London 1746 Rocques map
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London Streets in 1938 - NW5 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Allcroft Road NW5
Alma Street NW5
Angler's Lane NW5
Arctic Street NW5
Ascham Street NW5
Ashdown Street NW5
Athlone Street NW5
Baptist Gardens NW5
Bartholomew Road NW5
Bartholomew Villas NW5
Bassett Street NW5
Boscastle Road NW5
Bramshill Gardens NW5
Brookfield Park NW5
Burghley Road NW5
Busby Mews, Busby Place NW5
Busby Place NW5
Carker's Lane NW5
Carltoun Street NW5
Carroll Place, Highgate Road NW5
Cathcart Street NW5
Caversham Road NW5
Charlton King's Road NW5
Chaston Street NW5
Chetwynd Road NW5
Churchill Road NW5
College Lane NW5
College Yard NW5
Countess Road NW5
Craddock Street NW5
Croftdown Road NW5
Crown Place NW5
Crown Terrace NW5
Dalby Street NW5
Dale Road NW5
Dartmouth Park Avenue NW5
Dartmouth Park Hill: 1 to 83 and 2 to 56 NW5
Dartmouth Park Road NW5
Dickenson Street NW5
Dunboyne Street NW5
Dunollie Place NW5
Dunollie Road NW5
Elaine Grove NW5
Evangelist Road NW5
Falkland Place NW5
Falkland Road NW5
Fortess Grove NW5
Fortess Road NW5
Fortess Walk NW5
Fortess Yard NW5
Frideswide Place NW5
Gaisford Street NW5
Gillies Street NW5
Glenhurst Avenue NW5
Gordon House Road NW5
Gospel Oak Grove NW5
Grafton Road NW5
Grafton Terrace NW5
Grafton Yard NW5
Greenwood Place NW5
Grove Terrace NW5
Hammond Street NW5
Hampshire Street NW5
Hanover Street NW5
Hargrave Place NW5
Hargrave Terrace NW5
Haverstock Road NW5
Herbert Street NW5
Heriot Place NW5
Highgate Road NW5
Hillside NW5
Holmes Road NW5
Ingestre Road NW5
Inkerman Road NW5
Islip Street NW5
Jenning's Cottages, Highgate Road NW5
Julia Street NW5
Kentish Town Road: remainder NW5
Kingsford Street NW5
Kingswear Road NW5
Lady Margaret Road: 1 to 83 and 2 to 70 NW5
Lady Somerset Road NW5
Lamble Street NW5
Laurier Road NW5
Lawford Road NW5
Leighton Crescent NW5
Leighton Grove NW5
Leighton Place, Leighton Road NW5
Leighton Road NW5
Leverton Place NW5
Leverton Street NW5
Lismore Circus NW5
Lismore Gardens NW5
Lismore Road NW5
Lissenden Gardens NW5
Little Green Street NW5
Lupton Street NW5
Malden Place NW5
Malden Road NW5
Marsden Street NW5
Modbury Gardens NW5
Modbury Street NW5
Montpelier Road NW5
Mortimer Terrace NW5
Newbury Mews, Malden Road NW5
Oak Court, St. Alban's Villas NW5
Oak Village NW5
Oakfield Crescent NW5
Oakford Road NW5
Oseney Crescent NW5
Ospringe Road NW5
Parliament Hill Mansions, Lissenden Gardens NW5
Patshull Place NW5
Patshull Road NW5
Peckwater Street NW5
Perren Street NW5
Piercefield Street NW5
Prince of Wales Road NW5
Quadrant Grove NW5
Queen's Crescent NW5
Raglan Street NW5
Railey Mews, Leverton Street NW5
Raveley Street NW5
Rhyl Street NW5
Rochford Street NW5
Ryland Road NW5
St. Alban's Road NW5
St. Alban's Villas NW5
St. Ann's Gardens NW5
St. Leonard's Square NW5
St. Silas Place NW5
St. Silas Street NW5
St. Thomas Gardens NW5
Sandall Road NW5
Shipton Place NW5
Southampton Mews NW5
Southampton Road NW5
Spencer Rise NW5
Spring Place NW5
Thurlow Terrace NW5
Torriano Avenue NW5
Torriano Cottages, Torriano Avenue NW5
Torriano Gardens NW5
Torriano Mews NW5
Tovey Place NW5
Truro Street NW5
Twisden Road NW5
Vicar's Road NW5
Warden Road NW5
Weedington Road NW5
Wellesley Place NW5
Wellesley Road NW5
Wesleyan Place NW5
Wilkin Street NW5
Willes Road NW5
Willingham Terrace NW5
Wolsey Mews, Gaisford Street NW5
Woodsome Road NW5
York Rise NW5