street SE14
Dixon Road SE14
Drakefell Road: 1 to 81 and 2 to 134 SE14
Eckington Gardens SE14
Edric Road SE14
Edward Street: remainder SE14
Egmont Street SE14
Erlanger Road SE14
Faulkner Street SE14
Florence Grove SE14
Florence Road SE14
Florence Terrace SE14
Gellatly Road SE14
Goodwood Road SE14
Hart's Lane SE14
Hatcham Park Road SE14
Hereford Place SE14
Hunsden Road SE14
Jerningham Road SE14
Kender Grove SE14
Kender Place SE14
Kender Street SE14
Kenwood Avenue SE14
Kerry Road SE14
Kitto Road SE14
Knoyle Street SE14
Laurie Grove SE14
Lewisham High Road: 1 to 169 and 2 to 158 SE14
Leylang Road SE14
Liardet Street SE14
Lubbock Street SE14
Ludwick Road SE14
Marchant Street SE14
Mason's Grove SE14
Millmark Grove SE14
Milton Court Road SE14
Monson Road SE14
Musgrove Road SE14
Nettleton Road SE14
New Cross Road SE14
Nynehead Street SE14
Omega Street SE14
Ommaney Road SE14
Pagnell Street SE14
Park Road SE14
Pepys Road SE14
Pomeroy Square SE14
Pomeroy Street SE14
Queen's Road: remainder SE14
Railway Grove SE14
Reaston Street SE14
Royal Naval Place SE14
Ruddigore Road SE14
Rural Place SE14
St. Donatt's Road SE14
St. James' SE14
Sanford Street SE14
Shardeloes Road SE14
Sherwin Road SE14
Simla Street SE14
Snead Street SE14
Somerville Road SE14
South Eastern Fever Hospital, Avonley Road SE14
Trim Street SE14
Troutbeck Road SE14
Vance Street SE14
Vansittart Street SE14
Ventnor Road SE14
Waller Road SE14
Walpole Road SE14
Walsham Road SE14
Whitcher Street SE14
Wilson Street SE14
Woodpecker Road SE14
Wrigglesworth Street SE14