London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

London Streets in 1938 - SE13 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Abernethy Road SE13
Airy Street SE13
Albacore Crescent SE13
Albion Hill SE13
Albion Road SE13
Aldworth Grove SE13
Algernon Road SE13
Algiers Road SE13
Ardmere Road SE13
Avenue Road SE13
Avenue Square SE13
Bankwell Road SE13
Beacon Road SE13
Beaufort Gardens SE13
Belmont Grove SE13
Belmont Hill SE13
Belmont Park SE13
Benin Street SE13
Bennett Street SE13
Bertrand Street SE13
Blackheath Rise SE13
Blagdon Road SE13
Blashford Street SE13
Blessington Road SE13
Bliss Crescent SE13
Bonfield Road SE13
Boone Street SE13
Boone's Road SE13
Boyne Road SE13
Brandram Road SE13
Branscombe Street SE13
Brightside Road SE13
Brightside Terrace SE13
Brookbank Road SE13
Campshill Road SE13
Caterham Road SE13
Chalcroft Road SE13
Church Grove SE13
Church Terrace SE13
Clarendon Rise SE13
Cliffview Road SE13
Cold Bath Street SE13
Conington Road SE13
Court Hill Road SE13
Crathorn Street SE13
Cressingham Road SE13
Dacre Gardens SE13
Dacre Park SE13
Dacre Place SE13
Dacre Square SE13
Dermody Gardens SE13
Dermody Road SE13
Drysdale Road SE13
Duncrievie Road SE13
Dunsley Place SE13
Eastdown Park SE13
Eliot Hill SE13
Eliot Park SE13
Ellerdale Street SE13
Ellis Mews SE13
Elmira Street SE13
Elswick Road SE13
Elthruda Road SE13
Embleton Road SE13
Engate Street SE13
Ennersdale Road SE13
Ermine Road SE13
Eton Grove SE13
Felday Road SE13
Fernbrook Crescent SE13
Fernbrook Road SE13
Fludyer Street SE13
Fordyce Road SE13
Fossil Road SE13
Gentian Row SE13
George Lane SE13
Gillian Street SE13
Gilmore Road SE13
Glenton Road SE13
Granville Grove SE13
Granville Park SE13
Halesworth Road SE13
Harvard Road SE13
Hereford Gardens SE13
High Street SE13
Hither Green Lane SE13
Holly Hedge Terrace SE13
Horton Street SE13
Hurst Cottages SE13
Jerrard Street SE13
John Penn Street SE13
Junction Approach SE13
Kellerton Road SE13
Kingswood Place SE13
Knowles Hill Crescent SE13
Ladycroft Road SE13
Ladywell Institution, Ladywell Road SE13
Ladywell Park SE13
Ladywell Road SE13
Lanier Road SE13
Leahurst Road SE13
Lee Church Street SE13
Lee High Road: 1 to 231 and 2 to 332 SE13
Lethbridge Road SE13
Lewis Grove SE13
Lewisham Cemetery, Ladywell Road SE13
Lewisham Hill SE13
Lewisham Hospital, High Street SE13
Lewisham Model Market SE13
Lewisham Park SE13
Lewisham Road SE13
Limes Grove SE13
Lingards Road SE13
Littlewood Road SE13
Loampit Hill SE13
Loampit Vale SE13
Lochaber Road SE13
Lockmead Road SE13
Longhurst Road SE13
Mallet Road SE13
Malyons Road SE13
Malyons Terrace SE13
Manor Lane: 1 to 59 and 2 to 86 SE13
Manor Lane Terrace SE13
Manor Park SE13
Marischal Road SE13
Marsala Road SE13
Mercator Road SE13
Mercia Grove SE13
Middleton Way SE13
Mill Road SE13
Molesworth Street SE13
Morden Grove SE13
Morden Hill SE13
Morden Lane SE13
Morden Street SE13
Morley Road SE13
Mount Nod Square SE13
Mount Pleasant Road SE13
Murillo Road SE13
Myron Place SE13
Nightingale Grove SE13
Northam Street SE13
Northbrook Road SE13
Nuding Road SE13
Oakcroft Road SE13
Old Road SE13
Orchard Hill SE13
Overcliff Road SE13
Park Fever Hospital, Hither Green Lane SE13
Park Street SE13
Pascoe Road SE13
Porson Street SE13
Prince's Road SE13
Quentin Road SE13
Radford Road SE13
Railway Terrace SE13
Rembrandt Road SE13
Rennell Street SE13
Retreat, The, Hither Green Lane SE13
Rhyme Road SE13
Romborough Gardens SE13
Romborough Way SE13
Romer Place SE13
Roxley Road SE13
Ryecroft Road SE13
St. Austell Road SE13
St. John's Hospital, Morden Hill SE13
St. Margaret's Passage SE13
St. Stephen's Road SE13
St. Swithun's Road SE13
Sandrock Road SE13
Shell Road SE13
Silk Mills Path SE13
Slaithwaite Road SE13
Springbank Road SE13
Springrice Road SE13
Staplehurst Road SE13
Sundermead Road SE13
Sunning Hill Road SE13
Swiss Cottage Road SE13
Theodore Road SE13
Thornford Road SE13
Thornwood Road SE13
Thurston Road SE13
Torridon Road: No. 1 only SE13
Undercliff Road SE13
Veda Road SE13
Vian Street SE13
Vicar's Hill SE13
Walerand Road SE13
Weardale Road SE13
Wearside Road SE13
Wellmeadow Road: 1 to 85 and 2 to 52 SE13
Whitburn Road SE13
Wisteria Road SE13
Woodlands, The SE13
Woodlands Street SE13

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