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London Streets in 1938 - NW7 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Abercorn Close NW7
Abercorn Road NW7
Aberdare Gardens NW7
Albert Road NW7
Ashbourne Grove NW7
Barnet By-pass Road: part NW7
Barnet Way NW7
Beech Walk NW7
Beechwood Close NW7
Birkbeck Road NW7
Bittacy Hill NW7
Bittacy Park Avenue NW7
Bittacy Rise NW7
Bittacy Road NW7
Broadway NW7
Brockenhurst Gardens NW7
Brookfield Avenue NW7
Brookfield Close NW7
Bunn's Lane NW7
Burton Hole Lane NW7
Byron Road NW7
Chalet Estate NW7
Circle, The, Hale Drive NW7
Copthall Drive NW7
Copthall Gardens NW7
Courtlands Avenue NW7
Croft Close NW7
Daws Lane NW7
Daws Parade NW7
Delamere Gardens NW7
Derwent Avenue NW7
Devonshire Crescent NW7
Devonshire Road NW7
Dole Street NW7
Dollis Lane NW7
Downhurst Avenue NW7
Eleanor Crescent NW7
Ellesmere Avenue NW7
Engel Park NW7
Eversfield Gardens NW7
Fairway NW7
Featherstone Road NW7
Fernside Avenue NW7
Flower Lane NW7
Frith Lane NW7
Gilda Court, Watford Way NW7
Glendor Gardens NW7
Glenmere Avenue NW7
Goodwyn Avenue NW7
Grants Close NW7
Green Avenue NW7
Grenville Place NW7
Hale Drive NW7
Hale Grove Gardens NW7
Hale Lane: 1 to 129 and 2 to 124 NW7
Hammer's Lane NW7
Hankins Lane NW7
Harcourt Terrace, Holder's Hill Road NW7
Hartley Avenue NW7
Hendon Park Cemetery, Holder's Hill Road NW7
Hendon Wood Lane NW7
High Street NW7
Highwood Hill NW7
Hillside Grove NW7
Hillview Road NW7
Holcombe Hill NW7
Holder's Hill Parade, Holder's Hill Road NW7
Holder's Hill Road: part NW7
Holmdene Avenue NW7
Holmwood Grove NW7
Hyver Hill NW7
Laleham Avenue NW7
Langley Park NW7
Laurel Close, Ellesmere Avenue NW7
Lawrence Avenue NW7
Lawrence Court, Newcombe Park NW7
Lawrence Gardens NW7
Lawrence Street NW7
Lee Road NW7
Limes Avenue NW7
Longfield Avenue NW7
Lyndhurst Avenue NW7
Manor Close, Manor Drive NW7
Manor Drive NW7
Marion Road NW7
Marsh Lane NW7
Maxwelton Avenue NW7
Maxwelton Close NW7
Milespit Hill NW7
Mill Hill Barracks NW7
Millway NW7
Milton Road NW7
Mount View, Barnet Way NW7
Murray Road NW7
Nan Clark's Lane NW7
Newcombe Park NW7
Oakhampton Road NW7
Osborn Gardens NW7
Page Street NW7
Partingdale Lane NW7
Promenade, The, Station Road NW7
Pursley Road NW7
Ridgeway, The NW7
Rise, The NW7
Rose Cottages, Milton Road NW7
Rudyard Grove NW7
Russell Grove NW7
Sanders Lane NW7
Sanders Place NW7
Sefton Avenue NW7
Selvage Lane NW7
Shakespeare Road NW7
Station Parade NW7
Station Road NW7
Station Villas NW7
Stockton Gardens NW7
Sunbury Avenue NW7
Sunbury Gardens NW7
Sunnydale Gardens NW7
Sunnyfields NW7
Sylvan Avenue NW7
Tennyson Road NW7
Thornfield Avenue NW7
Tithe Close, Watford Way NW7
Tithe Walk NW7
Tretawn Gardens NW7
Tretawn Park NW7
Tudor Close, Page Street NW7
Uphill Drive NW7
Uphill Grove NW7
Uphill Road NW7
Victoria Road NW7
Vineyard Avenue NW7
Watford Way: part NW7
Westfield Road NW7
Westmere Drive NW7
Weymouth Avenue NW7
Will's Grove NW7
Winterstoke Gardens NW7
Wise Lane NW7
Woodcroft Avenue NW7
Woodland Way NW7