London 1746 Rocques map
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London Streets in 1938 - NW8 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Abbey Gardens NW8
Abbey Gardens Mews, Abbey Road NW8
Abbey Lodge, Park Road NW8
Abbey Road: 1 to 117 and 2 to 98 NW8
Abercorn Mews North NW8
Abercorn Place NW8
Aberdeen Place NW8
Acacia Gardens NW8
Acacia Place NW8
Acacia Road NW8
Adelaide Court NW8
Alexandra Mews, Abbey Road NW8
Alexandra Road NW8
Allitsen Road NW8
Alma Square NW8
Apsley House, Finchley Road NW8
Aquila Street NW8
Avenue Road: 1 to 91 and 2 to 86 NW8
Barrow Hill Road NW8
Belgrave Gardens NW8
Bentinck Close, Prince Albert Road NW8
Blenheim Passage, Carlton Hill NW8
Blenheim Road NW8
Blenheim Terrace NW8
Boldero Street NW8
Bolton Road NW8
Boscobel Street NW8
Boundary Mews, Boundary Road NW8
Boundary Road NW8
Bridgeman Street NW8
Broadley Street NW8
Capland Place NW8
Capland Street NW8
Carlisle Mews, Penfold Street NW8
Carlisle Place NW8
Carlton Hill NW8
Cavendish Road NW8
Cavendish Road West NW8
Charlbert Street NW8
Charles Lane NW8
Charlotte House, Finchley Road NW8
Church Street: 1 to 127 and 2 to 142 NW8
Circus Road NW8
Clifton Court, Maida Vale NW8
Clifton Hill NW8
Close, The NW8 - cannot find
Cobham Street NW8
Cochrane Street NW8
Compactom Street NW8
Culworth Street NW8
Cunningham Place NW8
Eamont Street NW8
Elm Tree Road NW8
Exeter Street NW8
Eyre Court, Finchley Road NW8
Fairlop Place, Oak Tree Road NW8
Finchley Place NW8
Finchley Road: 1 to 97 and 2 to 82 NW8
Fisherton Street NW8
Frampton Street NW8
Frederick Street NW8
Garden Road NW8
Gateforth Street NW8
Greenberry Street NW8
Grove End Gardens NW8
Grove End Road NW8
Grove Gardens NW8
Hall Road NW8
Hamilton Close NW8
Hamilton Gardens NW8
Hamilton Terrace NW8
Hanover Gate NW8
Hanover Lodge, Park Road NW8
Hardington Place NW8
Hardington Street NW8
Hatton Place NW8
Hatton Street NW8
Henstridge Place NW8
Hill Road NW8
Holtham Road NW8
Hospital of St. John and St. Elizabeth, Grove End Road NW8
Huntsworth Terrace NW8
Kingsmill Terrace NW8
Lane, The NW8
Langford Close NW8
Langford Court, Abbey Road NW8
Langford Place NW8
Latimer House, St. John's Wood Road NW8
Lisson Grove: remainder NW8
Little Church Street NW8
Lodge Road NW8
Lorne Close NW8
Loudoun Road NW8
Loudoun Road Mews NW8
Luton Street NW8
Lyon's Place, Richmond Street NW8
Malthouse Mews, Carlisle Street NW8
Marlborough Hill NW8
Marlborough Place NW8
Marlborough Road NW8
Melina Place, Grove End Road NW8
Miles Place NW8
Milner's Mews, Compactom Street NW8
Newcourt Street NW8
Norfolk Road NW8
North Bank, Lodge Road NW8
North Gate NW8
North Place NW8
Northwick Close NW8
Northwick Terrace NW8
Nugent Terrace NW8
Oak Tree Road NW8
Orchardson Street NW8
Ordnance Hill NW8
Ordnance Mews, St. Ann's Terrace NW8
Ormonde Terrace NW8
Outer Circle: part NW8
Park Road: remainder NW8
Pembroke Terrace, Queen's Road NW8
Penfold Street: remainder NW8
Plympton Place, Plympton Street NW8
Plympton Street NW8
Prince Albert Road: remainder NW8
Queen's Grove NW8
Queen's Terrace NW8
Queen's Terrace Mews NW8
Radlett Place, Avenue Road NW8
Ryder's Terrace NW8
St. Ann's Terrace NW8
St. Edmund's Close NW8
St. Edmund's Terrace NW8
St. James's Mews NW8
St. John's Wood Barracks NW8
St. John's Wood High Street NW8
St. John's Wood Park NW8
St. John's Wood Road NW8
St. John's Wood Terrace NW8
Salisbury Street NW8
Samford Street NW8
Scott Ellis Gardens NW8
Shannon Place NW8
Short Street NW8
Springfield Road NW8
Titchfield Road NW8
Townshend Cottages NW8
Townshend Road NW8
Venables Street NW8
Viceroy Court, Prince Albert Road NW8
Vinery Villas, Park Road NW8
Violet Hill NW8
Waverley Place, Grove End Road NW8
Wellington Place NW8
Wellington Road NW8
Wells Rise NW8
Weston Place, Richmond Street NW8
Wharncliffe Gardens NW8
Whitehaven Street NW8
Woronzow Road NW8
Zoological Gardens NW8