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London Streets in 1938 - NW9 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Aerodrome Road (part) NW9
Aeroville, Booth Road NW9
Ajax Avenue NW9
Angus Gardens NW9
Annesley Avenue NW9
Argyle Road NW9
Ash Tree Dell, Buck Lane NW9
Bacon Lane NW9
Barons Court, Church Lane NW9
Beaulieu Close, Sheaveshill Avenue NW9
Berkeley Road NW9
Birchen Grove NW9
Booth Road NW9
Borthwick Road NW9
Boycroft Avenue NW9
Braemar Gardens NW9
Brampton Road NW9
Brent View Road NW9
Briarwood Close, Slough Lane NW9
Broadway, The NW9
Buck Lane NW9
Burgess Avenue NW9
Byron Avenue NW9
Carlisle Road NW9
Cecil Road NW9
Central Parade NW9
Chalfont Court, Colin Deep Lane NW9
Church Drive NW9
Church Lane NW9
Clovelly Avenue NW9
Colin Close NW9
Colin Court, Hillfield Avenue NW9
Colin Crescent NW9
Colin Deep Lane: remainder NW9
Colin Gardens NW9
Colin Parade NW9
Colin Park Road NW9
Colindale Avenue NW9
Colindale Hospital, Colindale Avenue NW9
Coniston Gardens NW9
Cool Oak Lane NW9
Court Way NW9
Crossway NW9
Crummock Gardens NW9
Crundale Avenue NW9
Deanscroft Avenue NW9
Deerfield Cottages, Garrick Road NW9
Dehar Crescent NW9
Dimsdale Drive NW9
Doreen Avenue NW9
Dors Close NW9
Dryburgh Gardens NW9
Dunster Drive NW9
Edgware Road: (part) The Hyde NW9
Elmcroft Gardens NW9
Elmwood Crescent NW9
Elthorne Road NW9
Elthorne Way NW9
Ennerdale Drive NW9
Esmar Crescent NW9
Eton Grove NW9
Evelyn Avenue NW9
Fairfields Close NW9
Fairfields Crescent NW9
Fairway Avenue NW9
Forest Gate NW9
Fryent Close, Fryent Way NW9
Fryent Crescent NW9
Fryent Grove NW9
Fryent Way NW9
Garrick Road NW9
Girton Avenue NW9
Glenwood Avenue NW9
Glenwood Grove NW9
Goldsmith Avenue NW9
Goldsmith Lane NW9
Green Close NW9
Greenway, The NW9
Greenway Close NW9
Greenway Gardens NW9
Grosvenor Crescent NW9
Grove, The NW9
Grove Crescent NW9
Grove Park NW9
Guildford Place NW9
Hay Lane NW9
Haylands Close NW9
Hendon aerodrome NW9
Hendon Isolation Hospital, Goldsmith Avenue NW9
Herbert Road NW9
High Court Mansions, Wakeman's Hill Avenue NW9
High Meadow Crescent NW9
Highcroft NW9
Highfield Avenue NW9
Highfield Close NW9
Hill Drive NW9
Hillfield Avenue NW9
Hillside, Hay Lane NW9
Hillview Gardens NW9
Hillway NW9
Holden Avenue NW9
Honeypot Lane: 2 to 102 NW9
Hyde, The NW9
Hyde Crescent NW9
Hyde Passage NW9
Kenton Lane NW9
Kingsbury Lane NW9
Kingsbury Road NW9
Kingsmead Avenue NW9
Kingsmere Park NW9
Kinloch Drive NW9
Langdon Drive NW9
Larkway Close, Kingsbury NW9
Lavender Avenue NW9
Leith Close, Church Lane NW9
Lewgars Avenue NW9
Leybourne Road NW9
Lodore Gardens NW9
Lonings, The, Colin Deep Lane NW9
Lynton Avenue NW9
Mallard Way NW9
Manor Close, Kingsbury Road NW9
Manor Way NW9
Mardale Drive NW9
Meadow Way, Wakeman's Hill NW9
Meadowbank Road NW9
Mersham Drive NW9
Milton Avenue NW9
Milton Road NW9
Montrose Court, Edgware Road NW9
Mount View Road NW9
New Way Road NW9
North Way NW9
Oak Tree Dell NW9
Old Church Lane NW9
Orchard Gate NW9
Parade, The, Kingsbury Lane NW9
Parade Terrace, Pollard Road NW9
Park Gardens NW9
Park Mansions, Edgware Road NW9
Park Parade, Edgware Road NW9
Parkfields Avenue NW9
Pear Close NW9
Perth Avenue NW9
Pollard Road NW9
Poolsford Road NW9
Portman Gardens NW9
Prince's Avenue NW9
Queen's Walk NW9
Queensbury Road NW9
Ramsey Road NW9
Rannock Avenue NW9
Ravenstone Road NW9
Reeves Avenue NW9
Reservoir Cottage NW9
Ridge Close, Wakeman's Hill Avenue NW9
Ridgeway, The NW9
Roe End NW9
Roe End Green NW9
Roe End Lane NW9
Rookery Close NW9
Rookery Way NW9
Rose Glen NW9
Rossdale Drive NW9
Rugby Road NW9
Rushgrove Avenue NW9
Russell Road NW9
Rydal Gardens NW9
St. Alphage Court, Colin Deep Lane NW9
St. Andrew's Road NW9
St. George's Avenue NW9
Salmon Street NW9
Sandhurst Road NW9
Scudamore Lane NW9
Seelig Avenue NW9
Sheaveshill Avenue NW9
Sherborne Gardens NW9
Shorts Croft NW9
Silkfield Road NW9
Sisters Place NW9
Slough Lane NW9
Southborne Court, Edgware Road NW9
Southbourne Avenue NW9
Springfield Gardens NW9
Springfield Mount NW9
Springfield Parade, Edgware Road NW9
Stag Lane: 139 to 359 and 132 to 370 NW9
Stancroft, Springfield Mount NW9
Stanley Road NW9
Station Parade NW9
Stewart Close, Boycroft Avenue NW9
Stuart Avenue NW9
Summit Avenue NW9
Summit Close, Wakeman's Hill NW9
Suncrete Parade, Kingsbury Road NW9 - cannot find
Sunny View, Wakeman's Hill NW9
Sunnymead Road NW9
Sunnyside Terrace, Edgware Road NW9
Telford Road NW9
Tennyson Avenue NW9
Tewkesbury Gardens NW9
Tintern Avenue NW9
Townsend Lane NW9
Tudor Close NW9
Tudor Gardens NW9
Valley Drive NW9
Wakeman's Hill Avenue NW9
Wakeman's Hill Parade NW9
Waltham Avenue NW9
Wells Drive NW9
Westmoreland Road NW9
Whitby Gardens NW9
Whitecastle Mansions, Wakeman's Hill Avenue NW9
Wilberforce Road NW9
Willesden Maternity Hospital, Honeypot Lane NW9
Wimborne Drive NW9
Winchester Avenue NW9
Windover Avenue NW9
Winston Avenue NW9
Wood Close NW9
Wood Lane NW9
Woodfield Avenue NW9
Woodlands Close NW9
Woolmead Avenue NW9
Wyndale Avenue NW9
York Parade, The Broadway NW9
York Road NW9